CenturyLink Receives Poor Customer Service Ratings

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


CenturyLink has the worst costumer service I have ever encountered. I was being overcharged for two months and then when it finally was taken care of and my bill switched, there was still over $100 left that I didn't owe. After calling multiple times and being told time and time again that it would be fixed, four months later it still hasn't been fixed and they shut off my wifi. I sat on the phone for two hours yesterday and was assured my wifi would be back on by 6pm and if not to call technical services.

At 6pm it was still not on so I called back and I was meet with an extremely rude woman who told me technical services couldn't help me and all other services were close so I'd have to try again the next day. The next day I spent another two hours on the phone and meet a lady named Karina from financial services who was very rude and told me I'd have to wait another 24 hours for wifi when I was told 24 hours and I had to wait 24 hours.

I asked if I could be assured that I would have wifi by the end of the 24 hours because I had already been promised this before and she hung up on me. Not my credit score has been hit from centurylink is obviously unqualified representatives who are very rude and I am left with no Internet service when I work from home so it is also hurting my job. As soon as my problem is fixed I am canceling my internet with centurylink.

My customer service rating above is specific to the internet service in this area. The circuits here are so overloaded that many evenings during peak times, we can't even use our internet at all. I have had several neighbors that have tried to get service as well and were told that they couldn't until upgrades were done here. We sorely need upgrades to the internet service to make it functional. We pay a monthly fee for a service that we can only use a portion of the month because it isn't useable at peak times. That just isn't acceptable.

We are trying to get our internet service moved from our rental house to our new home.  CenturyLink repeatedly lies to us about when they will come and hook up our service.  They were supposed to come this Monday, but didn't make it.  Apologized and said they would come on Wednesday.  When they did not show (between noon and 4 pm) my wife called and they claimed to have come on the previous day (Tuesday).  As if that would make sense.  

Now it is Friday, my wife, stayed home again, no show, and people on phone keep changing their story.  Ridiculous, why can't they do such a simple thing.  We have no alternatives or we would drop them so fast it would make your head spin.

Back in October I had canceled my home phone and internet service installation twice in the same week with two different people.  A month later I received bill for the same services that I had canceled.  Most of the charges have been canceled, but they're still trying to charge me a small amount that I'm not paying for since I didn't get the service, as per me canceling it.  Their representatives can't seem to comprehend what I'm trying to tell them. I've been on the phone and chat with a number of representatives, had my calls dropped twice as well.

I have called centurylink several times to try and get my bill lowered because I am having health problems and I pay out of pocket. I pay 100.00 each month to the phone company that is manly because of taxes. I asked if it could be lowered and they give me a deal then I receive emails that it has been canceled and I am once again charged 100.00 which keeps me behind. Now my phone will be shut off on the 20th of Dec. 2016. I have health problems and I must have a phone to at least be able to call 911. I feel that it was wrong of them to promise me a deal then cancel it and charge me another 100.00 dollars.

In October 2016 I called Century Link 877-645-4302 to discuss whether or not to transfer from Bend Broadband to Century Link.  See Account No. 541-504-4104, this is a number CL assigned me, even though I told them I wanted my number 541-516-6466 "ported over", this is Order no. N54189760.   CenturyLink did eventually get my number 541-516-6466 ported over.  Century Link checked my credit and told me there would be no deposit.   

Because money is an issue with me (I'm 84 years old and have limited income) I was very specific as to what the costs would be with Century Link and went over this issue. I do not know who I spoke with, but on 10-21-16, the person I spoke with reiterated to me several times that the cost to me would be; a 1 time charge of $16.50; a 1 time installation fee of $29.95; a per month fee of $9.99 for the modem and $64.95 per month for internet and telephone and this price was guaranteed for 3 years.  

I expected to get a bill for $121.39 for the first month and subsequently bills every month for 3 years for  $74.94.  However, when I got the first bill it is for $263.17 (I guess it is covering more than one month) AND I have discovered to my dismay that there are taxes included, additionally, this bill is so complicated that there is no way that I can interpret it.  However, the bottom line is, whom ever I spoke with lied to me by telling me my only cost per month would be the $64.95 + modem of 9.99 or 74.94 per month for three years. Now I discover that the bill will be over $100.00 a month, which I cannot afford.

Had the person I spoke with told me the truth and told me there would be over $26.00 per month in taxes added to that. I called CL regarding this on 12-09-16 close to closing time and the person I spoke to, Jason, reference #13323024 was not very helpful, this bill is incomprehensible, but through him I did get him to credit back $16.27 for modem delivery charges/ship/handle, because Century link did not ship me anything.  The order conversion number if R57269623.  I cannot afford Century Link at over $100.00 per month and with the lease of the modem  it's even worse, but if I buy the modem, it will be useless to me as I don't want Century Link as I can't afford it.  

The person who initially spoke with me should be fired, as they deliberately (in my opinion) lied to me by not telling me there would be over $25.00 per month in taxes and excess fees that I know nothing about.  Please help me, I cannot afford to pay this bill of $263.17 and I cannot afford to pay in excess of the quoted price of $64.95.  If the $64.95 was all I had to pay each month, then I would scrape up the $99.99 and buy the modem, not when I'm going to have to drop Century Link, as then the modem would be useless to me.

I was promised by a representative after a 45 minute phone call I would be getting my services transferred between 7-8pm. When I called next day after nobody showed up, I was informed by another dumbass that I never even had services scheduled. Kept asking questions as to why nothing was scheduled, Jasmine employee number ccc026, said she didn't know and then said she would schedule something else.

Which is 5 days later than the original date I was told. Wanted to escalate the call to a higher department and/or supervisor and was told everyone was busy and she couldn't help me with that at the moment. Kept hearing giggling and laughing in the background. This is the 4th account number I've gotten in the past year with them. Never have my problems resolved. Was told they would change my address; never changed my address. Customer service there is absolutely horrible. Should be rated for 0 stars. Nobody knows what they're doing. Nobody cares what they're doing. 

Also a woman who spoke with me once was very nasty to me because I owed the bill, she acted as if I was taking money from her pocket, I had to stop her from talking, she was going at me so bad. I know that I owe a bill but it is wrong to be treated in this way. I called again today Dec. 8th 2016 and they gave me another deal and took 25 dollars off of the 200.00 that I owe, but that won't help me now because my services will be shut off on the 20th.

They waited until it got bad for me until they decided to help. I do not have money right now to get a cell phone, not even a cheap one and my home phone is all I can depend on right now. I asked if I could wait until the end of the month to pay but they said I couldn't. Please help with this problem if you can.