7 Insane Complaints about CenturyLink Customer Service

Author: keith
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We see a lot of complaints against CenturyLink customer service on our website. And that makes sense, because they service thousands of customers across the country. But no matter how many customers you have, there is never any excuse for treating people this poorly.

That's why at HissingKitty we address complaints at the corporate level. We give customers the means to fight back and share their story online in a forum where they can be heard. Here are seven of the most insane CenturyLink customer service complaints we have heard yet.

1. Prices going up since 1974
I agreed to a one year internet contract to begin on April 29, 2015.  The monthly charge has continued to go up and  the contract was also extended by century link without my permission or knowledge. I have sent certified letters to offices from the president on down and have not received a single reply. The ethics and customer service of century link is among the worst out there. I would never recommend them to anyone and I have been a customer since 1974.

2. Customer service reps are rude on the phone
I spoke to a customer service rep. about 20 mins ago by the name of Daniel. I was inquiring about your services in my area.  Because I was not ready at the time to make the purchase. He basically said " What did I called for and I wasted 10 minutes of his time." I told him " Since he come out of his face wrong, he doesn't have to worry about me calling century link again and have a good day. He made me fill like I should not have called unless I was making a purchase. I called to get understanding not his smart mouth. His job is to answer my questions. I do not have to make a decision at the moment if I do not want to. If he is going to have that type of attitude with future customers than he needs to get a different job. The way I see it. He only makes money when he makes a sell. 

3. Poor internet service without warning
I live in Murchison, TX. After it flooded here we started having poor internet. We went from 10 to about 1.5. When we called to schedule an appointment we were scheduled for a Friday at 4. At 8 Friday we called because we had not seen or heard from anyone. They apologized and promised we would be first Saturday morning and they would be here by 10. At around 5 we called because we still hadn't heard from anyone. They finally showed on Monday just to tell us they had too many people for their server and the problem would be fixed August 22. That is 3 months with Internet that barely allows us to even look at web pages and you can forget streaming or gaming as we frequently do.

Why would they sell when they know their equipment can't provide? Why would they promise what they can't provide? They gave us a discount but that's not helping our problem and we are still paying for a service they aren't providing. I entered a 3 yr. Triple Play contract in March of 2014 for $127.99.  The short story is, DOZENS of phone calls between CenturyLink/Directv; a complaint that led to a mediator (assigned by CenturyLink).  BARELY acceptable bills came after that for about 3 months---now we're back to astronomical.  Over $200 for the current billing period---I just want what I was promised.  I'm now at the point of a complaint with the Attorney General in my state.

4. Beware of the bundled service deception
I have been dealing with you people all week. But it seams that I can't get my complaint to anyone that can help me or WANTS to help me. Three Chat sessions were terminated tonight!. One survey I could not send!  Then the last to Customer Service gave me this message. The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, you@selfservice.centurytel.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. I am paying for 15 mbps, but the best speed test has been 2.26 & 1.54.

Hughes Net is looking better every day, since dealing with your reps. CenturyLink promised to send me a prepaid Visa  valued $150 when I set up the bundled services with them.  I have waited a month and have yet to receive the card.  They promised to send out a card and have not.  When I called customer service at CenturyLink they had no knowledge or record of the prepaid Visa. They lied to get me to sign up for their services. Buyers beware of CenturyLink's deception.

5. Destruction of property and livestock
Century link is using 9 poles across my property.  I have expensive livestock in the field.  All I asked was to be notified the day ahead if coming on my property so that I can move livestock to a safe area.  Century link techs have just showed up on more than one occasion.  I have tried to stop them. Livestock has been in the field where Century Link wanted to work. I had 22 babies on their way and Century Link was causing a lot of stress to the herd.  I was bullied, threatened, yelled at, insulted.  One Tech got in my face and I had to push him away.  I have had to call the police.  There is no recorded easement agreement registered in the county nor is Century Link grandfathered in to use my property.  I have left many many messages but no one is returning my calls.  I need to have information on whom to contact in Century Llink"s legal department so my attorney can work with them on a resolution.  This is now going on four months.  No one is returning any calls.  The next step is to run over their box on the corner of my property.  Maybe that will get their legal department to contact me.

6. Should have stayed with DirectTV
We had Prism installed 3-6-15 after being told how great it is and we would get a $300.00 gift card in about 8 weeks.  Today is 7-8-15, a little past 8 weeks, and nothing yet.  I guess CenturyLink has a different callandar than me !  We were lied to about the cost, I called 4 times and got four different prices.  I was happy with Direct TV but they assured my cost would be less...WRONG...was $30.00 more.  My internet has slowed way down, and having lots of trouble with centurylink.com  I was told that Prism can cause some problems, is this true ?  I am one very unhappy customer.  Have called a few times as to w hat is taking so long, cannot get a straight answer. I feel like I am dealing with used car sales people.

7. If I could rate 0 stars I would do it
If I could rate lower stars, I would. As of this writing I will have spent eight hours and eleven minutes trying to get my phone service hooked up. I had originally ordered phone and internet services to be installed on 8-19-2015. After the first six hours of wrangling with a customer service department devoid of either humanity or a spark of intelligence I set up service with HughesNet for my internet service. It cost more but the service was in the next day. This morning, 8-24-2015 I started wrangling with customer service again for my phone line. First we had to go through each detail again. They tried to blame me, Hughes net, etc.........for their own incompetence.

Two hours and five  minutes later I have a repair visit scheduled. This will be the third scheduled visit, the first two were no shows. I have seen incompetence before. CenturyLink takes first place. I believe that Century Link is staffed by drugged hyenas using voice modulators. I can think of no other excuse for their consistently inane, idiotic, circuitous, and ridiculous excuse for customer relations. As soon as I find out the name of the head hyena I will be sending them my complaint. Not that it would do anything but perhaps make it easier for them to lose their license from the FCC when it comes up that they are not providing services to their customers. I also want to apologize to hyenas everywhere for using them as an example of incompetence.  Hyenas are great, they do not belong in human communications.

We returned our modem to you several months ago and you still are charging us.  I called corporate to make sure you did receive the modem and you responded to me saying you did receive it.  My husband has continued to pay the bill and I did not know until today that he had continued to pay.  You are charging us and I want my  money back. I feel I need to get a lawyer to get my money back.  Since I started using CenturyLink, I've had multiple phone line outages and loud static.  I currently have no dial tone and am expecting a repair person to show "later in the day".  This is the third time I've had repair people for line issues in the last 3 months.