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Living in a rural location we don’t have the option of mains gas, so have to rely on tanks. Trying to be ahead of ourselves for a change we ordered a topup of our Shell gas at the end of November. They delivered last week!! I wouldn’t mind, but they should have rung to say they were delivering, and I had spoken to them the week before canceling all orders ufn as we were looking to change suppliers. I wonder how many other people have had trouble with shell gas?


So one night my car wouldn’t start my road side assistance had just finished, so I was in a panic called Shell. I’ve since heard from 2 other people who say that the Shell Gas Station is terrible, so I guess how they treated me and their inability to properly diagnose cars isn’t just with me. The owner’s were rude and the pricing changed constantly. Even after getting multiple estimates they still raised the price on me after I left to get other quotes. Beware of the garage at Shell!


I went to this Shell gas station on 7 Mile next to Grand River by Detroit where the gas was $2.76 for cash and $2.86 for credit. Assuming that Shell gas stations are going to charge me the same amount as the cash price using a visa, I filled my tank a little bit. I realized that I was charged $2.86 per gallon! At first I thought there was some kind of pricing error on the sign and remembered it’s an electronic sign, so it can’t be that.

I walked into the gas station to tell the guy about it and he said you have to WALK INTO THE GAS STATION to get charged the cash price using a debit card. Then I said that doesn’t make any sense because at every other gas station I’ve ever been to I’ve been charged the cash price at the pump using my debit card. He claimed that some gas stations have different systems and that’s how the Shell pricing system works.

I ended up telling him that Shell is a scamming company full of con artists that lie about their prices. Probably to get my butt out of the store, he “agreed” with me by saying it’s not right but it’s how the system works. Since I was a bit of a ways from home, I wasn’t going to argue with the idiot all night long and said whatever clearly you “can’t” help me get a refund for this injustice. Have a good night.

Think I was being a b!*$h or crazy or whatever. I don’t care about paying a few cents more for my gas, I care about people being misleaded about the prices that are on the price boards for gas stations. Personally I think I should’ve said stuff about how we at least know BP did some things wrong and are paying for it and that I hope one day Shell gets sued for their scamming methods of making more money and getting more customers.

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