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Dear sir madam
I am morrison customer especially petrol station .an accident took place on 15/3/2019 .In the morning before i go to work i went to the petrol station to buy some diesel . and I went to Ely to work in ely college ,it meant be after work meet some friends in Ely, however in the medill of the day i received a phone call from the police to say '' Morrison petrol station reported that you brought some fuel this morning without paying ,,you need to come pack to king's lynn and pay for your fuel ,so left my work and came pack to king's lynn what happen as i am sure i paid using my card using the pump pay by card only ,before i go to morrison i went to my bank to check what happen , looked at the statement i found the transact for the fuel went throw , i asked the bank to print out the transaction and i took it to Morrison , i did show it to the staff ,the staff refuse it and said we have not got the receipt and asked me to pay ,i said i can not pay twic ,i went to ask for advise ,the police rang me saying morrison said you have not paid ,so i went again to morrison to pay but this time staff has found the recept and said it was mistake ,it was not your car
,so this problem is this mistake destroyed one working day ,plus destroyed my plan of going out with friends furthermore keep going to morrison
which cost me money and time wasted and the stress upon my self and my family

kind rgards
Aly Nady
car registry X254EJB time was abut 8 am dat 15/03/2019


This food service services the Northwestern Grayslake facility. The food choices are terrible. There is never a change in the menu. I have had spoiled milk, and Broccoli cheese soup. The service is absolutely the worst I have ever seen. There is never enough help at lunch time. I only get a 30 minute lunch and it can literally take 15 or more minutes to stand in line and get my order made. There are many times that there are no napkins.... two napkin containers are empty. Unacceptable!! JUST AWEFUL. This is a fairly large out patient facility and the Café should be 100% better than what it is.
This is such a disservice to a very busy out patient facility. Something needs to change from the top down!


Me and my wife visited your cafe in your store at Kidderminster at 17.26, we ordered fish and chips they were served after about ten minutes,the chips were overcooked and the mushy peas had dried up crust on them.The cafe looked very uncared for with food debris under many
of the tables and over loaded trollies full of dirty plates and leftover food.Needless to say we will not be eating here again.


I have always shopped at Morrisons Whitley Bay since the day it opened and found it excellent. However over the past few months they have reduced their smaller trolleys. They are like gold to get from the trolley stores. The only ones available on most days is the very large heavy shopping trolleys or baskets.
These very large trollies are difficult to control, no good for smaller shopibng. Today I searched the car park for the smaller trollies and came across a group of customers looking for them and also complaining. I spoke to at least 10 customers on my shop and asked how they felt and they to were complaining.
People who are disabled or elderly cannot manage the large trolleys. Please could you persuade who ever is in charge of these items to restore a quantity of the smaller trollies.
My query was met with a very abrupt member of staff as a matter of "its tough". Kids are stealing them and leaving them on the metro lines so we have stopped putting as many out.
So what can be done here, - well could you not supply the baskets on wheels which may help some customers at least who cannot carry heavy goods in the metal shopping baskets.
If this is not resolved soon I together with those I spoke to will be shopping at Sainsbury's which is not that further to travel.

thank you.


Dear Sir / Madam,

For the third time in three months I have had to alert your sales staff to THEFT within the store
I have witnessed men filling large, canvas, carrier bags with expensive alcohol - malt whiskies and large bottles of spirits.

This must be costing you a fortune!

Where are your security cameras pointing at - the sweetie counter??

I think you need to increase your security on the alcohol aisle - perhaps paying for alcohol at a separate till at end of aisle - just like you have to pay separately for cigarettes at the tobacco kiosk.

Just a thought!!

Hope you find this information helpful.

Kind Regards,

Tracey McGowan


Did my shopping this morning and went for a small breakfast with brown bread got told they don't offer brown bread challenge him saying that unusual he then asked a person behind the back counter saying that they only do brown bread in bloomer loaf which I I'm very surprised as you don't do brown bloomer laid in store then asked for three crumpet saying that they don't do three only two when reicieving they where cold as though they came straight out the packet


last week i bought a pack of vitamins from Morrisons and start taking them and after taking for 2 days i felt sick and nausea and realize the pills was out of date.The date was expired on July.

kind regards


i have shopping at this store since it opened but today was a joke far to many products [sorry out of stock] never been as bad just as well staff were great as usual came without 5 or 6 products will go and get them at asda if it is the same next week the wife and i will be golng to asda PS and we dont really want to


I put a order in for my shopping over the Easter holiday, and legs of lamb was half price so i bought two I put one in freezer and cooked one which wasn't very nice and didn't taste very nice. So, I cooked the other one two days ago and the same with this one my husband who really liked his lamb and was put off by the smell. We know lamb as we are in our 60 ad 70 years of age. We know this was old lamb very old lamb because of the smell any way it went in the bin. I wasn't going to complaint but I am fed up of being sold rubbish stuff off other Morrisons supermarkets and shops.


I keep getting these e-mails from Morrisons at a cost to my phone bill of £4.50 per week if I don't cancel by finding a code to send to whoever is sending. I thought I should inform you as there might be people that cannot afford this con. There are a number of different ones that pretend to be Morrisons, details at the foot of the e-mail Marketsharembu 223W Bulldog,BLVD 136 Provo UT 84604. These spam emails basically say, "CONGRATULATIONS! Claim Your 500 Morrisons Gift Card!. Act Now! Details Apply." This is really my only complaint, otherwise I like the store.


Went into Kings Lynn store, ordered food, was told it would take half an hour, changed order and just got sandwich at the till the cashier was so stressed there were only two people on duty do not think this is fair on staff. As having retail experience i understand the stress factor, this is not the first time this has happened. Most people were just moaning but i thought this should be brought to your attention.


In May 2015 took my Mother for breakfast at Hanley Stoke on Trent store. Food and service unacceptable and complained. Chris got back to me and offered a compensation voucher. Nothing received but complaint no longer on Twitter. Was that the objective? Awful customer service.


Customer service at Morrison is very poor. Women who served me on the checkout was very very rude. Never smiled Never said hello or thank you and was rude when I asked for more bags and when it came to paying. I told her she was being rude she never said sorry and that I said I was going to put in a complaint about her and she just said go head what I thought was very rude.

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