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I purchased a pair of Tiffany sunglass frames. I took them to Lenscrafters on 1/21/2019 to order the prescription lenses. My salesperson was Kerry. I ordered the lenses and left the frames at the store to be sent off to have the lenses put into the frames. I never received a call informing me that my sunglasses were ready so, I stopped by the store on 2/10/19. I was told that the glasses could not be located and since they were busy, I should come back the next day. I returned to the store on the next day, 2/11/2019. They checked the system and confirmed that there had been a delivery for me. They looked for the glasses and told me that they were still not able to find the glasses. I was told that they were probably lost in shipment and that a new pair would be covered by the store. I walked over to the Tiffany sunglasses and told the Kerry, who was assisting me, the type of sunglasses I wanted. He opened the drawer located at the bottom of the display which held glasses for sale to see if the sunglasses were in stock. The glasses he pulled out of the display drawer were my sunglass frames! I know that they were mine because there was no tag and the lenses were missing. The lenses were removed initially when I left the glasses at the store. Kerry then went to the back and discovered that my lenses had been delivered uncut because no glasses were sent with the order. As a matter of fact, the lens envelope had a note written on it that stated customer did not leave frames. The statement definitely was not correct. So, I was told that the lenses needed to be cut and put into the frames. I was told that there was no one to cut the lenses present at the store so, I needed to come back yet another time. I told him that I would pick the glasses up after work. I arrived at the store after 5:00 pm. The lenses had not been cut and the glasses were not ready although the person who cuts the lenses came in at 1:00 that day. As a result of the terrible service at this store, I told them to refund my money. I nor my two sons will ever patronize this store again.The service was completely unacceptable.

Tamara Denson


Rude ladies and not helpful at all. They act like they r there just for a paycheck. Never going back.


Over charged had the worst experience sent several emails no response corporate i called they said they were gonna have someone from stire call me no one called me this is worse ever


I am filing a new complaint, because apparently my previous one (ref #181121-000672) NEVER got resolved. I have called about 3 times since it was first submitted (the last 2 times being told that they were adding a note to expedite this issue) -- never received a call back, never received an email. The last time I called was before Thanksgiving.

Nick at Lenscrafters Macy's in Tukwila, WA, went ahead and gave me my refund of 65.00 which was randomly charged to my account. That was two weeks ago and I have not seen the refund show up in my account yet. So I called him back AGAIN today asking why it has not shown up yet. Maybe it's still processing, but frankly I am tired of reaching out to you people with ZERO RESULTS, especially since I have already filed an original complaint and have not heard back from ANYONE despite several attempts of me reaching out (even emailing you screenshots of the $65.00 charge which supposedly you guys couldn't even view on your end).

I honestly feel like taking a further step of action at this point.


I bought and paid cash for glasses at you Mesa, AZ store in Superstition Mall $179 paid in cash. Then I learned my insurance paid 100% up to $200.. The clerk/and the store manager say I am only getting back $63.00 because I dont get the sale price if I use insurance. So I take issue with that procedure AND the clerk accused me of being beligerant adding insult to injury. I HAVE NEVER HEAD OF A RETAILOR CHARGING MORE CAUSE YOU USE INSURANCE. So I feel I am being ripped off of about $120 whilst being insulted for my bad vocal cord.


Well my complaint is that I was told that they are not responsible for A-frame being defected I don't think that's fair I bought it from lenscraft they should take some sort of responsibility for it being affected it would have been nice if he said we'll change the frame which they could do but he refused to do it instead he tells me that I need to call Ray Ban to tell them about it so they can replace it I don't think that's fair is that what happens when you buy a frame from lenscraft that whatever happens is not LensCrafters fault the frame which goes over my ear and when I close it it was rubbing up against me glasses which created a mark they shouldn't even be touching the glasses And now I'm being told that I should speak to his supervisor and of course I feel I'm getting the run around because they're really wanna help me so I'm being passed around


I was at your Square One location at around 3:30PM September 1st 2018 and was looking to purchase a pair of glasses, I also got an employee to do an adjustment on my current frames. Upon arriving home I notice he burnt the edges of both my lenses. I want to know what I can do about this?


