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That's funny to me! 100 words or less on why I am not happy!! Check your records! This is the third time I uses you this year!!
I ordered three items on line.. The on line system WOULD NOT LET ME SEND TO MY TO MY HOME.. I though ok all three items will go the same time! NO. The cheapest item went first......... I sent an email saying how upset I was.. JOKE!!! THE NEXT ITEM WENT TO THE ADDRESS WITH MY NAME. WHAT THE HELL?? WAS GIFTED WRAPPED SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO POORLY!!


My wife and daughter visited Toy R Us at Bankstown and wanting to by a bicycle. My daughter selected a bicycle and asked the staff. He told me out of stock, and I told him we are happy to get the floor stock on displayed. He told me it will cost us additional $20 stating to recoup the cost to have someone to setup. I asked where does this indicated that it will cost more. the response was that how it is. Throughout the conversation, he keep picking up calls and getting us waiting from one call after another.

We then ask another staff as at that time, didn't realized he is a store Manager. The staff told me there should not be additional cost. So I asked for the Store Manager and the same person turned up. The attitude was poor; picking up calls while dealing with the customers and told us the same thing. I said I am going to complaint. He does not seems to care. The worst experience is I contacted Toys R Us corporate feedback and the operator told me someone will contact me after taking my complaint in 5 days. Today I am yet to receive any call from Toys R Us customer relations. Well, I will now complaint to ASIC about the issue of hidden cost and attempt to charge customers.


I was shopping at the Toys r Us store in Porter Ranch Ca. The date was September 5, 2016 at 7 pm. I entered the store and was shocked to see the conditions of the entryway. There was an array of debris all over the floor of the entrance. The carts were not stacked up but left all over the area also in disarray. I know customers do not place carts back many times and I am sure the debris was left by the previous Customers but my point is why wasn't the area cleaned up? It looked terrible.

Throughout the store I saw more disarray things not picked up but left in messes all over the many store aisles. There seemed to be an air of disorganization and a lackadaisical attitude from the cashiers. Usually this store is not like this. As I was checking out the clerk didn't even ask if I wanted to purchase a bag for my things and his attitude was lax even as he rang up my purchases. I am surprised at all of this because I've shopped at this store for years and yet I have never seen it looking like this.

I think someone in authority ought to look into this and perhaps re-train the employees. I don't know who the manager is but he or she should be informed.This is disappointing to me and I hope you will look into this. Toys r us has a reputation to uphold and these things should not be allowed to go unreported.


Disgusting experiences. Have signed up for rewards program on three occasions and I cannot be found in the system. Each time I registered I was assured that the problem was corrected and I would not have a problem in the future. Complained to store manager and he could not pursue my latest issue because computers were down. Asked for Corporate phone number to complain about my ongoing issue only to be told by manager that there was no need to do that because complaint would just go back to him. I left the broken skate board with him and told him to keep it. I had bought a replacement policy on it , but it could not be located because I, again, do not exist in your company.


I've been a regular customer at the Toys R us in Massapequa for many many years and have never dealt with such a nasty store manager.He never smiles, greets or even tries to help me find what i'm looking for.

I have heard him speak horribly and just degrade his employees while on the sales floor in front of customers. The employees at this store are always very helpful and take the time to speak to my son but recently they all look very stressed and as if they don't even want to be there. Don't get me wrong they are still very nice but you can tell the difference since he got to the store. I didn't even know his name, because he never wears his name tag, until recently because I over heard someone call him on the walkie talkie for help because a customer wanted to speak to him.

He, Maurice, was just standing in an aisle not doing anything and told the employee that he was busy. I mean I thought we the customer deserve a lot more respect than that. I've come into the store with my son 2 Saturdays in a row because my son loves and looks forward to the events Toys R Us has and have had to tell my son that it was canceled. When I ask I'm told it's because the person who does the events is the only person on register and the store manager doesn't think they should hold the event.

When I looked by register I saw that for a Saturday they only had 2 cashiers. I've never seen that or any store with only 2 cashiers on a Saturday. This Store Manager is going to run my child's favorite store to the ground. I honestly didn't want to call customer service to complain because I've never ever complained about any retail.

I worked in retail when I was younger and know how rough it is but felt like I needed to say something. Customers and employees shouldn't be treated the way I've seen this Store Manager treat people on several occasions. I don't even want a call back, I know nothing really gets done when customers complain but maybe a small slap on the wrist.

I just rather not walk into that store until he is gone.Which sadly means I will have to explain to my son why it is that he can't go into his favorite store anymore.


On June 20th I placed an order online, order number 3635137148. We have received 2 items but not the toddler bed that I had ordered for my granddaughter. After more than 4 calls dealing with this matter, I had called again only to find out that a shipping label had been created for the bed but it had never been shipped. It was originally scheduled to be delivered by July 1st. The customer service rep this time was very helpful and spoke English. She put in a reorder number 443583176, with an express shipping. Once again no email stating that the bed has been shipped.

After too many calls that should of resolved this issue, I am beyond frustrated and would like this matter resolved and if you can fill this order within 48 hours I would my money fully refunded for the price of the bed and the shipped of which you have already received!


As a woman of color I find this doll and the company extremely racist. I'm requesting this doll be pull from your shelves. I will also appreciate you taking responsibility of this disrespect to people of color, and contact the company and advice them of the gross disrespect that we feel concerning their dolls.


I ordered a playset off of to have shipped to my home. The playset cost $1799.99 plus tax and I also had to pay $299.99 for shipping. I placed the order on 4/23/16. On 4/28/16 it shipped. Since the item was large (approx. 700 lbs) it was to be delivered via a freight company, Estes. The freight company was to contact me to schedule the delivery. On 5/2 I was contacted. I told the freight company that due to the nature of my driveway, I was unable to accommodate a semi-truck and asked if they delivered in a UPS type of truck. They then asked me if I could meet them somewhere to pick up the play set. One, it's 700 lbs and two, I paid 299.99 to have it shipped to MY HOME. Estes said they'd request a smaller truck and scheduled the delivery for 5/4.

On 5/4 they cancelled and re-scheduled the delivery for 5/6. On 5/6 they cancelled and re-scheduled for 5/9. On 5/9 -- guess what??? They cancelled AGAIN and now are unable to deliver my playset as requested. I was told to contact Toys R Us, so I did. Toys R Us called the freight company on 5/9 and told me that delivery would be re-scheduled for this week. I contacted the freight company today, 5/12 and my shipment is still not scheduled, and they could give me no date. I contacted Toys R Us again, and this time I was told that it was out of their hands and that I needed to deal with Estes, the freight company on my own. I said this wasn't acceptable, I paid 299.99 to TOYS R US for freight and I wanted them to do something for me. So they come back with that they'll give me a refund of 150.00 -- doesn't solve my problem, but hey, it's money back, right??? WRONG.

When I made the purchase of the playset, I went out and purchased $1000.00 worth of gift cards(to get Giant Eagle fuel perks) and put the balance of $800+ on my Toys R Us credit card. Toys R Us is only willing to give me MY $150.00 back via giftcard -- they refuse to credit my charge card. I talked and complained to 2 different people stating that I did not agree with their resolution and was told there was nothing else they can do. So not only is my playset being held hostage, but now $150.00 of my money is being held also. Toys R Us screwed me over on an order last year, and I said then I'd never order from them again --- but yet here I am. Screwed again.


So frustrated right now. I ordered a dresser from a store location and paid for delivery, after I un-boxed it... It's damaged. I called the Toys R Us 1-800 customer service number and was told since it wasn't online I had to deal with the store but the district manager would call me in 24 hrs. (That was Friday... Still no call). I've called the store (Columbia MD) directly 50 times in the last hour and every single time they hang up on me. I'm so upset right now and have a baby dresser that is useless.


We received a $15.00 Rewards card to be used by 2/26/16 after spending a FORTUNE at Christmas time for our grandkids. I came in the store and bought a Helix Power Spin Play for $16.99. We took it back to the store because my grandson wanted a Lego set. Instead of crediting us with $16.99, I was credited $1.99. Basically I was given a reward (from your rewards club) and then it was taken away from me. It should NOT matter what we used that reward on (I was told you could only use the reward once). Your reward program stinks and I'll take my business elsewhere! And I returned the first item for the second on 2/14 still within the reward cards timeframe to use it.


I go in to Toys R Us EVERY for the past Saturdays in your clearance have 31 " tall star wars and the rock figures for $3.90 each. Sweet I brought these guys on 2 saturdays. Today I go back to your store and those clearance items were raised to $6.90....from $3.90 the next insulting thing was under the $6.90 ticket was a $12.90 ticket...who are you fooling ....shame on you...

When I asked a man cashier do n you usually raise clearance prices and he said YES it depends on the original price. Wow wow I drove 12 miles each way to get more clearance items and the 3rd item I went back for today was also raised....shame on is mutant mania wrestling. I will let my friends no about your phony clearance prices.


I have my baby registry through your store located in Kanata Ontario, Canada. The process itself is simple, though your kiosks don't print. I've gone on several occasions and it's always out of service, or just not working. This causes concern as my guests who will be attending my shower which is about 30 people will not be able to rely on the items that should be easily accessible. My next area of concern is that at the cash once things are bought some items didn't actually come off the registry even though the registry number was provided which would just results in me having to go back and a trip for nothing. On a regular day this is highly inconvenient and while being pregnant and about to deliver this is highly inappropriate.

I went into the store today, and noticed that the car seats were on sale. I came home to look at my registry to see if the prices were matching and realized that sale items in store do not correspond with your prices listed online.This is a huge downfall in your registry because my guests aren't aware and if they were to buy something online they missed out on a better deal. Why would you want your customers to be ripped off? I certainly do not want my family and close friends to be paying an extra amount when the same item is on sale in your store.

I have many many many people who are looking at this registry and it makes me upset knowing that your company is not dependable, and doesn't follow guidelines which are true to its name. For future purposes I would never recommend any pregnant woman to do her registry with your company. I've had to do everything on my own, and had to inform my guests of ACTUAL sale prices so that they wouldn't be over paying. This is so disappointing and such a waste of my time which is extremely limited. I look forward to hearing from someone who cares and has a proper response to my concerns.


Called the Johnson City, Tn store looking for an item the employee stated she would put me on hold and go look. 20 minutes later when I walked into store still on hold was told they didn't have item and nobody took my call even though the manager on duty, Nick or Nate seen my phone and took me off hold. This is very poor customer service and and there is no excuse for it. Retraining or new management that was working Jan 16, 2016 at 5:30 PM needs to be considered.


I deposited money into my account (cash) about 11:45 Sat evening. I then went to work and went online to take advantage of the shipping that they guaranteed by Christmas eve because I had expedited the purchase. Anyway, made the purchase printed the receipt, and received the email. I then got an email on Sunday that the order had been suspended because there were no funds on the card. Incorrect! Please see where I deposited cash. We called the bank and the money was pending (maybe 10 calls). We called toys r us (maybe more than 10 times) where they continued to explain to us that the fault was the bank, because there was a hold. .

We knew there was not a hold because we had spoken to the bank several times and they assured us that the money was pulled from Toys r us. Well then we had to do a conference, the bank and toys r us. The bank explained that they had taken out the money, and that toys r us could take as long as they wanted to retrieve it. Well toys r us still complained that they could not do anything, because of the "hold" that didn't even exist. She spoke about cancelling and reordering, but then because it is now 4 days until Christmas.

Well after speaking with my husband she did cancel but didn't reorder. I think that the way that this was handled really sucked, we spent 400 dollars in Toys r us and we have no merchandise. The first representative stated that she wouldn't even honor 1-2 day shipping. Now my kids have no gifts, we cant get back the money until 3 to 4 business days, and no one was willing to help. I will NEVER order from Toys r us online no matter what. You would think they would do for their customers during this busy time, especially when everything was verified. Thank you toys r us for ruining Christmas!


