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Well my first issue was when Joni Whitehead in the Corning NY office told me on the phone to come down and they would find me work. Joni Whitehead took one look at me and stated Adecco had no work for me but would sign me up for a CNC course I declined. I then returned home and submitted a application online filling application out in its entirety for a dish washing position or a pizza maker position. I am more then qualified for both jobs. Then this morning Joni Whitehead leaves a message for me stating they have a opening they need to fill. I returned the call ask for Joni Whitehead and I was told to come into office anytime after 1pm. I returned for a second time to the Corning NY Adecco office. This time Joni Whitehead asks me if I have a resume I explained to Joni Whitehead that I filled out the application in it entirety. Joni Whitehead tells me the company they hire for needs resumes for washing dishes?! Joni Whitehead then asked me if I have any culinary experience I informed Joni Whitehead I do I worked the grill in a restaurant and I understand and know how to wash dishes. Joni Whitehead at this point said well the companies they hire for do not want people with any thing in their background? Well this is a lie and discrimination against me by Joni Whitehead using g her position at Adecco as her platform for her to display her nasty mind set! I do not know Joni Whitehead and I can't understand why she treats me this way? I left the Adecco office in Corning NY as a victim of discrimination and hatred by Joni Whitehead. I feel victimized and clearly judged by a bigot and hateful person and that person is Joni Whitehead she clearly uses her job at Adecco as a platform to victimize people and hurt them by further victimization and prejudice. Joni Whitehead has inflicted these views upon me denied me the opportunity to work with you and grow. This is not what I expected to be subjected to by Adecco in Corning NY. I plan to make this awful experience I felt by Joni Whitehead at Adecco public by contacting the BBB and also the paper in our community. Thank you ....Cory Haight


I can't rate 0 stars or I would. I just got the most unbelievebly horrible customer service of my life from "Jamal" at at the number 8442245946. My credit union & Chegg were working in collaboration to make sure my account didn't get charged an insufficient fund fee due to me canceling my subscription last minute. All my C.U. needed was a refund confirmation to not charge me since a (pending) credit to my account hadn't showed up yet from Chegg.

Not only was "Jamal" very rude, at one point told me he couldn't follow/understand me but when I asked to speak to someone else so I could "make sure this got done, since it was very important to my financial well being" he literally replied "there's no one else you can talk to, there's no one I can transfer you to." The real cherry on top is that when I called back, to confirm from the phone recordings that my email I needed had been forwarded, the lovely lady who did help me informed me he didn't even send the email he yelled at me about! Luckily she did & CC'd me to make sure I knew she at least did her job.

I don't ever wish ill will on others, I know we all have bad days and we all take it out on a bystander or two sometimes. That doesn't make that behavior ok, and I feel like I shouldn't have to say these things about/to a full grown adult working in the customer service (not harassment) department. I just think this guy needs some unpaid vacation to cool off, a pay cut since he isn't even doing the same job as other awesome customer service reps you have there, or go through unpaid training again due to his unprofessional demeanor making Chegg as a company look bad.

Sorry for the wordy response but in proper management of your company's assets (people) you can never try to hard. :] thank you for the ear and hopefully this helps someone in the future calling Chegg customer service when they're upset.


I had two transaction in my checking account history that i did not make, first one was from iTunes for $0.26 and the second one from Chegg for $21.00. I am living on Selinsgrove, 17870 PA, and the closest branch to me is about 4 hrs driving. The customer service locked my account without asking or telling me that she is going to luck it because I need to change my card in order to dispute these transactions. I am right know waiting for the new card and i have no money, furthermore, my family are here with my wife and daughter. So I cannot buy even milk for my daughter. This is the worst thing ever happened with me.


Ultimately Chegg seems like a decent website. It probably has some nice textbooks, but my complaint is regarding the book rental program. All the prices on the website are for renting the books and not buying them. And by the time you pay the fee's regarding the book rental, you might as well buy the textbook because the edition will be changed at the point you try to return them. From a customer service perspective I'd give them 3 stars all the way.


I completed my studies and had loads of books at home. I found the best place to sell them off. They would sure be of help to others. Sell your used textbooks for money. Simple easy way to get away with the books you don’t use anymore. I found the process of selling them very easy and within few days, they were all sold out. After going through the website, I even found that they rent out books. is doing a good job.

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