Comcast Customer Service Complaint Problems

Comcast customer service BLOWS! I’ve had more problems with trying to fix things then actually enjoying any service. If it’s not my cable box or card not receiving the correct channels and having to “re-ping” it a million times with no better a result, it is how my e-mail account needs are not met. As long as a person’s service is stable, the service seems great, but the moment he/she has a problem, he/she should expect huge hurdles, fiery hoops, and long delays. “They’ll get to ya when they get to ya.”… My frustration, and their total LACK of CUSTOMER SERVICE is becoming to much.

I would probably be happier with a slower connection, if it came with better…any… customer service. If you have similar complaints, please take the time to contact your local advocate. 7 on your side was my choice. With enough publicity, Comcast will not have a choice, but to address THEIR problem.

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Cable TV

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