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Norton, also known as Norton by Symantec, is a division of Symantec, the world’s largest security software provider. Norton has continued to offer a variety of products and services related to digital security. Norton and his company developed various DOS utilities including the Norton Utilities, which did not include antivirus features.

Common complaints about Norton’s products are primarily digital security tools for personal computers and server devices, and more recently, mobile devices. Founder Peter Norton has set up his company on his name as Norton. The business has it's corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California, United States and operates all over the world.

Additional products sold include Data Protection, Database Security, Email & Web Security, Endpoint Protection, Mobile Security, Network Security, Risk & Compliance, Security-as-a-Service (Security SaaS), Security Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Apart from the regular Antivirus company also provides various products and services with them like Norton Security, Norton Security with Backup which is a industry-leading premium protection for up to 10 devices. And the other services which include NortonLive Services, Ultimate Helpdesk, Computer Tune Up, Free Virus Scan, Norton Safe Web and password Generator. Adding to it has other downloads which help protect your PC from the Virus and Malware attack.

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I have used your product for years. It ran out this year and now every day I am harassed by your annoying pop up commercial. It doesn't stop! And because of that I will never purchase your product again or allow it to be installed in any of my business computers. RULE #1 never piss off the customer.

John Klucznik
Founder of Bonnet Pro


I tried to buy from you. Had something come up and had to take a break for a minute or 2 and now it will not let me back to it because it says I already have an account. If your software sucks so bad that I can not even make a purchase from you I shudder to think of how crappy your product must be... BYE!! Going to Kaspersky now and YOU LOST A SALE!!


I subscribe to Norton Security Premium. Today I found two unwanted VPN accesses on my PC and the VPN access can’t even be turned off. Norton installed Firewall on my pc, which allows remote control on my pc, and also allows McAfee to access my PC. Why? Norton is not enough for PC protection? I feel that someone at Norton is stealthily access customers’ PC, especially stealing information in online related financial information. This poses a serious threat to me and to other customers. Please do something to stop this practice ASAP! See attached VPN connection screenshots.


Norton took money out of my banking account without even notifying me that they were doing this and put my account into $25.00 overdraft charge and I do not even have their services. They are stating that it was in my Son's name who dosent' even have Norton products either was sent an e-mail but but the account has my name & on it. I will receive a refund for $96.28 but I also want the 25.00 for overdraft refunded also which they refuse to refund. How can they take $$ out of my account with no notification?


I spoke to a Norton Security technician over the phone at 11:39 P.M. on October 13, 2016, for about 37 minutes and 43 seconds. The name of the technician is Nick Wilson. I called Norton Security because I needed to activate my Norton Security activation card to apply antivirus protection on my computer in order to protect my computer from viruses. I called Norton to activate the Norton card, and I needed to speak to a technician for assistance because it was difficult for me to install and activate the Norton Security onto my computer myself. The instructions read for me to call the number 1-866-368-7429 of Norton Security Antivirus assistance from a technician, if I needed any help with Norton Security activation installation.

When I called this number, there was a technician that answered the phone, and he addressed to me his name as Nick Wilson. He told me the reason that I could not install the Norton Security into my computer was because there was a virus on my computer which was not allowing for me to activate Norton Security antivirus onto my computer. And he told me that in order for him to be able to install the Norton Security antivirus protection onto my computer, was if I were to pay him $100.00 dollars.

Nick Wilson told me that if I paid him $100.00 that he would activate the Norton Security antivirus protection onto my computer. I explained to him that I did not understand why I had to pay $100.00 to install the Norton security antivirus protection, if I had already paid $60.00 for the Norton Security antivirus protection product. The product is brand new and I had bought the product not long ago. I explained this to Nick Wilson. Then, he became to be very hostile and impatient with me for no reason, and he began to become more and more insistent with me, concerning the fact that he wanted me to give him the $100.00 he claimed would be for installing the Norton antivirus protection onto my computer.

He started asking me personal questions, asking me what was my credit card number, and he kept insisting for me to go to the bank on the following morning. I explained to him that it sounded unjust for me to have to pay a fee of $100.00 for the installation, if I had already paid $60.00 for the product itself. As he became more and more insistent with me, I decided to grab my phone and record what he was telling me, because what he was saying sounded suspicious to me, and I wanted proof of what he was saying just in case he was to escalate with his insistence.

