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I signed up for Vonage home phone service thru a promotional ad . They told me I would get the for 9.99 a month and for signing up a 50.00 dollar Visa card. Well I go neither my service payment changed from 9.99 to 18.99 and I didn’t get my free 50.00 dollar Visa card and met the eligibility requirements of keeping service past 90 days. They are a bunch of liars and scammers !!!!!!!!!


i have had nothing but problems with vonage customer service for 12 days in a row now. i am a customer account number is 225000 please someone help me!!!! my contact number is (727) 212-6735


I have been having problems with the Comcast Internet and Vonage working together for several moths, called the Company several times, and they sent a signal to the xfinity modem, I am currently renting from them. Still the same problem existed for several months, and the Vonage Telephone (device) was unable to connect to the Internet! I often was interrupted when checking my emails, had to start up the PC again several times with AOL not responding. On October 4, 2016, a tech. came to the house, checked the modem and some lines outside, and came to the conclusion that it was a signal problem from Comcast.

During the last four days, I had to use my cellphone to make calls, calling the provider up add several hundred minutes to my account (note I am only using the cellphone for emergencies with 100 plus 60 minutes a month). Your offshore representatives are very difficult to understand and seem to have not much technical knowledge. Due to Comcast's failure to properly maintain its lines, I suffered expenses by not being able to use my landline phone and had to use my cellphone instead of Vonage.

Summary: The main problem with Comcast is outsourcing its Customer Service to an offshore call center, and obtaining satisfaction seems to be impossible. I do expect a decent credit on my account, which is more than $5.00.

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