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This bank has poor customer service and are very SLOW regardless of how many people are lined up. They continue with improper cash transactions. I had a check to be cashed for $4000 and another check to be deposted with cash back of $200. They gave me the $200 only and forgot about the $4000. When I asked where the $4000 cash was, they told me to send the carrier back. Then they sent the carrier with the money. No appology. No words what so ever. When I mentioned they should be appologetic, they said, have a good day and repeated the same words over my speaking.They contine to request a debit card for transactions when told them repeatedly I do not have one and they just continue to send the carrier back to the car to retrieve one anyways wasting more time. They are polite maybe 50% of the time. Sometimes they say nothing when you pull up and send the carrier except have a good day as they send the carrier back. They continue to keep your ID (license) and forget to give it back in the carrier. She forgot today and I was the only car there. When I addressed it with the supervisor today as it impeded my Social Security progress and therefore resulted in another appointment and told her that this happens frequently but surely I can not always be expected to be on top of them. Sometimes I have other things on my mind like today. When I told the supervisor the circumstances and that they frequently forget to give me my ID back, she said, "You left it in the carrier". I told her I DID NOT leave it in the carrier and she said the teller said I did. I took my receipt and there was NO ID in the carrier. I should have noticed at the time and asked but I was thinking about my Social Security appt. etc. Regardless, same continued problems at the drive up window at this Wells Fargo with no one taking responsibility resulting in terrible customer service. When I go to the Wells Fargo Bank on Pines Blvd, they expedite transactions, have not made a cash back mistake yet, are polite and always greet me and go above and beyond to tell me when it is raining to drive carefully. They NEVER ask me for a debit card, and have always returned my ID. Not returning to the Weston Wells Fargo.


I live in Bakersfield Ca. and was at the Wells Fargo on Panama Lane today. I was depositing monies for my business account. The teller must have been new and I asked for 12 one dollar bills and the rest was to be deposited with my deposit I presented. I do not know what it was but she couldn't understand exactly what I wanted. Why I do not know. After getting that straightened out I had a check to be used to pay for my Wells Fargo credit card.

She would not just pay off the amount owed on it but needed to use the whole check which was only an amount of 30.00 over. What was the problem? I told her to just cash the check and I would then pay the bill and she then said she could not take the cash back. I have been doing business in this small branch for over 5 years and all of a sudden I see a big turnover of tellers. I just told her to return my check and I would go. I have over $16,000.00 in that bank and they can not cash a $139.00 check. Please.

I now know why I do not have my personal checking there. I will soon be taking my business account to Tri-County Bank. You need to take a good look at their practices.


TO: Senator’s Orrin Hatch and John MCCain. FM: David W. Blue United States Sergeants Major Retied. Subject: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Practices

Dear Senator, first let me thank your for your service to this country. I am a retired disabled veteran from the 75th Ranger REGT, currently living in Oro Valley Az. I served 24 years in the military both in conventional and special mission units. I participated in every combat operation from Grenada up to Iraq/Afghanistan.

I am now a small business owner (pool Service Company). I am attempting to refi my current mortgage located at 5407 Emmeline Drive Herriman Utah (for the 2nd time meaning wells Fargo used and obscure made up in-house rule to deny me last time) thru my current lender Well Fargo. I have been working with Kim Gooding Wells Fargo.

The current tactics which Wells Fargo are employing are both unreasonable and in bad taste. The tactics are this, they nickel and dime you to death for different forms and information trying to wear down the person hoping they will quite and walk away out of frustration. The latest questions are very personal in nature. My long term plans in Az. Utah ect. The reason I was given is we need to know if I am stable.

I have been paying my current mortgage to Wells Fargo on time, my credit is impeccable, I have been paying down my home principle in good faith to show I have the means to keep paying my bills. I have grown my small business to gross 130k not including my military retirement Wells Fargo has all my information to include my wife. This is not rocket surgery. I am at my wits end and need help with this.

It appears Wells Fargo is ok with me being qualified to pay them more money but not qualified to pay them less. The lenders have received my hard earned tax dollars for bail outs. The lenders should be held accountable and not allowed to treat folks this way.


I was in wells fargo to cash a personal check. when leaving a loose check must have slid out of the binder on the way to the car. When I got home I noticed this. I called the local branch to request a block on that check. A lady named Angela whom I talked to twice because the first time I was routed to an automated system that hung up on me. I called back again and told het this was an emergency where upon she would transfer me to someone. I was on hold again for almost thirty minutes.

So while I was on hold I had the time to get on the computer and find your 800 numberall the while waiting on the phone for the local branch person. That is the the worst service I can emagine for an emergency that should have been handled sooner as my account could have been cleaned out before anyone would respond.Your 800 service handled it before I could get anyone on the branch to answer the phone. The branch is 3860 south nova road, port orange, fla. terrible service!


When I open the personal line of credit in 2001, for the amount of $5000.00, in 2004, Wells Fargo reduce the amount to $4000.00, in 2005 it was reduce again to $3500.00, that is when I decide to closed my account. since 2005 I have been paying more then the monthly payment, Wells Fargo took out interest rate on two payment I made in one month.

I only was a week late on my payment since I had this account, but yet Well Fargo raise my interest rate to 19.99%. I don;t think it was fair, because I made all payment on time. When I questioned Wells Fargo I was told the reason for interest rate increase was that some of my creditor was negative on my cretit report.

I have paid off my account with Wells Fargo, I will never do any business again with Wells Fargo. I believe that Wells Fargo owe my money from all the interest I have paid. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


I received a notice that my account was past due. I checked my bank account and saw that all recent payments have been sent and deducted from my account. I checked my wells fargo account online and realized that a payment sent from my bank had never been credited to my auto loan account. I sent an inquiry to my bank. They tried to contact wells fargo but were refused. I then called wells fargo to see why they would not talk to my bank. They said I had to have my bank research on their end. I explained that a part of the banks process was to contact the receiving vendor to verify non receipt of the funds.

They then told me that I could only make a payment to bring the account back current and suggested that I make all future payments to their website directly. I replied that I would make my payments how I chose and asked to speak to someone who had the authority to authorize wells fargo to speak with my bank. He then hung up on me. They are very rude and unprofessional. The worst part is that it seems to be a company wide problem as opposed to an isolated incident. Never again!!!


My mortgage was an FHA loan with WF for 7 years. I refinanced it by using a conventional loan on 02/2013. The total of $191,239.63 payoff amount, which included all the interest charged from 04/01/2013 through 05/01/2013, was informed to us by WF Mortgage Closing Department. However, in the settlement Statement from WF Refinance Department that interest charged was again calculated as the daily interest charges from 4/18/2013 to 5/1/2013 @$18.32/day = $238.16.

They set up the closing day with my husband and I on Saturday 04/13/2013 but they didn't send the settlement statement until Friday afternoon 04/12/2013. My husband and I didn't have enough time to go over the document. So, we decided to sign the loan documents on Saturday because they said that we had three days to cancel before the loan going to be effective which was from 04/15 through mid-night of 04/17, 2013. My husband emailed them on Sunday April 14, 2013 asking about the $238.16 and emphasized that we didn't want to pay the extra interest charged that was already included in the payoff amount and we wanted the answer before moving forward. Their response to us on Monday April 15, 2013 stated that we would get the $238.16 refund in a form of a check after the loan funds. My husband and I believed that and did not cancel the loan documents.

On 04/24/2013 after the new loan was booked, that same person emailed me and stated that the $238.16 would not be refunded because the $238.16 was for the interest of the new loan starting from 04/18 through 05/01. Had WF loan processor told us earlier before the rescission time ended that this money was for the new loan, we would have canceled the loan documents on 04/15 before going further. WF had forced us to pay double for the interest that we already paid in the payoff amount by giving us a false statement and a false promise regarding the issue.

For that reason we sent emails to the managers to request a refund, but they did not respond. I believe I am not the only customers that WF Mortgage has done wrong. I believe this is a fraud. I would like the issue to be resolved and the $238.16 to be refunded to me.


Amy Nguyen


I bought a 2005 Pick-up and used Wells Fargo for the third time to finance a vehicle. With the first two and now a fourth vehicle I have financed with Wells Fargo I had one late payment. My 71st payment on the 2005 truck was late due to my check being destroyed by the U.S. mail. I contacted Wells Fargo to advise them of the situation with my next to last payment on my truck. B

efore they received my 71st payment my lone went maturity and I was sent to their in house collection department. I was contacted by a person with Wells Fargo and was called names and told that I was a deadbeat that did not pay my bills and that my truck would be repod. I tried to explain the situation with the Wells Fargo associate but was not allowed to even speak a full sentence. the person was very rude and loud and mean spirted.

The associate advised me that he would ruin my credit. I advise that I would terminate the call and contact a supervisor. I contacted a supervisor and advised him of my situation. The supervisor advised me to forget about the earlier call and thst my credit would not be ruined nor would my truck be repoed that he would send me a final statement.

The final statement came in about three or four days. I sent a check paying off the truck. For over a year now I have been trying to remove the late pay that was in fact placed on my credit report.Wells Fargo has denied my request for removal although they stated that it would or should not be there. I have since purchased a fourth vehicle using Wells Fargo if I would have know that a year later I would still be trying to have this removed I would not have used Wells Fargo for my last purchase.

I will not use them for any other vehicles in the future. So after four vehicles they will now use a once very happy satisfied loyal coustomer. I will also continue to send letters of request twice a month until time or Wells Fargo removes this form my account.I would suggest that if you are buying a vehicle you use a different company to finance your vehicle.