He had threatened me that my computer was going to crash and that there was nothing that I could do. Then he began to threaten me and became hateful towards me, he told me that my computer is going to die, and then he threatened my life, he told me, that I was going to die. I was in shock, I could not believe what I was hearing at that moment. The technician was threatening my life and telling me that I was going to die. He said, ‘If you don’t fix your computer, your computer is going to die, and you are going to die’.

He had called me back with the number +91 91 35 480055 at 12:17 A.M and he spoke to me for 6 minutes and 10 seconds, repeatedly threatening my life more than six times. I asked him what he had told me, and he repeated it clearly, he said with hatred, that I was going to die. He said,’Your computer is going to die, and you are going to die’.He said that since the computer was going to die, that I could die with the computer also. He said,’Your computer is going to die, and you can die with the computer’.He rudely and hostily said that since the computer was going to die,that I could also die with the computer.He said, ‘The computer is going to die, and with that, you can also die’.I explained to him that what he was saying was mean and cruel, and he then began to laugh at me, and told me, that I was going to die with my computer.

Then, he began to lie about his name, he said that his name was Gabby Robot. And then he asked me what my name was, and where was I from, and I told him that my name was Estela Nichols, and that he already knew my name and my email address because I had previously told him, and he had been working inside of my computer. I asked him why he was saying those mean things, and he was laughing about what he was saying to me and told me that I was going to die. He was speaking with an Arabic accent and I asked him what country he was calling from, because my phone read that he had been calling from India Arabian country. And he lied saying that he was calling from the United States. I asked him what company he was working for, and if he was working for the Norton Security company, and he said yes.

And I asked him if the reason he was threatening my life was because I was not paying the $100.00 dollars that he was insisting for me to give him, and Nick Wilson responded yes. Then he asked if I was going to fix my computer or not in a hostile tone. Then he threatened me again and said that my computer was going to die, and that I was going to die. He kept repeatedly telling me that I was going to die, and it sounded similar to a terrorist threat, because he said that I was going to die next to my computer. And it scared me because my computer is an electronic device and the way he was saying that I was going to die next to my computer, terrified me and shocked me. He was still inside of my computer when he was threatening me the whole time.

My daughter was with me and she heard the conversation and what he was telling me. She told me that she was also terrified by the conversation. Nick Wilson left an AnyDesk app on my computer, and I believe he hacked into my computer two days after, without my consent, without my permission and without warning, and he damaged my computer, ruining my computer system and taking all of my information out of my computer in retaliation of me not paying him the $100.00 he was insisting for me to give him. He told me in the conversation that my computer was going to die, and there would be nothing I’d be able to do about it, when he had been telling me that I was going to die.

Me and my daughter were unable to use our computer for a week and five days, and I had to take our computer to Best Buy, I went to Best Buy on 10/27/2016, and the Best Buy technician told me that I would have to restart my computer completely in order to be able to use the computer again. Me and my daughter’s computer took three hours to restart, and our computer was completely restarted and my daughter’s homework assignments and schoolwork and documents, and me and my daughter’s important computer information were completely gone.

Nick Wilson damaged me and my daughter’s computer, hacked into me and my daughter’s computer without our consent and without our permission and without warning, and with his malicious intent, he destroyed me and my daughter’s computer system, causing for me and my daughter’s important information to disappear and causing major difficulties in our computer, and we were unable to use our own computer, and he damaged our brand new computer that we purchased just early this year. Me and my daughter are stressed and anguished by this situation, and when Nick Wilson was threatening my life, I was enduring a lot of emotional distress and pain and suffering and it was a terrifying and horrible experience to have my life being threatened, and it was terrifying for my daughter to have heard Nick Wilson threatening me, her mother’s life, and she had been terrified and endured emotional distress.


I bought Norton security Deluxe from Walmart about three days ago. I tried installing it on my PC and laptop. I called Norton tech support. The guy did a remote access to my unit and told me I had too many errors on my system and it must be repaired first. He would do it for a fee. I already felt foolish for letting him on my system. I took the product back to Walmart, They told me I could only exchange it for another of the same. Which I did and I had the same problem.

I went online and I wanted to be sure that I had a problem with both of my systems, one of which is less than a year on And I had just uninstalled Viper anti-virus. I had no problem installing the online version on both of my systems Which after the trial period I would be obligated to pay for it. I already have the one I cant use.

