Best Buy Customer Service Number (Tired of Waiting on Hold)

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Recently a couple in upstate New York wanted a new TV. They had been shopping and saving for many months, and finally had their heart set on a Samsung flat screen 65" from Best Buy. After going to the store to check it out, the sales person mentioned great discounts if they buy online.

That is where the nightmare started with Best Buy customer service number, I called 1-888-237-8289 for weeks trying to get through to a live human.

The couple ordered the TV and found out that it was not in stock, so they had to wait several more weeks. Then, once it was shipped, there were delays causing it to arrive weeks after they originally paid for it. Finally, to top it all off, when the TV arrived the couple discovered something shocking.

The TV glass was cracked in several places and would not even turn on. So, I eventually sent photos to the Best Buy corporate HQ at 7601 Penn Ave. S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423.

After calling Best Buy corporate they were told to submit a refund online and that guess what? There would be more waiting around after that. How about letting them exchange it at the store for a full refund? Now that would be customer service!