KFC Wrong Order Rude and Irate Manager

On Monday September 26,2011, around 2:00pm, my daughter and i decided to get some lunch at KFC. We were the only coustmers in the drive thru. We ordered the hot wing bucket and the new popcorn chicken, and extra order of french fries and two apple pies. when we got home to our surprise we had chicken tenders and french fries. I imediately called the store but. the young lady who took the order so happen to answer the phone, before i could say much she stopped me and said i gave you the wrong food. at that time she asked was i able to come back.

i informed her that i was to far away. at that time she asked me to hold on while to take to the manager, (i can hear them conversing) she was told to just take my name and give it to him, and when i get a chance to come back and tell the manager who i am and they will give me what i actually ordered for free. I asked did i need to bring anything back. Her response was no the manager has your name in the office and i already know what you ordered. when i went back on September 29th and asked for the manager and informed him of who i was and the situation he told me it was nothing he can do for me. I told him my name was taken and put in the office, he never check just said no it’s not.

i began to explain again and he asked me for a receipt. I told him i was told i need nothing but to say who i was. He began to actually yell at me in a store with employees and customers present about how he’s not going to fix the situation. I asked his name and he yelled Hague. While gritting my teeth i politely explianed that i am not going to tolorate him talking to me in that tone. At that time he told me to come back in a week to see the GM.

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