Aldi Customer Service Complaints Increase in 2015

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Aldi is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world. But their corporate office is not immune to struggles. So far in 2015 we have seen a rapid increase in customer service complaints filed on our website against Aldi. Has something changed in their management? If you are an Aldi shopper let us know by leaving your comment below.

Here are the top 12 recent customer service complaints filed against Aldi in 2015.

*** Complaint #1 ***

At the beginning of Nov 2015, my husband took me out to eat in the evening and then we decided to go to Aldi's to pick up a few items.  My husband thought they were closed since it get darks so much earlier now, I told him it was about 7:20p and that we had plenty of time since they do not close till 8pm.  I went in the direction to use the bathroom and they had it blocked with a cleaning cart for the men and women's.  I waited and the cashier noticed me and then spoke up and said it was closed for the evening, I looked shocked for I have never heard of a grocery store closing their restrooms that early.

She confirmed with someone on her little mike that it was closed for the evening.  Needless to say I was very uncomfortable and wanted my husband to stop shopping and leave.  I then this week approached heading to Aldi's with my husband before we ate to stop by and when we got there it was 7:15pm on the 17th of Nov and they had the cart out and was preparing to start the same task, I went in and used it and I asked the woman if they have a local number I could call and she said no they did not.  I do not believe you should allow these employees to not allow customers to not use the restrooms 45min before closing.

Some people I know have IBS and said they were glad I shared this experience so they will not go in the evenings to shop if this is how the store respects the support from patrons.  Looking forward to know if this situation can be addressed.

*** Complaint #2 ***

I made my shopping at Aldi in Auburn on October 20th. I paid 218.23 and also 4 dollars parking because free parking is only for one hour. I'm very disappointment for that because 1 hour is too short. I always do my list and I know exactly what i need but one hour is impossible. I suggest use a stamp to control the missuses because it's no fair for customer.

*** Complaint #3 ***

Purchased and Electric Shaver June 2014 with 3 year warranty from Aldi, problem holding the charge. Sent back to Aldi customer service on 10/08/15 recorded delivery with the receipt and signed for on the13/08/15 contacted Aldi warranty 0n 3 occasions 1/16/23 sept15. Who then said they had not received the shaver. Have been in contact with the corporate office since then and still no joy. Aldi has a third party appointed by them who deals with the warranty called Global Source Trading. Is this a total scam?

*** Complaint #4 ***

I bought a school shoes for my son at Aldi stores bumper lane chester 44. Before he back to school I threw the receipt away because I know my son will wear it for school. I paid £9.99 for the shoes. But when he went back to school the first day, after coming back home my son told me that the shoes hurting him. When I check it properly its rough inside the shoes by tongue and that make my son son feet red even he did wear a sock. When I took the shoes back one of the cashier call the manager and the manager call the head Aldi corporate offices and the head office said its £3.99? When I told them I bought the shoes £9.99 they told me, "oh you don't have receipt we can't refund you the proper price you paid for it". But its not my fault, I didn't expect the shoes will be faulty and I never heard that before. Aldi selling shoes for £3.99? No way, because I do my weekly shopping there and that put me off.

*** Complaint #5 ***

Last weekend you had your super special on 65"TV's which was great.  We realised that we would need to get in early for this one which we did. I was 4th inline at the Shepparton Store and my partner went to your Mooroopna store hoping that one of us would get one. He was 7th in line at Mooroopna however, the store manager did come out at Mooroopna to say that they only had a few TVs.  My partner asked what was his chances and was told if everyone before him was purchasing a TV he would miss out so he left.

I on the other hand was confident.  When the doors opened everyone rushed in and the TVs were not in the usual spot down the centre but the staff had kept them out the back and wheeled them in when the store opened.  The total number of TV's was 3.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Why did you do this to a regional store.  I was do disappointed.  We had left home at 6am on the Saturday morning for a TV and I would have thought there would have been at least 5 in the store.

Why would you do this to your loyal customers.  Did the staff have a pick at the TV's beforehand?  Was this a ploy by Aldi to get customers there to buy something when they missed out on a TV. I don't think I will bother even shopping at Aldi anymore.  What is the point of receiving a Newsletter on up and coming specials when we the customer have no chance of buying them. Sorry Aldi - you have lost me as a customer for life.

*** Complaint #6 ***

Whilst I am a long time fan of Aldi I have already experienced two similar incidents that I think management should be aware of: items shown on my bill that I have not purchased but been added intentionally by staff to earn extra income! My last bill came to around 100 pounds when I discovered that a cast aluminum pot! costing 13.99 pounds was sneaked in and I had to challenge this in store (luckily before departing). The fact that I looked tanned could have helped your member of staff to defend this had I left and went back to check which have annoyed me so much. I wonder if you could look into this incident as this could be happening to other customers (presumably with high bills).