November 5th, 2012
Dear Sir:
I am an American Citizen who lived in America for 30 years now. I speak perfect English, but still have a strong accent. This is the first time I was treated with discrimination and the first time I filed a complaint.
I went to Wells Fargo Bank in Orem, Utah, to get some documents notarized. I waited a while before this lady rushed in. She was probably out for lunch. She was very rude to begin with, and I could tell from the beginning she was going to be difficult on me.
She told me she could not notarize my papers because they were in another language. I asked her if someone could translate them and she said that although they had two Spanish speaking employees they could not and gave no explanation of why not. I asked her to just notarize my signature and she said no. I told her that I was a long time client of over 20 years and that I had done that before in that bank many times. She told me it is illegal to do that. I then asked her to give me a letter saying it was illegal so I could send it to the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles who requested the documents to e notarized, and she said no. I asked why she would not give me a letter and she got very defensive and said I was calling her a lier, which I never did, not even implied it... I had no reason to say she was a lier.
I then asked her to at least notarize my American passport copy and she said no again. At this time it was an American document, so why would she say no? So I asked her why.
She then asked me to leave the bank in the most cruel form. She said: "Leave the bank now". Her voice was raised when she said the word now. I worried that she would call the security and I would go to jail for something that I was not even aware of. So, without saying a single word I left the bank crying. I just could not believe someone could be so cruel and treat me the way she did. During our conversation she said several times that she did not care if I had no other way to notarize those documents...I am sure she would never treat a white American that way, I knew she treated me that way because of my race and accent.
She had no right to make me leave the bank since I have an account of over twenty years in there. I had deposits to make that day. She ruined my day and caused a lot of troubles for me that day. Even if she would deny helping me with the Brazilian documents, she had no right to deny the help with the American documents. I was nice and respectful to her and the only thing I said to her in my worse moment was that I was going to close my account in that bank. The cameras in the bank can prove my words.
Well, to make things even worse, I went to another bank, Bank of American Fork, and within five minutes they had everything notarized. The lady who helped me at this time said it was not right for Wells Fargo Bank to deny me that service, since all they had to do was to recognize my signature and they did not have to identify that the document was in Portuguese or any other language, all they had to do was to recognize my signature. I was the one signing that the document was true. But the worse part, where we can tell that this Wells Fargo Bank employee was out there to get me is when she denied helping me with my American passport copies. I had my passport there so she could see it...
The reason I needed there documents notarized was a request from the Brazilian Embassy in Los Angeles. They require that I a public notary recognizes my signature to be true in documents or copy of documents in order to issue me a passport. It is not something that I have a choice and although I have an American passport, Brazilian laws require that I also have a Brazilian passport to enter Brazil. In either case, even if notarizing the Brazilian documents was not a possibility (which the other bank strongly disagreed), why not do it for the American passport copy?
My husband tried to talk to their manager, but he said that he knew about the situation and the lady was right to deny me service. The problem is she did not deny me the service nicely, she was very rude and asked me rudely to leave the bank and that was the most humiliating moment of my entire life. Why should I leave the bank if I have an account of over 20 years in there?
We will be closing that account this week as well. This lady was a racist of the worse kind, a kind that I have never seen before and I ask you to please take action. She was so full of hate towards me. Although this should not matter, what this lady did not know is the fact that although I was born in Brazil my ancestors were from Louisiana and they served in the Revolutionary War and died for this country. The parish of St. James was named after my 5th great-grandfather who came to America in 1720...Anyway, none of this information should even help you, but I just tell you that because of the nature of the injustice against me and the way it made me feel.
If you ask me what I like to see about this situation, I will tell you that I would like the Wells Fargo Bank to take action against her and possibly the manager who did not care about my situation. I do not know her name, but she set at the first desk across from the tellers, notarizing documents and she was probably in her thirties, white woman, dark mid length hair, green or blue eyes, skinny, about 5'6" height... This incident happened today at lunch time, around 1:15 pm.
Thank you so much for your time. Please let me know how I should proceed with this matter.
Claudia Queiroz
4417 N Stafford Court Provo Utah 84604


In March 2011 I received a letter from Wells Fargo stating I did not have enough "escrow" money in my account and my payments would be increasing. After spending several hours calling insurance company, and then Wells Fargo again, the issue was discovered to be an insurance payment fault on Wells Fargo's end.
Today in the mail I received a refund from my insurance company due to Wells Fargo AGAIN paying the incorrect amount of insurance.

Wells Fargo paid the deductible amount rather than the actual cost of the insurance, hence the refund check. After another round of calls to both my insurance company AND the not so helpful individuals working the phones at Wells Fargo, I was told "they will fix it". Now I have to spend my time cashing a check, wiring the money to a different bank, and then mailing a check back to Wells Fargo TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE AGAIN THIS YEAR.

Who makes sure invoices are correct and payments are accurately made? In this computer age why was there not a flag raised when there was a 70+% increase on the insurance premium from one year to the next FOR TWO CONSECTIVE YEARS????


I have been a Customer of Wells Fargo for years. Wells Fargo has always been professional, helpful and polite. Imagine my surprise
and confusion at the rude behavior I and other customers have to experience just to continue Banking at a Wells Fargo.
The Wells Fargo Office in Stayton, Oregon is located in a small Store Front Office in the Safeway Store. I have recently relocated
here from Salt Lake City and I am accustom to politeness, professionalism and customer service.
This small Branch is poorly run and the Management and young Staff think this a franchise they can run as they want.
I believe this branch must be investigated as it is a disgrace to the Good Brand and reputation of Wells Fargo.
Contact me and I will be happy to relate personal experiences, also name others with similar negative experiences.

Jerry C Walters, 801.696.4355


i tried to set up a payment to be auot drafted out of my checking account 4 or 5 times over the phone and was given the run around by everyone i talked to. i am not the account holder for the payment that i was tring to set up, my wife is ,she told your reporsentive to talk to me about setting this up .they would not conect me to a superviser and i was told that i could only set up this type of payment for a 4 month period. my wife and i are veterans and we fought to protect this country,we dont appercait being given the run around by your employes. by there acctions i was ready to tell you instation to take your loan and shove it , and your bank would have been out 10,000 dollars . also we dont like calling and talking to a bunch of fricken forners ,if you broght these jobs that you have farmede you over seas back home to america maybe the american economy would wouldn;t be in the shape its in. i find your employes to be very unfreindly and there behavior to appaling to american vetrans. martin moody so f**k you very much


To whom it my concern I called in to make a payment to customer service. The payment was schedule to be paid on Jan 25 th 2013. I then proceed to ask the representative would my mortgage be in danger of foreclosure she stated that it would not go into foreclosure as long as Made the payment by the 25th. . On Jan 17 I got a call stating that home my home was in foreclosure and that I needed to pay the balance due. If I would have been told that I needed to make a payment before the the 16 th I would have. Do to this misrepentation my home should not be in foreclosure and i should be allowed to make my monthly payment per schedule and work toward getting caught up. Please contact ASAP at 813-494-7067. Carlton Brunson


credit defense department. In August I open a credit card. I was not aware that I signed up for this program. In March . I mention to them I wanted out. They stated I would be cancelled. On or about 4/23/12 I called and was concerned about my bill and I spoke with Mr. John Vitao he stated he did not see anything where I had called to cancelled the program.

When I called that department-defense Mr.Zack, stated he did see where I had called to cancelled it in March, he did not know why it had not been cancelled.Then a few days letter I received a copy where my signature had been signed on a piece of paper. When I signed there was a very small machine I signed with and could not see all of the paper work.

If this is the case I have a right to cancelled this program. I would like my money back. Also I felt this was in retalation about my phone called. I felt the first guy was not very help full at all. Also this will lead me to cancell my Raymour and Flaingan furniture account. I call Wells Fargo about this matter, so one stated I would get a call in 48 hours. Sofar, no response as of yet.


Mon 21 Jan 2013.- I'm 73, legally divorced in California in 2003, and did have a WFB account since 1992 thru 2003 when I requested that my name be taken off the accounts in light of my divorce. I subsequently left for Chile, my country of birth, to retire on Social Security since it is obvious that I cannot afford to live in the US anymore...not on $1.730 a month.

My daughter, Francesca who lives in California, opened a Direct Deposit (ETA) account at Wells Fargo back in Dec 2012 under my name and hers. The purpose is to receive my Social Security pension and manage it online from Santiago, Chile. The problem arose very recently when using my PC here in Chile I attempted to reach my account online at a Glendale branch and was faced with security questions and answers that date back to 1992 !!!

Apparently, my name and SS# are still in WFB databases and I suspect triggered outdated security questions (mortgage holder in 2000?, my dream job back in 1992?, etc..etc. taken from public records circa 1990s. I called their 800 numbers several times this past week (at one dollar a minute) and I spoke to 7 (seven) people at Wells Fargo Online Banking, Security Questions and Anti-Fraud units but to no avail....they refuse to budge, suggesting twice that I get on a plane from Santiago to California to talk to them in person...

I pressed the point that this was and should be treated as a BRAND new account..and with no relation whatsoever to previous banking accounts with them..Again, no avail, no exception...They repeated their mantra that they were following bank procedures FOR MY PROTECTION and there was nothing they could, unless I went to visit them!! PRESUMPTIOUS, ARROGANT attitude on WFB part with a staff NOT ABLE TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX !!! Some didn't even realize I was calling from abroad.

We live in a globalized, cashless, electronic transfer type of society where I can buy and disburse money anywhere in the world...Is Wells Fargo living in such security fear, thinking that every PC that reaches their systems is trying to defraud them ? Bank fraud existed before the Internet and will continue to surface...no matter what... So, please unfreeze my online access and let me manage my account.

My Suggested Solution: Contact the Glendale Branch, treat my account as brand new, and develop new, contemporary security questions through my daughter or myself.

Thank you
Mr. Jaime Silva
Santiago, Chile


I was charged a wire transfer fee from Wells Fargo credit defense refund that I thought was unreasonable. In attempting to call and take care of it amidst all the other things that I would rather be doing on a Saturday I encountered Casandra at your phone bank. When I could not remember my last Wells Fargo transaction refund amount the date and place of it, Casandra would not assist me or talk to me about my account though i provided my social, date of birth, address and last deposit amount (which I never had before). Casandra was then rude and spoke to me in a very condesending tone as if i were a child who needed correction. She then refused to transfer me to a supervisor and after she told me that she would she transferred me to the Wells Fargo credit defense automated machine where I had to begin this pain staking process all over again.

I would like to receive a telephone apology from Casandra, an an explanation from her supervisor and Wells Fargo as to why I was treated this way. I am a Wells Fargo customer, it is not Casandras money deposited in my accounts and I should not have to go through an interrogation to ask a simple question about a fee.

