Dear Microsoft Office Corporate, Take My Money Already

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


My mom went to the store to purchase Microsoft Excel online as part of Office 365. Here is where the horror story starts...

The only way to get this now is to purchase a Microsoft card with the "Product Key"  on the back. So she purchased the card took it home and attempted to download and install the program since that the only way to do this now apparently. So there was an issue with the download. When she received the error alert she did not understand how to resolve the issue. Yet on the screen when the alert popped up it also said to call the support line for help to resolve the problem. 

Before she could even pick up her phone it rang. The caller I.D said blocked caller. So she answered  anyway and a man with a middle eastern accent said "Hello, my name is Andrew and iI am calling from Microsoft tech support. I saw that you are having an issue with your product". Thinking this was odd she still stayed on the line. Next the man said " In order to help you I will need to gain access to your computer system. 

So please go to your browser". Before he could finish his sentence my mom said " Absolutely not". "How do I know you are who you say you are?" The man then told her to "go to the Microsoft website and that would verify I am who I claim to be" I guess he was claiming that since he knew the web address he would obviously have to be legit! Right? No! Well, my mother is not a moron! She then yells for me to pick up the phone and deal with the man. Of course as soon as I picked up he started stuttering very nervously which made it apparent he was trying to scam her. So I said to him that I would hang up the phone with him and call the number right back an if he had an extension that would be even better. 

That way I could get him personally back on the phone. This would then verify he is who he says. That is unless he is having all the calls to that number redirected to him which is possible but not as likely. So he then says "Well, why do you have to call me back?" "Just go to the website" I then explain to him that I am not dumb! So he says "Well, when would you be calling? 

Would it know right away? Would it be later? How long?" I told him I wanted to just hang up and call right back to make sure he really is the "Tech Support" person he claimed he was. So before I could finish explaining that to him he went ahead and hung up on me. This was  the final proof I needed to know for sure without any doubt he was a criminal who is hacking Microsoft "Support" network in order to see who is having an issue and their information. So then he can call them before they can call Microsoft personally for help. Then attempting to fool the person on the other end of the phone into allowing him into their computer. After this happened I tried to call the so called "Support" hotline that pops up when you have any problems. 

With no surprise at all there was a recording saying. "We are to busy to get to you at the moment but please try back". The problem is that this all you get no matter when or how often you call this " Support" line! What a shocker!.

I myself try to avoid Microsoft at all cost but my mother needed this program for something important and unfortunately we are now very worried about how much personal information that this person or group has acquired thru Microsoft or from Microsoft personally. I cannot send any form of complaint to Microsoft personally or I would have. Unfortunately, in another huge shocker they have absolutely no form of complaint department. They do not provide any Toll free number, Email address, live complaint forum for chat, etc. 

They have no way to receive your complaints or problems from Microsoft corporate. Nor do they obviously want to receive them.

The most bizarre thing about this is how they always champion themselves as the company that welcomes customer reviews and molds their products around this. Fixing problems previously complained about and improving others based on the feedback they receive! Yet they prevent customer reviews in every way possible. Dirty and greedy should be the Microsoft corporate slogan.