I recently visited your Warrington store, I spent quite a bit off money on my children's Xmas present, I had a problem with my first card so had to pay a second time, the women reassured me that the first payment has not gone through but the second payment, so as you can imagine I was rather upset when I when I went to another shop to our purchase something else and there was no money in my account because you had took both payments, Which equals to £679.

Also just before I carry on, the first payment which there was a problem with was for £339.79 and the second payment which went through fine was for £340. I know its only a couple off pence but your staff took it upon there selves to add that extra pence on. Anyway I went into my bank and they sorted it out bearing in mind this all happened within 1hour, anyway my account was back in credit and I thought that was the end off it. Only it's not, yet again the payment has tried to go out and will not expire till 18, so till then I have an overdrawn off over £300 which I cannot clear at the this time off year, and now I also have a bank account I can't use the week before Xmas, which a complete pain.

I also cannot pay my rent till this overdrawn balance is cleared, nor can I purchase anything else for my children till this is sorted out. I am completely devastated at the moment as you can imagine and stressed out without this kind of thing happening at this time of year, and will not be using this store again


I ordered a lamp (The Peanut Shell Mila Lamp with Shade), it arrived damaged. According to the Packing List, I could return the lamp to any store with no Hassle. I tried returning it to the store #8804 in Montgomery, AL, they would not take. She said that she would charge me if I returned it from the store. I waited on the phone for 45 minutes for a Toys R Us customer service representative. Finally hung up. I would like to replace the lamp . . . . but I don't feel like I should have to pay for the return when it came to me damaged. All I am trying to do is get a replacement lamp. BUT I can tell you, that I won't buy another thing from you. This has been a horrible experience. I would like a FREE Return Label for this lamp.


We attempted to purchase a few items today and because of lack of training on the manager and cashier path were not able to do so. We had two coupons from toys r us which we wanted to use but they both insisted that they can't take them. The manager (Larry) wasn't professional and made up stuff on the coupon and the cashier (Juanita ) was no help. After leaving we took a closer look and had notice what they were saying was wrong. We went back in and met the store manger who looked over the same coupon and agreed it would work and we were able to make our purchase. Point is if you don't know, don't try to act like you know and make the customer look like they are stupid; just be grown up about it and act professional. I would like to see or hear from someone to make sure this doesn't happen again.


Extremely rude and ignorant manager at the Toys R Us in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. I'm not even going to get into all the details of the problem, but suffice it to say, the manager was arrogant, and didn't care about my complaint at all. All that was needed was to exchange a Scooby-doo item my wife had purchased that had a broken wheel. All we wanted was the same vehicle-not money returned- and nobody else sold the vehicle as it was a special "Toys R Us exclusive", but because the receipt was misplaced, the manager wouldn't exchange the item. Total ass. With the prices Toys R Us is charging, you would think they would employ someone who can figure out how to make a customer happy without insulting and degrading them. Ridiculous policy on returns. Will be shopping at Walmart from now on.


On the 20th of November 2015 I noticed a withdraw from our joint account stating Toys R Us £24.99. I rang the bank to report a fraud because I and my partner haven't been to Toys R Us for months, when the women looked into it she said it was from the 11th September 2015, which I did purchase a Lego set the women said what might of happened is that there was something wrong with your system and that's why it took so long. I am very disgusted that is has happened and I wasn't informed about the situation. I no it's hard to no who purchased goods on their cards but you could send a message through facebook informing people you have had a glitch or try and contact the banks so they can inform people. I spent an hour on the phone trying to sort it out. Can you find out what happened that day and inform of what happened.


My family has had a most disheartening day with ToysRUs. My daughter and I went to your Fort Wayne store on Sunday when it opened looking for the Tonka 12 volt ride in dump truck that was on sale. The store claimed they had none. We were told to call on Thursday to see if any came in. I called this morning (Thursday) at 9:30 and was told there was 1. I explained that I was not able to transport it in my car and would need to pick it up when my daughter got home with her Jeep. I asked if I should come out and pay for it beforehand and was told that was not necessary. It would be held for us until 5:00. I called back after talking to my daughter and told the person on the phone that we could not make it until 6:00. My daughter is a teacher and is planning a party for children with cancer.

The person on the phone was very nice both times and assured me there was no problem. Everything was fine to this point. When my daughter, who is pregnant, got there at 5:50, she was told there were three available somewhere in the store, but they could not find any. The most aggravating part is that not only was there no dump truck on hold.! In other words I was called a LIAR! This is totally unacceptable and is not the way to run a business. My daughter and I have spent thousands of dollars over the years at ToysRUs and BabiesRUs. Something needs to be done to make sure items that you advertise on sale are at least available the first day when the store opens and that when you are told something is in and available for you, it will be there waiting when you get there.

I am a grandmother and retired teacher myself and this is not the way to deal with the public. I am so disappointed with the way we were treated today. I feel we have no choice but to take our business elsewhere! If I could give you 0 stars, I would!


I was recently shopping at the Toys r us in new port richey, fl. I usually take my son there and don't really mind the prices being higher than walmart, because I liked the environment of being geared completely around children. I have always appreciated the customer service, until today. When they customer service goes, and the prices are still higher, definitely not worth it. My son and I spent alot of time today walking around the store making our christmas lists for himself and everyone else. We planned on purchasing a few small items. One of which was a small lego set, that was fully stocked and labeled on the shelf. The entire time we were there he was talking about it, and looking at the package telling me all about it, super excited to hurry home and build it. When we went to ring up the cashier said this is not available to sell. I said excuse me?

She said I can't sell this to you until tomorrow! I looked at my son with tears in his eyes and asked isn't there anything you can do? She said no. So I asked for a manager. When she came up, she would not look at me or speak to me directly. My son is now crying. She looks at the screen, says "thats not for sale yet" I again asked isn't there anything you can do? She said "no" and started walking away still without even looking at me. I asked why was it stocked and labeled on the shelf? After I was ignored, I asked for the corporate number, she mumbled 800 toysrus and kept walking. I asked the cashier their names, and walked out without purchasing anything. I called the 800 number from the parking lot and live chat with customer service when I returned home. We then went to a birthday party ( geared around lego), so my son was sure to tell everyone about the lego set he almost got today, and why he didn't.

Every parent there told me that I behaved way too calmly and they would have been yelling in the store. I guess I was in aw about the whole ordeal, besides what kind of example would that set. My son was already asking why they were being so mean at the store? It is bad enough to treat an adult poorly, yet to upset my young child like that is completely unacceptable! Everything on our list is available at walmart, target, kmart, amazon. We will not be shopping at that toysrus this christmas or ever again. I will however be sure to tell everyone I know about the horrible experience.


I ordered two matching toys, one for girl and one for boy. I received a confirmation and several days later a shipping delivery date. Now a week later I received an email stating the girls toy was cancelled boy toy was being shipped. I called the Toys R Us customer service line and their response was it was out of stock and offered no alternative. After vigorously complaining the representative offered to try and locate this item in a store near me. He told me there was one of these items approximately 10 hours driving time away and if I wanted it I could go get it, but they would not ship it to me. Hearing this outrageous statement I demanded to speak with a supervisor and waited 35 minutes. Of course no solution was offered by this person either. This is not the first time something like this has happened. I will never purchase another item from Toys R Us. As a company dealing in toys for children they should be considered despicable. Shame on them.


I have unsubscribed several times from babies r us and toys r us emails. It has been well passed the 10 days it takes to end the mailings. I keep receiving email from toys r us. Please STOP emailing me! I do not want to hear from this company and it has become quite annoying.


Your rewards program is a joke! I just canceled mine as I have been buying gifts for my grandkids for years and have never received a single point to use towards any purchases. When I ask at the checkout stand about my rewards, no one seems to know how to determine where to find my points. I give up. Headache over this ---- GONE !!


Good evening. I forgot to give my Toys R Us sales associate the $10 gift card coupon, so I went over to customer service to receive it. The sales associate told me I had 2 other customers in front of me I stated OK. She was waiting on an customer and it look like she didn't really know what she was doing so sales associate Nick came over to assist. While waiting the employee waited on the other two customers plus more while I was standing there. When Nick finished with the other customer he did help me out. I stated to the employee, did you forget I was standing here she told me no I didn't. That was not good customer service and I was very unhappy with her response. Nick did apologize but overall customer service was bad.


I returned 2 separate packages in the mail. I rec'd an email confirming receipt of the return on 10/7. The two reference numbers for these credits is 393681757 and 393685517. I never received the refund to my original form of payment. I called Customer service on 10/22 and complained of not receiving funds back to my account. Customer Service filed a case to the Billing Department # 151021-002379. I was advised I would be contacted in 3 business days from Babies R Us Complaint Billing Department. I was never contacted by Billing so I called back Customer Service on 10/28 and provided them with the case number. I was advised that they couldn't process anything further and basically telling me there was nothing that they could. This is literally the worst customer Service I have ever received and not to mention you can barely understand anything of the reps say when you call them with an issue or a complaint. I will never shop here again!


Went into Toys R Us store in Whitby, Ontario, and ordered 2 items to be sent to Upper Wentworth store in Hamilton as a baby gift from the registry. After about 7 days still no sign of these items. Called customer service and spent a long time explaining the situation only to have the call dropped by the csr. Called back again and went through the situation again after another long period of time was told to check with Purolater.

So now I have spent time checking with the store in Hamilton, 2 CSR's and now I have to check with purolater. Outcome of this nightmare was that items were in the Hamilton store all the time and through staff incompetence we finally get these items a week later.

This was unacceptable! I called Csr again Saturday 23rd May. Now it's 9 days later only to be told that I can get 15% discount the next time I order something from the Hamilton store. Like I would ever again!! I asked can you please just send this to me. Answer: no thats the way it is.

I am so angry by now and had enough of the lack of concern and knowledge. I am now at at the stage where I will be contacting the office of the president if there is no response or satisfaction from this complaint.


My Name is Yudith Saavedra I am writing to you because your manager at the location on 3330 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60618 by the name of Diane was very rude to me yesterday on May 7, 2015 I went to try to return a power wheel that was purchase only a month ago It was used just once inside the house because at the time of purchase it was cold outside so it was still in very good condition nothing wrong with it..just that my two-year-old doesn't like it . she had a very bad attitude she kept walking away while I was talking to her and trying to show her my receipts because it shows very clearly on my receipt that all items could be returned within 90 days with the receipts and I have all my paperwork and my receipt for it and she still was very rude and wouldn't help me so I went to a different toys "R" Us in Melrose Park and they help me out so as far as your western location I will never shop there again because if you can't be a peoples person and speak to people with manners and respect then they shouldn't be working there specially with kids having to see that type of behavior from a manager because it is a kids store and as parents were spending lots of money at your store so it's not fair for your employees to have that type of bad attitude very bad look i'm very disappointed.


I called yesterday to find out what time the next wave of amiibos went on sale for preorder. You employee told me it started at 10am today. I just found out that the preorders started at 2am CDT. When I called toys r us all I got was a rude employee saying "its online only". I explained to him "I know its online only, but why did your employee tell me the preorders started at 10?" "sorry its online only" *hung up* This is the second time toys r us screwed me with these amiibo preorders. I had a big problem last time I tried to preorder the lucario amiino. I will never shop at toys r us again.


It has come to my attention that you are now selling a Quija Board, the packaging aimed for little girls. Apparently you do not know how dangerous the quija board is. It is NOT A TOY!!! It is EVIL!! By selling this you are putting children & families in danger. There are Many of us who will not shop in your stores or any stores that carry this item, until you take it from your shelves. If you really care about your customers, you would not continue to sell this in your stores. I pray you will make a wise choice & discontinue the quija board from your shelves forever....Ty


Introduced by my friend it was my very first visit to babies R Us . Excited i was due to the fact im going to be a grandmother for the first time and thought it to be a place of business i would return to for a long time. Its been far from that . I experienced the worst customer service ever. I was in the store for a good two hours and spent over $1,000. When i got home i realized i was missing 5 pairs of baby shoes that were bagged separately. I wasn't notified at all. The store had my information because i ordered a crib and received a rewards card that day. When i called to inform them i wasnt given the items purchased the response from the clerk that waited on me was a chuckle and " oh yea the bag is right here, i must have forgot to give it to you , and do you have your receipt? " I explain to her yes however i would need to send my sister with it due to my injuries from a car accident and not feeling well. She then said , " oh im gonna have to ask my manager if that's OK" . I said , really?