I await your response about the Wells Fargo credit defense refund, I believe I am entitled to.

John Purcell


I have been a Wells Fargo customer for almost 13 years.  I love the bank and have always felt like my money has been “safe”.  However, the branch off of Denton highway in Watauga, Tx, hires the stupidest people in the world.  I used to live right down the street from that branch and every time I would stop in there they would take forever and make a ton of mistakes.  I have driven out of my way to go to another location to do my banking just to avoid the idiocy from that branch.  Do not go to the branch off Denton highway!  Awful!


First, a little background, I’m retired USAF Disabled Combat Veteran, after 20 years of service, I understand checklists. My wife has over 40 years of USAF Federal Service, she understands a checklist. Your checklist should be inclusive of the documents needed to accomplish the loan. Your underwriters should not be assuming or looking for ways to deny our loan. My loan was denied because your office was in three states and two time zones. It was further complicated by one office not fully cooperating or communicating within your organization. I suggested conference calls; however, my recommendation was never acknowledged. At least weekly, another document was asked for, which was already in the banks possession in one of the states. However, some documents like a birth certificate or passport was truly none of Wells Fargo business.

Your underwriter used return read receipt on email; it displays a lack of trust, if I want a loan, I’m going to respond expeditious on each request, as we did. When a customer asks for a document, it should be furnished especially if the customer pays for it. Always an adversary, it took several calls and email to obtain a copy of our home’s appraisal. If underwriting requires secure email to protect me and slow the process, it is my issue and my risk. Underwriting doesn’t realize who the customer is; I pursued a supervisor phone and got a telephone number he never answered. I asked for a fast track and got the slow train. The loan process had an overshadowing, it was apparent Wells Fargo wanted the loan to fail. My wife Terry had to give an ultimatum to the underwriter a week before the closing date since the underwriter could not make up their minds on the loan. However this was not enough time to find another bank. It was apparent; the loan was delayed and the seller rightfully took $1,000.00 of earnest money for missing a closing date. Yes, the closing date was based on the advice of my realtor and the lender. Your representative, Jamie Huebner advised it was probably not enough time; in hind sight I wish Jamie would have been more assertive.

I don’t understand why the conventional loan and the home equity loan were processed at the same rate. My FICO at the time was over 800 and my wife’s over 740. Wells Fargo held the original loan for the home equity. We have been a customer for over twenty years. Our income to debt was not an issue; however, it wasn’t an open and shut loan. My loan should have less than 4% or even 5%, not the amount you charged! I know I was promised a great interest rate and it wasn’t. I know I was promised 1/8th % for automatic withdrawal and it wasn’t written anywhere. When the home equity loan documents were signed the appraisal value was $20,000.00 less than of the official documented appraisal, which lowered the amount of the equity which could be withdrawn. While in a Wells Fargo loan officer’s office I called the underwriting department about the omissions, they had the audacity to ask me my “full name and date of birth” over the telephone in a Wells Fargo office! If your voice mail says “If I don’t get back to you today, I call by noon tomorrow.” When a call is not returned, the customer should be angry.


I have applied so many times with wells fargo and yet they find a way to decline me i personally would not recommend any person of color to bank there, wish i would have known about the discrimination.


I deposit funds to my Wells Fargo account and was advised by the bank teller that funds would be avaiable March 15,2013 and complied. On March 18, 2013 Wells Fargo returned check upaid as counterfiet. When I received a check from my employer for $1,823.28 Wells Fargo withdraw all funds.

Requesting forgiveness and requesting reimbursement.

I have emailed the president of Wells Fargo 6 six and will continue until I get reimbursed.

Thank you,


I went to this branch today at 9:22, thirty minutes later I walked out confused and upset. Normally I am in and out of this branch with in five minutes, Wendi Hernandez was the teller and she was rude, condescending and arrogant. Every month for the past year I have deposited my rent check at this branch. On one occasion I went to a branch near my job and another time I went to a branch in Virginia where I was visiting. The experience was always positive until today. 1. I was not greeted with ” Hello welcome to Wells Fargo” As a matter of fact when I stepped to the window she looked startled and annoyed. I gave her my deposit she looked at me and looked at the check as if were a snake and stated she had to verify the check. I asked her why. She rolled her eyes and said ” It is my right to do so.” Now I understand if it was a personal check, however, it was a cashiers check drawn on the same bank I go to every month. When I told her that I am here every month she said ” well so am I and I don’t remember ever seeing you here” I am certain with the number of clients who pass through the branch everyday that she cannot remember every one she waits on. The manager came over at that point and backed Ms. Hernandez up with her plan. My question to you is this: Why is it okay to be rude to a customer ? Is this what you train your employees to do ? Her remarks about the check possibly being a forgery was insulting and degrading. Please rest assured that I will never return to that branch again to conduct business. Finally when the transaction was finished I asked for a factual reason why it took her so long and why was this done. She stated ” It is my right to do so” This was not a factual reason. And as a customer it is my right to be treated with respect and fairly.


I am quite disappointed with your bank. Are you people stupid or what? I went to a branch in FL today trying to deposit $15,000 for my daughter, as I am her power of attorney now & was rejected, she is incarcarcerated at the time being. I have quite a bit of money in my accounts, and if I do not get any answers I will not hesitate to close my accounts & also contact a close friend who has very much invested in this bank and tell him to also close his account. Thanks for nothing.


I have an account with Wells Fargo ending 1502. I was sick and away to be cared for and returned on 3/29/14. I received in my mail from 3/10 to 3/18 there was a total of $445. withdrawal made for fees eg $23.70 not paid but $70.00 fees was removed from that account. I did not put any monies in the account in that period but you were able to get $445. why was my bills for that amount not paid. I am a 69 yrs old female who lives alone on my pension and SS.

The shock of this action is so grievious and painful I do not know how I would exsist the rest od this month. I am pleaing that my case be review and my funds return to my account. The frequency should have alerted the bank something was wrong and the customer be alerted by phone. Only God knows my situation while I seek employment. Please help. your customer service was not what I expected.

Olga Chichester.

Disclaimer: This complaint was submitted by Olga Chichester on 03/30/2014 at IP address using our Consumers complaint form. This opinions contained in this Consummers customer review titled, “Excessive overdraft withdrawal with no notification” do not reflect the opinions of this website.


On Saturday, March 29, 2014; 11:00 am ; I, Jennifer L. Foster, entered a WELLS FARGO Branch of US Banking locat3ed at 2300 West 16th Street in Greeley, Colorado; 9703782362. As I was walking fromt he parking lot of the Wells Fargo Bank located at 2300 West 16th Street in Greeley, Colorado; 9703782362; I noticed the patrons on March 29, 2014-Saturday to be of Hispanic origin, all speaking the Spanish language, no children of any age pre-teen, toddler, or infant with mother(s); and all Hispanics with no other race inthe vicinity.

I continued toward the doors of the Wells Fargo Bank located in Greeley, Colorado noticing they were ‘propped’ open, no viable or service-able lights in the business banking lobby except to the right of lobby where the teller area is located and operated by only-Hispanics. There was no viable breathe-able air distributing itself throughout the building and the lobby was very dark. My observation was the Department of Immigration had provided for illegal activity in this area, or the City of Greeley, perhaps Mayor – Mr. Tom Norton, and definitely businessmen of Greeley, Colorado and the Fraternal Order of Police of Greeley, Colorado.

At 12:20 pm I finally was able to place a physical land line phone communication tothe Greeley, Colorado non-emergency police where a female dispatcher wanted to inquire why it would be unusual for a Bank to ‘prop’ open it’s door(s), leave the lights off, have no circulating air, the clientele to be only Hispanic, with no evidence of any children: [pre-teen, toddler(s), or infant(s)] at a location involved in banking. I disconnected the call while stating the Police of Greeley, Colorado needed to provide for security of the bank by menas of sending a police vehicle over to Wells Fargo Bank 2300 West 16th Street, Greeley, Colorado; 9703782362. ASAP.

In continuation, everyone within the Wells Fargo Business Banking area lobby as a patron or customer [just as the parking lot was Hispanic]. Aloud I asked “if there was any illegal dealing with the Department of Immigration or an illegal activity at all.” My presence in itself was of no significance to these person(s); all Hispanic and Hispanic speaking.

There was an adult Hispanic male guarding the door to the right and a fold up table to the left with idiotic balloons placed to the left of the open doors. The 75 year old Senora Hispanic whom had approached my person was definitely not professional looking and did not have the manner of the General Accounting Principles of Money, Savings, Checking, Funding, etc. of a professional banker and spoke English to my person while evreyone else whom was Hispanic were speaking Spanish. This Senora of 75 years of age asked if I needed any help; I viewed the dark lobby and said “no as I was waiting in the line to receive an exchange of currency.”

I looked around again and determined I would leave the area without any service from this bank. I exited the Wells Fargo Bank at 2300 West 16th Street, Greeley, Colorado; 9703782362 and into the parking lot to find persons, patrons, customers to Wells Fargo dispersed around, all Hispanic, exiting and entering the lobby of the Wells Fargo Bank.

Is there illegal activity in the community of Greeley, Colorado conducted at this Wells Fargo Bank? Is the Department of Immigration allowing Hispanics in the community/illegal aliens; to pick up false identities, issue false bank account(s), distribute illegal monies or extra grant monies – only to the Hispanics of this area of Greeley, Colorado? Will this Wells Fargo Bank be receiving forty billion United States dollars on Tuesday; April 1, 2014 in the area of Greeley, Colorado? Is this legal funds or monies? Illegal?


Wells Fargo closed out my credit card because they believed someone was using my card # to make purchases(never saw anything hit my account). So they closed that card # and opened a new card for me transfering the balance over to he new account. The only problem was they did not transfer the payment that I pre-schedule to pay balance. I called the customer service dept. I was first told that it was not her problem. It was the dept that takes care of the eb ite. I spoke to them. They said not their problem. They transfered me back to customer service. After being on the phone for 45 minutes I final talk to a supervisor who told me that they were going to take care of it . Well they didn’t. A couple of days later I called customer service(dis-service) again.

