5 Ways You Can Stop Judging Others

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It's easy to judge people. After all, it's in our nature and we see it all the time. We see judges on TV, and judges at beauty pageants. It's everywhere.

So, judging someone is not inherently bad, if they did something truly wrong or if they are asking to be judged. For example, judging is an important part of our criminal justice system.

But when you judge someone unfairly who doesn't deserve it, that's wrong. If you go throughout your day constantly making judgement on other people, that is a behavior you need to stop.

If you are doing the wrong type of judging stop doing it. Because judging other people all the time is harmful for yourself and the other person. Here's why.

Judging others harms you because you spend your time focusing on what you cannot control. It harms the other person because they often end up hurt by your words or actions.

Here's 5 ways you can stop judging others.

1. Talk to someone: instead of talking to the other person, pick and objective third party and tell them how you are feeling. Hopefully they can calm you down first. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. If that does not work then maybe enlist the help of a trained psychologist. You need to talk to someone.

2. Take a walk: it's easy to get caught up in the moment. Talk a walk and get away from the situation. This is a good way to focus on something else and allow your better judgement to kick in (no pun intendend). If you find yourself in a bad situation, get out. Nobody is forcing you to stay.

3. Write a letter: rather than publicy judge this person, write them a private letter. Tell them how angry you are and all the things that upset you. By the time you are done writing the letter, you will be surpised how much better you are feeling. Documenting your feelings is an important part of acknowledging your problem.

4. Focus on you: judging others takes the focus away from you and puts it on another person. You do not want to judge anymore, but if you are going to improve something or someone, make sure it's you. There is much you can do to improve yourself before you worry about others. Maybe that is part of the problem?

5. Make it habit: as I said earlier, it's natural to judge. That means it's going to take practice to stop it. You might slip up, so give yourself some grace. Continue to catch yourself judging others throughout your day. Remind yourself gently that you are not going to keep those bad habits up anymore.

If you do these 5 things hopefully you can judge people less and focus on yourself more. It's important to know that anyone can change with enough practice. All is not lost.

And less judging will not only save others, it will help you too.

This will lead to a more happy, productive you, with less complaints of course.