So I am requesting a total refund because I have faith in your tech support. I was explaining all of this to one of your techs and I asked to speak to a supervisor and he hung up on me. I know he hung up because as of yet I still haven't heard from him. I always change software often and it has been awhile since I used Norton. your people made no attempt to install your software, was only trying to sell me something. So please make me whole again by giving me a refund.


Last week I had an issue with Windows 7. I Contacted Microsoft and was transferred by Phone to Tech Service. I explained to the tech what was going on and he asked if he could go into my computer remotely to see what was happening. He said he found the problem and that he could fix it (updates overlapping and loading multiple times). I then called Norton anti-virus and asked how much it would cost to fix and he said $300. I told him that was very expensive for a one time fix. I told him I could just do a factory reset or reinstall Windows 7.

He said nothing else, dropped the call and I believe dropped an Encrypto Virus on me without a ransom. I only had the virus after allowing him remote entry. Right after the call all my file folders began zippering up. I went to Microsoft looking for help prior to this virus and because I trusted the person I allowed to have remote access to my computer, I know have to hire someone to reformat my computer and reinstall Windows 7. In the past I was always extremely happy with Microsoft. Not now. I am very upset and I will never allow anyone remote access to my computer again.

I have talked to Norton Anti-Virus software company and they told me that swiping the computer only true remedy. I have also talked to several other computer tech's in my area and they all said the same thing. I am writing you this letter to let you know what kind of off shore tech services you are having due your tech work for Microsoft and that I am rally not happy with the outcome of my situation. I thought that coming directly to Microsoft instead of putting it on a community form would be the proper thing to do first.


You recorded it all didn't you? That's what I was lead to believe. What's up with Norton user name and getting a new password? Get a temp password, and 3 callbacks. Nothing helped. Want my business? You email me with a new password (you pick, apparently my suck). Set it all up, or lose my business. I will let all my friends know about what I've gone through today.


Tried to uninstall and reinstall Norton Anti-virus protection. But for some reason it did not work and now my system is totally different looks like Microsoft is controlling it. Can't reset to earlier time. Also get blue screen warnings on reboot often. Wow, how bad is this? Please fix this sh*t please.


I updated to Windows 10. I never had any problems until I did this. I started getting prompts for the reviver series of protection apps. These apps showed problems that never appeared with my Norton security. I decided to purchase the first app to scan for problems, which the app found. To fix the problem I had to purchase another app, which I did. I finally got to the reviver app, which I also purchased. Suddenly I had problems with my registration (over three thousands errors apparently), and surprise, more money was required. By now, I had spent well over 100 dollars and decided enough was enough.

My Norton security was not detecting problems. Then I got a call from Microsoft and tech told me they had a problem with my computer. I let him take control of my computer and he told me it was a serious problem which would cost $169.00 to fix. I told him I wasn't paying that, and he said I had to pay or but a new computer. I was able to revert back to factory setting, and now am back with windows 8. I feel like I was scammed by these reviver series of protection apps, and once the Microsoft tech got in I was out of luck. I am 67, living on only Social Security, This is my first computer, and I only have two years experience with this type of devise.

I have had windows 8, and 8.1 , and never had any security issues. Suddenly with windows 10 issues started popping up every week, requiring more and more money. Of course, besides my files, I lost all my accounts, and the money I spent on all the reviver tools is gone(I even signed up for two years on some of them). Fortunately, I was able to contact Norton and had mat account rebooted.


Well it all started back on January 21st/16 when I went to their store in Nanaimo BC to purchase the Norton Classic 2016, which they didn't have in the store and ordered it from the company supplier and had it mailed out. On it's arrival it was missing the Disc for the software, so called Best Buy on the 25th and they thought there was a code to use and not a Disc, but I said they were wrong, so they said to bring it back in and they would check it out. So they re-ordered the product.

I asked for compensation and they directed me to Norton company which is a tech based company. For which I did on the 26th and on the 27th got a standard e-mail from them they would respond in 2 days, well several e-mails later, I got a response from Norton saying go back to Best Buy, after explain to Norton AG of what happened. So I'm getting the run around from Norton and their Customer service, for which is very poor. They don't want to take responsibility and Best Buy doesn't want to help. I want to be compensated and answers why Norton or Best Buy on my behalf haven't done anything for me. As it is the product doesn't do everything that I had asked for.

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