They were lost and did not know how to handle it.. I was assued by the supervisor that I would not be charged any late fees or interest charges on the balance. I then give that person my checking account infor to draw money out of that account and pay the balance that was due, that they lost.

On 3/25/14 I went on line and saw the payment that I authorized and a credit for the late fees, but not for the interest charge. I called customer service again and was told they wll take care of it. Today 3/28/14 I went back on line and no credit was issued. Again I called customer dis-service. the person who took the call could understand what I was talking about. I asked her to read all the notes in my file. She still was in a daze. I preceeded to ask for a supersior who told me that I had to pay the interest charges first and they will give me credit in 2 billing cycles. If i did not pay the interest charge , I would be charged interest on it.
Plus knowing Wells Fargo this late payment, etc will go against my credit rating.

This is crazy. They screwed up not me.
Once this is corrected I will most likely close out my account.


State Farm sent me and my wife a check for a new roof two or three weeks ago. Well Fargo is listed on the check to be endorse. I took the check to your branch @ Hwy 138 and 20 in Conyers, Georgia. A woman took me to her desk. I had the necessary paperwork and was only missing a copy of my wife drivers lincense. I ask her that’s all I need and she said, yes. I went to my wife job, got her to print a copy of her drivers lincense. I took a copy of my wife drivers lincense along with the endorse check by me and my wife to the Conyers’ Wells Fargo branch. I waited in their lobby and this time a young male assist me and got the check endorse by his superior with no problem. Today, March 26, I enter the same branch with the final check sent by State Farm that needed to be endorse by me, my wife and Wells Fargo. The same routine as the first check. A women assist me this time. I went to her desk, had all the necessary paperwork learning from my first experience at this same bank. She ask me if I have an account with Wells Fargo. I told her I don’t but my mortgage is with Wells Fargo. She stated that she want be able to endorse this check because my wife needs to be present. I told her that I got the same check endorse here two or three weeks ago. I point at the desk where the individuals sit that explain to me what I needed to do and the person whom handle the transaction. She abruptly got up and walk away with my paperwork. A few minutes later she return. She stated that the check will not be endorse by Wells Fargo because my wife signature was a forgery. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I said, “excuse me”. She said yes, “You forge your wife name on the check”. I became upset from her accusing me of forgery. I respond by saying, “stop being an ass because that is uncalled for”. She stated, “What you say”. I repeated what I said, got up and walk away. At the same time, she start raising her voice in the bank. Another woman came out, I assume is the branch manager stop me. We start talking about the check. She, in front of customers and bank employees stated to me that my wife signature was a fake. That whole episode was unprofessional and embarrassing. While the (Bank manager?), never identified herself, and I was talking the same woman was still being loud and unprofessional. That experience left a bad experience with me in dealing with Well Fargo. I never been in a Well Fargo until this month (March). I was considering bring my accounts over to Wells Fargo since the bank does hold the mortgage to my house and the customer service I receive two or three weeks prior. My experience yesterday of being called a liar, a forgeror and the lack of customer service received put a end to that move. My wife (Sheiree) can verify her signature and that she indeed sign the check. Her number: 404-295-4381. My number: 404- 274-1279.


Due to the economic downfall – we lost a substantial amount of income and tried NUMEROUS times to communicate with Wells Fargo for assistance with our house payment. Nothing worked and our payment was decreased around $60 at most. To date, we have been served with a foreclosure and have been struggling to get through a short sale for two years. Our first offer on the house was not high enough for Wells Fargo – so they counter offered for 20,000 more. We now have a 2nd buyer offering EXACTLY what Wells Fargo counter offered. So what is the hold up?? I have no idea.. and neither do they. When calling to speak about the status – they have absolutely no answers..BUT they still have time to harass me about how much I owe. My credit is the lowest I have ever seen and trying to support a family of 5 is very difficult when you cannot purchase anything. Wells Fargo is selfish, uncaring, and unwilling. They screw with people’s lives and futures without a care in the world. They are not willing to help or assist you in any way – and they have the most airheaded, ignorant people working for them (at least the ones who consistently tell me “I don’t know” to every question I ask). You would think they would WANT to settle with a short sale rather than incur all the expenses they will face with a foreclosure (not to mention that the house will not longer be taken care of FOR FREE). This is the crappiest bank and people I have ever had to deal with in my life. I don’t know that anyone from Wells Fargo will actually read this, but if you are, I hope you are sleeping soundly every night with a comfortable roof over your head – because I know you would not dare to think about or consider those who are truly struggling and begging for help.

Disclaimer: This complaint was submitted by Jennifer on 03/20/2014 at IP address using our Wells Fargo complaint form. This opinions contained in this Wells Fargo customer review titled, “Mortgage – short sale” do not reflect the opinions of this website.


I went to this Wells Fargo Bank that is a nightmare to deal with to begin with requesting to close my safe deposit box..as usual you would have to kill half a day to make any transaction at this branch…After over half an hour waiting and going back and forth, I was referred to a manager who was extremely rude and abnoxious to begin with…She asked me to pay $65.00 instead of $45.00 the cost of the box… Eventually she told me because I have a late fee for $25.00 since I did not pay for the renewal…I told her that I never received any mail and asked what address did they send me a notice to, her response was, ( the address on file) and she refused to even tell me what that was,…I began to lose patience and raised my voice and said that was a rip off, she was very sarcasdtic and disrespectful and got me angrier and angrier with her no responsive answers or ( shut up and wait type of answers)…I just wanted to get out of there, and offered to pay cash to make it quick, she asked me to pay $65.00 , after she receives the $65.00, she would give me back $25.00 which was my deposit for the key…I was angrier and raised my voice saying I could just pay her $40.00 instead, she refused and threatened to get security to escort me out of the bank for raising my voice…I asked how much longer this transaction was going to take since she was taking forever, her response was(I will let you know when I am done). I have never encountered anything like this or anyone as rude and unprofeessional as this woman…I asked for her card , she refused to give it to me until she would finish the entire thing…She claimed to be the bank manager, turned out she was customer service manager…It is beyond me how someone with this attitude that makes a good situation a disaster and has the nerve to threaten to have security escort me out when she is the only one that should be escorted out of this bank for her extremely unproffesional managerial skills and rude attitude.
Eventually the Vise president came, and as soon as she did, Lily seems to have changed her attitude to a normal person….
Tis is the wordst bank I have ever dealt with..I run a business for the last 28 years, and never encountered any one like this or any bank with such horrible customer service as Wells Fargo…
They are a ripp off…I never received anything in the mail, and they refused to even give me the address that the mailing for the renewal notice was sent to…If this is not ripp off , I do not know what is…But I do know this should stop, and wells fargo cannot abuse people this way.


My Wife and I were aprroved for a refinance with wells fargo then denied because of reaffirmation document that they failed to have my wife and I sign after we came out of our bankruptcy about 5 yrs ago. We have paid on time every month for the past 5 years, never late and we are actually paid a month ahead
It is not our fault that they failed to do their part. We went to the bankruptcy court and they said that wells fargo did not do what they should have and that they were sent the document stating that we wanted ti reaffirm the house. Now we have to not benefit from a refinance to reduce our interest rate cause of wells fargo
Please. Help.. Mr Houston
Wellsfarfgo acct# 0203118112


Sold my home to someone using Wells Fargo Mortgage as their lender. Original loan closing was set for April 4, 2013 at 10am. Was rescheduled to April 8, 2013. Now a closing date is in limbo and cannot get an aswer from the branch manager Nelda Cales as to when closing will be. She had said she would try to find out something and call me back. I have called her four times and she has never returned a phone call yet. She had told me that the problem came in when they implemented a new process last week and this loan was caught up in the new process. I do not appreciate Wells Fargo making their problem my problem. We are going to pass one week after the original closing date with no new date confirmed. Unacceptable and very unprofessional. Would never use them for my own mortgage.


I am severly disappointed in the Wells Fargo service. I set up an account in Loveland Co and wanted a basic checking account with savings to manage a one transaction account for rental payments. The initial account represetitive Erin who is no longer employed assured us that the account she set us up with which did not fit our needs would be made to work for our needs after 90 days.

The account required a 25,000 minimum balance which we voiced we could never achieve. She ressured us that after the 90 day period we could keep the account afloat with a 2000 minimum balance. I found in the months after that we were charged a 30 dollar service charge that i did not catch until the last minute. I addressed this issue to the service manager of Wells, Eric who exclaimed what can I do for you while at the meantime took no responsibility for the actions of the past employee, Erin.

I would expect more of this company and would of stayted if only Eric could accomadate my situation. I would not recommend Wells and will make my stand clear to others. You lost a good customer!!!!!!!!!


To Whom It May Concern: Back in July 2012, I had setup an automatic payment account with Well Fargo bank to automatically draw out $728.87 each month to pay for our Well Fargo home mortgage loan. Automatic monthly payment process started in July 2012, and you had received the first monthly payment of $728.87 on 7/26/2012.

And you also had received the second monthly of $728.87 on 8/29/2012. But somehow you people mistakenly applied all of the second payment ($728.87) to the principle. I did not notice about this until I received the statement in October 2012. I immediately called and talked to one of your representatives to correct this mistake. This was obviously your fault! Your representative did acknowledge that was Wells Fargo’s mistake!

Now the problem is that the “pass due” statement still showing on our credit report. We need you to delete the “pass due” statement and SEND US A LETTER, WITH YOUR LETTER HEAD,SAYING THAT YOU WILL DELETE THIS “PASS DUE” STATEMENT FROM THE CREDIT REPORT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (OK WITHIN A WEEK).

We opened an account with Wells Fargo with the hope that it would provide more efficient and friendlier services to us. But this bad experience we had with Wells Fargo certainly pointing it to the other direction!

we’re thinking about to close all account in your bank and maybe transfer the loan to another bank right now! Your customer service is so bad,very very very poon!


I am unemployed and 37 late with a payment. As the previous woman Said they are rude and nasty. By LAW if you are 90 days late yes they can repo ur car. My unemoyment check we t in late n it was returned to Wells Fargo.

I got a call today and explanined prior i lost my job and doing my best. They dont care and want me to go to the back to western union them the money. Wait let me pick it off the tree in my yard. I also asked to change the date, give me an extension any ask for help!

