Best Buy Gift Card Fraud

My brother purchased me a 50 dollar gift card from Best Buy for my birthday which I intended on using. The card has no expiry date. I waited for Christmas to roll around for a discount and upon trying to purchase an item online my card number would not work. I called best buy advising them of the problems and they told me it was my fault and that I must have entered the digits wrong, I should wait 24 hours as the card was now locked and retry the next day. I advised them I did not enter the numbers incorrect but would wait and try again.

The next day same problems occurred so I called best buy back. New employee tells me to purchase the item I wanted and she would apply the 50 dollar balance afterward once the transaction showed on her end. So I give her my credit card number and we purchase a 100 dollar blue ray player. I receive a notification billing me for 100 dollars. I call back and they tell me they can’t apply the balance after the purchase. I ask to speak with a best buy manager and they refuse to let me. I tell them I want a full refund they deny one as the transaction’s gone through.

Finally I tell best buy I want to make a complaint, they tell me they’ve documented one and I’ll receive an e-mail in 48 hours telling me whether their going to right the issue. No e-mail returned. WHAT A ****** JOKE this company is. So just to tally it up, my brother lost 50 dollars. I never got a gift. Im out 100 dollars, and the original blue ray player I wanted sold out due to their delays so I had to pick another one. Bull****. DONT BUY FROM BEST BUY, thier crooks.

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Electronics Stores

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