But im sending her with my receipt. " she said yea ill get back to you hold please.I couldn't believe she was going to put me on hold and discuss such a open and close situation when after just leaving the store and purchasing the amount i had with them. When she returned after leaving me on hold for well over five minutes i told her just that and that i would go in myself. As i arrived 30 min after the phone call i stood in line as the same girl that waited on me and confirmed on the phone it was her , walked by twice behind the register ignoring the fact i was there. I then related to someone else i needed to pick up some paid for items. It was only then then she decided to help me and retrieve the bag from an office. I left ,went home and decided id better look over my purchases. I came to the spa bath and noticed the tape on the bottom didn't look completely on the box. I then realized it had been opened and looked used by the water spots and scratched dirty surface.

I immediately called and was left on hold for ten minutes until after being transferred to the manager. She apologized and said to go in and they would have another ready. The next day i went in and the exchange. The following two days i received a call stating the crib I ordered was in. I called back to confirm why it couldn't be delivered and i was told it could but i would have to pay $100 to do that and additional $25 for every step after the first 6. I was almost considering but my brother in law said he would pick it up. The next day my family and i went back to the store and picked it up and i purchased another $260 of items. Oh the day i returned the bath i purchased $180 of baby items too. The following day after picking up the crib my brother in law noticed there was a crack in the wood if the crib and hole in the mattress i bought there too. My hands went up and i began to cry. My sister had to take it from there. We're still jumping through hoops to get my grand daughters space together and hoping it will get done before she arrives. We have one week left. I will never spend another dime at this business again


For the past two years shopping @toysrus in specifically in New Port Richey Florida, Clearwater Florida, and Wesley Chapel Florida I have had no success when looking for merchandise pertaining to collectors merchandise including the following. From a Collectors stand point this is unacceptable that A Big Company such as Toys r Us cant even keep enough stock in of any of these Items. From a Stand point of going in the store I have also gotten wind of certain stores and the managers in those stores are holding items for themselves or specific customers and it never reaches the store shelves.

Again this is also unacceptable as a customer never even gets the chance to purchase any of the items they are looking for. The toys r us in this area basically does the Collectors NO FAVORS What so Ever. They only restock the baby toys and never COLLECTORS Toys. IT is also pretty sad when the same item is available online but Toys r us Wont ship to PO Box's.


* Star Wars Black Series both 3 3/4 figures and 6 inch figures
*Star Wars Saga Legends 3 3/4 figures both mission series and rebels series & single's
*Marvel Legends 6 inch Figures
*All Neca Products which includes ( Predator, Alien, Terminator and Horror Movie Figures )
* WWE Figures


I placed an order on Nov.22 for a Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle.....Order number 8597934258-0. I paid with 2 gift cards that were $20 each and the rest on PayPal. I received a confirmation email stating my order went through. Several hours later I received an email stating my order was cancelled. The email gave a 1-800 number to call. I did call.....3 times with one call being on hold for over 60 minutes were I was then asked to leave a message. I did! It is now 24 hrs later and I hadn't received a phone call back. I also tried calling the Modesto store numerous times and no one ever answers. My gift cards balance is at ZERO!!! All I want is my $40 back. I cant believe the frustration this company has caused me. They have lost me as a customer. Oh and btw... I live an hour from the nearset Toys R Us so just going to the store isn't an option.


My husband and I are furious with your company. We each pre-ordered Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition and today I get an email stating that due to "technical difficulties" our orders were cancelled. I have spoken to several customer service people to find out how and why this happened. You should have know you were only getting so many and therefore only taken that amount of pre-orders. Instead, you allowed people to continue to pre-order the item knowing you would not be able to fulfill them.

This is completely unacceptable. Due to ypour complete incopentence regarding pre-orders, I now cannot purchase this item anywhere. If I would have known this was going to be the issue, I would have pre-ordered from another store and would have been guaranteed to have it already. This problem with "technical difficulties" seemd to be a Toys R Us issue, no other stores seem to have had this problem with fulfilling customers orders.

And to compensate us with $10 off our next order is a slap in the face. You can be sure ordering from your company will never happen again. We will no longer shop/order anything ever again from Toys R Us. I have also started letting many people know how you operate and what has happened, as well as post online, on facebook and several other online social sites. I promise you I will be getting the word out! And I'm sure you don't really care, but by my order not getting fulfilled and not being able to purchase this game anywhere, my autistic son is going to be completely and uderly crushed. I am the one who has to try and explain to him why he isn't getting this game and then see the look on his face...not you!


Toysrus in Shirley I walked into shop a female member of staff at the customer service desk said can i take your shopping bags i said why. She said that it is policy that we have your shopping bags. I then said i have bought a ipod from Currys worth £200 so if i hand over my bag are you responsable for my bag she said no. I then said i know and understand why you would like to hold my bags until i finished shopping in your store but due to the value of my ipod i feel worried about me leaving my bag with you knowing that you are not responsable for my bag. the member of staff said well its our policy, and if you take your bag into the shop you will be asked to be search on the spot by a security guard i said fine i have a receipt for my things in my bag.

I felt like i done something wrong because other people were walking in with bags. After our talk i looked back at the desk and seen the member of staff talking and smurking with other staff all of them looking at me i felt really bad and i could not look around the shop properley for xmas presents. I informed the manager but i still feel down when i am thinking back of what happened. This took place at about 11:30 on 26.11.12 toyrus Shirley kind regards jason


I purchased a Kindle Fire HD from the Greece, NY location on 10/15/2012. I was unsatisfied with the item an I wanted to return it so I went back to the location where I purchased the item and I was told that I was unable to return the item because it was "opened." Who doesn't open an item to see if they like it or not? So I proceeded to see if I could find a sign of some sort stating the return policy on electronics in the electronic area. I was unsuccessful at finding the sign. So I spoke to the store associate and she informed me that the store policy was at every register on a placemat. The return policy was very small and I doubt people look at that so they buy things in good trust that they're able to return them later on. Obviously this is not the case I was told that I would have to call the number for the protection plan that I also purchased which would get me money back but in the form of "Merchandise Credit." That means I have to spend my money at your store again. I would rather not spend my money at your store or any other business in your company again.


I phoned u today about my pushchair then I pick it up cos I got told they have giVen me a new seat but I have got home to find out that tthere is a botton missing that you use to take the bar out to make it easyer to put ur child in so I want to know what you are going to do about it


Greetings, My Mother in Law and I (and about 50 others) just waited from 6pm until 8 pm at the Henrico Toys R us and they were not open! I called customer service ahead of time and the told me the store would be open and would have the promotion items! I would not be so upset if when I called they had told me the correct information that this store would not be open. Now we are currently waiting on line at the Short Pump store in Richmond, and have missed the promotional giveaway as well as many deals! I am in the military and also had to take a day of leave to be out here to do this for my children, please make this right! Also, this is my 4th time submitting my complaint and have yet to hear anything!


I am writing to file a formal complaint against your store. There are three instances where I received poor customer service from Babies R Us. I will start with the most recent which was your cyber Monday sale of this year, 2012.
I placed an order for a car seat from your website on Monday night, November 26th 2012. I received an email that night at 9:39pm EST stating the following:

Please wait until you’ve received your Ready for Pickup email before going to the store. The Ready for Pickup email typically arrives within 2 hours. Orders placed near or outside store hours may require additional processing time.

I did not receive an email 2 hours later. In fact it is now Thursday the 29th at 11am and I have still not received any kind of correspondence from your store stating any kind of delay.

I attempted to call the store yesterday (Lake Grove 6317) and was placed on hold for a half hour until I hung up. I tried to call back at various times through out the day and no one answered the phone. I find it to be unacceptable to call a major store and have no one answer the phone.

I called your main support line at 1-888-222-9787. The wait was 45 minutes. After waiting almost an hour I was able to talk to someone about my order. I was told that they know about the phone issues in the store and they don’t know how long it will take to process my order. And that since this was an in store pickup, I cannot simply go to the store and pick up my order, I have to wait until I receive the ready to pick up email (order #8606985508) This is another unacceptable answer.

I also emailed your customer support on Tuesday and I’m still waiting for a response from that – unacceptable. Problem number two. I bought a Barbie house from your store last month. The next day your store ran a promotion where you would get a free Barbie carrying case with purchase of a Barbie house. I went back to the store with the receipt and asked if they could do a price adjustment. They said that I would have to bring back the Barbie house. That’s ridiculous because the thing is completely assembled and I wasn’t about take it apart it and put it back in the box. I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t give me a price adjustment with the receipt. It’s just another example of the poor customer service provided by your company.

Problem number 3. About a year ago I had a stair gate that I never used new the box. I went to return it because I didn’t need it. It was 91 days since I bought it. They would not even give me so much as a store credit because the policy is 90 days. I had the original box and the receipt. IT WAS 91 DAYS. Another example of how horrible your customer service is. Walmart would never pull something like that.

I would like some kind of resolution to this. If not I will make this letter available on facebook, twitter, instagram, myspace, youtube, etc. and I will never shop at your store again. Your lack of response to issues and poor customer service is unheard of for a company your size. This would never happen at walmart, target, home depot, amazon, etc. I have plenty of other choices as to where I shop and I will no longer spend my money at your store if this is not resolved.


My daugher was home visiting so we decided to go shopping for Christmas presents for my grandchildren. The shopping experience was ok but checkout was frustrating. We were on linited time. Two registers were open. I am a very patient person but when we got in line the person in front of us had many coupons (which is great) but when she presented them to the cashier (afer she took off a gift card) she realized it couldn't be done. She had to call the manager,who was busy. He cancelled the transaction. She had to start over (she had lots of idems ). I went to the retun cashier and waited (he had to help again with another register) and finally Iwent to yet another register. As I am in line, the register froze up (a manager had to be called) , they r booted the register, reentered the items and finally finished the transaction. Finally it was my turn. Luckily no problems. I was fianally leaving the store afer standing in line atleast 40 minutes. The same time the first lady I was behind was leaving. If my daughter wasn't with me I would have walked out. I will not go in that store for anymore Christmas gifts. I was shopping at the Toysrus in Canton, Ohio. My daugher did say all Toysrus's are like that . What a shame !


Went to the Harrisburg,pa store on 13 November 2012. The store itself was dirty,goods on shelves was arranged poorly and in some cases the packaging was torn,broken open and /or damaged. At the check out counter ,after waiting 15 minutes to check out a sales clerk rather rudely told us to go from the customer service desk to a check out counter where there was no clerk to check us out. I will not be back to any toys r us store even though that is where we buy grand children christmas gifts. I am sure we can find another company that wants our business and shows it in a professional manner


Every time I walk into the Babies' r us / Toy's R Us in Midland, TX they have nothing in stock. I lived in the DFW area and was shocked at how poorly this store is managed and stocked with Skylanders. Those are hot ticket items. They can make mass money if they ordered more to keep in stock. This makes me want to drive 6 hours to go another store. Also, they have an Electronics counter and it's a joke. There is never anyone there.

Just wanted to inform you I worked Electronics and you can make money in that department if you have a good store manager and if you keep it in stock.


2012 my last time Black Friday shopping there. Employees are so rude and disrespectful. You ask where somethong is they say Dont Know with and attitude. It was a mess and unorganized. Like how employees not gone know what is on the different aisle. Maybe a
list would have helped their stupidity. Next time people gone snap back. They waited patiently in line didnt push while others were trying to find items by themselves!!!