Nope they want their money tomorrow or else. Wells fargo is absolutley The worst auto fianance compnay out there. Any suggestion when i Have no money even for food! Someone please help an email Me if I am correct this is a scare therory they use and how late Can you be before they try to repo hour car you need to go find A job to pay your bills n to get caught back up?

All the other creditors Are so much more helpful and have a heart. Not Wells Fargo Dealer Service. Please some one emAil me with how late u have can be before Repo n can they threaten you? Thank you


I just spent over two hours going back and forth trying to cash a 7,000 dollar check I wanted to deposit 2,000 and keep 5,000….. wells Fargo at basline and lake shore, refused to cash it!!!! It’s a check from Chase, wrote out to me… so they send me to chase.

And say they have no way of telling if the money is their…ok so off I go, now I don’t have an account at Chase, so they give me a cashier’s check and Karin at Chase gave me her business card, so wells Fargo could call her, so she could tell them the money was their… so I go through the drive through they tell me it’s too much for the drive through??? and to go around to the bank I’m like ok so I go in they leave me sitting I don’t know about 10- 15 minutes and say they can’t cash a money order..

That Chase said was good as gold…and not just that this is my second trip here and they told me to go around to tell me they can’t cash it? …Hell can’t they tell me at the drive through they can’t cash a MONEY ORDER? so GI GI is the bank manager I guess? refuses, to cash it, I have been with this bank since 1998 going on 15 years and she refuses saying my account won’t cover it???

*THIS IS A MONEY ORDER from chase with a guarantee from chase saying it is good, they gave her a card to call them to verify* … so I said that! and she refuses, I said this is not from my account!!! this is a chase money order!!! from chase!!! not my bank account!!!

she refuses…and says her manager said “no”..OK im like what do I do? this is my bank for 15 years I have lived in the same place for 13 years I have a money order that is guaranteed from chase to have the money “THEY WANT YOU TO CALL THEM I HAVE KAREN FROM CHASE WANTING YOU TO CALL! YOU ARE MY BANK…WHAT DO I DO?? so they send me packing.

Chase took the cashier’s check cashed it and opened an account for me, no problem tomorrow I will be going down to close my account after 15 years there and you know what I have to change my account around for my gym but after spending from 2:00 to 5 30 cashing one check it’s worth it.. I do have to say Gi Gi was polite but not helpful to my needs so I will shut it down.


My complaint “supposedly” has a ref.# of 83304101.my last telephone conversation was with Mr. Chet Dui in the credit card executive office(of all places) .I want to know if I am going to have to get my attorney to write a letter to Wells Fargo,in order to,get in writing,that they are unable or unwilling to send me my titles, or pay my expenses to
obtain them myself.

I have made them,consisting of Ms.Elealna in the collateral dept.; Ms. Barbara Dickenson head of the collateral dept.,Mr. Dion Vargas,another “BOSS” I was passed off to;and lastly Mr.Chet Dui. All I have asked each of them is for a letter stating that Wells Fargo will reimburse me for the cost of the titles,and the expense of getting to and from the DMV.

I am disabled(they are aware),I live rurally(they are aware) and I would have to pay for gas and a driver approx. 80 to 95 miles to do this myself, not including my time,which I believe is as valuable as any of theirs. I do not feel I am being unreasonable in my request for acknowledgement of their mistakes.

I only want what is fair and reasonable, to a FORMER client,that did not mind accepting at LEAST $40,0000.00 of MY money. I have been on this mission since November of 2012. I will continue, if I have to get my attorney involved,I will.

Todays date is April 1,2013.I can be reached by phone or e-mail. I expect a response by the end of this week. Thank-you


I had a money market acc .withover $20,000 that I used for overdraft protection with my crown classic checking acc, I had to many withdrawls so wells fargo sent me a letter saying they were changing my money market acc. to a value checking acc. so i went to my branch on princess anne rd. in va.beach .

The lady at the desk told that nothing was different that was still a money market acc. and i did not have to do anything .expecting i still had overdratf protection.this was four weeks ago .

I recieved a letter last friday stating i was over drawn and and had $280 dollars in over draft fees . I went bank to my branch again. this time it was a over weight fat lady at the desk on a private phone call while i was sitting there for at least ten min. she saw me because i was sitting right in front of her . finnally she got off the phone after i she knew i was watching her the whole time .

she said there was know over draft protection on a value checking acc. and that they changed my o.d.p. to my line of credit .(with out notifying me) I had it paid down to$ 5000.00 Now i find out i owe $9400.00 I had her close the value checking acc. and put my money in my crown classic acc. When i ask about the fee’s she said they didn’t take them off my acc. there any more . and that i had to call the billing dept.

I stood up and told her that i was done with wells fargo and she said don’t forget your key’s that were lying on her desk. so i called the billing Dept. and she said she could only take off a portion ($120.00) sense i needed proof that i was told this information . I am not exaggerating about any of what i have said. If this is the way wells fargo does business this country is in a world of trouble .needless to say i will be closing all of my account’s .


I paid my loan off in February. I was told that my title was mailed out to me and after a month I did not receive my title so I called in and was told that my title was returned to Wells Fargo because the USPS said that the address was not a deliverable address.

I have been at the address that was on file for almost three years. I have been receiving statements to the address that was on file for almost three years. The only thing I can figure is that whoever the individual was that mailed out my title must have got the numbers of my address wrong.

Could someone with a little bit of brains look into this and put the address down right and send my title to me????


I have never had to make so many complaints against a bank in 15 years. I have had multiple banks, never owed them anything, yet I was forced to open what they called a opportunity acct. This type of acct has never in 15 years of banking in Texas, never been presented to me as the only type of acct I can open. I never received a reason for this. Now, my husband is terminal and I have been in the hospital with him since xmas without much sleep and hardly any food for me. I get a $12 check in the mail and they refuse to cash it because of my acct type even though I need gas to get back to the hospital. Its sad that in todays technological advances someone cant pick up a phone and verify a $12 check. Especially when their info pulled is erroneous and I am in the process of getting the proof to prove it.


Good morning to all: I’m writing this email over the horrible results I’ve experienced with trying to receive a Modification loan with Wells Fargo, my agent Andy Hansen @Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is a company that employs robotic, noncustomer service friendly individuals. After dealing with months of back and forth phone calls from Wells Fargo with unknowledgeable help from my agent Andy Hansen.

Wells Fargo doesn’t go above and beyond with their customer service to help modify or lower the mortgage payments for their customers. One would think Wells Fargo would be more helpful and understanding and providing assistance, with going above and beyond their Customer Service, to help me modify or lower my monthly payments on a “temporary” level.

I’m not asking for a permanent solution, but temporary. Wells Fargo doesn’t live up to their need to help. With the housing economy being at a all time devastating slump. Everyday a person or family, is either walking away from their home, or Wells Fargo doesn’t lend assistance when due, allow your home to into Foreclosure.

Wells Fargo state “Integrity is not a commodity. It’s the most rare and precious of personal attributes. It is the core of a person’s and a company’s reputation.” However, Wells Fargo reputation of not helping individuals stay in their property, is the reputation that’s being live up too.

I was told by Wells Fargo Customer Service agent Andy Hansen the only option is to “Short Sale” my home. However, I have to ask you. What good would it do Wells Fargo to allow the home to sit “empty” with no potential buyers or renters to take hold of property, in many subdivisions where homes are already sitting empty. With that being said, no financials is being paid to Wells Fargo. Doesn’t Wells Fargo think some money is better than no money?

I don’t feel Wells Fargo or their Customer Service agent Andy Hansen, has given me Customer Service that’s required with a housing market that’s at an all time low.


Very unsatisfied with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Modification.


I purchased my house in June 2005 with a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Loan, and was talked into an 80/20 loan by WF to avoid PMI. The primary loan was at 6.5%, the second was at 10.75% Since we had little down payment, we went with the 80/20. Last year, we tried to refinance, but was told we couldn’t due to having a second mortgage, but once it was paid off, it would be easy to modify the primary.

Since we were getting totally screwed on the second, we borrowed money at a much lower interest rate and paid off the second. I then tried to refinance the first, and was told that Wells Fargo did not own the loan, they were only managing it, so they couldn’t lower the interest rate.

When I got my loan, I was getting a loan through Wells Fargo, and was not told it was through someone else. Wells Fargo talked me into this loan, they should at least help me modify it to a lower rate. We are getting ready to move all of our accounts to another bank. Wells Fargo does not care about the customer. Please spread the word by sharing this complaint with everyone!


I have a care loan with Wells Fargo. I called the payment center to make my payment. I needed to pay for two months to get my account current. I explained that I needed the payment for both months deducted from my checking account on a certain date. They wanted the payment on a different date, which was not possible for me to do. The date I was asking them to deduct the payment was only 7 days additional from their requested date.

They REFUSED to take my payment!!!!!!! How absurd! I would hang up and call back hoping to get another agent and they all would NOT take my payment? I asked for the supervisor and that was the worst! SHE WOULD NOT TAKE MY PAYMENT EITHER? She threatened to take my car, which at that date I was only 30 days late.

She made fun of me for using the word “absurd” asking why they wouldn’t take my payment? I could not believe that I called to set up my payments and they would NOT take my money? Later that day, I called again. They of course had all the days information in the computer. I spoke with another supervisor and she started her conversation with me very nasty reminding me of the days events. She even first refused to take my payments.

Then I said, well maybe I can call an attorney and MAKE you take my payment? Her response was this….”Oh, all you people threaten with an attorney…you don’t have enough money to make your payment..but you will spend thousands of dollars to hire an attorney to go after us! Ha Ha! Go right ahead honey. get an attorney” ALL THIS TORMENT TO PAY MY PAYMENT? Finally, after begging her, which made me furious to do, she took my payment.

BUT, she said this to me…”Honey, I will do this for you this one time and I am going to lock up all your information so tight in this computer and set it up to inform everyone to NOT EVER take any late payments from YOU! You better be on time each month!” WOW…I have never experienced anything like this in my life trying to make a payment? If you notice at the beginning of the call…the first message informs you that your conversation is being recorded for training purposes.

