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broke my skid plate and manager told me he would fix it, and never received a call for a month. I have called and they always give me a excuse why they can't repair it.


i was charged 79.00$ for a windshield washer pump that only cost 28.64 and was lied to as why it cost that much It was bettermade pump and had warrentee he said he got from union auto parts they were not open on sat day of repair truth is it came from orileys and was 2864 i seen the invoice no need in all that lying he thought i was stupid because of being female..i cant deal with a lyer


I received an online estimate of $390.00 from the Midas shop I east Brunswick NJ for repairs to my 2004 explorer. When I arrived at the shop the estimate immediately increased to $550.00 for the same repair work. After having the vehicle for several hours, I received a call from Midas stating that I “need” an additional $300.00 worth of work which was not at all related to original repair.
Is this how Midas operates??? I thought that the bait and switch tactics were illegal.
This is the first, and last time I will use Midas.


I had struts replaced last year because they said my wheel was loose. This year the same problem but was told needed ball joints. Then I was told I needed front breaks and rotors but they never removed my tire. This was at the. Mt pocono store. I have been going there for 7 years but recently they change managers monthly. And I’m told that they have to do some work even for repairs that can wait.


This is to serve as a courtesy warning to possible patrons of the Butler Midas located at 101 Evans City Road, Butler, PA. The on-site manager for this station is Robert Y. (last name omitted) and the District Manager that oversees this station is Trenton K. (last name omitted). I scheduled and took my vehicle to this service center for a state safety inspection and oil change. I dropped my vehicle off at 12:30 for the scheduled appointment. I was under the impression that everything was proceeding fine with the inspection and oil service until I received a phone call from Robert at 4:30 (end of the work day and 4 hours after I had dropped the vehicle off). He stated that Trenton had come into the station and noticed my vehicle in the queue for service. Robert stated that Trenton declared to him that he had paid out a repair claim on my vehicle for damage that was caused during a previous service appointment a month or so prior. This accounting is accurate. The Butler station caused damage to my vehicle on a previous appointment, which they paid to have repaired. It’s of value to mention at this point that I have used Midas for 13+ years with great service throughout, with exception for the isolated instance of damage. I was not going to hold one bad experience against them, as any shop or mechanic can have a bad day. I pursued forward with that thought and returned for the corresponding service appointment in question. Returning back to the end-of-the-day phone call, Robert stated that they would not be performing my state inspection. The reasoning that was given is that for the visual inspection requirement portion of the state inspection, they needed to remove components that Trenton had informed them they had to repair from damage from the previous appointment and that they were not going to be held liable for possible damage a second time. Immediately, this sounded like a rouse to retaliate for the repair claim. My thought was, “perform the task correctly and no damage should occur, correct?” From the tone of the conversation with Robert, I quickly ascertained that any continued discussion for getting that service completed was not going to be productive. I moved forward and asked about the oil change. I was told that because of the previous repair claim, they would not put my vehicle on one of their conventional post lifts. Robert stated that they would need to put my vehicle on their “drive-on” lift to perform the oil service. It was stated that this lift was currently in use and would be in use overnight to the affect that they would not be performing my oil service either. I was then told to arrange to pick up my vehicle before they closed. I promptly arrived down at the service station no more than 30 minutes later and immediately noticed that there was no vehicle on their “drive-on” lift. I captured a photo to preserve that fact. So here’s the summary. I had a scheduled appointment to have a state inspection and oil service performed. They had my vehicle for 4+ hours and failed to perform either service. It is my perception that this purposeful service refusal was a juvenile attempt to retaliate on the previous repair claim that they incurred. I feel that it was highly unprofessional and my objective is to warn prospective customers of the past actions of these two managers. Despite this experience, I will continue to use Midas. I will however, never take my vehicle back to the Butler Midas as long as these two managers are in the wheel-house.

As a side note, I was told by both managers that any complaint I would make would simply be forward back to them and quickly discard in the trash. That is why I am populating this complaint through any and all mediums within the Midas corporate structure to ensure that word of their actions makes it outside of their jurisdiction of control.


I arrived 10 minutes prior to my service appt of 9:15 am I waited over 1 hour before approaching the person behind the desk where I had given all info plus my car keys.
I asked why it was taking so long to do a state safety inspection and an oil change.
My car had not moved since I arrived at the Waialae Ave location.
Long story short. This appt lasted close to 4HOURS!!!!!!!
By the way I had to cancel another appt I had made, thinking I had plenty of time but
as you can read from my complaint. 4 HOURS pushed me pass my time allowed to make my other appt I had to cancel and rebook the appt
No customer should be treated this way Oh and by the way this location is very old and in need of lots of tender loving care

Janet L. Knight


I wanted to tell you about the inexcusable / dangerous experience I recently had at your Midas location located at 7382 Oswego Rd, Liverpool, NY 13090. I have go to this location because it is convenient. It's less than a mile from my home.
Back on _________ I had a brake job done on my front brakes at this location I'm mentioning this now, and you will see why in a minute. Keep reading.