I went to the Toys R Us in Berwyn. IL to make a purchase and the item was “sold out” according to the employees in the electronics department. Confirmed I can order the item at customer service and have it shipped to the store or to my house. Im ok with that as I have enough time to get it before Christmas. I go to customer service and the girl that is supposed to help me looks irritated by my request. She was at least nice enough to look and advised they did have the item I wanted in the back and she can have someone bring it to me. Of course I was happy and disregarded her lack or goos customer service. 20 minutes go by and nothing, so I ask. She advises me someone else was getting it and leaves the customer service area. 40 minutes later I ask the other girl about my toy. She said someone is getting it. Then I hear her tell someone else that the girl (the one that was helping me) is at lunch. Needless to say I was furious. I asked if I heard her correctly she said yes but someone else is getting your toy. I continue to wait. About 50 minutes into my wait the girl comes back and realizes she never game my paper to anyone to get my toy!!!! If it wasn’t because this toy was in the santa wish list, I would have probably flipped out and gotten kicked out. I ask for a manager. When manager comes and I inform her of everything that happened her response was “so what do you want me to do? Would a 10% discount make you happy?” I was not the only one waiting for about and hr. I would never go back to that store again


my family has had a toys r us account and rewards for almost two years now. No one at customer service can tell me how to access my rewards or where my rewards have been for the past two years. My password will not be accepted to the rewards site despite resetting it. I can order all the items I want to but never get rewards or access to rewards.

The customer service reps put you on hold alot for no reason and make you verify information to waste time. The woman was ignorant and routinely was silent on the phone for no reason. I don't believe that a 40 minute hold time followed up by horrible service personell with no anwsers or willingness to find them should work there. It is almost a waste of time to try. I hope this site proves helpful.


I bought 2 Tabeo tablets from Toys R Us in November for Christmas gifts on Christmas eve I opened the tablets and attempted to charge them and set them up to give the next day. The tablets are defective and wouldn't charge I couldnt unplug them from the wall outlet let alone give them as gifts. I called Toys R Us corporate office and spoke to 2 members the first gave me the number to Tabeo and said that they could help me, I called Tabeo support and spoke to 2 peopl there who said that the products were defective and that I should return them because when charging they should hold a steady red light not the blue light the tablets projected. I then again called Toys R Us because thats what its says online to do before returning defective or broken merchandise.

I spoke to another service rep who told me that I could return the items in the store with a receipt and gave me a confirmation # that was a record of our conversation. I told the representative that I would be going to a store on Wednesday to return the items, when I got to the store I was told by an employee that electronics couldnt be returned if they were open and I then asked how was I suppose to know that the items were defective if I didnt open them and no one could give me an answer, I then asked about exchanging the items and they said they didnt have them and that they didnt know when they would be in, I then asked about getting different tablets and paying the difference for better items because I had read the reviews for the Tabeo tablet online and that the item seemed to be defective and not really worth the $150 retail price and again I was told no.

I asked to speak with the manager who was the rudest of them all and not helpful at all she then told me that I should just go to a couple more stores and see if they have them I then asked her why should I the customer be inconvenienced and have to go anywhere else and the manager walked away. I then proceeded to call the corporate office and speak to 4 different people who were of no help and couldnt tell be why they cant stand by what their employees tell people because I was originally told on Christmas even night that the items could be returned with the receipt. I left the store on Aramingo avenue in Philadelphia with the name of the employees and the badge # of the person I spoke to in corporate because they were all so rude and provided the worst customer service I have ever received in my whole life.

The police were called to the store and the employees actually lied and told the police that I was in the store yelling and cursing which was competely untrue as I was in the store more than 2 hours and I told the police if I was causing such a scene in the store why hadnt they called the police earlier. I spoke with the police before leaving the store and they agreed with me the customer because the return policy is so unreasonable received a DC# to file a complaint with small claims courts because the amount in question is almost $400.00.

After leaving the store I called the corporate # again and spoke to a very nice young lady who said that she didnt see any reason as to why the store wouldnt return my items if I had the receipt she then went so far as to call another store and speak to the manager who said he would return my items if I had the receipt his reason being that they were Christmas gifts and that we wouldnt know that they were defective unless they were opened.


Today I was at Toys R US located at 340 New Town Square, Toledo OH 43612. I was looking to buy a princess canopy toddler bed for my daughter. There was a clearance sign posted by each of the toddler bed displays up on the shelf and it read: Save over $23, Princess Canopy Bed $56.90, Was......$79.99 (the fine print read) Discount taken at register, while supplies lasts, no rain checks. Offer good through 12/20/2013. So when I got up to the register it rang up at $79.99, when I explained the sign I was told it was for the floor model only, which was posted no where on the sign or anywhere. I was very frustrated and think if it was only a floor model price that it should be CLEARLY stated: FLOOR MODELS ONLY and why would it say while supplies last, no rain checks? We did not have a vehicle to fit the floor model in and I wasn't about to tell my 3 year old we couldn't get the bed she's been wanting for a few months now. I feel I was mislead by the sign posted and wasn't happy when I left the store. I have 2 children and always go to Toys R Us/Babies R Us and the signage has always been easy to read and understand.


I was waiting in line for awhile before the Toys R Us opened, line wasnt too long so I knew I was one of the first 200 customers. Finally, my family and I got to the front of the line and they had just run out of the little goodie bags they were giving away. However, you look over and people were walking with two of those bags in their hands. Myself and the three customers in front of me had told them that we felt it was unfair as we had been standing in line early waiting for this gift. They literally said "Oh Well." I was mad, but brushed it off because their was nothing they could do anymore.

However, some of the thing the employees said to me didn't sit well with me. There was a Disney chair (Minnie Mouse) that had the incorrect price on it, so I was trying to get an employee to help me figure out the correct price. I walked over to the electronics department and asked a man if he could help me. He said "Well I'm in the electronic department, go find somebody in red." I walked to the next employee, which was all the way in the front of the store (I did not see any employee in the middle or the back of the store), he was the line monitor. I asked if he could help me or at least help me find somebody to help with my question. He brushed me off and said he can't leave his area because he had to monitor the line. I understood that, however, he had a walkie talkie. Why couldn't he ask somebody using that? Isn't that what they have them for?

So finally, I went to the clothes dept and there was two people standing there. I kindly asked one of them to help me. She said yeah, but sounded hesitant as if she didn't want to walk all the way to the back of the store. Then the price on the minnie mouse disney chair ticket said $59.99, but was ringing up $69.99. She sounded as if she was mad about having to give me the item for that price & was saying something about "this is what happens when ____ doesn't let me do my job." The ___ meaning I do not remember the name she said, I think she was talking about the manager.

Went to go to the check-out, ended up spending about $100 because at that point, I just had to get out of this store. The lady that rang me up did not even say hi or how are you. Just took the stuff, rang it out, and we were done


Our family has been a customer of both stores since 2009 and on the 10th of this month we had such a horrible experience with the store on 410 and San Pedro. It began with trouble finding a dollhouse for over an hour that they said they had and could not find. Then during checkout the cashier charged us for an item that we did not have and didn't apply the $10 gift card for ever $75 worth. Our total was $415.48 and when we asked the manager Heather she gave us an attitude and said there was nothing she could do about since it wasn't caught before she finished up the transaction. I explained it wasn't the only mistake made and after the three hour experience it should be fixed since i had the receipt in hand. Heather again was beyond rude and said he couold do nothing about it.


About a week before Christmas We purchased a Tabeo tablet for my daughter, with the extended warranty. About two weeks later we returned it because the touch screen would not work at all. All the employees including a manager said that several had been returned and it was not a good product BUT my daughter loved it so much so we exchanged it. NOT even a week later this one went bad as well and they gave us a Lexi book which lasted for a...about 2 months. I am sending this complaint because I have purchased the warranty and now nothing can be done which is ridiculous! How can you spend so much money somewhere for the customer service to be so poor and Toys R us is obviously standing behind both products because they are both still on the shelf! Never again.


My son and his friends tried to enter the store to shop for a younger siblings birthday present and were immediately denied access. They were asked to present valid ID above 18 years of age, or be accompanied by a guardian. They respectivley questioned the rules set by the employee Miguel and he repeated "It's private property, get out." I feel that this is a major fault with the toys r us coorperation and its employees and I will ensure thy neither I nor any of my friends or relatives ever waste their valuable time or money at such a pathetic establishment.


I had a very disappointing experience yesterday in Toys R Us Hato Rey Puerto Rico I recently purchased a 7 inch Tabeo Tablet for my daughter during the month of December. The thing is the equipment turned out to be defective tablet wont turn, the screen didn't work. So I went yesterday to the Toys R US Where I bought it the one in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, to have it exchanged by another tablet or for a refund.

And not only did I wait sooo long in line I was attended by this obnoxious assistant manager , whom which after looking @ the tablet just simply told me she couldn't accept the tablet because the manufacturing company wouldn't accept it. I told her the Tablet had arrived like this yet she didn't do much or anything to help out in this situation.

All I can say is that Toys R US.. should emphasize more on customer service which is very low quality, they don't seem to hire a lot of employees although the stores are very big. Sometimes you have to walk around for a while through out the whole store in order to receive some assistance by a employee. As far as this situation I feel totally robbed/Scammed for my money.

Employees are supposed to assist customers diligently and efficiently on any situation. But I just sensed they don't really care even though my daughter was next to me while I was trying to exchange the item ( Which obviously made her very sad, she wouldn't stop crying on the way back home.) I simply don't understand why wouldn't Toys R US exchange my item or give me a full refund it seems there always some sort of controversy or excuse to their own benefit when it comes to exchanges or refunds.

Other stores like Game Stop, Electronics Boutique, Wal-Mart, Amazon won't give those obstacles when it comes to exchanging a item which they also sell a whole lot CHEAPER. Iam beyond indignated because the store manager totally wiped her butt with my receipt ( The purchase had been made less than a month ago) And even though she did admit the Tablets were in fact coming with defects she declined to offer any assistance or a exchange, refund, store credit whatsoever.

Usually I never really buy often in Toys R Us... because there isn't located where I live & because I don't find the prices of the items cheap or affordable.. compared to Wal-Mart or K-mart or Game Stop , AMAZON . But this incident totally made it for Iam never BUYING ANYTHING ON TOYS R US ... EVER AGAIN.. and will give NEGATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS to relatives and Close ones based on my Personal EXPERIENCE. I WILL NEVER BUY HERE EVER AGAIN. EVER AGAIN, EVER AGAIN. THEIR RETURN POLICE IS A VERY FICTIONAL POLICY.


I placed an order online today for pickup at your Elizabeth NJ store and it was cancelled. This is not the first time that this has happen to me. I placed another order last Christmas and the same thing happen. I don't understand what the point is in having the convience of placing an order online for store pickup when it is never fulfilled. I called the store after the order was cancelled and they did have the items in stock.


I showed up at one of the Toys R Us stores in Waterbury, ct at 10:30pm to wait for the midnight sale to find out that all midnight sales started at 8pm. The flyer said the sales started at midnight so I am very upset to find out that people were able to shop the midnight sales at 8pm. There were several items I wanted to get my children that I couldn't get because they sold out by te time I got there at 10:30. This is extremely unfair and false advertisement.


I bought a bed online from Toys R Us in January. Ref. #130116-006616. I paid $342.72 for the bed, tax and shipping. When we assembled the bed, a railing was cracked and one of the screw holes didn't line up. I called customer service about returning the item. They said to get full credit I would have to return it to them, not a store. If I paid shipping they would reimburse me, (save the receipt) or they would email me a shipping label. I went to UPS to send the bed back. There were two boxes and only one label. UPS required two. Remembering what I was told by Toys r us, and not wanting to take the bed back home, get a label, and bring it back again, I paid out of pocket for the second box. When I did get home I called Toys R us and they gave me a fax number to send over the receipt and said there was no problem.

This was Jan. 28. The two boxes were received at Toys R us on Feb. 1. I faxed over the receipt on Feb. 6. When my refund came through, it was for $275.39. The original cost of the bed and tax. Not the original shipping or the return shipping. (both total $135.20) I called Toys R us again on Feb. 15. I spoke with Hector and was transferred to Tanya. Tanya (Tangane?) told me there was no problem and she would submit the request right away. Great. Or so I thought. On Feb. 25, I called to check on the status of my refund. I spoke with Hector again. (same person I don't know) He told me to wait another 7-10 days.

