How Bad Can Redbox Customer Service Be?

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Redbox customer service complaints are on the rise. And it's hard to believe because after all, it's only a red box that spits out movies. Still, when things go bad with Redbox, they go really bad. Here are five customers who had horrible experiences with Redbox customer service.

Customer name: Amanda Munoz
Redbox Location: Dallas, Texas

My credit card was stolen. I immediately reported it. Charges were made to redbox. Called redbox and they assured me that it was credited and taken care of. Credit card number and account was changed. Three weeks later, redbox charged my new account $81.84. The kicker is that they a record of the charge, but this new card and account was never added or swiped at any redbox. My credit card company said that the cc number was entered manually by someone from redbox. Somehow, someone from redbox has gotten my new information and charged my new account. I called redbox customer service three times and was told the first time that there was nothing they could do.

The second time I was told it was probably fraud as they had no record of me having an account with them or using the card. The third time, again, I was told that I needed to contact my credit card company. Please be aware of purchases made at a redbox, and look for charges on your accounts. Also, all three of the customer service representatives did not speak English well and were not helpful when I asked them to repeat what they were saying. Very frustrated and will NEVER do business with redbox again.

Customer name: Heather Dehetre
Redbox Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The new Cinderella movie just came out, might i add my kids were really wanting to watch this movie and I live in pampa texas. There are 2 redbox movie machines here and both didn't even have it in there machines. I even checked Tuesday morning at 7 and then again at 8am. I have checked everyday to see if the movie is in there and it wasnt. What horrible customer service!

So I typed in my zip code to see if they had that movie somewhere close to me and it was no where to be found! So I don't think they even put that movie here close to where I am at. I have been using redbox for years now and it's just disappointing. My kids were really wanting to see that movie,  so know I'm going to have to go spend $21 on this movie when I could have  spent way less than that renting from redbox. Why say it's coming out on redbox (on every redbox machine ) when that's not true!

Customer name: Leah McAfree
Redbox Location: Austin, Texas

I have rented the Redbox same movie two weekends in a row from different red box locations and it has not played at all. This weekend I rent two other movies and one won't play at all and the other I had to skip over a portion of the movie to make it play. This is ridiculous. How can you rent a product that doesn't fulfil it's fundental purpose? The corporate office makes it very difficult to reach them too.

If the company cared about quality they would ask customers to rate the DVDs quality as they feed it back in. But they don't. They just take the broken dvd back into the system to disappoint the next customer. Needless to say I will stick to Netflix. It's cheaper and more convenient anyway.

Customer name: Ron Edmonson
Redbox Location: Seattle, Washington

Got trapped in rain walking to return video at Redbox. It was a wet day but I still wanted to get it back on time, I feel like I am a good person overall. What's the right thing to do? So, I got here and kiosk won't work because it's wet. No matter what happens it will not accept the return DVD in the rain. Is this a joke? I walked all the way down in the rain, I worked, but Redbox won't? I called customer service (in the rain) and was put on hold for 30 minutes. I will never rent another DVD from Redbox after this experience. Such a terrible way to treat a loyal customer.

Customer name: Joe Moselh
Redbox Location: Carlsbad, California

Rented Wedding Ringer from redbox at Walmart in Carlsbad on Tuesday & the movie did nothing but freeze up. Tried over and over again but could not watch it. No big deal right? So, I returned it to the redbox at McDonalds at loop 36. There was no way to report a defective movie. So I guess someone else will just get it? Maybe the corporate headquarters should have a meeting, hear all these customer complaints, and change their policy. In case they realize that they should remove bad movies so someone else is disappointed.