How much incentive does Wells Fargo give their employees for harrassment?


Today I went into the wells fargo near me. I needed some paperwork to delete someone from the account. The paperwork had been started and was simply to delete a person from the account. I wanted to know how I could finish this process. I was told that the women who had the paperwork, was out at another branch. someone tried to call her but she never called back. I then said that in all my 25 years of banking with wells fargo, and never a problem, how can I be turned away, without being able to finish the business that was started. No one could help me.

I was told The woman had the paperwork locked in a drawer and that she would be in the next day, unless she had to go to a different branch.They were even reluctant to look on the computor to see what had been done. I am appalled that no one else could help me, and that maybe i would be helped tomorrow. I had to cancel a trip due to this inefficient staff at the bank. I am so sorry about this as I have been telling everyone that wells fargo is great, and that I would never go anywhere else. Well, I will not go into that branch anymore, and if the staff is inefficient I will have to change banks.


Sent a wire transfer from the Park Shore Branch in Naples Florida to Ireland on the 21st of October. I checked everything thoroughly to make sure there were no mistakes after the banker began to spell my first and last name incorrectly and didn’t seem to understand that Ireland is not in the same timezone as Florida. I double checked all info. After 7 days the money had not arrived. Several times Wells Fargo told me that the problem was on the Irish side, which is impossible because there is no intermediate holding account on that end, the money either goes in or not.

Yesterday Wells Fargo a Park Shore Naples told me that they could have ” a company research the matter and that there would be fees for this service” l. I asked how much the fees would be and they said they didn’t know and could not find out or even give me a ball park estimate. They could not disclose the make of the compantly and blamed my Irish bank for the fee but they needed me to “OK” the undisclosed charge before they could help me find my money.

My Irish bank does not charge any such fee. In their words the fact that a Welps Fargo would charge me for finding money that Wells Fargo lost is unacceptable. Wells Fargo told me that they will check “every 5 days” with “the company”. This is a WIRE TRANSFER it should hit the account within 24 to 48 hours, that is the point – otherwise I’m better off sending the money by donkey coach!


Hi and beware, The lender at Wells Fargo told me to give her a check for $500 to pay the appraiser, but only if our house did not have equity. The appraiser reported that our house could have equity, but only if we made some repairs. (I know that our house has equity and that this was a bogus appraisal). So guess what?! The lender cashes the $500.00 without even telling me! The scam is that the lender wants to force me to take out a loan I can’t afford to make the repairs before refinancing. Never once did the lender warn me about this. Now I’m forced to see my money flushed down the toilet or forced to take out a loan I can’t afford!

I’m so mad, and if there is anyone that knows what do to next in this situation, I’d be grateful for your advice.


I have had a substantial hail claim since April of this year. We received the check from the insurance company and promptly sent it in to Wells Fargo with the required paperwork. The job has been completed and now we are waiting for Wells Fargo to set up an inspection to ensure the work has been done. The contractor is done with the work and now we are just waiting on Wells Fargo. The project has been completed for 3 weeks and Wells Fargo is still holding on to the insurance money until they get their ducks in a row. Why should the contractor be bank rolling Wells Fargo?

Makes me wonder if the $25,000 we sent them was used for something else. Seems off and funny to me – I will NOT use Wells Fargo again


I have been a Wachovia customer for several years. The new change to Wells Fargo has been very challenging to me. First after a loooong process of reenrolling my on=line account, anwsering 50 million questions just to be able to access my account. Guess what I had to the same thing again 2 days later when I tried to sign on again. My other gripe I’ve had a Wachovia Gold debit card for several years. Well today my card broke I had to have it replaced only to find out that now I have a UGLY cheep looking blue card with the word DEBIT STAMPED across the front. How tacky.

I guess that’s done so that I’ll be forced to go back to your web site and have my card designed my your wonder team of tacky designer, or let everyone at the mall know that I’m paying with Debit. I can’t thank you enough!! One last thing The gas station i frequent only uses CREDIT. WOW THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


I had been with Wells Fargo for 10 years, ahead by 4 months in my payments and they contacted me with an offer to their best customers to refinance with a lower interest rate and a lower payment. I did it and that is when the problems started. I had never had a problem prior to the refinance 8 months ago. Since that time they have applied my payment 3 times to principal. I don’t find out until 3 weeks later when I notice that I have not received a statement. When I call (India) customer service to get it resolved I am told they will open a work order and someone will look into it in 72 hours!

4 weeks and 72 hours it is corrected and I have a new payment coupon. In 8 months they have been able to get me down to 2 months in advance no longer 4. A few more times and they will have me in default! What if I had been making my payments right on time?


In May, 2011, we applied for a mortgage with Wells Fargo. We were approved and throughout the entire process supplied any and all information requested that very day or the next day. Since we were buying a HUD foreclosure, and there was a time limit on the contract, we had to pay a $225.00 extension fee because Wells Fargo was unable to close by the date on the contract. Ben, the mortgage broker, assured us that Wells Fargo would reimburse us the extension fee at closing because it was their fault we didn’t close on time. At closing, Ben stated that it was against FHA financing rules to reimburse cash.

So Wells Fargo would give us a Home Depot gift card. Apparently, he would say anything to close the deal, because 2 months later, no gift card and when contacted Ben stated he had other customers and no time to deal with us. I guess the lesson here is don’t believe mortgage brokers (bankers)tell you because they will say anything to get you to sign on the dotted line.


My wife lived in Cassel California and passed away last year. I had never been to Cassel. The next town over is Burney about 8 miles away. I was with my 24 year old son and ran short of cash. I went to Redding 65 miles away to the ATM. The next time I went to US Bank ATM in Burney and used it 3 times. When I got home I got charge by both banks. I was vary upset. I now plan on keeping the Cassel home as a vacation place. I probably will start a new account in Burney. After reading some of the blogs on Wells Fargo I may think about using other banking facilities.


Wells Fargo is the worst…I mean the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of patronizing. Their customer service is a sloppy disgusting mess. Rather than to make sure you receive the proper service they would rather bounce you around, waisting your time (the so-called valued customer), never attempting to make your experience on the phone a pleasant one, all just to feed you some BS line that they can’t help you but the other department can but when you get to department that’s supposed to help you they don’t know how to help you either. Funny they will be all over you when they something from you but if you want something from them they all but tell you F..YOU!

Well that’s what I’m telling them F..YOU Wells Fargo, I hope your sorry ass business fails. You suck. I hope someone outs your disgusting scams and shuts your asses down. I hate you!!!!!


Me and my wife currenty have a mortgage in good standing through Wells Fargo. We had recieved numerous solicitations by phone from WF to refinance. Finally I decided to talk to them and see what it was all about. They said because I was a current customer in good standing, I qualified for a lower interest refinance at no cost to me. They sent me the informatin; we reviewed it and decided it was a good choice for us. I talked to the Wells Fargo loan processor to get things started he entered everything and said someone would be in touch.

2 days later a girl from the Charlotte office of Wells Fargo called and said she needed more information about my employment. 4 years ago, I became self employed as a consulting engineer providing estimating and project management services to construction companies. I explained this to her and she said she could not verify that. I offered to send in previous years tax returns which contain a Schedule C for self employed. She said that was not good enough. I needed to have a website or advertise in some way. She said I needed to be registered with the state as a business.

NOT IN PENNNSYLVANIA YOU SIMPLE BI&#H. I don’t advertise because I work for a select group of companies in Pittsburgh. This is crazy especially since I currently have a mortgage with them. I wish there was someone at Wells Fargo that could help? But I have been told I am out of luck.


ive been with wells fargo an its has been a headache. they have contacted family memebers about my account they call them non-stop. they keep sending letters to everyones house even those who are family by marriage. i have told them over and over againg that the car is not working and im will to settle to pay off the loan. the car is a 2002 i have had it for 6 years and they are saying i still owe 10,000 on the car. they even call on holidays they call my grandmother cell phone… she paid her car payment aslo an they tried to make her pay mine to because we share the same address. wells fargo is bad at doing business and understanding there customer i will never tell anymore to use them ever.


Please tell me HOW this is acceptable business practice. I am a 53 year old woman that has worked for Chrysler Dealerships over the last 5 years in sales and unfortunately am in the court process of losing my home to Wells Fargo. After several unsuccessful “modification” attempts. In fact Wells Fargo told me my life circumstances has no bearings what so ever on my loan. They also asked me what my solution would be in a perfect world and when I told them a realistic plan and solution for my situation they laughed and said well it’s not a perfect world and that is NOT going to happen!

Wells Fargo plays really nasty emotional games and losing everything is emotional enough. They finally after months stopped calling me and just over the last five days (I have a court hearing coming up in a week) they start calling again out of the blue. I mentioned to them today that I was going to record the conversation and they informed me they can no longer speak to me. The Wells Fargo representive told me they have a staff that edits their recordings and takes out things as protection and if I record a conversation they do not have access to edit my recordings!

Does anyone realize this is the type of help Wells Fargo is giving the public?


Dear Wells Fargo Representative, I am not a wells Fargo Customer. Yesterday, I stopped by Wells Fargo (Huntington Beach ) Golden West and Bolsa Ave to cash a check. After about 15 minutes talking to the bank representative (Paul Gaurodo) I am not sure about his last name anyway after he got my fingerprints, all my IDs , and wrote all the information on the check ..he told me since I am not a wells fargo customer he can’t cash the check for me …it’s OK no big deal – I just needed the cash at that time I deposited the check into my bank account today ..he did not even apologize for that …but’ it’s ok …I think I will never be a wells Fargo Customer. Thank you for the great customer service!


I have a car that was purchased new in 2005. I financed with Wells Fargo Auto Finance. They gave me a 72 month loan with 18% interest. If you do the math… you will see I signed up for a loan that would make them a ton of money. I am a teacher. Recently teachers had a huge layoff in Georgia and now I am unemployed. Although I have struggled in the past, this is like nothing I have ever been through. I have continued to pay Wells Fargo for the car. I have gotten behind on payments but no more than 60 days. When I asked for an extension they denied it.

