MacDonalds Meal Orders NEVER Followed Correct

MacDonalds on West Interstate Drive (inside Wal Mart) in Norman, Oklahoma 73069. This is Definitely NOT the first time our order has been completed Incorrectly. Since THIS MacDonalds has, obviously, undergone new management, our Orders have Never been right and you can’t exactly watch over their shoulder when you are in a bit of a hurry. Fist time, a few months back, a vanilla shake was requested, but the machine was down, ok fair enough. Second time, a couple of weeks later, we decided to get a snack on the way out. MacDonalds shake machine still not working, and 1 cheeseburger, 2 big macs and 2 orders of small fries.

RECEIVED 2 BIG MACS 1 ORDER OF FRIES AND when asked for the second order of fries It obviously was a Huge ordeal and 2 other customers were helped before us. AND the MacDonalds staff got one of those orders wrong too! OK so then my husband went again today, Sunday June 12 at about 4:30pm guess what ? the shake machine was working sort of BUT WHEN HE GOT THE ORDER HOME. HIS ORDER WAS 2 BIG MACS ONE SMALL FRIES, HE RECEIVED 2 BIG MACS AND 2 ORDERS OF FRIES AND A HALF FROZEN SHAKE. And there was another customer waiting with him with a small child and when she was given her order it was Wrong; she said “they Never get orders right here anymore”

Now I believe that MacDonalds has Always wanted to be known for their fast and courteous service and Always being friendly and making sure their customers are served well but, the amount of customers certainly has dropped, in case you are interested. And So Has the Attitude of the employees in this MacDonalds. Needless to say, we will be taking Our business elsewhere.


Mrs. S. Venner

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Fast Food

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