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Armani Exchange is a Giorgio Armani fashion line for the ’20 to 30 something’ urban generation. It is a privately held company with international headquarters in Milan, Italy. There are over 200 stores in 26 countries. With over 3,000 employed, sales for 2011 were reported as EURO 1.8 billion.

If you need sales assistance regarding a purchase you may call 1-866-AXAX. Since 2014 Mr. Giorgio Armani has returned as CEO and you may write to him by addressing postal communication to, Armani Exchange, 111 8th Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10011. You may also find Customer Support here.

Founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975 the company has had varied creative leadership and maintains the highest standards for luxury fashion. The company represents the youthful spirit of Armani to the next generation. Social presence may be found Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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I usually don't complain as I like to complement people. On July 17th my husband and I have visited Armani exchange store in Woodfield IL in Schaumburg. The person who "helped" us her name was Elssie. Her attitude and the approch was not friendly from the moment we entered the store. She was not helpful at all. I am going to say she was rud and lacking basic sales person human personable skills. My husband doesn't speak English so when I questioned her why she did not sell him the shirt her response was "Becsuse you guys don't listen"???? ! We found it very offensive. You don't treat your customers like this. You are there for them. She came as she was there for panishment. We are both in sale business and would never hire her to represent our brand nor recommend.


To Whom it May Concern... I have had the worst experience in my life and Wouldn't recommend anyone to go there to shopping at your Clothing Store PERIOD!!!


I’ve been emailing a complaint about my Armani black patient bag as it’s split. As it was a gift I haven’t got the receipt. I messaged this information twice with no answer and prepared to send the bag back for inspection. As a regular customer of men and ladies items I’ve been treated badly.
Please reply,
Many thanks Pam Lewis


I bought a pair of jeans from armani, an the quality is awful, i had to take the label photos below an also the logo was silber but turned bronze also photo below.
I paid a lot of money for these jeans £180 an i expected alot more wear the this, as i will now not wear them! I have bought high street brand jeans that have lasted longer for quarter the price!


Just a day ago, both my daughter and her friend were singled out in your store and were asked to leave. They left the store without purchasing anything as they were singled out by the store manager who had reasoned that they did not have the means to buy anything because they “did not belong there”. My family has come into the store many times and this is the first time we have ever experienced this type of DISCRIMINATION at this store in La Plaza Mall in McAllen, Texas. The humiliation is beyond comprehension, as the employees and store manager ridiculed my daughter and her friend as they left.


I bought a Armani bag about 10 months ago, the buckle broke, I return to the store, in Paris, that I bought it, with the receipt, I ask to fix it, and after a few minutes, the vendor came from the office, and told me they could do nothing to help me!!! I am an Armani's fan, but it was the last thing I bought there, after more than 20 years as a costumer!!! We all know that the bags there are expensive!!! A very bad attitude...


I was out with my family doing a bit of light shopping when my son saw a jacket in the window on display at your 90-15 Queens BLVD location. As we entered into can notice they keep the store well kept. There was more employees than customers which concerned me because not one of your associates as soon much as greeted us asked we need help. But immediately I noticed a guard make his way in our vicinity. My son was uncomfortable and asked if we should leave and I said to him no let's stay a little longer how long will this persist. We stayed in the store for a good 15 minuses the only contact at had with anyone was when I stood in line and asked for the manager on duty. While she was reluctant she gave me her card wrote Martina of store number 508. I decided to not even try the coat on for my son with the decision that I will no longer purchase any products from your brand and further tell my friends you have no sense of customer service or making people feel unwanted in your store you have lost a customer I'm very disappointed in the store but as a brand there always other optionside I will take my business elsewhere


I needed a phone in a pinch, bought Armani on a recommendation from counter girl. It would not fit. Returned it same day, they refunded fun but said I was out of luck on service card I bought for $25 because it was non-refundable. I bought it to use that night and it turns out the item was defective. How could this be fair and good business practices?


Armani is such an expense brand. My only real complaint about AX is how in the world is the average person supposed to afford their products? I have walked by several stores and felt judged for even considering walking in. I do not see this as a sign of luxury but of arrogance. I'm sure the customer service is great, but I will pass.


During my visit to the store, I wanted a pair of chinos which I had seen on the website. Unfortunately they didn’t have the size I needed. But Armani Exchange had gone one step ahead in getting the size ordered from their main store.

They had taken my size and got the exact one that I needed. The products Armani Exchange have in their store is simply classy and comfortable. I even liked the packaging they do after one finishes their shopping. The staff at AE is helpful and very pleasing to interact with. They get the best that suits your requirement. I would definitely recommend AE for the classy apparel they sell.

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