When I asked for any program or solution, they had none. When I asked to change the due date, they denied it. I make monthly payments but it takes two unemployment checks to make One payment. I now receive over 8 phone calls a day, every day beginning at 8am and going to 9pm. They are rude when I answer and try to reason with them that I can’t dream up new money. I told them I have no intention of just letting the car go back and will continue to do the best I can. They threaten repo in every phone call.

Once they told me I COULDN’T make a payment unless I made TWO. They have told me “You need to stop playing GAMES.” They have suggested I get my CHURCH to pay my car payment. They have yelled at me. They have told me that I am irresponsible and that I am just plain avoiding my debts. Does anyone have a class action suit against them for unfair debt collections?


Have had multiple Mortgages with Wells Fargo Bank and the Wells Fargo Financial Division for Refinancing and also Wells Fargo Mortgage. We have NEVER in over 30 years been late with ANY payment to them and often have paid ahead or made larger payments. I am alone now and have become so ill that I was hospitalized for months. During that time I made payments, however I was told by 5 Doctors that there is no possible way for me to continue to work. I called Wells Fargo Bank and got in touch with the Wells Fargo Mortgage Division but they were of NO HELP.


From May of 2008 at the beginning on the housing bust, I owned the property. After failed attempts to sell the property during this time, I requested of Wells Fargo a loan modification and entered a process of several months of filing paper documents, extensive phone calls and a great deal of incompetence given that the bank employees often gave very contradictory information regarding the modification. I asked the Wells Fargo rep what I need to do to bring the loan current. I then proceeded to look for another tenant only to find out that Wells Fargo had still placed the loan in foreclosure status and used a portion of the my money to pay internal attorney fees which I had no knowledge of.


Don’t waste your time with Wells Fargo. I wonder where they get those people, like winners of a contest “worst spelling and communication in the class, the best slacker of the year”… Customers at least deserve to deal with somebody who’s able to build grammatically correct sentences, and also finish them. We applied for a loan pre-approval in the end of September 2010, now it’s mid-February 2011 and nothing is done. A few times they told us that it’s finished, and that they are sending a letter. Never did (probably, not literate enough to write it). Also (probably didn’t like our names) Wells Fargo asked us to produce VISAS!


Wells Fargo closed our business & personal accounts on the 14th of the January, a Friday. They told us we would receive our funds within 10 days, by the 24th. On the 31st, we still hadn’t received our funds (over $2000.00). On the 5th of February, a Saturday, we still have not received our funds. We lost postal service only one day during the recent snow storm that hit our state and surrounding states. We also received a notification from Wells Fargo on a closed business savings account, mailed from South Dakota on the 2nd of February. Supposedly, our funds check was cut on the 28th, mailed on the 31st, and mailed from North Carolina.

We were told subsequent to the “check will be there by the 24th” story that they had to wait 10 business days before cutting the check (which was technically the 28th). Apparently they have another policy for when they mail the check, and it is also apparent they don’t send their refund checks out first class mail from North Carolina, which is usually only 2 days in the mail. Now we’re being given the “snow storm” excuse–I think we’re being given a SNOW JOB. It has been 15 business days since the closing of our accounts, plus 3 weekends.

They are also telling us that if we want them to issue a new check, we will have to wait another 10 days from the date of the check (the 28th to the 11th of Feb) before they would cut another check. In short, they’re refusing to 1) track the check; 2) research to see if a check was actually cut and mailed; 3) cut us a new check or better yet, wire us our funds that they’ve now used for the better part of a month; 4) make NO attempt WHATSOEVER during the entire period to contact us with ANY details regarding OUR money.

This greedy behavior is right in line with their overdraft lawsuit that they lost in California, their greedy behavior in the mortgage crisis, and their overall lack of professional courtesy in their dealings with customers, past or present, and certainly a harbinger for the future for any customers, which we still are one because we have a mortgage with Wells Fargo also. These people do not deserve to be in the banking industry. They are money mongers.


Since we do not want to lose our house, we contacted Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in spring of 2010 for a loan modification, after being counseled that there were many different options available to us. I got the ‘Agreement’ letter today with our upcoming payment schedule for the next four months. The first three months were, of course, the reduced payment amount. But the fourth payment was the full payment for April PLUS the balance of payments that would have normally been made. Unbelievable! I am contacting any state and federal agency that will listen to me to complain about this. I can’t believe we were strung along for EIGHT MONTHS, then lied to that this would be a ‘relief’ for us!


I will immediately get to the major points of my complete frustration and the financial loss I have occurred while working with Wells Fargo Financial and Wells Fargo Mortgage on my refinance. Please note Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has my current mortgage. I’ll state the facts out briefly and later in my message I will provide any clarifying information you may need to fully understand my frustration and complete dissatisfaction with your organization.

1. I have lost approximately $9119.18 (a + b below = $9119.18) in paid interest; which includes, monthly out of pocket expenses due to the delays that continue to occur that are preventing the closing of my refinance. None of these delays were created by me. I responded immediately to any requests made of me.

a. I am current paying an additional $658 per month out of pocket each month this refinance does not close. This is the difference in the current mortgage payment amount and the new mortgage payment once the loan is closed. In addition, I currently pay an additional $300 per month for homeowners insurance and property taxes; these are not escrowed in my current loan. The Initial closing date for this loan was 8/24/10 – 12/24/10 (4 months) x $685 per month = $2740.

b. Each day the closing of the new loan is delayed it costs me approximately, $51.45 per day in interest charges. Based on the original closing date I was given by Wells Fargo Financial 8/23/10; the total interest cost to me is 124 days x 51.45= $6379.81 (8/24/10-12/24/10)

After a detailed review of your web site it appears Wells Fargo Mortgage and Wells Fargo Financial are definitely promoted as one in the same. Prior to writing this letter I reviewed your web page regarding your company’s mission and values. Based on my experience over the past 6 months you are not adhering to or successfully meeting the expectations of your commitment to the customers you serve. In fact, I reviewed several web pages and found information regarding loan refinancing options that appear to be a much better financial option for my situation.

Other options of loan programs were never discussed with me when Wells Fargo Mortgage took over my initial application for a refinance from Wells Fargo Financial due to inaccurate information provided by their staff. Wells Fargo Financial took full responsibility for the issue and assisted in transferring all necessary documents and information to Wells Fargo Mortgage to ensure I did not experience any additional challenges with the refinance process. I’ve included at the bottom of this email specific information from your websites that appear to be a much better programs than the current one I am locked into.

I would like to know specifically, why these programs were not discussed with me and why I was not provided with all the options available to me at the time this loan was initiated. The initial closing date provided on the application completed with Wells Fargo Mortgage is 10/30/10, currently 54 days past due.

I respectfully request your immediate reply to my concerns and request I be compensated adequately for the money I have lost due to the poor and inadequate service provided by Wells Fargo. I do not believe the $1000 offered by Randy Smith is adequate due to the amount of money I have lost in doing business with Wells Fargo, the continued inadequate customer service; and, my refinance still has not closed nor do I have an accurate summary statement for my review.

It appears in your Code of Ethics section A. subsection 3, 2nd bullet you have the ability and authority to waive fees and offer discounts. Please get back with me right away to discuss those options you are willing to offer.


Suzi Pulczinski
907-982-1374 email: suzip@gci.net

To ensure you have specific details of my experience working with your organization I have included a detailed recap of the circumstances, consistent issues, and what appears to be a total lack of disregard for your customers.

Summary of events:

Initially, I was contacted by your Wells Fargo Financial office located in Wasilla, Alaska a few years ago. I was extremely impressed with the customer service provided by the loan specialist and the office manager, they were knowledgeable, answered all of my questions, explained the risks and long term advantages of the options they could offer, and were true to the promises and agreements made with me both verbally and in writing.

I was contacted by Wells Fargo Financial to inquire about my interest in refinancing my current mortgage, due to the very high rate of 10+%. This contact occurred in April or early May 2009. I immediately followed through with the requirements to make application for the refinance. I was given a closing date on the signed contract of 8/23/2010 at the latest. During the application process I was assured by the loan processor that at the time of closing I would be able to lock into the current interest rate if it was lower than the 5.1 we currently figured in the loan. The loan cleared underwriting and an appointment was made to close the loan. The date of the closing I contacted Wells Fargo Financial to ensure the interest rate was adjusted to the current low rate of 4.5. At that time, it was explained I had been given miss information by the loan processor and the interest rate could not be adjusted. During this conversation with Chris the local manager he said the only option was to start the process over to get the lower rate. He stated his office was unable to do it but he would connect me with another Wells Fargo office to complete the refinance on my loan.

Immediately upon referral to Wells Fargo Mortgage in your Wasilla office I was contacted by loan processor Jay Larson. All my information was transferred from Wells Fargo Financial to Wells Fargo Mortgage and confirmed by Jay. In approximately 1-2 weeks Jay contacted me to explain I would need to come into the office and sign the new loan application. We scheduled a time and date and the application was signed and the interest rate was locked in on 8/24/10. During my initial phone call with Jay and again in person when signing the loan application I asked Jay about closing costs I would be expected to pay. He stated an estimate of $200 or so but he could not be certain. At that time, I said, no problem but a few thousand would be an issue. I also explained my loan with Wells Fargo Financial would not require any money from me at closing and I would assume this will be the same. Today, I was told by Jay my anticipated closing costs would be approximately $3600; the actual summary sheet he provided shows the closing cost I must provide at $4606.

Periodically, throughout the past 4 months Jay has checked in with me. Often, I initiated the contact to check the status of my loan. I called several times with concerns of my appraisal expiring before closing. Jay reassured me initially we should have no problem closing before the appraisal will expire. However, if it does we can request an extension. I was contacted by Jay on November 1st or 2nd, he told me everything looked great, the loan was ready to move forward and we should close within about 10 days. Needless to say, it had already been 90 days with Wells Fargo Financial and another 60 days with Wells Fargo Mortgage I’d been waiting to close this loan. I was very excited we were finally closing. In approximately mid-November I contacted Jay and asked what happened why haven’t we closed yet. He indicated they were very busy and the case was set and ready to go through underwriting.