At the end of May 2018 I had an exam and purchased a pair of Ray Ban trifocals. When the girl put them in a box she gave me a pair that had been tired on several times. I questioned this but was reassured they would adjust them. I have been receiving glassed there for over 20 years. Before I was always given a pair out of the drawer. My glasses are to stretched out and I am pushing them up on my face 5 times a minute at least. I returned 4 times the first week. They would adjust them and with in an hour they were right back stretched out. They told me it was because I wear makeup. For 2 months I was in there every week sometimes twice. They blamed me for wearing makeup and told me I needed a special makeup with powder. My old glasses fit fine and they are ray bans. No one would do anything to help me. I have even purchased nose pads and they still fall because the bows are so stretched out. Please help me I cannot afford another pair of glasses.


Bought 3 pairs of glasses at this lens crafter, 2 pairs for me and one pair for husband, glasses were too take about 10 days, didn't get one till 14 days any my husband longer then that. Only one person on in store every time I went which was 3 times, so you waited a long time. Had my new glasses and only wore them 3 times and the lens popped out. I spent 1300.00 for these glasses and the quality stinks. Now I have to go back again and wait again. I truly don't think I'm going to keep either pair of my glasses to much of a waste of my time if it happen once it will happen again with the lens. Poor service and quality of product. Very displeased with both pairs of glasses


Called LensCrafters independent Mall Wilmington North Carolina Monday 7/23/ 2018 asked if they had a specific frame, my son broke his glasses we wanted to keep the lenses change the frame. Spoke to someone named Chris he said they had the frame he asked for my VSP information ran it through as a sale he said quoted me $58 put them on hold so we can come get them on Thursday 7/26/ 2018. Went to pick them up Chris was not there salesman charged us $91.06 said we were at a store that was not in network so they don’t know why Chris gave us a price of $58.00. I was not happy with this my son didn’t know what to do because I was not with him at the time I will return these frames to LensCrafters I will get my $91.06 and I will shop elsewhere from now on unless this can be rectified I think you for your time . Sharon Gnapinski 910-409-8095 I would appreciate your help in this matter, thank you


Called LensCrafters independent Mall Wilmington North Carolina Monday 7/23/ 2018 asked if they had a specific frame, my son broke his glasses we wanted to keep the lenses change the frame. Spoke to someone named Chris he said they had the frame he asked for my VSP information ran it through as a sale he said quoted me $58 put them on hold so we can come get them on Thursday 7/26/ 2018. Went to pick them up Chris was not there salesman charged us $91.06 said we were at a store that was not in network so they don’t know why Chris gave us a price of $58.00. I was not happy with this my son didn’t know what to do because I was not with him at the time I will return these frames to LensCrafters I will get my $91.06 and I will shop elsewhere from now on unless this can be rectified I think you for your time . Sharon Gnapinski 910-409-8095 I would appreciate your help in this matter, thank you


My wife and l have been Lenscrafter's customers for years. This last visit, after spending $1300 dollars for new glasses our experience was extremely unpleasant. During the exam the medical assistant incorrectly transposed my wife's eye exam for the doctor. Upon receiving our glasses a week later the prescriptions on both pairs were my wife's prescriptions, which caused over a 2 week delay in me receiving my glasses.Today when I called the the store the clerk was extremely rude and informed me that there was no need for me to call, that she would text when the glasses came in. This complaint is to inform you that we will no longer be using LensCrafters in the future and will not ever recommend this company to any of our friends or family. The Lenscrafters we used was inside the Tucson Mall in , Tucson Arizona


On Sunday, 7-15-18, I called the Capitola Lenscrafters to schedule an eye exam. Regina answered and was already irritated. After placing me on a brief hold, I told her I would like to schedule an exam for next weekend. She didn't seem to understand and was quite rude about when 'next weekend' was and proceeded to tell me that next weekend is July 28th and 29th in a rude tone, and asked me for a third time when I want to schedule the exam. I told her next weekend is the 21st and 22nd and today is only the 15th...I called her on her poor attitude and asked to speak to her manager. She claimed to be the manager so I asked to speak to her supervisor and she claimed Autumn is her supervisor. Autumn and I played phone tag on Sunday and I have yet to get a response to my last message.

I'd like to know why I was treated so poorly with a rude attitude. I was being nice and Regina had no reason to lash out at me. Regina should be relieved of her job from Lenscrafters because she obviously doesn't have the customer service skills required to work retail.

