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Dish Network, On 09/08/2011 at 2:00 a.m., I got in the Internet to check on some Cable and satellite TV deals. Well, I noticed that Dish Network was offering some astonishing deals. So, thinking that the Dish Network’s customer service might’ve improved in the last five years, I decided to order the service. I called the company and began talking to a sales representative lady from India. I explained to her my concern and the reason why; I cancelled the service five years ago. Well, this lady assured me that customer service had improved over the last five years and that I had nothing to worry about.

After a few minutes on the phone and a few questions answer, I agreed to the service. This lady told me that the installer would have all the equipment I ordered including the “Sling Adapter.” She convinced me to purchase the service by guarantying that the installation would be no problem and that the installer would install the Sling Adapter and take half an hour to explain to me how it works. After the agreement she took my information and right away pre-charged me $177.16 from my debit card.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., the installers finally showed up to my house to do the installation (half an hour “LATE”). Upon there arrival, I asked to verify that they had all the equipment. Guess what! They didn’t… They did not have the Sling Adapter that I had already paid $99.00 for. At that time I called the company to speak with a supervisor about this problem. A Gloria lady (supervisor) was contacted and I began to explain my frustration and the reason why I was upset.

I explained to her what the sales representative had guaranteed me during the sale. This Gloria supervisor was very unprofessional and instead offering me an explanation and a resolution, she gave me an ultimatum by stating “there is nothing I can do, you either want it or not.” At that time I asked to speak with her supervisor and she told me that she was it and that there was no one else, but the resolution department, and that I could only contact them through e-mail. When I persisted by telling here that there had to be someone else I could talk to, she hung up on me!!!

I then called back and began my whole explanations to another customer service representative. He directed me to a different supervisor. The new supervisor listened to my complaint and frustration and stated that she could connect me with the Resolution Department. While she was directing me to the resolution department, the installer entered my house and told me that he did not have all the necessary equipment to complete the installation.

At that time I told the installer to pick up all his equipment and to cancel the installation. I then made contact with Resolution Department Specialist by the name of Lucke. I explained to Lucke the whole situation. To give credit where credit is due, he did try and help me as much as he could, but in the end, I told him that I could not trust Dish Network any more because if a new installation in being done in this fashion, I can only imagine once the contract is signed.

In conclusion:

I made the mistake in thinking that your company had gotten better. Unfortunately I have noticed that it has not. I can tell you that I have started my complaint with the BBB and I have imputed some negative remarks in the Internet about your company. I can also assure you that I will continue imputing negative remarks about your company in as many Internet reviews as I can. I will impute them in Facebook and in every site that will listen to what I have to say. The sad thing is, that I could’ve been a great customer.

I have a great career; impeccable credit and all my bills are direct pay through my bank. I am not a low life that wanted anything free. All I wanted was what I paid for. Unfortunately, only one of us could keep his end of the bargain. This letter will probably not make a difference with you as you read it, but I guaranty you that it will with my friends and my friend’s friends. (Chain Reaction)…

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