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I ordered Queen and Adam Lambert concert tickets in January to give to my husband for his birthday in March. I did not receive the tickets on or before July 13. I realized Friday that I still had not received the tickets. This has NEVER happened through any other ticket agency I have used. So yesterday I spent most of the day trying to get the tickets. I emailed, I chatted on line, which by the way is absolutely useless. They do not help at all. When you call, you cannot talk to a live person unless you want to purchase tickets. Yesterday and this morning was horrible and you have completely ruined our experience before we have even left. We had parking reservations, that are paid for and also a hotel reservation that was paid for and too late to cancel. One of your customer service reps also told me that I would receive the tickets two hours before the concert and I told him that we would be on our way there and would not be able to print them. He says, "well go to an office store where they have printing". The audacity of him to suggest such a thing. San Jose does not have services like that near the concert area and we would not have time to do this. Completely unacceptable for him even to suggest this. I paid over $700 and this is this the service I get.
I will also send a letter to your CEO, yes, I used to work for CEOs in Silicon Valley and helped many upset customers when no one else would help them. They were eternally grateful. I am not grateful to you at all. I received the tickets a day late, granted in time to get to the concert, but that is not good enough. No one in customer service told me they would contact the seller until I received an email this morning that they were trying to contact the seller this morning. Why did they not do that yesterday or even way before???? And, tell me what they were doing. They all sounded like robots.

I seriously hope you take this complaint seriously so someone else does not have to go through what we did and experienced.

I am so upset with your company and your staff. I will forever remember your poor service from everyone.

Anne Christensen


I purchased 4 tickets for the Mets wild card game at citi field. I bought tickets for myself and my two grandchildren. I thought this would be a night to remember. When we had our tickets scanned we were told they were for the division series game two. I have the cover letter that states confirmation for the wild card game. I spoke with Shawn the supervisor and he could do nothing to get us into the game.

He stated it was a computer glitch and he would give me a refund and $100 dollar compensation. If you could have seen the disappointment on my grandsons face. Shawn stated that the tickets I purchased were going at a lot higher price. So were they resold and I was not informed. $100 dollars pays for the parking gas I paid to get to the stadium. I would expect this company to do the right thing and compensate for another event at the same value I purchased my tickets.

This will be something I will never forget the look and disappointment on my Grandsons face. Very disappointed customer.


Heard quite a bit about TicketCity leaving Super Bowl fans out to dry. I think the big question of how I should feel about this depends on one key factor. How much did the ticket brokers like TicketCity do to inform the buyers of the risks involved, since they were essentially speculating instead of selling a product they'd already taken possession of. I do think it was lousy that the notice about the tickets being unavailable came so late, but how much information did these buyers have before traveling to Arizona? Were they properly informed about the risks involved in buying tickets on spec like this? If so, my sympathy only goes so far. If the TicketCity ticket brokers are misleading their customers into believing that the tickets are a sure thing, then they should get sued and/or prosecuted for deceptive business practices(depending on what the applicable laws are).

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