I said no, I wanted to speak with someone as to why this was taking so long. Eventually he transferred me to corporate and after much struggle (and a very long wait time) I spoke with Sebrina. She told me they were not going to reimburse me for the $67.87 for my return shipping. That I should have called them and they would have sent a label to UPS. (really? hadn't I already called and was told something different? And do they really expect me to call them while I am at the UPS store with 3 little kids and try to figure this out? It was easier to pay it and be reimbursed for it, as I was previously told) She told me no, that they weren't responsible and that whoever told me I'd be reimbursed was wrong. I asked her then why did they have me fax everything over to get reimbursed in the first place? And why should I be responsible for ANY shipping charges if the item was DEFECTIVE? (I do admit at this point I was losing a bit of control.

I had been on the phone for 45 minutes with no success, this after calling in Jan, and multiple times in Feb. to follow up, which if things worked the way they were supposed to I wouldn't have had to do in the first place) She was no help, and very rude. She kept cutting me off and not letting me finish what I was saying, and insinuating that all this was my fault. If the conversation is recorded, please listen. At one point, being completely fed up, I did mention a lawyer, I mean what else should I do? She was no help at all. When I asked to speak to someone above her she said there was 'no one above her', and if I wanted to speak to someone else I should hang up and call back. Really? I was just on hold and on the phone for pushing 45-55 minutes. She was really telling me to call back and start all over again?

I have 3 kids and homeschool and don't have time to be on the phone all day and be treated with such disrespect. Eventually she did transfer me, but to a store. She knew they couldn't help me and I believe this was her way of belittling me and frustrating me further. What kind of customer service is that? I'd like to file a complaint against her for her poor customer service and bad attitude. And I'd like some resolution to this. I am now being told, (by someone actually nice, Eric) that my request is being 'elevated', whatever that means. I am a resonable person, but really don't appreciate the treatment I am receiving from Toys R us. Please feel free to call or email me. Susan Martinez 619/861-7559


I came in to toys r us on Saturday and bought a dress there for my daughter. The problem is that I live an hour away and the tag that makes the alarms go off was left on it. Of course it didn't make the alarm go off when we left. Just wanted to let you know how much of an inconvenience this is because now she can't wear her dress until I can get up there for the security tag to be removed. I am a working mother and can't just run to Johnson City any time I want. Thank you for your time.


I just wanted to let you know that it is really stupid that some things do not qualify for free shipping even after you spend $79 dollars or more. I was interested in ordering the glider swing and other things, but they would not give me the option to ship to store, only ship to home for $30 dollars shipping!

The ONLY reason i was going to order the glider swing from toys r us is because i had a $25 gift card and the shipping is still more than that! Someone might want to reconsider these online options considering you can get the EXACT same product from walmart for FREE SHIPPING, which is where i will now be purchasing this product along with all the other products i was interested in.


I made to purchases at the same time. 1 for 198.68 and one for 142.95. When I looked at my account there is a 2 extra charges of 177.64 & 126.14. So I called your customer service number which I was told that this was a hold for 3 to 5 days. Which I am still trying to understand I order from online web sites all the time NEVER have I had this happen. So I was told I would be credit back this amount after 3 to 5 days. So now I have total charges of 376.35 & 269.09 which 645.44 which should of only been 341.63. Not happy about that you never stated that these charges would occur and now it will take up to 3 to 5 days to release these charges.

Then later this evening I look at my bank account and these charges of 177.67 & 126.14 have been added to bank account again. So now for a purchase of 341.63 I have a total of 949.25 please tell me how this is possible. So I have to get back on the phone again with your customer service he tells me that is just your policy was again I ask how is this POSSIBLE! So he says we can do a 3 way call to my bank to see if there is anything we can do about this issue. So we contact my bank which will not do a 3 way call. So now I have been on the phone for an hour and half between both phone calls. So then I have to contact my bank. It is not a my bank that is putting these holds on my purchase it is your POLICY so I'm being told.

I WILL NEVER ORDER ANOTHER THING FROM TOYS R US again how can you think that this is good customer service. I just dont get it I will be placing my orders from another company next time I just don't understand why! I was just trying to get my grandchildren Christmas presents in another state but I will go somewhere else next time with the money being taken out and with the frustrasttion over the whole order. Which I haven't even recieved yet.


Situation: Ordered something online from ToysRUS, tried to pay for it at store and cashier who turned out to be supervisor cancelled my order called the 1-800 # to complain they reinstated my order and said I could go back to pay at the store, which I said I would go pay for at a different store, I get home and log on to my ToysRUS account and it is under a different name (68 yr old woman in Indiana...I live in TX) called customer service again now I am getting emails from ToysRUS with this womans orders and her name and address and part of her credit card info....ToysRUS says it is a internal problem and they will take care of it....I have received 2 more emails for acknowledgement and confirmation of another order she placed. ToysRUS has offered to give me a $10 gift card for inconvenience,I am still receiving emails for her orders I no longer feel $10 is worth my incovenience and now I am worried that my personal information might now be accessible to this other woman, especially my credit card info?


On the wed before halloween my sister and i went to several stores in okc looking for my 3 year old son a transformers bumblebee costume for my son as well as a costume for my younger son and my sisters son. We purchased some clothes and 4 costumes. My son was so happy when i told him we finally found his costume after a full day of searching. I left the store with one large bag assuming everything was in it after all, i had left my drink on the counter and my cashier ran it out to me. I live almost an hour and half away from this store and after arriving home realized i had no costumes! I immediately called the store and they reassured me they would leave it at front desk for me. 3 days later itook the hour and half trip AGAIN to get the costume he had been wanting and they told me they had reshelved and sold them!! I feel they tried to double their money and not care about their customers. The manager was rude and just said all she could do was give me a refund!! thanks for ruing my 3yr olds first halloween he was actually able to tell me what he wanted to be.


It is 11/27/12 2:30 PM. I have been on hold with the customer sevice for over an hour. I placed an online order for Christmas presents to avoid the 'hassle' of the store. Received my order and it is missing a video game listed on the invoice. I don't dare hang up now that I've invested this much time in the call. Yesteray I was forced to go ino my local store as they were out of the Wii when I placed my previous order. They refused to honortheir online deal and would not price match to ?Best Buy even though I had both the adds (Best Buy & Toysrus). Best Buy to show the price and their own stating WE PRICE MATCH EVERYTHING. The manager claimed they weren't matching yesterday due to cyber Monday. Just can't win with this retailer.


Today I went to Toys R Us store on Mid Rivers Mall Dr. in St. Peters, Missouri and had another horrible experience. Toys ‘R Us often offers a promotion during the shopping season that is Buy 2-Get 1 Free on video games. My mom bought a video game for my husband, which he also received from someone else. When we tried to even exchange it, not return it for money, but even exchange it, we were told we had to find a game of equal or lesser value.

The game was purchased for $59.99, but because it was part of the Buy 2-Get 1 Free promotion, we could only exchange it for $39.99. I would understand this if we wanted our money back, but we wanted to EVEN exchange it. The cashier, Kathy or Cathy, was extremely rude and was even in my face at one point. The issue is that all we wanted to do was even exchange one game that was a Toys R Us gift and get a new one. It is not our fault that your company chooses to run promotions before Christmas but not honor them after Christmas, when many people will be making returns, or in our case, EVEN exchanges.

This has happened on numerous occasions to me and my mom, who is a regular customer and member of your rewards program. It is ridiculous that your customers are treated with extreme disrespect and made to feel stupid because of your return policy. Neither I, nor my mom will be shopping at your store anytime soon. This is very sad for your store because my husband and I are expecting our first child in August, and I was planning to register at Babies ‘R Us.

I will not be registering there anymore because of the extremely poor customer service I have continued to receive. I do not want to put myself through having to make any Toys R Us returns after my baby shower and I don’t want my friends and family to be treated with the same disrespect that my husband, mom and I were.


Placed an order online for my grandson. He had done his "Santa" shopping from your website. It was my 3rd order of different purchases for him. I was sent back an email that was confusing. Neither my daughter nor I could actually make out whether the whole order had been stopped, or just the telescope. (The telescope was actuallty the only item listed in the email.)

So, I immediately called the number you graciously supplied. So with order number (8615722398) in hand, I made that phone call. Phone lines very busy (I expected that), I listened patiently for one of the "choices" to pertain to my particular problem . OK, number two, "Problem with an Order You Have Placed". This should work. No help there, because my order had been cancelled, so my order number was not on file.

Hmmmm...still trying to figure out about my order. Press "ZERO" ? Maybe I'll actually get to talk to someone. I'll wait, I have time. I've wasted enough already. Nothing...get sent back to the oriiginal two choices. OK, try it again. Again...maybe I'll get sent to another "Menu". No luck. Eventually I just get disconnected. By now I'm getting a "little" upset. Really, you guys told me to call this number and find out what was going on, and I can't even get close! I had to figure it out on my own. I called my credit card company to find out some information. They told me they turned the whole order down because so much unusual internet action from me.

Thank you PERSON from credit card company. Now I know what is going on! What actually got cancelled. So, since my grandson wanted these particular items, it pained me, but I reordered them from you. You can be assured, however, that next year I will make sure he AND his brother both order from a different company. A grandmother who spoils her grandchildren and ex-customer, Deb Hebel


My mother purchased a Nintendo 3DS game system from Toys R Us at the end of December for my daughter for Christmas. My mother leaves for Florida until March, so she purchases XMAs gifts early. My daughter opened up the system on Christmas morning and it did not recognize cartrige games. I went back to the Toys R us where it was purchased and was told I needed to either get a hard copy of the reciept or my mothers Rewards number so they can look it up electronically. This was the first week in January.

The associate never brought up an issue with returns past 45 days or anything like that. I was told they would honor the return once a receipt of purchase was obtained. Went back a few days later with the rewards number. I was then told, they needed a hard copy of the receipt and could not only use the rewards card number. This was a different associate who now tells another story. I then call my mother and have her FedEx the receipt to me from Florida. The following week go back to the store for a third time and am told they cant return it because it is past the 45 days return policy.!!!! They were the ones who made it go past the 45 days beciause of the running around and miscommunication.

I then was told to go through the Nintendo manufacturer and have it replaced. I spent 2 hours on the phone with someone from nintendo who just told me to return it in store. So, for a fouth time I go to Toys R us and relay this information to a manager who says that his sales people should have told me about the treturn policy on the first trip back in January. It is now mid February and I am still being given a hard time because of sales people incompetency and a managers inability to take responsibilty for ignorant sales associates. I am going to call customer service/headquarters and lodge an actual complaint as well.


On 12/06/2012 I ordered an item for a baby shower on-line, thinking that in-store pick-up would be great and a time saver. I couldnt have been more wrong. On 12/08/2012 I waited on a Guest services line for over 2 hours with tons of angry and disgruntled customers. When I finally reached the front of the line, an announcement was made that the systems were down and no money could be refunded to any cards. Only cash transactions. After all of that time a bunch of people complained and/or left. I waited 20 more minutes while someone when to search for my item which, although it was paid for, was nowhere to be found in the store. There weren't even any items similiar to it so I had to settle for a gift that I didn't even want but I was not refunded the difference for these items. My sister purchased an item in the store. The associate swiped her card three times while assuring her that this would not cause her to be charged. Yesterday she noticed three charges for 40 dollars each which she has to wait for to be returned to her since Toys r us is still "processing" the payments. This was all in the Baychester store in Co-op city in the Bronx. Terrible service!!!


