Lenscrafters Customer Service Destroyed My Glasses

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Please help me with my complaint! This is about the Lenscrafters in North Vancouver, BC - Marine Drive location. I have attached several images to prove my point. The lens cleaned prior with series lens cleaner. You can zoom in a bit to see detail of how badly lens is damaged by the employees at Lenscrafters. This has to do with a Lenscrafters employee’s incompetence. As a result my 1 lens of merely 8 mo. old is destroyed.

I simply went to adjust my frames which were hurting my ear. An employee named Brenda put way too much heat on the lens itself. As a result it is destroyed. I cannot see through it, cannot drive, having trouble accomplishing my work, cannot even barely see computer to send this. I have just now phoned 4 very reputable optical stores. Each explained that there is a note for ALL staff stating: DO NOT PUT LENSES TOO CLOSE TO THE HEAT. This Lenscrafters employee is massively covering up by saying that she warned me. She warned me for what? Never stated about the anti-glare being destroyed. It is now a total blur.

I need to request that Lenscrafters corporate office replace this damaged lens. I don’t buy into that I was warned. I have had many different eye glasses adjusted about 100x with yes, older frames too. It’s never gone to this. I can show you a receipt of the both lenses being replaced with a new prescription last May. They are virtually NEW, not old - about less than 8 months. I can scan and send it promptly. Who can I speak to in order to rectify this?

I have gone to Lenscrafters for many years, a faithful customer for my eye glasses. It has never gotten to this terrible misfortune, actually a tragedy because I CANNOT SEE period. Who can I speak to? What management looks after this? I believe i have a very valid problem which needs to be rectified by a replacement lens, not one which requires payment. I will appreciate your help and consideration. It is NOT my problem, even though your staff is trying to say it is. Please reply to this or call as soon as possible.