Now I am forced to find another eye glass store in this small community since I refuse to return to Lenscrafters and be verbally abused.


I purchased a box of lenses and noticed my vision for distance wasn't the greatest. I returned to River Oaks Lens Crafter and followed up with eye doctor, after a few test I tried lenses for distance. Five days later, since I couldn't return original purchase lenses, I bought the lenses for distance. On numerous occasions, I asked the sales representative to make sure I'm purchasing the correct lenses which I was told yes. My second purchased lenses were picked up on 7/10/18. I'm wearing the newly purchased lenses today, and I noticed they are the same I originally ordered. Also, it appears the prescription are the same as previous purchase. These lenses are good for up close but not good for distance. I'll be returning back to River Oaks LensCrafter today. However, at this time, I'm requesting a full refund of all four boxes. Again, this prescription is for up close vision, not distance. I prefer the vision for distance which was expressed to the eye doctor. It's unfortunate the time, gas, and money spent to travel to LensCrafter just to receive a duplicate prescription isn't good customer service. At this time, I will not pay any additional monies for the lenses I want and this mishap should warrant me a full refund from both purchases or definitely the second purchase.


I asked the techntion not to use cameras due to sensitive eyes. She did it any. She used OPD - scan111 which injured my eyes and caused severe symptyms in my eyes and anxiety. I was unable to focus and have nerves affected,severe eye strain, and a lot of reflections and light sensitivity. Dr Steven Labroff was unprofessional, uncaring, abrupt. And lied to me. And said I was making untrue accusations.This experience is unacceptable.


On April 9,2018 I had an eye exam and purchased glasses. I told them I wanted to order a new pair of glasses from the supplier I didn’t want the glasses on the shelf. I left the store and about an hour later received a text message saying my glasses were ready I went back to the store and told them I just said not even an hour ago I wanted to order new frames and didn’t want them off the self.
After about 2-3 weeks I finally received my new glasses, but The prescription was wrong and I couldn’t see out of them the tech told me maybe just wear them a couple of weeks to get use to them; now I’ve been wearing glasses for 40 years and never purchased a pair that I had to get use to....
So after wearing the glasses for 2 weeks I had never wore them a night I usually had my contacts on, but this particular night I was wearing my new glasses and I couldn’t see a thing everything was blurry and I damn near got killed on the fwy trying to get home.

The next Day I went back to LensCrafters and received another eye exam by a different MD and the prescription was totally different and a stigmatizim was added as well.

When I picked up the new glasses after a few days I was able to see right away a considerable noticeable difference, but there was one other difference as well they had switched my frame. The tech Eddie stated they were probably mixed up in the lab those frames they gave me were stretched out old looking and the sériel number was partially rubbed off; the glasses were falling off my face. Now I’ve paid $260 in cash plus over $250 my insurance paid over $500 and I don’t have any glasses at all they said they can’t even order those frames they are out of stock so they have have my $500 and the glasses and I have nothing. It’s been 3 days and not one person from that store has reached out to me apologized or given me a new frame.

I was my insurance credit because I’m going to call them and tell them it’s fraud because I don’t have any glasses and I want my refund of my money I paid.

Horrible service!!!!!!!!!




I ordered a pair of progressive glasses on January 10, 2018 and it's now February 2, 2018 and still no glasses. I contacted Lens Crafters at Colorado Mills Mall multiple times during this period and have gotten nothing but excuses on why they haven't received the glasses back from the lab. So, I don't have my glasses, which I desperately require for reading and are paid for in full. I paid a lot of money for awful service with no clear answers or solutions to an on going problem with is company. I have ordered glasses there two other times previously with the same exact results, untimely delays. I will be sure to file a complaint with the better business bureau and inform everyone I know of the awful service provided by your organization and no compensation for my inconvenience.


I have been a customer of many years. I bought two pairs of glasses in march.one pair had a scuff on the lens, I was told I have to buy new lenses , I think I should get some consideration on this problem.