I was in the store with my friend that was picking up a "store pick up." She ordered this item and hour before she got to the store and they said since she came in so quickly she will need to leave and wait another hour and then come back because there is a process they have to go through and she came to soon. We went in the store to get the item for them to give it to her and they said they couldn't give it to her because it hasn't dropped into their system yet whenever she could see the item was paid for and was going to be coming into their system. She also said she could cancel the order that she already paid for and pay for it again in the store and the money that she paid for the toy online would take 5-7 bds to get back onto her card that she paid for the toy for. When my friend went back to get the toy (since they wouldn't get it for her) they were talking about her right in front of me and other customers saying, "she knows better, and I'm gonna kill her." I let the manager know what her employees were saying about my friend and she did nothing and was no help about the entire situation and my friend had to go back later and get the toy. Once we left the store because the toy "wasn't ready," we came back to our workplace and got online to see if it said it was ready and it said the toy was ready for pick up! We just left the store and they wouldn't give it to her. These people were rude, didn't care, unprofessional, didn't apoligize, and was saying mean things and threaning things about their own customer that was spending money at their company right in front of customers and her friend. This is the worst business/customer service I have ever seen.


My disabled mother was misinformed by sales assistant on floor when explaining Thomas the Train train table and accessorries. She was told in front of me that the train table came with tracks. The sales assistant personally handed my mother trains that were supposedly to work compatible with my son's new train table.

Come Christmas morning we found out there was no tracks in the box. Every train was not compatible with the train table. How can an employee not be educated about a popular item that is a money maker for their company. Obviously after research we noticed that there are three types of trains after my son's dissapointment.

The type we needed was thomas wooden railway trains and tracks. Its ashame that my mom who is old and disabled dropped 500.00 on trains and accessories for his new train table and none are compatible.

My mother bought these items in october to avoid the holiday rush because she uses a walker to get around. Upon Christmas morning when we realized she was misinformed I went to return items december 27th but sales clerk and store manager could not help me out because return date had expired.

Could not refund even with receipt because their computer would not allow them. That is considerably alot of money to be wasted and cannot be used. So my son has a train table and no tracks or trains that are compatible. I am upset and let down being this is Toys r Us.

Not only that my brother spent 100.00 on an electric race track that was so cheaply made it could not hold itself together as the cars could only make it half way around the track. Why? cuz the pieces were cheaply made the track would fall apart as the cars made it halfway around the race track.

How can Toys R Us put these sort of items on their shelves. Seriously...I could find a better race track at walgreens or any local drug store. I am never taking my business to Toys R Us again.

Things have changed since I was a kid....What is a person to do as a consumer when you cannot trust the company to purchase durable and dependable toys and to train their employees to help their customers spend their money properly. I am still in shock.


The group interview was awful! We had to do a partner activity where we had to tell each other why we "deserve" to work for Toys 'R Us and tell it to the Human Resources (HR) Manager. Then, we got called in one by one for individual interviews, where we were asked the same question. The individual interviews were with the individual, the HR Manager, and some other manager, who looked like Guy Smiley from Sesame Street with giant, white pieces of Chicklets gum for teeth! If you're too dumb to figure out why people want to work for your company, you shouldn't be working!

The orientation was even worse. We watched an hour and a half of videos, filled out paperwork, and got a "grand" tour of the store. The best part of the whole orientation was the video on Code Adam (finding a missing kid in a store program). When it came time to ask questions, the HR Manager (who was running orientation) couldn't even give a straight answer to anyone's question.

I did a bit of research on my own about the company and tried to find straight answers to questions I had. What I learned horrified me the most. Even though the employee handbook and the orientation videos say that employees are supposed to be honest and report dishonesty and not "trash talk" the company, the company is intentionally misleading customers, employees, potential hires, and investors. As of this posting, Toys 'R Us is $5.12 billion in debt. They have carefully tried to hide this fact.

According to the CEO, if they don't meet or exceed their Holiday Sales numbers they had prior to the recession, the company could go out of business entirely. His plan is to meet or exceed the Holiday Sales numbers, instead of finding other ways to reduce the debt. How are they supposed to even pay their employees with that much debt? Employees, investors, potential hires, and customers should be worried about what will happen if Toys 'R Us don't meet or exceed Holiday Sales numbers this Holiday season. What should potential hires and employees do if they know this? Stay silent?

This is truly a strange and somewhat scary experience. What is someone to do with something like this?


Hi after i made a complaint about the toys r us click n collect selling me a toy that they did not even stock in store (leappad 1)as i was on my way to collect it they rang me and told me they dont stock this toy anymore told me i had to buy the new model which was twice the price. I then made my complaint to toys r us and had a call from the complaints department of which they said they were sorry about what happened and would compensate me for this by giving me vouchers, this was now a month ago and still no vouchers. Hope to here from someone soon or i may have to take this to the consumers rights department as i still have confirmation emails and the click and collect number for the item they gave me for the item they did not have i believe this was false advertising. Thank you for time.


We purchased two of the same item at $17.99. One was discounted by 50%; the other charged full price but under the item a notation was made as 50% off item but shown as 17.99-0.00 and yet specified a refund price of $14.21. We were charged the full $17.99 and when we went back to the store to complain, not even the manager could understand what was happening. They only would process a $9.00 refund; yet we paid tax on the $17.99! Another item was charged at $23.99 but again a notation was made as 50% off but shown as 23.99 -0.00 with a refund price of $18.84. This they refused to do anything about it...didn't even understand their computer or what happened or why tax should be refunded...not even the store manager. This is not about .63 in tax on the first item or even about a discount on the 2nd item, it is about principles!Like Bill Clinton said, just do the math; well, don't ask Toys R Us people for that...they don't even get the basics. No wonder company isn't doing well.


My 12yr old son went into a toy r us to spend some of his gift money and he purchased a toy from robot chicken on the box it was a robot leaning on a washing machine he also bought a chicken and a gummy bear from this show , after he got them home he told me that the robot was a bad toy and upon inspecting said toy it had a hip action and you placed it on the base and the robots arms clipped onto a washing machine and it would move it's hip as if it was having sex with the washing machine. after seeing this I searched what robot chicken was and found that it is on adult swim and is a filthy show, I really thought that toys r us would have not put toys of this nature onto the selves and that i would have to be concerned about having to safegaurd my child from adult subject matter at what I thought was a kid friendly store.

Mark A. Wisor
111 white pine lane
Houtzdale , pa 16651


I called in about being shipped the wrong item. I spent 45 minutes on the phone and after finally speaking to a supervisor I was promised the correct item would be expressed mail to me. After 15 days I called in again and after 2 hours on the phone I was told I would have to wait 3 to 5 days for customer relations to get back to me to tell me when I would get my item shipped. I once again talked to a upervisor who told me sorry they couldn't help. I would have to wait for a different dept to find time to call me back. The supervisors other suggestion was to cancel my order and to credit me back. I took this option since I had already wasted to much of my time on this. I will cancel my toys r us credit card and I will never shop there again. The customer service sucks, they don't care about their customers. I guess it's because it's the holidays so they are making money right now but they have permently lost a customer.


Item 036711 purchased from Babies R Us was damaged out of the box. Rewards were never received by e-mail, and found out they already expired. Prior to Christmas 2011, my wife & I went shopping at Babies R Us on Jamboree in Irvine. We picked out a couple of things and went to check out and pay. The sales associate assisting us told us about a Rewards program, where we would be eligible to receive a gift certificate usable at Babies R Us or Toys R Us stores, and that we would be receiving something in the mail about this with the certificate. Based on this inducement, we signed up for the Rewards program, and went back into the store to buy more items -- far above and beyond what we had intended, to earn more of the Rewards that were mentioned to us.

We made a couple of purchases that day, which included two of the FAO Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center products, item 036711, UPC 789887301539, one for our daughter for use for our granddaughter, and another for our niece, who is expecting a baby. The item for our daughter had already been opened, and the sales clerk opened the box to see if everything was in the box. It was, but what wasn't seen was the piece with the blender blade that was completely warped, as if it had been heated up and partially melted. In addition, the container that attached to it was also damaged at the top. In essence, the product is unusable, and customer service cannot find any way to replace the unit or repair it. Ultimately, I'm extremely disappointed with my experience dealing with Babies R Us, from the supposed Rewards inducement and rip-off, to the item damaged and sold as new.


Recently I returned items to toysrus with receipts and unopened . The amount of the returns were fairly large because the items included a wii u system and games. The items were accepted without any comments. I also purchased other items that my grandchildren wanted for Christmas. I returned to the store and tried to exchange a wii skylanders starter pack for a wii u starter pack. The store did not have this item.

I went home and ordered it from toys r us on line. I took the original wii starter pack that had never been opened and include the original receipt. I was told that I had been blocked from returns. I am stuck with a toy that is of no good to me. I have called customer service and told to call back later because the service representative didn't know what to do. I have sent 3 emails concerning the hassle frr returns but have received no response. I would like this issue resolved.

My compliant is that no where in their policy does it state that you are limited to the number of returns that can be made within their time limit and with an original receipt.


On Sunday, October 28, 2012, at approximately 4:00 pm, My wife two daughters and I walked into the Toys R Us Store located in Riverside California to register my wife into the stores data base system because she is going to have a babby. When we walked into the back to register and after contacting several of the store employees. none of the employees knew how to work the scaner machine so my wife could walk around the store and scan the stores items.

We waited for about 15 minutes for the employees to figure out what to do. Then we told them we were going some where else. While we were walking away from the registration area. All of the employees a balck female, a hispanic female and a hispanic male all started to giggle and laugh at us while we walked away. When we got to the front of the store. I contacted the male hispanic employee and asked him if I could talk to a manager. He attempted to call a manager via his hand held radio.

The manager told him he was at lunch and the other manager wasnt responding to his radio. After waiting for about approximately 10 minutes. I told him I would file the complaint with the cooperate headquarters. The employee told me "I dont care, do what ever you have to do". Then I left. Your employees at the Riverside store are very unprofessional, have poor tact and poor judgement. I cant believe how my wife and I were treated. My wife and I will never shop at that store again. Your employees also need to be trained on how to use the stores equipment and the manager should have come out when I wanted to file a complaint in reference to their employees attitudes.


Item missing from bag when I got Home. Tried calling was on the phone 1 hour and 13 min before they picked up the call. I was standing at customer service by then And I was Not Happy. I also asked the cashier when purchasing an outfit if she got the security Tag removed she said I got it. When I got home it was still on the outfit. When I pick up the Item it had a note on it that said I forgot the item and it was payed for. I did not forget the Item it was never put in the bag. If your not going to answer your phones at Toy R us please dont tell me for over an hour my call is important to you. I am tired of excuses just do your jobs Better.


I placed an online order for store pickup. It was cancelled and I was never notifiedl. The employee said they were too busy and said I needed to reorder. I went to reorder but the funds from the first order are not back on my card. The CC company said to call Toy R Us and find out the status of my refund. After waiting on hold for over an hr. I was connected with a rude agent who kept putting me on hold. SHe then asked to transfer me and said she would stay on the line with me and it wouldn't be long. She hung up on me. I can't find the # for employee complaints but I will. I really hop they recorded that conversation and compensate me in some way.



I am highly upset I made an online purchase on 12/17/12 to pick the items up a t a store. I than noticed that my order was cancelled because the store didn’t want to fill the order. As soon as my order was cancelled I feel as if my funds from my credit card should have been immediately released. That was not the case here it is almost Christmas and I cannot get any gifts because TOYS R Us has my money on hold due to their negligence.

My credit card will not release my funds until someone from TOYS R US contacts them. I am sure you will tell me the same thing that several of your customer service reps said which is it is not your problem. Customer service satisfaction at its finest.

I have contacted the better business bureau in reference to this matter funny enough I am not the only customer who had this issue. I hope everyone at TOYS R US enjoys their holiday because mine has been completely ruined.

Very dissatisfied customer...


I purchased several items at toys r I paid additionally for the items to be gift wrapped and I included a message to go with the gifts. The items were sent without being gift wrapped and of course no message included. I then contacted 1-800-869-7787 I had to wait 26 minutes for a customer service representative to answer, then I was placed on hold for another two minutes.

I let her know how frustrating the whole experienced had been. She informed me that I would be refunded the gift wrap fee. The entire phone call was 32 minutes long, most of it was me on hold. I have never experienced such awful service. This was my first and last time purchasing anything from toys r us. com and I will not purchase at the stores either. I can honestly say you have lost a customer.

