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I purchased a HP 4500 Printer, copier, fax machine in mid Dec. It jams constantly and doesn’t perform. Took it back to the Staples Store in Spokane and they told me I missed the 2 week return procedure by a week. Now I have to send it back to your Corp office. But they wouldn’t supply an address for shipping to this office – only an 800 # to call. I called twice last week and after 20 minutes I got caught in the phone tree maze. Finally made contact the next Tuesday and was told I’d receive an e-mail message immediately which would include this super secret address.

It hasn’t arrived all day. I’ll never go there again, there’s an Office Depot up the street and I’ll get my paper and office products from them. As far as office equipment, I should have bought this machine at Costco, no hassle, good service, and no phony Corporate runaround.



The Flatbush staples store in Brooklyn, incompetence in both customer service and product knowledge was excruciating to bear. What took 45 minutes here took 10 minutes in another Staples branch. In trying to boot a computer I was recycling, the guy didn’t even know what a dual boot was. I needed to bring a power cord to redeem computer (I didn’t have to at the other branch and had to waste money to buy one), they emphatically said it cost $100 multiple times when it’s only $13.

Staples made several calls to check whether my coupons work as if she didn’t want me to save money even though I told her I had already asked Staples customer service. After almost an hour, I finally got the laptop for a reduced price. But the customer service was shockingly horrible!


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