On Friday 09-08-17 I had an appointment for an oil change. I went in and they advised me they would rotate my tires as "part of the package" at no cost to me. I thought that would nice. When I left there, it felt to me as if my car was pulling just a little bit to the left, but then I thought no, it was all in my mind. About a week later when I drove between 30-35mph my car would vibrate very badly. It was rough on the ear drums, so I had to try to drive below 30mph or over 35mph. The vibration on the ears was that bad. My car had also developed a squeak which sounded like it was coming from the front left tire.

I called and got an appointment on Monday, 09-25-17 for the same Midas store to look at my car to see what was causing this. Mind you, before I went in for my oil change/tire rotation it was not making this vibration or squeak. Service Manager Dave told me they would take a look at it and see what was going on with my car. They had it on the lift for over two hours. Dave came in to me and told me there was a bolt on the front left that looked like it was almost rusted through and would replace it. A little while later, they took it off the lift and Dave took it for a test drive. I went outside when I saw him driving back into the lot. He stopped and got out of the car, and took the protective plastic off the seat, and said I was "all set'. (Like you would do if everything was fixed and I was good to go). I asked him if he had heard the squeak when he drove it. He said he had not. (You have to be deaf not to have heard it). Dave then told me "they could not find anything, so they rotated my tires back to where they were when I first brought them in"). He said the issues were not fixed. I asked him why after over 2 hours nothing is any better than when I brought it in to them to look at?! He advised me he "needed more time" to figure it out. I told him I work all week long, and have an event this Saturday, and they are closed on Sunday, so what was he going to do about this. He said he could put me in for the following Saturday October 7th, and in the meantime, I would "just have to listen to the squeak and vibration". Dave was condescending and treated me like I was an idiot who didn't know anything.

I asked my friends if any of them could recommend a reliable mechanic. Thankfully I was given the name and number to B & H Automotive and they were able to take me in the very next day. First let me tell you that owner's of B & H Automotive's name is Bob, and he welcomes you to call him, and he will be happy to explain to you exactly what I am going to tell you (below). I have photographs of everything to support every word of this.

Bob wanted to check my front tires/brakes to see what might be going on up there. The drivers side front tire would not come off. They wound up cutting the bolt off in order to get my wheel off. (SEE PHOTO). Bob told me there was NO way the guys at Midas "Re-rotated" my tires back to where they said they did, and said it probably took them over 2 hours to try to figure out how to fix their botched job!
Once they got the tire off, Bob said there one stud was spinning and not even tight. He found out the reason for this was because the mechanics at Midas did not put in the correct stud.....no, instead they put in a HEX BOLT like you buy at the hardware store! (SEE PHOTO). Not only did they put in this hex bolt, they found it was too long, and when they tightened it down, it gouged the the rotor!!! (SEE PHOTO)...The Midas mechanics solution to this was to put a washer on the hex bolt to try to shorten it. When they found this still didn't work, they loosened it, and left it that way!!!! This same left front tire was also missing the caliper hardware/bracket. (SEE PHOTO). I had to have a entire new brake job done on the front of my car because of the shoddy work done by the people at your Route 57 location.

So not only are your people liars and thief's, they have NO regard for customer safety! As I write this I sit here and shake my head, in disbelief.

I have had my safety put at risk, had to pay for a 2nd/correctly done front brake job. I have also had to inconvenience others to take me to work and back because of Midas. There is no excuse for this!

I look forward to hearing from you, to hear what Midas is going to do to make this right.

As I mentioned earlier in my letter, Bob Ortolani/owner of B & H Automotive welcomes you to call him if you have any questions or concerns. Here is his information:

B & H Automotive
7700 Maple Road
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
315-635-5366 - Bob Ortolani/Owner

I can be reached on my cell phone:

Diane Sheerin (Cell phone) 315-409-6968
If I am not available to answer the phone when you call, please leave me a message with your name and best number to reach (including any extension) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I am appalled and in shock over not only the treatment I received from Dave on the 25th, but for the total disregard for my safety and the safety of my vehicle. Dave never even offered me apology for any of this.

A very dissatisfied customer.

-Diane Sheerin


On November 4,2016, Midas installed a Serpentine belt on my 2010 Volvo XC60 and two weeks later my air condition stop working because Midas did not replace the other required parts on my car (coupling and kit) for the belt. They did not even use the correct belt for my car. It was forced on the a/c compressor and other pulleys. I tried talking to the assistant manager Jeremy Wilson and the store manager/owner Charles Pace on November 23,2016, and November 25th, and they did not want to accept the blame for the work they performed on the car.

All they wanted was more money out me to solve the problem by charging more money to replace the air compress without replacing the other required parts. I was originally quoted $262.06 to replace the serpentine belt and when I decided to have the belt replaced the price went to $592.71 receipt #702588.

