KFC Complaint: poor service and keeping customers waiting

I went to kfc bree street the one nxt to universal churc in jhb central south africa last night,its not the 1st time when I go there stuff is busy chatting to each laughing while customers are standing on the ques,I orded my meal and ice cream I was served are smelted ice cream in are glass and I ask abt my meal the cashier by the name of mirriam. Said wait your meat will b ready after 15 minites I waited 30 minites and wen I ask for are salt she reply with are huge and rude voice we don’t have that I said always when am buying at this kfc u say the same thing she ignore me and say next customers please I felt like are fool and she talk with sum cashier they both spoke zimbambe language and laugh,I got my meat and when I get home the meat is not proper cooked it has blood inside,I’ve heard enough ill neva set my foot to kfc ever again the service is terrable and your stuff are unprofessional ill go spend my money where ill b treated. With respect .

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Fast Food

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