LA Fitness Corporate Office Caught Scamming Customers

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An anonymous customer in South Florida sent us a tip about an LA Fitness manager who was scamming them for sales. Since, we have heard similar reports recently, we thought it was wise to share it with our readers. It's worth noting that we reached out to the corporate headquarters for LA Fitness in California and they did not provide an explanation. 

Here is his story...

I went in to LA Fitness in Orlando (5915 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando, FL 32822) recently to check out gym memberships. The salesperson was very creepy while he was trying to sell myself and my girlfriend on a membership. His breath was very stinky and he smelled like he had been drinking. So, we left and talked it over at the house that evening. The sales manager then called my house phone multiple times every day for multiple weeks.

He used his personal cell phone to repeatedly stalk us day and night, even resorting to texting my wife. He always used his cell phone and never the main club number. Eventually I answered late one night in bed and I spoke to him personally and told him that he was a very annoying. And to please stop calling. I was very clear about this!

I really was going to get a membership for myself and three other members of my family but he totally screwed it up, every time he called. I said hey man just give us a break and will come in when we want, but he kept calling and calling and calling and calling. Then, he finally admitted it. With a sad tone in his voice he said that I couldn't tell anyone, but that LA corporate policy required that they "hit" their leads at least 10 times before giving up. So, if you are looking for a gym and want to be haggled, you got it.