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Hi, my twitter is playing up it is saying my username and password are incorrect well Iv changed my password and its still not letting me tweet Its saying I can’t be found its happened before can u fix it or shall I make a television complaint and make it worst!!?


Just over 2 weeks ago, my Twitter account was hacked in the early hours and my account was sending out a Get Rich Quick Tweet. When logging onto Twitter Help, it suggested I changed my password, which I did, but 24 hours later, I was sending out Spam to all my followers. I think this was due to me opening a link from a follower claiming he had discovered a Twitter app to see who was following you – little did that I know that @ermcarter (carter brandon) had been infected with a virus too.

I only have internet on my BlackBerry, so my cousin de-activated my account for me & both he & I on separate occasions tried to access it, we couldn’t because of the de-activation, so we knew it had worked. However, I am still receiving followers and a friend says someone is using my old account @KaraWalmsley. I have sent 2 complaints (the first via API, which was passed on to the relevant dept) but I have heard nothing and am disgusted at being ignored like this, especially when I told them someone is masquerading as me & I do not want people conned via account with my nam.


Help! I am being ignored by Twitter. I have sent 2 complaints to them to inform them that because I have been hacked once & contracted a virus, I de-activated my account. I have since found out that someone is using this account, plus I am still receiving followers. Twitter just don’t seem to care about this serious issue. My old account @KaraWalmsley was under my name, and if someone is using my name to scam people, this is very serious indeed!


Twitter says they set limits on tweets per-day for those who have an account with Twitter. Twitter states on it’s Current Twitter Limits page that, “Updates: 1, 000 per day. The daily update limit is further broken down into smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals. Retweets are counted as updates.” Well; Twitter thinks 100 tweets is 1,000 tweets and stops me from updating. I’d contacted Twitter and gotten wrong numbers and emails that don’t work. Nobody at Twitter cares to listen; they send you only to their Help Center page and that doesn’t do no help to me.


The South Yorkshire man who was recently convicted for joking about bombing an airport on Twitter is now just one of many who have done the exact same thing. Now, thousands of Twitter users are expressing support for Chambers, repeating his tweet together with a hashtag #IAmSpartacus, a reference to the film Spartacus, in which fellow gladiators express solidarity with Spartacus by uttering the phrase, “I am Spartacus.” I don’t really understand this, because people are supporting something that shouldn’t be a joke!

I know it’s all fun and games, I just don’t think this is the time or the place to support somebody who joked about blowing up an airport on a public website. Twitter is not private, it is completely public! How can not take these kinds of threats, jokes, and anything even close very seriously given the history of terrorism worldwide? If somebody had blown up a building, but had tweeted about it earlier in the week, I’m sure the public outcry would be why something wasn’t done earlier.


So I went on twitter today to check my usual friends tweets. A bright yellow “promoted” badge catches my eye in the trends section, next to a link to “McRib is back”. I don’t really think that’s something that would normally trend, so I check out the hash to see what’s up. To my delight (not a huge fan of McDonalds or the McRib, I find page after page of tweets making fun of the McRib sandwich. Looks like McDonalds plan backfired, unless their plan was to create the largest wave of negative PR for the greatest amount of money.

It just upsets me as somebody who loves social networks as a means of staying up to date on news and connecting with other people. I guess it’s the form of monetization that Google following showing “sponsored listings”, that otherwise would never have showed up in organic search results. If you are going to have trending topics great, if you are going to have people pay to fake trends, then place those somewhere else so I can ignore them. This is just passing off social networking to the highest bidder, and I don’t like where this is headed. Am I alone on this one?

Oh well, at least it didn’t work out like McDonalds wanted. They trend the McRib on Twitter, but people are smarter than that. This is another example of somebody wanting to be a player in social media, but having no clue how social works. It is a totally different environment than a typical marketing play. I’m sure they paid twitter a small fortune for that trend kickstart, but did they really expect the entire twitter community to jump all over their beloved McRib?


Twitter spam seems like it is everywhere more and more today. For every helpful tweet there are a million ones about making ten thousand dollars in five hours, or helping cure cancer, it just gets annoying after awhile. Is this just me here? I like to follow lots of people on twitter for good info, but lately people tweet reply @ me and they don’t even know or me and just want to scam me to buy some weird product.

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