Amazon Customer Service and My Horrible Shopping Experience

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I love Amazon customer service. I shop there every day almost for almost anything. However, recently my vacuum went out and so of course I went on Amazon to buy a new one. I decided on a Hover Deluxe Floormate FH40160RM with a free tile and brush kit attached. But when I got it a few days later, there was no tile and brush kit with it.

So, naturally I called Amazon customer service and was told they couldn't send out just the brush and to return the machine. I had to return the entire thing!

Fine, I did that and returned it. Now I have no vacuum for my house for another week while it's processing the return from the seller. Finally that new machine arrived without the screw and no tile and brush box again! Now it's been 3 times back and forth and months later and still I have no working vacuum cleaner at my house.

The box was not taped on the side and the owners manual fell out and Ups put it back in the box.  This Hoover floormate model comes with TWO brushes - the 150 model only has one. The brush cost $27.00 + shipping. I was totally duped by the seller and Amazon won't stand behidn their service.

I like the machine and I do not want to return it again. All I want is the brush. I am a devoted Amazon customer.  I wish corporate would please be so kind and send me the tile brush which is part of the FH40160RM package. But I thought I should let you know that this is what happens when you have a problem.

Amazon is great until you have a serious problem with a seller.