How to Report a Twitter Account and Get It Deleted (with Pictures)

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


Step 1: Find a Tweet from Twitter User [IMAGE EXAMPLE] 
This step is important because finding an example of a Tweet that violates Twitter's user agreements is the fastest way to report an account and get it deleted. Otherwise there is no example for Twitter to find, and no reason to delete the account.

Step 2: Select "Block" from the Action Menu [IMAGE EXAMPLE]
This step should only happen after you find the account you want to block along with a tweet example. Make sure you "Block" the user in the action drop down menu. Instead of reporting the tweet first, you want to get it out of your Twitter feed so it is not annoying you anymore.

Blocking the user also creates another report to Twitter that the user is low quality. In general the more Twitter users that have blocked an account the more spam it is creating.

Step 3: Confirm the Block [IMAGE EXAMPLE]
You will want to make sure that you confirm the blocked account on the next pop up window. Twitter uses confirmation windows often to make sure that you did not accidentally click Block or Report. It's worth noting that not all actions on Twitter require confirmations. You can unfollow and follow accounts easily without having to confirm them.

Step 4: Navigate to "Blocked Accounts in Account Settings" [IMAGE EXAMPLE]
Once the block is in place your newsfeed is now clean and the final step to getting an account deleted can begin. Navigate to your account settings page using the drop down menu in the upper right corner of your screen on desktop or using the account settings on mobile. You will see a list of your blocked accounts here.

Step 5: Report the Twitter Account [IMAGE EXAMPLE]
Find the account you wish to report and click the "Report" action. You will then be asked to provide a reason for reporting this account. The options for reporting an account include:

  • I'm not interested in this account
  • They are posting spam
  • Their account may be hacked
  • They're being abusive or harmful

Select the reason that's most applicable. You may be asked to provide more information depending on which option you select. But most importantly make sure to confirm the selection by clicking the "Next" option until you officially report the user.

This process is the fastest way to start the process of deleting an account.

Because Twitter's support is automated, it's best if multiple people have already reported an account. But I have seen action take place with only one or two reports. If you have another problem with your Twitter account and need to contact customer service, there are other helpful links below.

You can easily use Twitter support to report:

These are not all of the reasons you might want to report a Twitter account for deletion. But hopefully it provides a good starting place no matter what reason you have for reporting a Twitter user.