EPPICard Customers Angry After Getting Screwed on Child Support

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The EPPICard debit card is a popular way to access deposits at ATMs around the United States. It is used in dozens of states primarily as a way to get child support payments. Because child support is a serious matter, you would think the EPPICard would focus on having excellent customer service and support for families around the country.

However, it's shocking to see what their website looks like, and how difficult it is to find contact information about them. I included a picture of their website above as an example. It looks like it was designed in the 1990's, and it took my almost 10 minutes to find the EPPICard customer service number (which is 1-866-729-6159).

Because of all of these challenges, you can imagine customers not being too happy when there is an issue. We have been reading more negative reviews online, and so we took to Twitter to find out exactly what customers thought about EPPICard. Here's 10 real tweets, that should give you an idea of what this company is all about.

#DHR.GOV I think its sorry as hell to continue to put child support on eppicard when you can just do direct deposit. What a shame!

— s rankins (@rankinsbetty) November 30, 2014

Screw this EPPICard stuff. Horrible customer service!

— Britt (@brittany_lynn86) January 6, 2016

#VA #Eppicard program do not loose your card, u will never get a replacement they charge $5 bucks and customer service is rude!#Bills do not wait.

— Christal (@cbullock5003) March 13, 2015

@XeroxCorp horrible customer service that your eppicard branch has slamming phone down in customers ears is certainly the way to do business

— Lindsay Ott (@jaxflygirl) November 5, 2014

Finally got a child support payment but where is the eppicard? Terrible customer service and no number on the website!

— Blackness Everdeen (@AQualityMess) March 11, 2015

All this child support talk & my eppicard not working! I go online and website lists no help info. What a scam.

— Breonna-Nyreè (@yourfavbaddie_) January 4, 2016

Are there attorney's out there that want a class action suit w/ https://t.co/9HzOt8RUyW? Pls DM me. @Eppicards @ReutersLegal

— Sharon Bell (@SharonjBell) February 8, 2016

@PNCBank_Help Getting internal server error. Need FL Child Support Eppicard Transaction! 1-877-567-1768 customer service number but no answer!

— Xena Tbow Greene (@OGO5111) January 9, 2015

A friend of The New Poverty Project recently had her EPPICard
data stolen -- the company would not help her get it back…https://www.alternet.org/

— New Poverty Project (@NewPovertyProj) December 17, 2014

#CHEKthis ~~>AND THE #eppicard CHILD SUPPORT CARD CHARGES .20 cents per debit card transaction! They give NO choice! https://t.co/339aQPT06I

— bohemianmuse (@bohemianmuse419) January 10, 2016

Also, it's worth noting that we were unable to find the EPPICard corporate office address listed anywhere online. It is rarely a good sign when a company will not tell you where it's located.