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I purchased one of your Serta firm sleeping mattress to have when my grandchildren come to visit. when the box was opened there were no instructions and no bag. (It said a bag was included)
I had all intention of writing to you to request the instruction and a bag to store it in, but after seeing the warning at the bottom of the box made me very concern.
I wrote to you January 12, 2018, but you did not respond. I am sending you a copy of the letter again with the hope you will respond.
Serta 18 in. Raised Queen, 500lb capacity -- 2 pumps night glow USD universal Bar Code 4729792485 5 Thanking you in advance for your respond

Vivian Beaver


I have my sales copy. I bought a Serta Perfect Sleep twin extra firm mattress from 1-800-Bed Sale last February; so it hasn't been a year. No Warranty was offered.The springs started hurting in the Spring.and now my pant legs get caught on them. They haven't come thru the fabric, yet. It seems to me a mattress would at least last a year.; Its almost like trying to sleep on rocks.

Can something be done? Doesn't Serta warranty their product? What can I do?

Ms, Janet Bruno



about 8 months ago I purchased a Serta Mattress from Mattress Firm in Smithfield NC when I got it I told the salesman that I needed something that I could sleep on because I had bad hips and back he said the one I got was just what I needed when I first get it it was ok after a few months it started to sag in the middle I called them they wanted to charge me a service fee for someone to come out and look at it that pissed me off you buy something and suppose to be under warranty and you have to extra for service I disputed the charges and they still will not do anything I WILL NEVER BUY A MATTRESS FROM MATTRESS FIRM EVER AGAIN NOR WILL MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS IF I CAN HELP IT THEY ARE THE SORRIES COMPANY I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH HOPEFULLY SOMEONE WILL READ THIS AND SOMEONE FROM THE COMPANY WILL RESPOND HOPEFULLY SERTA


I brought a Serta inflatable mattress queen, and purchased the warranty on April of 2016. The mattress burst in the seam of the mattress, and called Serta, and they gave me the share plan number about the warranty, and I was informed that the warranty only covers the core. Which wasn't explain when the mattress was purchased. So I have been trying to contact the store, and each time I called, the phone just rings, and no answer. I know this store isn't closed this day, because this is a 24hr store. I am very upset with this situation. I fell as if I just wasted, money on something for nothing.


What were you thinking of when you put on television your nasty commercial. It is definitely inappropriate and I can't believe you would make it one of your advertising. Please remove it immediately or I will report you to better business.


On Nov 4, 2011 I purchased a Serta Mattress and foundation at the Northwoods mall store. I had a tenative delivery date of 11/17. I was told that they would call me the day before, with a time frame (4 hour window) for delivery. I was also given instructions about clearing a path to the room where it was to go, etc. Delivery call was not recieved, so I called customer care. They said that the foundation arrived soiled and was rejected. Also told that the mattress and box springs are ""custom made"" when ordered, hence the delivery delay. Told that the truck only comes every 10 days from Serta. Given new tenative delivery of 12/1. Day before, no phone call. Called customer care.

Told it had arrived but was not able to get it on the truck in time for the delivery. Called the Sales Associate at this point. Am told that there was never a soiled foundation, instead they had shipped a queen size foundation instead of full. (hard to beleive this, if they custome make the order!) Told that my Mattress was in Bloomington IL and they would be happy to deliver that piece to me the next day. Told that the foundation was in MIlwaukee. I refused, as once accepted, it is a final sale, and I needed both pieces. Given new delivery date of 12/15. Received no call on 12/14 so I called them at 4:15 pm. Waited until 5pm for someone to take the call. Told that it "didn't arrive" and when I expressed my frustration.

I was asked if I was sure I ordered a Serta mattress and not a sealy. I said no, it is Serta, to which I was told that they come from Itasca IL and that Milwaukee had nothing to do with it. I asked to just cancel the order and was told that a phone call had to be made and that they would call me back with the cancellation confirmation number. I have not received a phone call yet. And they provide absolutely no way for me to go online and check the status. chistmas is a week away and I have no mattress in the 2nd bedroom fit to sleep on.

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