CenturyLink CEO Email for Complaints to Glen F. Post, III

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Glen F. Post, III is CEO of CenturyLink, one of the world's largest telecom companies. If you have a complaint and wish to email Glen directly, the CenturyLink CEO's email is glen.post@centurylink.com. CenturyLink corporate headquarters is in Monroe, Louisiana. So if you want to write a letter the address for their offices is 100 Centurylink Dr, Monroe, LA 71203. 

There are many complaints filed each day against CenturyLink on all types of websites. These websites include Google, Yelp, and even places like Twitter and Facebook.

Many people also take to sites like Google and Yelp, posting their CenturyLink customer service reviews directly to the internet instead of emailing the CEO directly.

Are you upset at CenturyLink? Here are some common complaints.

1. Problems cancelling services
When I cancelled service with them I was told I owed no money and that I was getting a credit, but that I would receive a final statement.  I never received a final statement, and actually never received any contact, but today I opened a letter from a creditor saying I owed almost $400.  I called and spent hours on the phone with them and no one could explain why I owed, but they were adamant that I did owe.  I asked to speak to a manager and they told me that was impossible but that I could mail a letter to executive office.  Horrible customer service, horrible product, horrible company...do not purchase services from this company!

2. Terrible support from customer service employees
Since April 5, 2016, the adequate (that means I talked to a live person after a 22 minute wait) notification to Century Link that I had sent an on-line banking check to them for an amount far and above that amount due on the account.  I had put Century Link's name on a check intended for a credit card company. They acknowledged there was a amount due in refund.  When nothing happened I again went through the 20 some minute wait to talk to someone in accounting who said yes, that is an amount due for refund but, we can't do anything until we get your bank on the line also to tell us the account reflects that amount expended to Century Link.  I guess the cancelled check and deposit in Century Link's possession isn't evidence enough?

So, on 4-21-16, Century Link's Teresa, hearing what she needed to hear from my bank said it will be referred for payment.  So, it's now May 3, 2016, a total of 13 days since that commitment to refund and no refund check has arrived.  But wait, I've gotten the next month's bill from Century Link that reflects they don't have money in the account to cover the bill, but I sure as hell don't have the money either.  So, Century Link had my money for their use.  Shouldn't consumers have a right to penalty fees for late payment?    

3. Poor signal and overall quality of service
As a past customer, yesterday, I decided to leave Cox and return to CenturyLink for internet and phone service. The customer service seemed o.k. until I decided I'd buy my own modem. The rep could not change the order during our call and suggested I call back the next day, allowing processing time.  I called the following day and they had no record of my order, though I had already received a 3rd party call from a company about switching my phone number to CenturyLink. I called back 3 hours later and got the worst customer service I've actually ever received.  

Still very little information available about my order, though I was told it was now too late to cancel the modem since it was already mailed? And then I felt quite bullied by the salesperson since he couldn't understand that I wanted to cancel the order due to my frustration with a simple change. I don't think I will ever return to CenturyLink after the last two days of extremely poor service.

4. Long hold times on the phone
I've called about 3-4 times because my account was supposed to be cancelled. I was even told I didn't have to pay a fee I had when I cancelled and they keep billing me because apparently my services are still going. I keep trying to reach a manager so they can pull the calls and the agents hang up on me, I'm put on hold for a LONG time or they tell me to call back. I'm SICK of this "service" they give. I will soon be escalating this issue a lot more than it should have been because everybody that works here is extremely rude and don't know what they're doing.

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