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KitchenAid is one of the largest home appliance brands in America. Currently owned by Whirlpool, the company makes kitchen appliances, kitchen ware, and many types of mixers. Common issues with products include faulty manufacturing, warranty claims, and refund problems.

A customer can chat with KitchenAid or even call the company toll free at 1-800-422–1230 or 1(800) 541–6390 for any feedback or complaints. Hours of availability are Mon-Fri: 8 a.m.–8 p.m. EST by phone and for live chat.

You can also write to the head office to escalate your issue to management or file a warranty claim. The address to write to 553 Benson Road, MailDrop: 8060, Benton Harbor, MI 49022. Today the company also offers door-to-door service delivery where you can book a slot and get service for the appliances directly at your home.

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As part of our second suite of KitchenAide appliances in 15 years, we purchased a KitchenAid gas stove top/electric over combo just under a year ago...and the self cleaning function is TERRIBLE.

We called KitchenAid to feedback and their customer service department told us its not really a self cleaning function and that we should use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean it. We will never buy KitchenAide again.

As an aside, the KA fridge we purchased at the same time is also a design mess. The inside of the fridge from a layout perspective is equally as terrible.


I have been ringing since 9th April sent videos etc of my problem and every time I ring I get promised a call back.
Rang now 7 times re adjustment screw missing that balances the head.
I expect far more Dhabi game spent £460
No call backs ever then when I call say it is being sent over to warehouse again and then they will get back to me.
Thinking of getting credit card involved


My husband and I purchased our home in November, 2018. The home was only 4 years old. We have a Kitchenaid Double Wall oven. This past Saturday, I used the self clean option on the lower oven. Half way through, the oven went black and would not open. After doing some research it seems Kitchenaid knows this is a known problem yet allows its customers to purchase these ovens with the self clean option. We have now had to have a repairman come out from your company who also has stated this is a common and known problem. I am floored that you all allow this product be sold with the self clean button knowing this will happen. This is pure negligence. I work at law firm and am a Gold Star Wife with two small children. This is causing not only a hardship on our family as we cook together often but a financial hardship as we now have to replace our double wall oven. I know about the class action lawsuit as I also work for a law firm and would like to be contacted immediately for remedies or we will also be joining the class action.


I purchased 2 Kitchen Gourmet hand blenders and the stem part on both broke on both when i was trying to blend bananas and other fruit together to make a fruit smoothie. I want my the stem part to be replaced . the motor didnt stop working, i just need an attachment that is not so cheaply made and that will not bake. Model : NT-9912. Since i have 2 hand blenders and both broke. I need 2 stems.

Miss Tayevia Taylor


If I could give 0 rating I would. I bought a KitchenAid kettle. The leaflet inside gave details of how to register either online or by phone. I tried online only to be told, after typing all relevant numbers in, that the product was a different brand. I then tried a customer service number which, after taking me through all the useless information, made me chose an option which subsequently cut me off. I then tried another customer service number which was answered and gave options none of which were relevant and proceeded to an unrecognisable voice to which I picked the first option. I was still on hold ten minutes later with the weirdest music playing in the background. I then tried to complain online but the complaints service appears to be outsourced to some web app. At this point I gave up. Needless to say this will be the last KitchenAid item I ever purchase.


My electric stove wiring catch fire. Only was offored 25 % off. Only from kitchenaid web site full price. This is un acceptable


Very disappointed - we only had the double oven model number KODE507ESS02 for a little over a year and it totally died. We received an error F1E1 lower relay board. Someone came out to examine the oven and found that the clock area unit is totally broken and not relaying any information to the two oven units below. We needed to wait 7-10 business days for the part to come in - now it is 13 business days and still not in. So very frustrating to spend all this money on a KitchenAid double oven and find out that it dies in a little over a year.


