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Installation Issue- I cant get anyone to call me and confirm when the issue will be taken care of. The store manger promised a follow up phone call but that never happened. The coordinator assigned to the project won’t respond back to emails.


Returned 2 Bowes of cleats and a couple splines. Got a paper receipt for one box and an email receipt for other box and splines. Got my account credited for one box and splines but no credit for other box. Returned to store to ask about it and was told no record of a per receipt could be found. Can't find my copy. Asked why refunds were treated different and man said he couldn't remember. This was in Greensburg PA store.


On 10/3/2018 Mazie Bastian purchase items from Lumber Liquidators, Inc. located at 800 S. Clearview Parkway Harahan, LA.
Sales Order number is 131177821
Customer No. 7866156
Included in her purchase was the following:
Product: 10036497/QCBAMSTCS/1031/10/10-03-2018 MS XD ENG Carbonized Bamboo 3/8x5-1/8" 50 Year Warranty
Quantity: 1392.64 sq ft Price $1.99/sq ft Amount: $2771.35
Per the note on receipt from the Lumber Liquidator employee (Brandon Brown), who loaded Mrs. Bastian's trucks and the personal count by Mrs. Bastian and her son, 52 boxes of the above product were loaded on their trucks. The required number of boxes to meet the square footage was calculated by the store sales person.

On 1/13/2019 Mrs. Bastian and her son returned 31 of the 52 boxes. The calculation used to determine the refund was based on Mrs. Bastian receiving 68 boxes, not the 52 boxes she actually received. Apparently Mrs. Bastian was overcharged initially (paid for 68 boxes and received only 52). The apparent calculation for the refund follows:
$2771.35/68 boxes (52 boxes were actually received) = $40.7551 per box...31 boxes returned x $40.7551 = $1263.41
Lumber Liquidators has already refunded Mrs. Bastian the amount of $1263.41; however, they must also refund Mrs. Bastian for the difference between the 52 boxes she received and the 68 boxes she was charged which is $652.08 (16 boxes @ $40.7551 each).

Mrs. Bastian has spoken with the store manager who claims Mrs. Bastian and her son picked up 16 boxes on an initial trip to the store and later picked up the balance of the order which was 52 additional boxes. Mrs. Bastian adamantly denies she made 2 pick ups. Furthermore, the store has no records of this ever happening. The store has only the copy of the invoice which has the employees note of 52 boxes loaded.

You can contact me at the above email address listed or on 404 791-9094 to discuss further. Mrs. Bastian's telephone number is 985 497-8673. Documentation is attached.


Recently we where contracted by Brock Nolan to lay flooring in his home. We where told the order was ready for pickup, this was at the store in Broussard, Louisiana. because our time is very valuable we depend on distributor to be honest with us. When we arrived to pick up the order, they loaded the wrong order on our trailer, had to unload that order then had trouble finding the correct order, then they just had half the order. They told us that the rest of the order would be in within five days, when we checked five days latter, the order was not in and come to find out was not even ordered, then they told us it would be in on the next truck load. Did not happen, know they say it may not be in till the end of may, or the middle of June.

Just think if this was your home this was happening in or this was you dealing with this. The people working in said store in Broussard are disrespectful to contractors and the store and surrounding area is in disarray and filthy. Since the manager that left a year or so ago the store has gone down hill. I used to send all my floor customer to this store know I will do everything in my power to talk them out of buying product their. It is so hard to get through by phone to talk to a person about these types of problems, I give up but I guess that's exactly what you all want to happen. This is definitely the last time I refer any customer to lumber liquidators. If your rating scale had a 0 that would be my rating, as I said earlier since the manager that had come to work their from Sherwin Williams some years ago left this store has deteriorated.


Lumber Liquidations installed our flooring on December 2014. Floors are now buckling due to no room for expansion. We mailed claim & pictures over a month ago. Have made multiple calls & emails with no response. We are tripping over this mess and need it addressed NOW or we will go forward with whatever we have to do to get this fixed. Hunter is supposed to be our claims rep but refuses to return our calls. Will NEVER use Lumber Liquidations again and are telling everyone we know!!!


December 30, 2014, I had flooring installed by Lumber Liquidators. The flooring is now buckled very badly because they are not allow for expansion. I filed a claim on April 3, 2015. I talked to Hunter one time and he said he thinks they have everything they need. The next step is to have a contractor look at it and see what needs to be done. Now he will not receive or return my calls. PLEASE HELP!!


My wife had a dream house with perfect furniture and interior designing. When we decided to build a house, we opted to go for the best flooring and I got it in Lumber Liquidators. I loved the stuff for hardwood flooring with large varieties of Bamboo, Vinyl plank , Hardwood and many other qualities. Fine finishing, attractive designs and fair prices made us to choose Lumber Liquidators for our house. You can shop laminate flooring, hand scraped and engineered hardwood, bamboo and other stuff as per your choice designs.

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