Charles tried to tell me he was going to warranty the labor and charge me $1167.00 to install the a/c compressor and Jeremy Wilson quoted me $1500.00. I don't how they are helping me when the dealer had the part for $700.00. Basically they were increasing the cost of the part so that I would still pay for labor. I even explained to them that I was losing money from this transaction and previous transaction because I drive for a ride sharing companies.

I ended up taking my car to a shop that specialized in working with Volvo only and I had to replaced the belt that Midas put along with parts that Midas failed to put expansion valve, coupling, repair kit and a damage A/C compressor created by Midas. It cost me a total of $2,382.90 (Midas $592.71 + $1790.19 other repair shop). I have requested the old parts and the belt that Midas put to seek a refund within 10days. Otherwise I will be filing a complaint in small claims court.


Paid $500.00 to have a oil leak fixed but it never happened. Took it back said valve cover still leaking, said if i pay for new valve cover gasket $70 they would furnish the labor. I did and they replaced gasket but it still leaks. Took it back had them look at it, and change oil. They said they didn't known where it was leaking. Problem still exists and I am not a happy Midas customer.


I had visited this Midas service center and they are totally fraud. They made so many promises but the work which they did was very poor. In fact, my entire family has been made to suffer because of these people. I will put these pictures on Facebook and every social media site so that nobody else will lose their money and time. The workers are uneducated and need help, the management team has no manners and are rude to employees. How can I find contact information for the Midas CEO? I'd love to escalate this to headquarters with a phone call. The address of this store is 7501 W Chester Pike, Upper Darby, PA 19082.


I have called Midas corporate hotline multiple times to be contacted about a misquote of service and get parts installed in my car without approval that ended up being $600 more. And two additional services after that I am told my car needs more work to work properly and our bill is now $2200. The tech have some crazy reason about pressure. Waiting for call still. Their customer service needs some help!


Midas supposedly provides you with A to Z services like oil change, exhaust and mufflers, brakes, tires and wheels, batteries and suspensions with complete care and protection. Well I certainly have used them for everything over the years.

Recently I went in for a routine oil change but ended up getting sold hundreds of dollars more in repairs that I do not believe were actually needed. It's sad because I know that the name is derived from the king Midas and his golden touch, hence the slogan "Trust the Midas touch", which says you can just trust the service without any worry.

Not sure I can trust this company anymore.


After taking my car into Midas for repairs, they began with a diagnostic that cost $155 and then began to place arbitrary parts into the car which did not fix the car. By the time they reached $700, I had had enough. The car was smoking and cutting off more than ever and I told them to stop. I took the car back after expressing my ire. Then when I found someone else, I had the car towed to the Chevy dealership who fixed the problem and explained to me that they were not even close in their repairs. They explained how some crooks operate to pad their bill. They only charged me $430 but they actually fixed the car. Is this criminal or what?


Car had grinding sound when braking also abs light was on. Took it to Midas and had brake evaluation. I was told needed back brakes, shocks, struts on front only, rack and pinion replaced. I was also told the reason for abs light on because a screw was not tightened. Had repairs done. 3weeks later heard same noise was told by management that I needed front brakes had new brakes your on. 1 day later took car back heard same grinding noise.

Took car back to Midas again and they did more adjustments. Two days later went in for same problem and was told metal rubbing against metal. They did more adjustments. Dec 8 heard loud pop, Dec 9 while driving heard another loud pop. So, I stopped to check trunk would not stay up on its own. Dec 10th took car back for evaluation was told nothing was wrong. When driving away abs, trac light on while backing up turned around went back to same Midas. I complained to customer service department and was told wheels were too big for auto, ridiculous answer because wheels were put on by discount tire.

I paid $2200 for work on car abs light and service auto light is still on. I am very very disappointed with the Midas corporate office for ignoring my complaints. Have had no real problems with car for until Midas repairs were done. I want my car fixed.


Took my truck in for an oil change. A short time after that I started to notice oil spots in my driveway. My driveway had been freshly coated in the late spring.This made me very upset ! I made a returned trip to the Midas shop.I was informed they had installed too much oil in my motor, about 1/2 quart and they had to take that back out.I also was told they had spilled a substantial amount of oil down the side of my motor .They failed to clean it up properly which caused two oil pools in my driveway. I resent that I had to spend my time and money trying to remove the oil stains,without much luck. I might add. At this time I don't think I would ever return to Midas for any type of service on my truck or car.


I had to get the oil change done for my vehicle so took it to Midas as suggested by my office colleague. Well I would really appreciate them for the kind of efficient work they have done. Not just oil change, but I asked them to service it as well. Now my vehicle is spik and span, neatly done, oil change, brakes are checked and corrected. Midas store is staffed by ASE-certified mechanics and hence I trust them in the work.

They are ready to serve us anytime. I can be rest assured when I give my vehicle to Midas. I know it is in safe hands. Midas is one of the world’s largest providers of automotive services, offering brake, maintenance, tires, exhaust, steering and suspension services at more than 2,000 franchisee. So I know that I can trust them!

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