I just purchased a stainless steel dishwasher from
Trail Appliances in Langley B.C. Canada, I had a reputable plumber install the machine. I filled the dishwasher according to the instructions that came with the machine and used the soap pods that were also in the package. 3 hours later the blue light was still on, upon opening the door the inside walls were wet through, the dishes were wet through and not washed, had food particles sticking to them I had to wash everything and dry by hand, I tried the machine a second time next day, the sam e thing happened. So I phoned Trail, they sent a service tech out today, he looked at the machine, and said the motor isn't working, so he had to order a new part. I'ts a good job I have warranty + extended warranty as it looks as if I'm going to need it if this type of problems occur again.
I am disappointed in Kitchenaid, they have always been a reputable appliance, and what happened to quality control, it obviously wasn't tested before being sent out to the stores to sell. I would expect some reimbursement for the inconvenience it has caused.

The model # is KDTE234GPSO...…………….Serial number F83067134
maybe this was a bad batch that was made!!
I await your reply
Mrs. Anne Doubleday


Having had the pleasure of owning a Kitchen Aid kettle, 5KEK1522BAC, cream.
This has suddenly started to leak, leaving a large puddle overnight, every day.
This was a gift from a year or so ago, so there is no receipt or from where it was purchased.
I see this cost some £130, for this quality product to leak water after a short time seems very unreasonable.
I would be interested if this can be replaced / repaired, as I'm sure you would agree, if life has been very short for an expense kettle.
I will await your comments.

regards Barry Papworth


My fridge has not been working for a month now and KitchenAid has done a terrible job thus far helping solve this issue. I was told I would be contacted with an estimate for the part needed which happened 1.5 weeks after I called several times for an update. I was then told a part was ordered, but it has now been a month and nobody from KitchenAid has contacted me on the status on the part or when someone will be in to do the repair. Not enjoying this experience at all too say the least.


Been trying to get our Kitchen Aid refridgerator fixed sinch April-May and just getting the run a round.Please help us


First of all, our new hotel in Hong Kong is looking for Electric Water Kettle using in the guestrooms
Kitchen Aid is one of the considerable brands
I made 2 calls and 2 e-mails yesterday & today to the Customer Service Section of Jebsen in Hong Kong (I think they are still your sole/authorized distributor in Hong Kong region). The girl replied me that she will only forward my e-mail or left my contact to the concerned department. But when I asked her the contact phone number or person of their sales or Marketing Department, she said she did not have any information and it is the only thing she can do. What I heard from her was they would call or contact me in 3 to 4 working days if they think it was needed - ridiculous !!!
I am a customer but need to wait for a seller to tell me if they want to sell something to me
You may try to make a call at (852) 2926 2300 to see if you will face the same problem
If you think it is the way to treat a customer, you don't need to reply me
We would take the brand out from our future purchase list
Thanks & regards,


My wife and I had the kitchen remodeled two years ago. We bought a KitchenAid dish washer, refrigerator, gas oven and microwave. The oven and microwave are terrible. I have almost bought the oven all over again for all the repairs to it. The microwave is no different. The oven exhaust fan went out after only two years, so the oven could not be used until it was fixed. When the part arrive, the Chinese manufactured part came in the manufacturer had changed the connector on the fan and they had to order several more before finally finding one that had the right connector. This took a couple of weeks. The repair man left, thinking all was well, but it wasn't. The gas valve to start the oven comes on momentarily then shuts off. That part is now on order and should be her by next Thursday, meanwhile we've been out of an oven for over two weeks again. The microwave has a bad habit of telling you to open and shut the door and try again. After doing that about 20 times it may register and actually work it is frustrating. I believe that even though KitchenAid is assembled in the USA, many parts are Chinese built, especially the electronics


Kitchenaid KBFN502 issues
Purchase date- September 2016

I bought this in September of 2016, by December, I had placed my first service request for the right door as it did not stay shut/ seal properly. I have had about 10 service requests since then for the exact same issue as it is never fully resolved and the last service technician told me he has done everything Tech support asked him to do so left the premises with the door still not staying shut. I have condensation in my fridge constantly because the door will not seal. I went ahead and paid hundreds of dollars to extend my warranty again because it expires in September 2018 and I would be caught with a clearly defective product.
I asked kitchen aid service to consider ALL the numerous service requests and replacements over the past year and try to escalate it to someone who may actually try to figure out the issue, but every time they send a technician he does not have access to the prior history so I end up very frustrated.