In addition, I received the order that I had shipped to my house and it was sent without a shipping box. My grandson whom I bought it for lives across the street and the surprise was almost ruined since it was left by my front door.

Your company really needs to review what you are doing and work towards improving your methods in order to be able to satisfactorily service your customers. Remember that word of mouth can "Make or Break" a business. As you know in today's economy it doesn't take long to loose your company. Larger companies have already gone out of business. It is imperative to maintain the customers you have.

When I spoke to the customer service representative, I requested for someone to call me. I'll wait and see if it happens!


I shopped for X-mas at a Toys R Us store and bought nearly $200 worth of stuff. I wrote a check. It cleared 4 days later and then 5 days after that they credited the money back to my account. Wanting to do the right thing I contacted them and now it has been a week and a half of Hell trying to get them to take their money back. Again, I just wanted to do the right thing and now they want me to spend my own time, gas and money to fax them a copy of my receipt just to fix a mistake that is not even my fault!

I have been extremely disappointed with every person that I have spoken with on the phone at their company. I even had people refuse to give me contact information for their "parent" company. The only person that impressed me was the manager at the store I shopped at. I went back to visit her and although she could not help me, she was understanding, courteous and professional, and a little baffled herself. Toys R Us has put a little black cloud over my Christmas spirit this year. Hope no one else is going through what I am going through.

In Dec 2010 I purchased over $300 in bicycles for my children. The bikes were on layaway until I picked them up mid-Dec as required by the store policy. I never received anything regarding my rewards and was under the impression the rewards were good for a year. Recently, I logged into my awards account and found they had posted my bicycle purchase on New Year's Day 2011 in order to put me in the black out rewards period. So I have made a call and written an email trying to get this corrected and the rewards to apply to my purchases now. NO, they cannot change it!

This is bunk really! One more way to rip off people. I went to ToysRus because of them carrying Schwin and the layaway but could have purchased the bikes somewhere else. The employees talk up the rewards program and how great it is to convince you to buy there. I am going to contact the Arizona Attorney General and see if there is any recourse in this State for what they are doing. People should gather together and file a class action suit against them.


I have gotten misinformation from sales associates and managers from Toys r Us twice within the past 3 weeks, especially on Black Friday this week. The first time a sales associate told me that a Nintendo 3DS game would fit into a regular DS game. The store allowed me to return the item because of the misinformation. The second time was I was purchasing a Highlanders Giant for my son. I came to know that the ones I got were for the Wii U so i returned them unopened and a with a receipt.

The sales person and a manager both said that they would work on both the Wii and Wii U. I asked if they were sure if they were compatible and they both said yes. My son then opened them and tried them on the Wii portal and like I thought did not work. I was not happy that now I am out the money I used to pay for this item and my son is now very dissappointed with their after thanksgiving sales. I am really disappointed that a store associate who works in taking returns and managers would be more knowledgeable and make sure to give factual information to the consumers.


Everytime I have been to the new Toys R Us store in Vallejo California there has only been one, rarely two, checkers. In all instances there have been long lines. Really rediculous. My husband and I were looking forward to having the store so close to us. We have three grandchildren and were going to do our Christmas shopping there. Maybe not.
Sarylsue DiFabio


I was looking at the baby swings on-line and the one I was interested in said I had to call my local store to see if it was available. I called the Babies R Us in Salisbury, MD tonight, 10/19/12, to see if they had a swing in stock. When I told the person who answered the phone I was calling to see if a swing was in stock, she said "We have lots of swings". I proceeded to tell her I was looking for a particular one and that the online store said I needed to call my local store. She put me on hold for 10 minutes then I could hear them pick up the line and put it right back on hold.

It did this again in another 10 mins. Finally she got back on the phone, about 25 mins. on hold at this time, and asked which swing I was looking for. I told her and was put back on hold again. At 28 mins. 45 seconds in they hung up on me. I understand that it can be very busy at times but if she was that busy she could've just said it was very busy and I would've called back instead of wastings almost 30 mins. sitting on the phone. Now I think I will go elsewhere to find the swing I'm looking for. Way to lose a customer!


I am totally upset with toy r us and i am would like to express the fact that i placed an order on 11/8 adn my computer crashed so i was unaware that the order went thru so i place another order WELL BOTH ORDER STARTED TO GO THRU . As soon as i noticed this i called and was told that you only have 5 MINUITES TO CANCEL AN ORDER .. WHICH IS UPSURD!!!!!! NOW MY CHECKING ACCOUNT WAS OVERDRAWM BECASUE TOYS R US WOULD NOT CANCEL ONE OF THE ORDERES. I wil make this known that NO ONE PLACE AN ORDER FROM TOYS R US ONLINE ... I AM UPSET AND DISGUSTED TO THE FACT THAT one of the two orderd i placed could not be canceled .. At this point i am wil return the items i did want and purchase and take my business elsewhere.. I will never again purchase from toys r us. My checking accoutn is now screwed up and other bills will also bounce!!!!


Toys-R-us NOT wouldn't validate cards given as a gift because I did not have a gift receipt. Totally, unacceptable two $25.00 cards. When these cards were bought they were scanned and there should be a record of that charge or purchase that can be trackable only by Toysrus. how can I do that ... I can't that's why I reached out to Corporate offices. NO HELP, hey get paid to read a script to you! Had wait over a month for a cell back after making TWO phone-calls. $50.00 lining pockets of a wealthy corporation. WRONG!, Cancelling my Toysrus card and boycotting them. Gift cards only from Target from here on now! Never shopping at toysrus again!


For a company that has been around selling toys as long as Toys R Us has, they should have their shit together by now. Only due to the fact that they will not allow me to cancel my order, this will be the last time I ever spend my money and buy anything from this company ever again. I can go to Target or somewhere else and get less headache. The absolute most ridiculous waste of my entire day that I've ever spent. I hope they go out of business, due to lack of knowing how to run a business. Good riddance.


I want to let your department know that how disappointed I am with Toysrus, a company that I always valued so highly due to providing goods to children. One and half month ago my 6 year old son whose name is Aiden and I were at Toysrus and he was riding one of the scooters there and when he turned to the book section he fall down and the scooter handler cut the area above his upper lips and it started bleeding so badly that I had to take him to the hospital right away and while I was taking him out of the store with blood all over his face and his crying due to the pain, not even one customer service rep came to ask if we need help.

My son had to get 3 stiches and the next day I came to Toysrus again to buy the Ninjago lego for him so he could feel better and wrote down my concern on a piece of paper and gave it to the client service rep and he told me that he will be sending the letter to the complaint department and I was expecting to receive a call from someone at Toysrus but not one single one.

My son's wound is becoming swollen and I took him to the pharmacy couple of days ago and the pharmacist said it might have been infected and he needs to put polysporin that has anitbiotics in it but my dad whose a doctor checked him out and he said most probably the deep wound is due to keloid reason and I'm taking him to his family doctor this week as she was away from the office.

Talking to client service rep at toysrus when I came in to write the letter the next day of the insidence, he told me that there is a policy that scooters should have only been in the scooter area and someone from Toysrus should have been there not to allow it but I didn't see the policy anywhere being stated and nobody being there to monitor. Just you know that I'm proceeding with the legal action. The location of the store is in Toronto, Ontario, 300 Steels Ave West Should you have any questions, my cell phone# is 647-764-9680 Thanks, Elham


Yesterday I went to your Harlow store to buy a new car seat. Id seen a few that id liked and read up the reviews on them. When I asked for someone to check my first option would fit in my car at customer services the lady was very helpful. However the young girl that came was very rude and seemed very put out that she had to fit the car seat. The car seat obviously didnt fit in our car and did would not strap in securely unless it was reclined in the middle position only. So if i wanted to recline my baby in it completely or sit him upright the seat would not of been at all safe. However knowing this the assisstant told us the car seat was fine to use in our car. She seemed more than happy to let me walk away with a car seat that didnt fit my car and was unsafe.

She didnt suggest trying a different car seat or that it was unsafe to put my baby in. Needless to say we didnt purchess the car seat but did buy a different that did fit in our car but sadly it wasnt from toys r us. I have been a frequant customer at toys r us over the last fews buying most of both my sons christmas and birthday presemts, pushchairs,baby accessories, toys ect as well as the party store online, but after the dangerous actions of the assisstant i will no longer be shopping at the chain of stores and will be advising all my friends with young children not to buy car seats from the chain either.


I went into the Toys R Us store on Wolf Road in Colonie NY on 12-02-12 and again on 12-04-12. The Manager’s name was Mike. He should not be a Manager of a kids toys store! He does not know how to deal with customers and has a very bad attitude! The store is very under staffed. On 12-02-12, I waited in line along with many other customers in electronics for Mike to come and type in his managers code. Because every time the associate scanned an item it asked for a managers code.

The cashier was very apologetic and said this is not what should be happening. We were waiting in line for over 45 minutes. Mike kept getting paged and he would not respond to the nice cashier behind the desk. The store was in complete disarray, you couldn’t even get through the aisles. Its dirty and toys were all over the floors. On 12-04-12, I left work to run over and get my items I placed on layaway on 12-02-12. I realized I had placed the wrong tablet on layaway.

I had intended to go back to electronics and buy the Samsung 7inch tablet that your store sells. I said I only want to cancel one item on my layaway and buy the rest. Mike said I had to cancel my whole order and then also get charged $10. I said that is not right, Walmart let you cancel items you do not want and you are still able to buy the rest of the items. Mike then said you have to buy the whole layaway and then do a return on the item you do not want. This is supposed to be a “hassle free Layawway” I said that doesn’t work because my refund doesnâ€'t go right back into my bank account and I want to buy a different tablet, I cannot wait 5 business days or how every long it will be. He said he didn’t care. Call you bank he said! I told him I was calling corporate to file a complaint which I never ever do! He did not care one bit. I took my receipt and went to electronics.

I asked one of the associated for a tablet and he said he had to go in the back to get it. There was also another woman waiting for an Ipod touch. The associate again had to page Mike the manager 5 times, he never would respond to the pages â€Manager needed in R Zone” I waited 45 minutes or more with this other woman for Mike to bring the key to unlock the back room. I said forget it and I went back up front and canceled my layaway and was charged $10! I arrived at The store at 2:30 and I didn’t leave until after 4pm! The store was not busy at all. I had to wait and wait and wait to get any help.

I drove over to Best buy and bought my video games and tablet from them. I will not buy any electronics from this Toys R Us store again unless something drastically changes! Last year when I shopped at this store around the same time of the month the store was not in this bad of condition and there were associates to help out in almost every isle and electronics. The associates would walk up to you and say can I help you find anything miss etc! I donâ€'t know if this store has a new manager, but something really needs to change! I have never had such bad customer service in my life. When I went back up to cancel my layaway I told Mike the manager that I called corporate to make a complaint, he said he did not care.

I did place a call on 12-4-12 at 3pm. I want my $10 back. If you look into my buying history I spend A LOT of money at Toys R Us and Baby€™s R Us! I will start using Amazon and Target more often now because they do have hassle free shopping, Even WALMART! I totally understand that this is a super busy time for the store, but I have seen it much more busier and the store ran perfectly. If the manager doesn'€™t care about his store then no one else that works there will care either. I also bought a few video games on 12-2-12 and I am going back to return them to the store and buy them at a different store. Thanks for your time with this matter,


I put the Loving Family Deluxe Edition Grand Dollhouse on Layaway back in September. I made every payment on time and today went in to make my final payment and pick up the dollhouse. I stood in line for an hour just to make my final payment. The service is very slow and the employees are more interested in their cell phones and joking around with other employees than taking care of the customers. After I make my payment, I waited again for another 30 minutes for them to bring out my layaway items. They bring out the accessories but didn't bring the dollhouse. The manager came out and told me they can't find it. They said they did everything they could to try to find the dollhouse but there is nothing else they could do. It is completely unacceptable this happened. I put that specific dollhouse on layaway because it was the one I wanted. I have never seen a store that is that incompetent and not care about the customers. I ended up going to Walmart and to find something similar to what I had. But the fact that Toys-R-Us loses the dollhouse I had on layaway and then doesn't care really shows what a horrible business it is. I will never shop there again.


