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Toll free phone number: 281-476-7800 LLC is a world leading provider of shared, reseller, VPS, and product innovator. The company was founded in 2002 by Founder and current Chairman Brent Oxley, who started the company from his dorm room at Florida Atlantic University. HostGator is able to provide its more than 400,000 customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses.

HostGator serves customers ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies in more than 200 countries. If you have a problem or comment, call the HostGator customer service number at toll-free 1-800-209-8833. International customers can dial +91-824-6614000. The corporate office is located at 5005 Mitchelldale Suite #100 in Houston TX.

Common issues with hosting include abuse which can be direct by email to HostGator helds the following services. Hosting, Domains and offers hot deals for new subscribers. Additional complaints reported by users include hosting and support for bloggers, Wordpress CMS hosting, and Joomla hosting.

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I have been using hostgator for webhosting and using webmail. I was not able to access my webmail account and website since few days. I have contacted hostgator customer services several hundered
support team/customer team is misleading us. All my business mails are linked with his. I am not able to follow up my mails. Our business is stuck because of this for past few days. I cannot create another webmail account as we have given the created account everywhere. I need to file a complaint against this.


I just went to look at the Constant Contact module and without my knowledge I began being charged $20 / month for the service. Just realized it after 8 months of being charged - when I called they refused to refund anything but the past month, when we never used it or even logged onto it to set it up. What a crock!!!!


There are so many, I really don't know where to start. Attached is a copy of an email about a problem that I had with the customer service representative during a live chat regarding the domain, No one from Hostgator has ever contacted me about that complaint. Again, I am currently on a live chat with Dexter and have been for approximately an hour. I am trying to pay for my domain name (, but the domain name is not available in the Hostgator client portal and Dexter is telling me that I have to pay enom, the Domain Registrar. Enom is telling me that I have to contact Hostgator (see attached). The domain name expires today, the website is down and I can't pay because Dexter can't seem to tell me anything or resolve the issue. By the way, the domain is under a business hosting plan with primary domain

Why is the website down if the domain expires today? That means that I have until 11:59pm to pay to keep the site up. What is wrong with the people that work at Hostgator. Someone needs to contact me today. This is ridiculous.


I upgraded from wordpress to cloud site over a year ago and they continued to bill me for word press after they assured me they would not.
To date, they have over biiled me $314.25. This is criminal intent and they are horrible for doing it. Hopefully I can get some of they funds they stole back but people need to be warned. They cannot be allowed to continue to operate as a legitimate business


Oh wow I am so done with HostGator. This company makes it impossible to cancel an account online. They sent me invoicing about a past due bill, so I replied to the email to say I wanted to cancel. Guess what? Not a working email address. So I sent it to and guess what? Not a working email address. And the worst part is I cannot click "Submit" on the support ticket. Bugs everywhere and I'm using the latest version of Chrome.


I'm trying to contact HostGator to close my account which appears impossible. No mail address appears on their website support contact page despite including it in the statement of how to contact them at the top of the page. The create ticket button actually disappears on the support page a second or two after opening (try it). If you are quick enough to catch it, it will not load. This is really bad service from a company that claims to have millions of customers. It sure is easy to sign up for web hosting, but they make it impossible to cancel when you are done. The billing system needs a complete overhaul!


HostGator customer service staff is incompetent. What is so hard about Control + A? I have had the hardest time getting another password. I don't know the number of hours I have spent trying to get another one since May. These parasites conspired to give me poor service a month ago. The phone line is always busy from 9 to 5, so I called at six in the morning. All these people had to do is Copy/Paste my cpanel. I lost my cpanel in June when I deleted my browser log oblivious of the aftermath. It's been over a month since I last saw my cpanel, however, I can still locate my site. All I get is setbacks from various companies. I don't know what those staffs problems are.


I deleted my browser unaware it would affect the accessibility of my cpanel. All those workers do is give me password links that don't work.. I copy/paste the password off of my "welcome" link, but it doesn't work either. I don't understand it. I have never had this much trouble with one site. I have been trying to resolve this for a month with no prevail. I have had the hardest time making my blog a reality, but these people, of various site, feel exempt from working. I even copy/pasted on the Hostgator customer service Facebook page the Control Keys. My blog is hosted with HostGator but now I am moving it.


HostGator has steadily gone down hill in the last year. I used to go there every week between to get support via live chat, over the last six months there has been several occasions when I go online no one is there. The lights are on but no one is there to take your request. I quit going there because of this for a couple of weeks but then this morning I thought I would give it a shot and no one was there and I knew they had people in there because they were active on Twitter and Facebook. Well needless to say this will be my last website hosted there and will be switching to GoDaddy instead.


Clearly they have outsourced their service. Would not recommend using them if you can avoid it. Unfortunately, I bought quite a few domain names last year with them and it will be trouble to move them all!


Really frustrated with Host Gator corporate at this point.


Come on Host Gator let's fix the poor customer support! I've been waiting on hold with live chat for 30 minutes now. HG used to stand for great service, did they get sold to some big company and then forget that helping people is important?


I love my website, but I need to register a formal complaint against Host Gator. Is that possible?


I love HostGator for websites and pretty much anything else, but one thing bothers me above all else. They make it so easy for you to sign up but darn near impossible for you to cancel! All over the website there are buttons to signup and convert but then when you want to cancel you have to jump through hoops and find someone on live chat just to get out of your plan. I would love to recommend HostGator today, but I cannot.


Have used Host Gator for many years now for hosting. Have never used them for domains for but for website and blog hosting they are second to none. I have no complaints about their customer service, since anytime I have an issue they quickly resolve it either through a support ticket or a chat window. One time I got overbilled and they refunded my money within 2 hours. I do use GoDaddy for my domains still but will always recommend Host Gator for the price. Can't beat it.

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