I then specifically requested a different company come out to service and got even worse service over a month this guy clearly did not care (D3S service) ...when he was done he said "don't close the left door when the right door is closed because that action makes the right to open". I told him that is not normal and not how the fridge worked when it was new or in the store plus clearly the resistance on the door hinge is not right and feels very flimsy

I then tried to request a different company to come and fix it again, they showed up but said they could not work on it as kitchenaid would not pay them since another company just worked on it and indicated it was fixed a few days ago. I then called kitchenaid again to send the same company (D3S) out and specifically requested a different technician with more experience. This appointment was for today July 5th and the same technician who just left the issue unresolved called me to ask if I was complaining about the same issue or something else. After telling him it was the exact same issue he said he needs to call kitchenaid to ask next steps. This whole experience is frustrating. I called kitchen aid and was told they have no technicians of their own to send so have to depend on a network of trained technicians and in my case I only have two companies to deal with.

I have had a defective fridge for two years and still no resolution. This service warranty is pretty much useless and is only in place to avoid them replacing defective products


This is the third email I’m sending. I would like to know what can be done about my cutlery set that has red painted handles that are peeling. Also I would like to know how to get a replacement paring knife for my set

Thank you


Purchased a Kitchen Aid #ANH0282151C in July 2017......from Millman's in Lewes, Delaware..
To date I have had 3 service calls within ONE WEEK..
The first one the ice maker....does not produce adequate ice....came and they said they had to order the parts.
The second two service cals....within the same week.....the refrigerator STOPPED working. The box was hot and
the refrigerator was making a loud continuous noise. They came and spent over two hours.....taking it apart....they
found that the entire back unit was solid ice. Hair dryer in hand they began to defrost it.
Now the refrigerator is running ICE COLD again....that's how it started before.....cheese would freeze, fruit would freeze...and then
it gets hot and it starts with the noise.
It isn't even 3 months OLD!!!!
I have put in numerous calls requesting a new refrigerator because it is obvious that we received a lemon.
Your rep is this how your customers are treated???

As far as the "rate your experience"......the only reason there is one star showing is because it won't delete. On a scale from 1 to doesn't
even make the scale!!!!


Concerning KitchenAid stainless steel dish rack bought from Costco 7 or 8 months ago: the stainless steel rack has rusted and cannot be used because this is not sanitary. Unfortunately I cannot find my receipt. Can anything be done about this?


I bought a blender in 2006, but it mainly sat in my pantry. I started using it recently, but it would not purée my bananas....left big chucks. After using it approximately 15 times, the coupler totally disintegrated. I called customer service and was told to take it and have it repaired. No offer to even provide the coupler. Why would I want to repair something, that has never worked correctly? I thanked her for nothing and hung up. I have read online, so I know I'm not the only person that has had this problem. The model number is KSB5NK4 and the serial number is WS3981775.


Refrigerator is 2 yrs. When the doors were installed they were uneven. The people that installed the refrigerator said the floor was not level causing the doors to be uneven. Not true. My husband leveled the floor and we called them back to fix the doors. Repairman said he did the best he could still not en. It's the refrigerator! The repairman is coming Monday to repair the ice maker for the second time. What an inconvenience. This refrigerator hasn't worked properly from day one. I would never buy another KitchenAid product again.


Oven went out they came and replaced parts now oven and microwave don't work needs another part. I am now searching nationwide for part that may or may not work going on 4 weeks missed. Thanksgivings told them if it wasn't fixed will pull out and return to home depot and I will purchase a competitors oven at lowes. The corporate executives at KitchenAid sure seem to not care about their customer satisfaction!