I am very unhappy with my Oakley glasses with scratch resistant progressive lens purchased on 7/10/2016 at the LensCrafters Store at the Coastal Grande Mall in Myrtle Beach, SC. These glasses were expensive and with having the backing of two known companies. Oakley & LensCrafters that I could trust with my eye sight, I had felt good about my purchase and that I purchased a good pair of quality made glasses. I guess I was wrong, because at the time of purchase I did not get the LensCrafters care plan because I had asked if the progressive were scratch resistant.

I was told yes they are and that made my decision on the care plan, less than 90 - days in to wearing and caring for my new glasses very carefully, the scratch resistant lens developed light scratches that were affecting my eye sight, how could scratch resistant lens scratch. As I have not abused them and have been very careful with cleanings, my wife and I both went together to purchase new glasses at LensCrafters. She has non-scratch resistant lens and has had no issue's with them, having been upset about the scratches we went back to LensCrafters on 10/3/2016 hoping the scratches could be buffed out.

The associate said that buffing progressive lens would warp them, he then showed them to two other associates who could also see the scratches and said they had no swirls to them, meaning the glasses weren't droppe on the pavement and that the scratches were straight and then asked when were they purchased and if I had the care plan, I said no due to the fact that I was told the lens were scratch resistant. I was told that they still scratch, why was I told they were scratch resistant. I thought I was purchasing a good pair of quality glasses, he replied with you should have gotten the care plan. I told him I have never had lens scratch like these have just by cleaning, he came back twice with.

An associate looked in to seeing if I could buy a care plan, but said I could not - only said the 14 - days from the purchase date had expired, I asked what it would cost to just replace the lens, because they are affecting my eye sight and are worthless to me like this, I was told to replace just the lens was $544. All that was done for me was a quick cleaning - handed my glasses back to me and said sorry nothing we can do. I will never recommend or purchase eye care products from Lenscrafters ever again, there is no service after the sale.

Their warranty is good for only 30 days - this isn't a used car - other competitors have longer warranties. I can see that LensCrafters does not stand behind the products they sell, I feel betrayed by LensCrafters - they took my money and slammed the door in my face. I wasn't looking for something for nothing, I just wanted LensCrafters to fix my glasses and do the right thing to keep me as a customer.


My Husband & I went to Kingsway Mall Location on Monday July 11, 2016. Hal has been a customer for several years and w'e were greeted and we proceeded to pick out frames. It was very busy that evening. Everyone was polite, and within about 1/2 an hour to 45 mins. A technician sat won with us, and did the normal & usual procedures and picked out the frames, etc. This was time consuming. At the very end, after about 45 minutes the Technician called the Manager over and they had a brief conversation and she was looking something up on her iPad and then said the following.

We aren't able to order glasses for you from the lab. This was after giving us measurements, photos, fittings, and pricing. We thought we were "finishing up" and then she said. Yeah, we can't oder your glasses for you due to your Rx and our Processing Guidelines have changed. We were there 2 years ago & all was fine. His RX didn't change drastically., only a little. Where does that leave the Customer? Lenscrafters being the Largest Company in North America.....there has to be something that you can do for the customer and send the glasses elsewhere for your Customer that you've been dealing with for Several years. Don't just say...sorry about that. She would have left it at that.

She did say "sorry about that". By the way...her name is Emily at Kingsway and the Store Manager's Name is Neil. Well her reasoning isn't acceptable, and if this was the case. Why didn't she tell us that at the start of our visit...and not 45 minutes to an hour later...after we were all said and done and almost ready to go up and pay for the glasses? Hal was there 2 years ago and ordered his glasses. His RX has changed only slightly. It wasn't until I questioned Her and said "What do we do now".

I said...can you write down any notes or what you've done here or any helpful notes that we can take to "the Baker Centre...you think". She really seemed disinterested and disconnected. You must be able to do something to help your Loyal Customer? I want this to be sent to the CEO for his/her review. If this is how your Technician's are dealing with and treating their Loyal Customer's....I hate to see what the future holds. Again, Hal Whitford is a Long Time, Loyal Customer of Lenscrafters. What are you going to do to make this right?


Came in today to Lenscrafters on 6/17 /2016. Asked for help and the woman, well she must had something on her mind she was very upset about. What? I don't know but was very rude if I couldn't wait. Oh well I never come to another one of your stores again an this will be going on Facebook to tell everyone how bad the service was at the local store.


