I Called KFC Corporate Office to Complain — and Was Ignored

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


It had been a while since I have had KFC chicken. So, on January 1, 2015 I decided to treat myself to KFC meal.  I drove to my local KFC restaurant. I approached the counter to place my order and was greeted by a young girl "named Alexus", I asked her what was new on the menu because I hadn't been there in a while. She gave me a few choices; I went along with one of her suggestions which was the "Chicken bowl".  

After being very upset over this whole ordeal, On January 21, 2015 I contacted the corporate offices of KFC at 1-800-CALL-KFC and reported the incident asking for my full refund of $5.40 of which time I was promised a follow up phone call. 

After receiving my meal, I took a bite of the food and was uncomfortable with the flavor and the consistency of the food (this dish was very bland) , I went back to her and told her nicely that I didn't like the taste and I would like to order something else. She made a disgusting face at me and said and I quote: "ewwww, we don't take food that was eaten, no". I was shocked by her facial expression and comments showing a level of immaturity in handling this simple customer request, which reflects poorly on the KFC credibility towards customer satisfaction and consumer rights. 

I tried to reason with her, but she kept making disgusting facial expressions, while refusing to serve me another meal in exchange for the meal which she had suggested and I had ordered. In trying to deal with her, I realized there was no communication/understanding on her part and I requested to speak to the manager. As the manager approached the counter, "Alexus" yanked off her headphones, continued to make nasty remarks and facial expressions to me, then walked out on her job leaving the restaurant. At that point I felt disrespected, humiliated, and shocked by her behavior towards me, a KFC customer. 

The manager watched her walk away from the restaurant and didn't say anything to her and after he took my order for another meal, I sat down and tried eating my meal in peace, however, as I looked up she had returned back into the restaurant. While I was eating, I received an urgent call, I grabbed my phone and ran to my car for privacy.  While I was on the phone I kept an eye on my food at the table. I was shocked to see how quickly she ran to my table and threw away my partially eaten food in the trash. I had no other choice but to drive away upset and still very hungry.

However, on January 23, 2015 I received a "$5.00 off towards my purchase KFC coupon" good at the same location where I had had my humiliating experience. I was very upset over KFC for sending me back to the same location.

I called the corporate office again, this time using a different phone number (502-874-8300).

I have made myself clear to her that I do not wish to go back to the same place and put myself into stress with the same level of poor customer treatment. As of today, March 12, 2015, I am still waiting for a response. So hopefully, you will not waste your time like me with such a terrible company.