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why is Rachael always high on cocaine on her show? loud and rude!!!


sent you a complaint. My Rachel Ray pans turn black when I cook with them.
I would like a refund or different pans. My E- mail is ethela10@yahoo.com and phone number is 540-798-4590


Hello, I’ve watched Rachels Show on and off for many years, but it’s got to the point I can’t watch her anymore. Does she realize That she interrupts All of her guests before They can finish what they are saying, very rude ( like she has to be the center of Attention Instead of her guest ) . Number 2 she’s very loud to the point it’s very annoying . Number 3 she’s constantly Playing with her hair and being that she handling food and cooking Is very unsanitary . Don’t know for sure but if she constantly has her hands in her hair there Hass to be hair in the food that she’s cooking .Even though she on TV it’s a very poor example for an unexperienced person who is starting out . Thank you


does anybody on Rachael rays staff notice how she stumbles over her words and has to interrupt every single guest on her show? she is high on cocaine and needs to be off ABC!!!


Rachael Ray needs serious rehab!!! she is on cocaine and every show that I watch she is always high as a kite!!! VERY SNOTTY TO HER GUESTS AND ALWAYS WIPING HER NOSE AND TOUCHING HER HAIR!! SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT HER!!!


Not really a complaint. I made Rachel's Mason Jar salad dressing. But when I refrigerated it, the olive oil congealed and came to the top of the liquids. Did I do something wrong?


I am watching Rachael Ray right now and she is out of control. She is drunk and high on Cocaine! She has to get off TV!! ASAP


I think Rachael ray needs serious rehab for her alcohol and cocaine problem. she is the rudest person with her guests and doesn't care how sloppy she looks and always wiping her nose and touching her hair and yelling!! I cannot stand her anymore


The 14 piece Hard Enamel (red) non stick cookware set (16223) that the wife and I purchased from Walmart here in Eugene, OR has begun to leave red "residue" or film on the inside of our dishwasher, so we have stopped using this set for fear of what might be transferring from the inside of these pots to our food. We are not asking a money refund, but certainly would appreciate some kind of exchange for a similar set that will not "bleed" off any residue.
My phone number is 541-505-1203 (cell), thank you for at least allowing me to forward this to your company.


I purchased a set of Rachel Ray cookware and it's about a year old. The frying pans are peeling and the oven pan is totally stained and every time i use it, i make sure it's thoroughly clean. I purchased the set from.Kohls and thought they would last a whole lot longer. I'm totally disappointed. What can i do? And I'm not taking pictures of all the damage. As far as
I'm concerned, pans that cost what they do should last a very long time!


I am disgusted with the Rachael ray show!! She is always high and intoxicated and she is the rudest loudest human being I have ever seen on national TV!! She always interrupts her guests and rushes them and always wiping her cocaine filled nose and touching her hair!! HER AUDIENCE LOOKS DISGUSTED!!


Rachael Ray has a big mouth and she is probably the rudest talk show host on TV!!!! She is always wiping her cocaine filled nose and touching her hair!! get her off TV!!!!!!!!!11


trying to find the rt site to submit is the impossible.this is the only one I found and made easy thank you .I got a set of cookware a few years ago for my birthday .. the best gift ever .only used a few times afraid of messing it up so proud to own set .my daughter watched her growing up and said Rachel was her best friend .so starting using my cookware set more rt away notice defects and missing some of the stuff utensils shown in the box.but not realizing at time cause I was overwhelmed with joy.well my daughter said contact Rachel ray and she will help us .again tried all info your the only one letting me threw .can never afford a new set or anything extra .can you help us in anyway .or what can I do.please faithful fan ..thank you deedeeand daughter alex


I paid almost twenty dollars for a cake pan at target and I got one good cake out of it...I am very disappointed with the Rachel Ray cake pan!!!!!


I looked at the news this morning and saw where student from Parkland school in Florida wanted your company to stop sponsoring The Laura Inghram show. If you choose to do this I will stop using your product and start a campaign against your company. DO NOT STOP SPONSORING THE LAURA INGHRAM SHOW!!!!!!


My daughter had gotten me two sets of dish in white. They say microwave and dishwasher safe. If you put them in the microwave brown gooey stuff drops off of them. It stains them also. The scratch up very easily. My oven cookware in red are now doing the same thing I will not feed my family out of them. They were very expensive also. I would be more thrilled to send them back to you instead of making my family ill I would appreciate hearing from you.


I started my 9 year old Lhasa Apso on Rachel Ray Nutrish 6 pack, Chicken Paw Pie, Tail Waggin' Turkey & Hearty Beef Stew; and after the second tub he started with very loose stools, and now has constant diarrhea. I have just started the 4th of 6 tubs, and have read many reviews of how horrible this stuff smells, and how many dogs have had the same problems as my dogs has. Have been to Veterinarian twice and diarrhea continues, and your dogs food is going in the garbage, never to feed it to my dog again. Please advise as to how I can get a refund for the purchase of this food, plus the vet bills, and all the frustration and aggravation and discomfort to my dog.


I received the red cookware set from rachael ray and the bottoms of the cookware pans are wearing off. The price of the pots and pans are way over priced. I cook every day and my husband thought this cookware would be great. But it is so poorly made i won't ever buy rachael ray cookware ever again. I'm so mad. They sell the stuff but they don't care if it is made to last or not. I have told everybody don't buy it it went last 90 days. Tried to get a refund froth place I purchased it from but they said my 90 days were up. Go figure. I even bought the utensils for it so I wouldn't scratch it and her utensils scratched it anyway. I'm venting for the price it should be made better.


This is the latest in my kitchen. The Rachel Ray collection. Soft-grip bright orange silicone handles are oven-safe to 400 degrees F/Glass lids allow cooking monitoring without sacrificing heat and nutrients. Rachel Ray put in mind the needs while cooking along with style and designed this product. This set is great. Each and every piece in this set is amazing and does what it's supposed to do correctly. The silicone handles are great and very heat resistant, they pans fit so comfortably in your hands. I think one must really have Rachel Ray cookware in their kitchens.

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