I bought my 8 year old daughter a keyboard for Christmas on Black Friday on line. The keyboard was delivered today, left on my purch standing up with the Key Board on the outside of the box. My daughter saw the box and our Christmas is ruined. I am so very dissappointed. How does a toy compnay like Toys R Us not know better than to send toys before Christmas not wrapped in brown paper or packaged in a brown box with no pictures. I will never buy from Toys R Us again


I went into the store excited to learn more about the nintendo 3ds no one was there so I asked the gentleman to help me (after I had been ignored by atleast 5 fellow employees) I showed him the flyer which said it was 169.99 w a free start up kit, I said is the kit a game, because I know nothing about these, he said well you have a choice you can get this or one of the other games, I said ok and went to the front to pay he then (there was a line of 5 people) went and helped all the other people leaving me standing there. 

I go to pay and he say's oh the movie isn't free it comes with the start up kit which were out of. Why would he offer me the movie if it didn't come with it, also why was I ignored so long. I said forget it Im not buying it here. I then went through the store and found some other items I needed, with no help from any employee I asked who sent me in 5 different directions, when finally a nice young man walked me to the place where they were. I go to pay I had a 20% coupon, and it wouldn't let me use it because it was in the "big toy book". I have never had a worse exsperiance only 2 registers open and the managers were very unhelpful. No wonder target and walmart are taking your business.


I was making an order online- this order came to more than $100 and should have qualified for free shipping since it contained a wipes warmer, a wicker basinet/basket and stand. This is not what would be considered "Large Furniture". The shipping charge was going to end up being 25% of my total purchase. This is completely absurd. I'm upset not only because of this, but because I have spent thousands of dollars over the past 8 months at your store- it is the only store I registered at and received many gifts purchased at your store. And now that I have a couple things that I need to buy (and I live about 3 hours away from a babies r us) I have to pay these rediculous shipping charges. I really wish I would have known this before hand becuase I would have never registered there. I should also mention that the items listed say that they qualify for free shipping if over $100 is spent. My subtotal was $125.


I have a birthday party to throw next weekend and I went to toys r us today in Arlington Texas to purchase my daughters presents. I had $200 worth of toys in the basket and I finally found the barbie camper she wanted. Originally $80.00 and it was on sale for $38.00 I was very excited and went to ask an associate a question and she took down the sign and told me it was not on sale it was from yesterday. I was one day off, but I had already added that in my basket and was extremely happy to add that to her gifts. Working in a field that deals with great customer service, I was very disappointed and upset, because that's the price I grabbed it for and that's the price I should of gotten it for. Very upset I put everything back and left. I will now have to go to another toy store to find everything I wanted to get her.


On the 1/2/2013 I purchased a silver cross micro pushchair from toys r us purley branch. Almost after a few days of using this pushchair I noticed the left hand wheel wasn't touching the floor when pushing my 13 month old daughter, but to be honest this wasn't really a cause for concern.

On the 27/3/2013 my daughter was in her pushchair when I noticed she was rocking it from side to side, now this was a concern so yesterday the 30/3/2013 I returned back to Toys R Us store explaining the situation, a member of the baby department explained she would take it out the back and put some WD40 on the wheel to see if this would make a difference.. when she returned she explained that one of the bars on the side of pushchair was not straight..

I was horrified as my first thoughts was what if it had give way and my daughter was in it?? The Toys R Us advisor explained they would have to send the pushchair off to the silver cross to see if this is a manufacturers fault.. firstly how else would u explain this? Surely a child of 12months would not be able to cause such damage? But I do understand that you have to follow company procedures..

I asked what I would do without a pushchair and the advisor explained they could offer me a loan pushchair, at first I was a little reluctant as the thought of my baby using a pushchair tha t lots of other children as illnesses sprang to mind, so I asked to talk to the manager he assured me all loan pushchairs was cleaned when they returned back to store..

So I agreed that I would take one but when the advisor brought the pushchair out I was outraged at the poor condition of the dirty blue pushchair they had provided for my most precious baby, the dirt was engraved in the pale blue material.. It became very clear to me that this pushchair had been neglected and I would be very surprised if it had been cleaned ever..

The advisor first told me this was the only one available but when I asked to talk to a Toys R Us manager again she came back with a pale pink one that admittedly was better than blue pushchair but by know means suitable for a baby it still had dirt around edges of interior.. when I requested the manager again he told me there is nothing he can do as these are sent in by manufacture, why was I being handed a babies r us pram then?

When my pushchair was made by silver cross.. Im have been a loyal customer to toys r us for over 7 years, birthdays, Christmas, prams, pushchair.. I am disgusted at the poor quality of customer satisfaction and the standards of your customer care.

I had no choice to but to except the pink pushchair as Toys R Us said it would take up to 4-6 weeks. It has totally ruined my easter break as I was meant to be taking my family to Lego land but the dirty pushchair you have provided is now wet as I have had to clean it and my daughter needs a pushchair. I would appreciate to hear back from you..

Miss Natalie Kerry Watts


lI purchased merchandise that isn't even 4 months old and it will not power on. It's obvious that the merchandise is defective. I am very disturbed that this is how Toys R Us conducts business. Store management and customer service insists that nothing can be done. I want to speak with the head person in charge ie: president of the company. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and will never shop at Toys R Us again. Any company that does not back the merchandise that they sell should not be in business and definitely will not receive my business!


I called Toys R'Us to see if they had a card game named Tripoley. I did call on Christmas Eve and knew the store might be busy. I didn't want to drive from my home all the way to the store for nothing so again I called to see if they had the game. The first time a woman answered, I asked if they have the game Tripoley, she asked what kind of game was that, I said it was a card game. She asked if I could hold and I said yes, I was place on hold for 12 minutes and 13 seconds before someone hung up on me. I called back an another woman answered the phone, I explained how I was on hold already, and also said I see the have the game on the website but wanted to make sure they have it in store. She asked me for the product number. 

I told her I didn't have it because I wasn't on the site but will check, she told me to scroll down and see more information, I could not fin that then she told me never mind I found it, could you hold on. I said yes and this time was placed on hold for 17 minutes and 43 seconds. Now I was quite agitated and hung up to call back, and I believe Brian from the Baby section answered and apologized and transferred me to toys, I was now on hold for 14 minutes, hung up and called back to ask for the manager. Richard answered I started to explain how I called three times, the first time I was on hold for 12 minutes and then was hung up on and he cut me off and asked what was I looking for.

I told him Tripoley he said could you please hold while I look on the shelf. I said yes, he was not long before he came back to tell me they have the game he will put it at customer service who to expect to pick it up and when. I was quite upset that he didn't care to listen to my complaint. So when I told him; you don't care about what I have to say/ my complaint, he says oh it's been really busy in here, so I told him I was on hold in total for more than 43 minutes he says well I'm sorry we are having phone issues. I then replied that's fine you don't care about my complaint I will file it else where. I would have been happy had he listened to what I had to say and said sorry, but he didn't. What if one of his employees said something really horrible again he wouldn't know because he didn't take the time to listen.

This was extremely poor service, the worse part is I spent a lot of money there throughout the years and for people to be so rude on Christmas Eve. If you can't handle how busy your store is through the holidays then maybe you shouldn't manage it.


I waited the 3-5 business days I was told it would take. I then called Customer Service and I was told that he seen no reason for it NOT to be back on card already. He then said he was going to email another dept that handled this and I should hear from them in about 2 hours.

I then called back and was on phone for 40 minutes and when I was transferred to refund dept and held on more time, well then a recording came on and said there were no agents available and hung up. At this point im beyond pissed.Still do not have matter resolved. I then called back and wait time was about 40 minutes. Im very upset over this, I don't understand what the problem is .

I stopt by and bought a Elmo potty chair for my 2 year old but I deceived to return it cause he was scare of the potty he never used it . So they told me they couldn't take it back cause the box was open but when I pick it at the store it was open to start . My point I's that in the receive nowhere in it it say potties are not returnable would never buy nothing from them ever again


I made a online purchase On 12/6/12. For a total of $172.18... Over the course of 4 hours I received 4 order conformations, 4 different order numbers. So I call your 800 number. I have NEVER had such horrible customer service. Not only were they rude, they made it out like the multiple charges were my fault. Simply stating "we'll you Will just have to wait until they are all shipped" I am a single mom of two kids.. My husband was killed in Iraq last year. I don't have the money to be charged $172.18 FOUR times. My checking account went into overdraft, the overdraft charges were outrageous!! I got in touch with my bank and they disputed 2 of the 4 charges. I called your 800 number 20 times in a 4 day period trying to get answers or reassurance that they were working on the order problems. On Sunday, I get 2 shipping conformations, they are sending me 2 of everything. And yet another person shrugged me off basically saying "oh well" I never got an apology, or any kind of help whatsoever. I'm trying my hardest to make my children's first christmas without their father a good one, but yet it is horrible!! I can't even buy my kids food because of what y'all did. So now i have to wait for all my stuff (plus the duplictes) and either take time off work to return them to the store, or ship them back and wait 4-5 days for my money to be put back on my card.. its a lose-lose situation for me. i have always shopped your stores, but after this Experience, I'm afraid I will not shop there again.


I am writing this letter to vent on the anger I am feeling with your Toy R Us store located at 10780 N. Mall Dr in Baton Rouge, LA. I have been a Toys R Us customer for years, but I will never again step foot in another Toys R Us or Babies R Us store. On Saturday 12/8/12, I went to the aforementioned Toys R Us location to pick up my Christmas layaway. I arrived at the store at 4:45pm and did not leave the store until 8:00pm. I stood in the payment line for 10 minutes, which was not a problem. The problem arose when I went to the back to pick up my merchandise.

I stood in line for about an hour before I made it to the front. Everyone in front of me was complaining but I didn't pay them too much attention. I gave the young man my receipt to pick up my items and he was gone for at least 30 minutes. When he returned he had 1 item out of 12. I asked him if he was going to get the rest of my things and he stated that he had to "find them." I said what do you mean, you have been gone for over 30 minutes. He stated that he didn't know where my things were. I said ok well can you please hurry. A few minutes later I asked another associate for a manager (might I add the manager never came to see what I wanted).

Finally, when the manager did come and ask for me he directed me to another door and told me my things were on the way out. I reported to the door where I was told to go and he took another 30 minutes to show up. When the manager proceeded to bring me my items, he had only the 1 exact same item that the associate had brought me earlier. I said I already have that item sir. He said "O I'm sorry" I explained that I had been here for over 2 hours and that I did not understand why I was still waiting on something that should have been labeled and stored waiting on my arrival. Not to mention that I was over an hour late for my office Christmas party. What is the problem? I asked him.

Oh no problem he stated and said I will be right back. When he returned he still had only a few of my items. Needless to say, I had to reshop the shelves for the items that I had "put on layaway". I have never been so upset in my life. Nobody thought that they should apologize to me, offer me a drink (since by now I was suffering a migraine headache) or even say ma'am let me offer you something for your time. They actually just smirked and placed the blame on each other and the holidays. That is no excuse for spending over 3 hours in a store! If I am giving my money to secure something, I expect it to be there. It was a signed contract, with money down, that I did not default on. Rather Toys R Us did and with no consequences. I can't believe that this was ok and management was part of it.

Customer after customer was upset due to lost items or waiting in line to get NOTHING! Toys R US has really done me and many other customers (former) wrong. I really started not to worry about sending this letter, but the more I think about it the angrier I get. I know my little money does not matter to you one way or the other but i was extremely hurt and disappointed by the actions of your store and employees. As a hard working citizen I try to provide my three young children with the things that they want. With my bills stacking at Christmas time, I took my last to get my children's layaway items. Giving to your store when the roof over my head had not been paid for. I am sure this letter doesn't matter but I wanted to be a voice and let you know how your store is operating.

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