Best Buy Reward Zone Password Change

Needed to change the password for Reward Zone account – need to print out a certificate expiring in August. Try numerous times to change pwd and get an error message at top of screen – due to technical issues pwd can’t be changed at this time – try again later (just like the Magic 8 ball…). Same message for over a week – talk to a rep who says she will change the expiration date on certificate – but she runs into problems. No luck so back to trying to change pwd. Have many emails from Best Buy with link to change pwd – same error message every time. New rep says she will get the certificate number for me and I can give the number at the store – they can look up and print out or apply value.

Problem! because someone tried to change the date now the coupon won’t work. She says she fixed the problem but wait 24 hrs before calling back for the number. Call back (pwd change still doesn’t work a week after the first try) and am talking to someone who says she will change pwd AND get me cert # but we are disconnected. Call back and now new rep says she can’t do anything per company policy because acct is in husband’s name. REALLY?? Nope, she states she will not do it so I ask for a supervisor. After a LONG wait with very bad muzak, I ask the supervisor: the website seems to be in a constant state of technical difficulty so I CAN’T change the pwd – but BB won’t change the pwd and won’t give me the cert # because the acct is in husband’s name: WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST I DO????

She says only husband can do anything over phone -Explain OVER AND OVER again husband is not available!! Supervisor states company policy. I explain it is NOT company policy because I get different responses EVERY time I call!! For a STINKING $20 certificate WE EARNED FOR SHOPPING AT BB!!! No more, I will gladly take my business ANY WHERE ELSE!

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Electronics Stores

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