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My husband and I bought a 2012 dodge journey in 2013 it has 60,000 miles on it and in the last year the power steering has been replaced 3 times we have replaced 3 wheel bearings 3 out of the four struts need to be replaced one is completely shot the mechanic said it is missing on of the cylinders he thinks it might have a coil pack but it more worried it could be a cam problem this should not be a problem with a car that has 60,00 miles on it .


In 2016 I had gone to Gurnee Dodge to install manufacturer alarm and remote starter. The alarm to this date has not worked. I had gone to Antioch Dodge for service for my Ram 1500 2016 truck. At Antioch Dodge I was told that alarm was not working because of module issues. When I took my truck in for service on November 20, 2018 the service rep stated that there wasn't any notation made regarding the alarm. I contacted Gurnee Dodge regarding alarm, but later came to the conclusion that I shouldn't have to paid for the alarm to work when it was not operating when it was installed. My confidence regarding integrity of those working at dealership was now very low and canceled scheduled appointment to have vehicle serviced for the alarm.

The alarm was installed by Gurnee Dodge in October of 2016, when I inquired about it working was told that the vehicle had to suffered impact to activate the alarm. I did not argued, as this isn't my expertise. But felt within that this was not correct.

At present time am not sure if I am willing to spend additional money to have an alarm work when this is what I paid for in 2016 when I purchased Ram 1500.

I decided that I would communicate with headquarter regarding my experience and dissatisfaction. My name is Louise McKnight and VIN 1C6RR7GTXGS286872

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