My kitchen aid has been having problems for a while. The nail head that holds the head up keeps coming out, and I have to use a hammer to put it back in. Can someone at KitchenAid corporate offices help me with this complaint? I love my kitchen aid please get back to me I have a lot of backing to do for the holiday.


I would not even give one star. We bought a $7500 KitchenAid refrigerator with freezer slide out door less than 3 months ago. This week the door FROZE and could not be opened. The "aid" we got was turn everything OFF, everything. let it thaw. Transported food to other places. Got it open up this morning, saved what we could. turned the whole thing back on, left it empty to catch up, only to find it stuck again. Very faulty design . I am going to make it a point to let other people know this happens and no help what so ever. Take the money and run. We were told by our long time appliance repair company that This is not uncommon with KitchenAid. Then someone from KitchenAid told us an untruth right away that this was an unusual happening....a out right untruth or very ill informed. This took a while to find to fit the space and had to have this model and expensive to get in. NOW, all I want is money back IN FULL and I will go back to a Subzero, which by the way, in 20 years did not have a drawer freezer stick. I detest untruth in statements by the people who either do not know a thing or just plain not tell the truth.


Bought a built in Kitchen Aid frig on 8/28/15 and it was delivered and to be installed 9/8/15. When the installers arrived they surveyed the existing frig and started to remove but the earthquake strap prevented them from removing it. They told me that the cabinet which surrounded the frig would have to be removed to undo the strap that the cabinet was probably built around the frig. I told them they just had to remove the cover at the top of the frig and they could undo the strap. They said that wouldn't work and they have had previous experiences with this problem. I told them again to remove the cover but they refused. I refused shipment and they left.

I then removed 6 screws on the cover and disconnected the strap. Took me 5 minutes. I called Best Buy to call the installers to come back but was told it was too late, they were already at the next installation. This was hard to believe since the next install was 30 miles away. Best Buy rescheduled the install and different installers arrived on 9/11/15. They had no problems and the install was completed with no issues. The installers were courteous and professional. More than I can say about the first 2 installers.


Bought a new kichenaid dish washer on 8-15-2011 from lowes with extended warranty.Started having problems with it after first year and it has not stopped. A&E repair service has made repairs on it always something different they damaged the door in the process while repairing the electrical controls. It now sets in my kitchen broke down and they say it will be a week before they can come out. The extended warranty runs out in August 2015. I am 79yrs old and need this dishwasher and I sure cant by anew one on my income.It seems kitchenaid would get in this and help but cant find anyone interested. No more kitchenaid anything in this house.


Purchased a full set up cleaning brushes from SAMS Club and after a few weeks they have totally fallen apart. As a consumer I am tired of spending money, regardless of the amount, on cheap garbage that is useless after a short amount of time. I will think twice before purchasing from SAMS or KitchenAid in the future. If we come together and boycott these companies they will get the message.


I purchased a food processing attachment for my #kitchenaid stand mixer. As I started using it the entire stand mixer with the food processor attached to it tipped over on my kitchen counter and started banging into it. While I was trying to stop it I hurt my hand and my neck in the process. I had to unplug it from the wall to stop it. I called KitchenAid to explain what happened and tell them that their product damaged my stand mixer. Instead of standing behind their products they told me my stand mixer was no longer under warranty and all they could offer me was a 25% discount on a new one. There had been nothing wrong with it before I attached their new product to it. I'm extremely disappointed in kitchen aid and will never buy their product again. I wanted to warn other people before this happened to them.


I purchased KitchenAid double wall oven in 2000 (KEBS208DSS) and have had to repair it three times for a complete shutdown when using the self clean option. It takes 2 Whirlpool technicians to pull the whole thing out of the wall to replace the fuse or fix the thermostat. These same technicians informed us that this is a well known product defect and discouraged us from using the self clean option or it will happen again. When I spoke to the service department at Whirlpool, they were most unhelpful. If you google this complaint it appears there are many people with this common problem, however Whirlpool contends there are no complaints on file.

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