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Neiman Marcus is a privately held company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is an iconic department store owned by the Neiman Marcus Group and specializes in luxury, high end/high quality articles of clothing, jewelry, personal care and unique gifts. There are 42 stores and international e-commerce. In 2015 they reported over 5,000 employees. At the end of fiscal year August 2015 revenues were reported as US 5.09 billion.

If you need assistance with a product or service at Neiman Marcus you may call 1-888-888-4757. You may also find assistance here. If you would like to send a personal postal correspondence to CEO Karen Katz, address you envelope with 1618 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75201. The corporate phone number is 214-741-6911.

Founders Abraham Lincoln Neiman, Herbert Marcus and Carrie M. Neiman started their first venture in September 1910. Stanly Marcus was the CEO/President for many decades until his passing in 2002. Neiman Marcus is famous for The Christmas Book and its fantasy ‘his and hers’ selections. Social presence may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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I made a purchase in Ball Harbour Neiman Marcus on February 6, 2019. # 25713500050155 in a sum of $7680.00
I was told that I will receive a gift card $750.00. I still didn’t receive anything and when I call customer service I only get promises that the issue will be resolved in two weeks,or by the end of the week, or that they have to call corporate to find out what is the problem.
I’m very upset and disappointed with your services, but really hope that you will finally resolve this problem to my satisfaction.
Mila Katsap



As a former relatively very good/invariably a relatively high credit card balance, plus even more importantly, invariably formerly a relatively very high cash-paying customer of Neiman Marcus, please be assured it brings me no solace whatsoever to feel utterly justified/compelled to take the time to address Neiman Marcus' current business policies and/or lack of customer-oriented service on behalf of the public/current/future Neiman Marcus patrons. Why? I was reared such that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Unfortunately, a consistently repetitive non-salutary Neiman Marcus shopping situation(s)/predominantly cosmetics/fragrance shopping/purchasing experiences inspires/screams that I feel it's absolutely necessary to speak-up/speak-out for the benefit of the public/current/future Neiman Marcus patrons.

To be fair and balanced, I must indicate upfront that for numerous previous decades I often had a nifty/very pleasant Neiman Marcus shopping/purchasing experience predominantly usually in Beverly Hills. At least for the past few years in San Diego, e.g., however, "No mas!" Simply put, many of the Neiman Marcus sales people especially those in the cosmetics/fragrance department, e.g., invariably are undoubtedly working on commission, and for whatever inexplicable reason(s) feel/openly to demonstrate/remonstrate by their demeanor/actions that indeed they're invariably doing the customer a favor rather than justifiably vice versa. Just so that factual reality resonates and sinks in and makes a justifiable indelible impression on the senior management at Neiman Marcus, please let me reiterate. Many of the Neiman Marcus sales people especially those in the cosmetics/fragrance department, e.g., invariably are undoubtedly working on commission, and for whatever inexplicable reason(s) feel/openly demonstrate/remonstrate by their demeanor/actions that indeed they're doing the customer a favor rather than justifiably vice versa. Really! [Parenthetically, to digress for a moment, I respectfully believe one would concur that as one goes through life ideally one should be the very best that one can be and unfortunately when it comes to the demeanor and the actions of the Neiman Marcus sales personnel particularly in the cosmetics and fragrance departments it obviously isn't the case.]

So what in Hades has repeatedly occurred? To provide some context concerning the omnipresent inexplicable rub between the

Neiman Marcus cosmetic/fragrance sales personnel and me, please rest assured I wouldn’t be addressing this foregoing thorny situation at all if it only occurred once, twice, or possibly even three or even a few more times in a row, but after a consistently unacceptable period of very questionable protracted interfaces and transactions over a protracted number of months, e.g., I've finally justifiably decided that I've justifiably had enough and that I'm going to take the time and the proverbial “bull by the horns” to finally bring this to the attention of senior Neiman Marcus' management attention for constructive operational/sales/customer-service amelioration.