I was then contacted a day later requesting additional information from another Wells Fargo employee indicating he was following up for Jay and that a couple question had not been completed on my initial application and he needed to ask me those before the loan could move forward. I answered his questions. I explained to this employee I was concerned because my appraisal was expiring in a few days and Jay had indicated we would have closed around mid-November and it was now late November and the appraisal expires 11/28/10. He stated he would do what he could. With still no update on my loan closing I went to the Wells Fargo Mortgage Office in Wasilla, on approximately 11/30 after several attempts to get clear and accurate information over the phone. At that time, I spoke with Jay and Brenda who indicated she was the area manager. I expressed my frustrations; she explained she just became aware of the situation and would look into it and get back with me the next day. Jay apologized by saying he is only as good as the information he is given.

Brenda did contact me the following day in a timely manner. She explained she had contacted underwriting and that the appraisal expired so they requested an extension. She explained the appraiser agreed to do it right away. Brenda explained once that was received she had the file tagged so it could be routed immediately to the correct underwriter for completion. She stated she would call me with an update the following day. Jay and Brenda also indicated they expected we would close by Wednesday 12/8. I explained I would be in Fairbanks for business the entire week. Brenda indicated arrangements could be made to close in Fairbanks. She would let me know once we had a firm closing date. I received no contact from Jay or Brenda until Monday 12/6 or Tuesday 12/7, which was initiated by me. I had not received a return phone call on, 12/1, 12/2, or 12/3 from Brenda. However, she later left me a voice message stating she did call me on one of those days, however a check of my voice mail at all contact numbers I did not have any message from Brenda. Jay did return my call early in the week 12/6, he explained we should close any day. I explained I was in Fairbanks and to arrange the closing for Monday 12/13 or 12/14 if necessary. I was again contacted by Jay on Tuesday 12/7 requesting I provide additional copies of my paystubs, since those provided initially were now too old. These were provided to Jay via fax within hours of his request.

Upon my return to Wasilla on Saturday 12/11 I had not heard back from Jay about a closing date. On Monday, December 13, I called Jay. During that conversation he explained we were still not ready to close. He said he could tell the loan was in the process and we should have it ready for closing any day. At this point, I requested to talk with his Supervisor Brenda’s manager because it is clear neither he nor Brenda have the ability or authority to correct the issues.

I immediately contacted the local area manager Rod. He was out of the office so I left a detailed message of my concerns and requested a call back. Rod returned my call within a reasonable amount of time. He indicated he did not have the details of the situation; however, throughout the conversation it became clear he had talked with Jay or Brenda about the details of my concerns. I explained the challenges I have experienced throughout my dealings with Wells Fargo, beginning in June. He stated adamantly he would not take responsibility for the poor service provided by Wells Fargo Financial. I explained from the customer perspective they are one in the same. I explained the issues and the concerns I have about the unacceptable customer service I have received in addition to the money I am losing each month this loan does not close. In my attempt to explain exactly what I was referring to, Rod interjected his opinion several times, which unfortunately were inaccurate to the situation I was attempting to explain. These are the facts I requested he consider for every month this loan does not close:
1. The appraisal expired and had to be recertified.
2. My current mortgage payment is approximately $1525 per month.
3. My monthly expense for taxes and homeowners expense is approximately $300
4. New mortgage estimated payment including taxes and insurance $1250 per month

Current monthly mortgage, taxes, and insurance: $1825 per month
New loan estimated monthly mortgage, taxes, and insurance $1225 per month

For every month this mortgage closing is delayed costs me $658 (per Jay’s calculations) per month cash out of my pocket.

Rod explained he would have to confirm with Jay that this was actually the money I was paying out each month; he stated once he verified it he would consider providing me with a $400 discount on the loan. I explained that was unacceptable. I requested the name and phone number of his supervisor. He provided the name and phone number for Randy Smith.

I contacted Randy Smith immediately and left him a detailed message of my concerns. Randy returned my call a few hours later, approximately 5pm Alaska time. He acknowledged my frustrations; however, was unable to assist in moving my loan forward so a closing date could be set. We also discussed the monthly amount I was losing just by paying the mortgage, taxes, and insurance on my current mortgage $658 total more than if the refinance had been closed. Randy confirmed he checked with Jay and I was having to put out about $658 more a month than if the loan had closed timely. He offered to compensate me with $400, I explained this was unacceptable. I had already lost over $3000, he stated he was unwilling to even consider that amount. I suggested he at least cover the cost of the 50 days plus Wells Fargo Mortgage has delayed the loan which cost me in only monthly costs $1400 (not including the interest costs I am incurring for each day the loan does not close.) Randy then stated he liked round numbers and offered $1000 which I agreed to. I asked him specifically, when the loan will close, he stated by the end of the month. I again expressed my complete frustration of unacceptable service – I have been waiting since June. He stated he had no control over it and could not guarantee a date earlier than the end of the month. I explained to Randy, that if the loan had not closed by Friday 12/17 we would be talking again because I would expect additional compensation for the continued delays. It is now December 23, an accurate summary statement has not been provided to me, nor has a closing date been set. However, I was assured the loan was approved by underwriting.

It was explained last week the reason we could not close yet was due to waiting for a payoff on my current mortgage. On 12/14 the pay off still had not been received. Jay contacted to confirm my November mortgage payment had been made. I assured him I had, but then checked my account and realized I had neglected to electronically transfer the payment. I did so immediately on 12/14. I contacted Jay again on 12/17 because I still did not have a closing date. He stated the payoff had been received but did not reflect my current payment. Considering my current mortgage is with Wells Fargo Mortgage and my refinance is also with Wells Fargo Mortgage it seems very odd that an accurate payoff would not be available immediately or at least within 24 hours.

Throughout my discussions with loan processors, Branch Managers, Areas Managers, and Regional Managers it was clearly conveyed they did not care about the customer service they provide and often discounted or quibbled with me regarding the details of information we discussed. In fact, at least two of these employees eagerly agreed they are working in a broken system. It was also clearly conveyed to me they would give no consideration to the poor service provided by Wells Fargo Financial. However, I will state again in reviewing your web site it is clear Wells Fargo Financial is a member of the Wells Fargo Company.


My story is so similar to everyone who assumed Wells Fargo new anything about fair practice act. Got fired, got behind asked for modification, they asked for insurance claims. They sold my home after saying we are going to do everything to keep you in your home blah blah blah. Wells Fargo foreclosed in 5 months after not missing a payment for over ten years. We had been paying extra on the loan almost each month, we had been paying when we did not even live in the home for over a year due to a fire. Now what I need to know is what is the note, and how do i find out who really owns the note. My original loan was with wamu.


The Wells Fargo people were put together, we were assured over and over, and over that, we would get in front of Wells Fargo before they left and that we would leave with an answer. I waited and waited and was just about to get in front of Wells Fargo and they announced that they were too tired and were going home and we would not be seen. The frustrating part is I was within minutes of being in front of Wells Fargo and they went home when it was my turn. As a result, I am getting all of this non-communication and told different stories every time I talk to someone. This has been a very painful process and has been way more work than it should ever have been – especially since I was told in Phoenix that I would leave with an answer from Wells Fargo.


I am incredibly annoyed by Wells Fargo right now and their constant solicitors phone calls. I understand I am behind on bills, but there is no reason to call this much. I don’t make money on an hourly and daily basis and I wish Wells Fargo understood that. I working on getting money together, but please be more patient. After all I have paid you consistently on my home loan mortgage for the last 10 years! I get calls from phone sales people all the time, and most of them are just looking to make some easy cash so they usually are persistent, however you’d think with more long term goals Wells Fargo would not want to get on my nerves like this!


Wells Fargo are liars and thieves. When I first started having problems they informed me to call their home loan program and also contact the Home Affordable Modification Program. After months of getting nowhere and multiple trials payments I am told that the “Investor” that now owns my loan does not do modifications through the Home Affordable Modification Program. So instead of making arrangements for me to pay off the loan with a low interest rate Wells would rather sell the house to investors and get reimbursed the LOSS from the government which means the tax payers. Wells made money when they sold my loan to investors and now Wells will get paid again from the government that guaranteed the loan. They get money no matter what happens, so why would Wells Fargo ever care about the interests of their customers!!! They can’t lose no matter how bad they run their business!


I was a long time customer of Wells Fargo. The most important feature was my flawless online banking experience. As I learn now they were a rare find. You entered your bills to be paid by the date you needed them paid. If a paper check needed to be mailed, Wells Fargo used to give you an estimate as to when the payment would be received by the payee. Most important, the money did not leave your account until the check was presented to the bank for payment. Now they have all but forgotten about us, the customers! They could care less when or why things get posted, and it’s up to you to guess at when the money will clear for payments!!!


As a consumer in today’s unfortunate housing market, I can’t thank the government enough for making the Home Affordable Mortgage Act. In exchange for a promise from lenders to help consumers in hardship to catch their loans up and avoid for-closure the Federal Government has allotted special bailout funds to these business’s. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is deliberately doctoring their numbers, misleading consumers that call upon them for help, turning away people with unfair and fraudulent acts, as well as withholding information and documents needed for consumers to stop the for-closure proceedings in a way I believe is to purposely to gain homes in areas that will not only let them recoup their losses, but the equity in that home as well.


I tried to refinance my house with Wells Fargo and I have a good credit score, I owe less balance on bills then when I bought the house as well as I put a large down payment down so I don’t owe a lot. I thought this would help me out in this process with Well Fargo Mortgage, but oh was I sorely mistaken. The person I was working with was concerned about a balance of $38.10 which was going to be paid off that week, but I figured nobody would take such a small amount seriously. Even thought they have gotten Stimulus money they are not interested in refinancing my house, though I have explained the situation. I pay my mortgage early every month since I bought the house, and this is extremely frustrating given my situation. They are not interested in any business, especially mine!


I purchased a vehicle in 2006 with a co-signer at 12.5% (sub prime). It’s supposed to be almost paid off however, they just repossessed my vehicle after almost 4 years of timely payments, the loan being 13 calendar days late, my car is gone. Also, as many other people have posted in their complaints, I have had collateral protection insurance attached on and off over the course of the last 4 years regardless of the fact that I have had full coverage insurance. I really want people mostly to know that there are class action law suits open and moving full steam ahead for most of these violations.

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