On 12/10/2015 I purchased a pair of glasses for my wife at Lenscrafters. Price of the glasses was 276.00 Medicare pd. 138.65. I pd 134.52. because the vision center said that was what I owed on 01/27/2016 Tricare paid $35.37. The total that I should have paid was $99.15. I have not been able to get any help from the Vision Center located at 1041 US Hyw 27N Avon Park, Fl. 33825. I would like my credit card credited 35.37.


I purchased Progressive eye glasses approximately 2 and a half years ago at the Kanata Ontario location. The problem is the protective coating has bubbled and caused an uneven film on the lens. I went back to complain about it and they said there is nothing they can do and its possible I may have got hair spray on them. Because of this I will never purchase eye wear there again.


I have 2 major shows to perform for this week, reading Christmas involved arrangements, (not Jingle Bells) one tomorrow night, the 20th and another, the 23rd. I am having quite a difficult time. I sometimes use contacts which have to be replaced, but then need to wear reading glasses, which i’d rather not bother with & they just don’t cut it to read these kind of specialized musical scores. Is there anything that can be done to expedite a replacement? Again, will appreciate your consideration. After many years of having glasses “adjusted” as well in other countries, Europe, Mexico, and the U.S., I have never had this unfortunate incident happen to me.


North Vancouver, BC - Marine Drive location. This complaint has to do with an employee’s incompetence. As a result my 1 lens of merely 8 mo. old is destroyed. I simply went to adjust my frames which were hurting my ear. An employee named Brenda put way too much heat on the lens itself. As a result it is destroyed. I cannot see through it, cannot drive, having trouble accomplishing my work, cannot even barely see computer to send this. I have just now phoned 4 very reputable optical stores. Each explained that there is a note for ALL staff stating: DO NOT PUT LENSES TOO CLOSE TO THE HEAT. This employee is massively covering up by saying that she warned me. She warned me for what? Never stated about the anti-glare being destroyed. It is now a total blur.

I need to request that you replace this damaged lens. I don’t buy into that I was warned. I have had many different eye glasses adjusted about 100x with yes, older frames too. It’s never gone to this. I can show you a receipt of the both lenses being replaced with a new prescription last May. They are virtually NEW, not old - about less than 8 months. I can scan and send it promptly. Who can I speak to in order to rectify this? I have gone to Lenscrafters for many years, a faithful customer for my eye glasses. It has never gotten to this terrible misfortune, actually a tragedy because I CANNOT SEE period. Who can I speak to? What management looks after this?

I believe i have a very valid problem which needs to be rectified by a replacement lens, not one which requires payment. I will appreciate your consideration. It is NOT my problem, even though your staff is trying to say it is.


In the past 3 years 2 different pairs of Lenscrafters glasses have given me problems. The issue is the coating on the left lens only keeps coming off. I use wipes for lens. I went to the store in white marsh mall, white marsh maryland last night. To have these replaced first they tell me with even having the insurance i have to pay a 25.00 copay. Why? Also when i got my glasses they had been done in 1 hour. Now they are telling me it will take up to 10 days to get my new lenses. Is this a change in Lenscrafters corporate policy? I do not understand that when they made them in one hour.

I have a serious problem with my left eye i need them fixed before my retina specialist appt. next friday the 11th. They do an eye test with your glasses on i can not see properly out of this left lens with it like this. I need help from the manager in my area. I can tell you that this is not the first time this has happened and only the left lens. Never the right. I would very much appreciate it if someone at Lenscrafters corporate offices can contact me about this issue.


I went into the St Clairsville Lens crafters. Upon getting a worker to assist me I told her I had been in there several times getting Glasses. The attendant informed me I would have to take another exam before I could get Glasses. I informed her that it has been about a year since my last exam and I had Lasix surgery before my last exam and would not need an exam as my vision wouldn't change and all I want is glasses to make things just a little more clearer so she checked my chart and found I was eligible for glasses.

Then I asked about the 40% off and she said since I was using an insurance card I would not get the discount or be able to get a better pair of glasses with the 40% reduction in price. I have used Lens crafters for years but no more will I deal with Lens crafters. The Lady who served me was rude and I felt was not truthfull about using any discount that was available. I may not have much influence on other people but I assure you I will tell all whom I am able about this. I am done with Lens crafters.


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