Quite frankly, I don’t know exactly what the issue(s) is/are with the Neiman Marcus cosmetics/fragrance sales personnel, i.e., whether or not simply put they're for the most part just jaded persons who evidently have been far too long in their jobs, that they just have an apparent insuperable aversion/indifference to engaging in normal/routine customer-oriented relations, or that it probably entails some very questionable draconian sales policies currently in vogue at Neiman Marcus. My current impression is that lamentably for all concerned it's probably a combination of all three with an emphasis on the latter. Why? Please let me highlight some of my legitimate concerns as follows: Quite possibly, for whatever inexplicable reason(s), they may be something entirely else. I realistically just dun no.

For example, very recently I attempted to purchase YSL cosmetics that I have previously purchased and used for many, many years and the sales associate...I believe her name was "Ashley" didn't recognize my presence or greet me until I asked for some assistance. Simply put, she acted as if it was too much of a bother to open up one of the designated YSL cosmetic drawers. Ashley found the product and snippily asked how would you like to pay for it? I paid for the product in cash; Ashley wrapped the purchase in tissue and summarily dumped it into the Neiman Marcus paper bag. She didn't ask whether I would like to have some cosmetics samples or would I like to try another product etc. Nada, nix, and net! To be quite frank, Ashley was very arrogant and her demeanor was such that she actually felt/portrayed that she did me a favor rather than vice versa! Furthermore, I respectfully believe that the recently changed draconian sales policy if one hasn't justifiably received cosmetic samples, when a particular product doesn't pan out then Neiman Marcus should justifiably take the product(s) back!

Moreover, while it's purely only conjecture on my part from my numerous interfaces with various different sales associates "Ambassadors" with various different cosmetic/fragrance lines, I have the distinct impression that the Neiman Marcus cosmetics sales associates/"Ambassadors" don't even like to talk/confer with one another if they can help it much less look forward to and/or to appreciate conferring with Neiman -Marcus customers primarily because it apparently is an insuperable chore. [i.e., if I really must!] No, this isn't a misprint!

Conversely, I must highlight one notable proficient and salutary exception as I very recently encountered a very pleasant, genteel and customer-oriented person named Ms. Kathy Rezaly a "Beauty Ambassador" in the San Diego Neiman-Marcus Christian Dior cosmetics/fragrance department. Kathy, unfortunately, however, is a notable exception and not the rule!

Please also fully realize I certainly don’t expect to be treated royally when patronizing Neiman Marcus, although in point of fact I'm a former haute couture model, former TV spokesperson in the major cities of Europe, NYC, Chicago and LA in the U.S., a former championship tennis player, a former lead soprano with the Berlin Mozart choir, plus I actually do have recent German royal lineage and heritage. Notably, therefore, invariably at almost all of the other prominent department stores and cosmetics/fragrance specialty shops in locations throughout Southern California I'm invariably treated very graciously and harmoniously by various department store managers and their colleagues/subordinates with scant exception and they most assuredly sincerely and graciously willingly go-out-of their way to acknowledge and to appreciate my presence, my business, [plus according to others my often hilariously ubiquitous zany quips too] all the while accompanied by their utmost cordial civility and respect. I do justifiably fully expect, as well as other patrons/customers of Neiman Marcus should fully expect, therefore, to be treated at various Neiman-Marcus locations with civility and with a certain degree of reasonable decorum too.

What does acceptable civility and reasonable decorum entail? Actually, they should be quite simple and straightforward to achieve…
1.They mean personally recognizing the NeimanMarcus customer, preferably by his/her name, especially if thatcustomer happens to be a very/exceedingly regular perennial genteel NeimanMarcus customer.
2.They mean exchanging brief pleasantries when meetingface-to-face and yes, even occasionally, personally thanking them fortheir longstanding Neiman Marcus patronage/business.
3.Succinctly put, they mean possessing and practicing anomnipresent display of civility and customer-oriented behavior and actingin a way civilly during social intercourse. e.g. and demonstrablyacting/remonstrating exactly how one would like to be treatedcordially and respectfully if the roles were reversed.

