Luftansa Airlines Customer Service Pokes Fun at Jordanian Traveler

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I just wanted to share a story that just came in from a Jordanian travel about Luftansa airlines.

His story is below, although his name has been removed for security reasons.

I had a connection flight to London Heathrow. The flight No. LH 0916 date 02 MAR. On the Gate B25 the gentlemen who was checking our Boarding passes made fun of my country name. My country name is The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. What he said  (The Hashemite Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...) I told him " This is not funny, you are not allowed to make fun of passengers countries ". I live in London as a permanent Resident and I'm a CEO of a Group of Advisory companies, and whatever the passport or nationality he has no right to make fun of passengers.

When I told him this he tried to intimidate me by saying "Please stand aside. I need to check your passport with the home office to see if you are the same guy"... then he went back to a lady standing behind him and showed her the passport and came back to me asking me to do the following after he gave me a small paper " sign and write your date of Birth here ". When I did he told me now you can go. I promised my baby boy to put him in bed that day or I will not take that flight and I will demand to have someone senior to talk to him.

I paid Lufthansa the price of my ticket, it was not a gift. I demand a respect, and I know what is the level of that gentlemen in terms of seniority, and I know it is not his Job to stop people and treating them by the German Home office check. Personally, it will be my last time to use your airline and I will make sure that no one of my group will use your airline any more, and if this is the way you treat your customer. Goodbye!