*** Complaint #7 ***

I phoned Aldi corporate offices today to speak with customer service. The reason? I bought one of your kitchen sink taps and the bottom of the tap where the spray attachment is has broken. All I want is the contact number of the tap people so I can get a replacement. The tap is the one for a kitchen sink u-shape with an attachment on the end that turns it from a normal tap to a spray. Aldi must have sold hundred of these but you customer service could not help me. I spoke to Rebecca who tried her best bust could not locate the item on your data base. I do not have the till receipt as I am sure many people do not so the predicament I have is this. I have been waiting for a call from a department manager but still waiting. I have a broken tap that can be easily fixed with a new attachment on the  which just screws on, or I have to pay £100.00 for a plumber and the cost of a new tap? As I hope a valued customer matters, Aldi should fix this.

*** Complaint #8 ***

I am writing to you about your frozen meals. I purchased a butter chicken frozen dinner which I love, but you have changed the recipe and now all I can taste is pepper. I purchased another frozen dinner today. It was the sundried tomatoe and chicken pasta, which you have also changed the recipe. It was disgusting. The pasta was so hard in places that I couldn't eat it, and the sauce tasted like you have put a bag of sugar in it. I will not be purchasing any of your frozen dinners again. I really used to like them and purchased one every week when I did my grocery shopping. I don't know how you think adding extra sugar and pepper will may them taste better. It doesn't.

*** Complaint #9 ***

Got about 2/3 done w/ shopping when I heard a woman who was leaving tell another woman that the debit card reader wasn't working.  I don't carry cash, I always use my bank debit card.   I left my cart (containing among other things, milk, 3 rolls of frozen turkey and eggs) in aisle and went to front to check.  Woman in line at ckout (about 5 or 6 in line behind her) was all rung up and clerk THEN informed her the debit card machine wasn't working.  She had to leave her cart full of food and left.  The clerk had buzzed for manager who came out and reiterated to woman, yes, debit card machine not working. 

I called to him from about 10 feet away and said, "so is the debit card machine's not working?"  He said, "no, it's not working, cash only."  There was no sign on door indicating that situation, and no one telling the customers  when we came in, wasted time shopping, standing in checkout line and getting cked out and then told.  Four of the other customers in line left their carts of groceries and walked out after I did.  No one had been told - no notification on entrance.  What kind of manager is this guy?  Do you train your people at all?

*** Complaint #10 ***

I visited your ringwood store this morning 24/8/15. I was first line at the cash register but the female cashier called at least three people through who had fewer items [some right at the end of the line] with result I had to wait until their groceries were processed and money fished out of their purses to pay. I don't mind letting people through who are behind me with a few items but that should only be at my discretion and not whether the customer asked to be let through or the staff member letting them through.

Additionally, she did not know of my circumstances as to my time constraints which were considerable.  She than closed the checkout immediately behind me and proceeded to throw (and I mean throw) items in my trolly without regard to their fragility.She clearly was angry with me because I pointed out to her that I did not consider her actions reasonable as I am quit prepared to take my turn in the line at Aldi regardless of the number of items I have and I do not expect others to give up their spot. I also pointed out to her that if aldi wanted to institute a fast line they should do so in a way that customers with more than a certain items would not join this line.

*** Complaint #11 ***

I am VERY impressed with the new branch just opened at Horns Road Ilford Essex.  I have found it just about faultless in all respects - particularly as it has been open only a week. It seemed to settle without a hitch.  It is now my store of choice although the local Tescos and Sainsburys are just a short walk from my house and my local Lidl just a 5 minute drive away. (I've stopped going there now because the checkouts are unacceptably slow.)

At Aldi, the choice is (intentionally?) somewhat limited - not necessarily in range but in choices of items. I much prefer that - why would I want multiple choice of similar items - I find that Bought today, "Northern Catch" Fish Creations, Basa fillets.  I Know this type of fish very well, I've enjoyed it may times - in Uk but also in the Far East, usually bought frozen and almost always from Vietnam where it's intensively farmed in massive quantities. The Aldi price was good, the packaging  and presentation excellent but instructions are surely incorrect? -Cook from frozen, "Gas Mk 4  22 minutes" produced a totally cold centre.  My cooker is working perfectly - the oven temperature is correct across all settings. I had to return the Basa to the oven for another 5 minutes plus to ensure correct cooking (from frozen as advised).  

I regret needing to advise you of my concern but it's a minor blemish on an otherwise - you have the giants rightly worried and customers are getting to know the best store in town, any town, is ALDI. I would hope to receive a response to my concern. Best Wishes and Regards from a new loyal customer.

*** Complaint #12 ***

I have been shopping with Aldi for years, and being more aware of health eating as a cancer patient, I now read all the labels for ingredients, and discover that on the label for your half and half, you list corn syrup as an ingredient.  Other companies i. e. Trader Joe's, Prairie Farms, others at numerous certified stores do not stock creamer which purports to be half and half that has corn syrup added to it. Sugar is an enemy of cancer patients and you are contributing to this problem by putting it in your half and half.  Consequently, I no longer buy your half and half and go to other stores for my coffee creamer needs, and while I am there I buy other things I used to buy at your store.