Addressing what appears to be the readily apparent ever-increasing paucity of loyal patrons at Neiman-Marcus when compared to other comparable "big-box" department stores, I respectfully believe there probably is some direct correlation with what I previously highlighted and lamentably the inevitably ensuing deleterious denouement of the number of Neiman-Marcus patrons and waning sales.

To reiterate, it certainly doesn’t bring me any solace to bring the foregoing to your attention for appropriate corrective remedial action, but to continue to ignore the foregoing in my respectful estimation would only serve to be a disservice to other customers of Neiman Marcus and to Neiman Marcus employees too. Accordingly, I expect the courtesy of a prompt reply and that operationally from a customer-oriented perspective at Neiman Marcus that the foregoing defugalties for want of another depiction will promptly change/cease for the betterment of all concerned.

Meanwhile with kind personal regards and sincere longstanding felicitous regards to everyone at Neiman Marcus as I know you previously have, and you can do much, much better and I remain…

Cordially yours,

Jutta H. H. Harden

Tel: 858 265-7574

Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 and Edgeworth/Sewickley, PA 15143


Complete runaround by their "customer service." Placed online order that got back ordered for 2 months. Contacted them 3 times (twice by phone & 3rd time by email) and got misinformation EVERY time. No apologies and no remedies offered. Their 24x7 service number is useless and they place you in hold every time. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM ONLINE!!!


I am very disappointed on my last order from Neiman Marcus. My order was on hold for fraud review, instead of contacting me to verify the order information. I have to call to check my order status to find out my order was on hold due to not receiving my order as it stating by September 28, 2017. Such a big company, but they do not have any courtesy to contact their customer while we are the one who is spend our money to keep your doors open. I still have not receive my items and it is still pending in process. My order was placed on September 21, 2017.


I was discriminated and banned from being placed on a list for 2016 seasonal mini Chanel bags by worker Freidler. I asked her months ago if my local store will be receiving mini CC bags and what colors. She barked at me"no minis at all this year"!. When I went to Neiman Marcus a month ago, I found out there was a list for 2 mini bronze CHANEL, but I have no chance now. She lied to me , she could have put me on a list when I asked! I would have been number one! I was also told that the two people who got these bags, happened to call the store and said they heard from "somewhere" that Neiman Marcus will get 2 minis and demanded being placed on a list. I feel deceived and discriminated. She should not work in a high end store like this and favor clients. If this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction, I might look for legal advice.


This is more of a concern/complaint as a valued customer. I purchased a pair of women dress heels shoes from the Neiman Outlet in Allen Texas over a year or so ago. However, no fault of Neiman's, I finally had an outfit that I could wear my shoes. Well, I got all dressed up to find out that the shoes that I had purchased were not the same shoe but so very close that you could not tell until you actually tried both shoes on. I contacted the store and I was told that they could not even give me a store credit. I understand that I have had the shoes for a very long time but I would think with a store such as Neiman's that I could at least receive a credit for something that I could not wear and spent my money on. I was told that due to the time period that nothing could be done. I was very disappointed with the response that I received.


My sister is crazy about handbags and I wanted to gift a special one for her wedding anniversary. Neiman Marcus is one such place where I could shop designer bags. Went through a whole new range of Gucci bags and was assisted by a very customer friendly executive. I was given various options and my eyes were all over with the collection they had.This is the best place to get great products that you cannot find in other stores. From NM I even picked up some ladies perfume from brand that you wont find elsewhere. I rate NM a 5 star for the overall experience in purchasing the product to the customer friendly attitude they have at their store.


Phone calls from this company were registering on another phone I have and noted on my phone company account. I called them back to ask why they were calling me. They never asked me who I was or what number they called. They basically kept asking me what I wanted. I told them I wanted to know why they were calling. They said they couldn't tell me that. Sort of a weird catch 22. They informed me I had called their corporate HQ. So? Why was your corporate HQ calling? Can't tell you.

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