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The purpose of this email is to file a formal complaint against Gwinnett Place Honda and specific employees Albert Thompson and Maury Courtney. On January 16, 2016 I made an appointment at Gwinnett Place Honda located at 3325 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, GA 30096 for an oil change for my 2013 Honda Civic. I received several phone calls prior to my appointment that day for sales solicitation from Kendyl Brown for a new vehicle. I was even contacted back in December at my job. I did not give my direct number so the operator had to look me up and put them through. I asked to never be called at work again for a sales solicitation. My work number is for business purposes and emergencies only if I can’t be reached on my cell phone.

While in the waiting room I was approached by Albert Thompson and Maury Courtney. At that time I was six months pregnant. I explained that I am expecting a baby and not in the market for a new vehicle. I explained that my credit had probably dropped, I hadn’t paid my car payment for the month of January and I also don’t have a down payment. I was very doubtful I would be approved for a new vehicle. Even with this information they still insisted on showing me a new vehicle and running the numbers. I was told that it wouldn’t take that long.

When the first hour went by I inquired about my vehicle and if the oil change was complete. I’m not a new customer so it actually shouldn’t have taken long at all. This is my 3 Honda in 4 years. I purchased my 2012 Honda from Curry Paul Honda; traded in for my 2013 which I purchased from Gwinnett Place Honda and I traded in my 2013 Honda Civic for a 2016 Honda Civic again with Gwinnett Place Honda. My 2013 Civic was 3 years old with less than 30,000 miles on it.

My first experience with this dealership was great but this last time it was horrible. My boyfriend and I spent almost 6 hours in the waiting area. As I stated I’m not a new customer so I’m not sure if they were building me a new car or what the reason was for the long wait, later on however it became clear. I was ready to leave after 2 hrs. I kept being told that they’re really busy today; they just started a new system. I was feeling sick and hungry, sitting for almost 6 hours while 6 months pregnant had taken its toll. Even if I wasn’t pregnant being kept waiting for 6 hours is unacceptable. I let them know that I was leaving. All of sudden I’m asked to go into Albert's office to sign my contracts. He said I know you’re really tired so let’s go ahead and get everything signed. We went back and forth on the monthly payments again I told him that I am not in the market for a new vehicle. My current payments are manageable and I don’t want them increasing.

The increase ended up being $92. The monthly payments is all that we went over. Albert told me that everything else would be the same. He did not disclose the interest until after the contracts were signed. I immediately began to complain. I told him everything is not the same my previous interest rate for my 2013 Civic was 4.09. The interest rate for my 2016 is 6.54. I told him had this information should have been disclosed to me while we were discussing my payments had it been I wouldn’t have signed these contracts, which is why he deliberately did not tell me until after the fact.

This alone is enough to make a contract null and void. He showed me a rate chart again this is after I signed the contracts because I was told everything other than my payments would be the same. This is when it became clear why I was deliberately kept there for almost 6 hours while 6 months pregnant it was so my capacity could be diminished and Albert could get me to sign contracts without having all of the information disclosed to me that’s unethical, immoral, its misrepresentation, its fraud, most importantly it’s illegal. When he said everything else was the same that was a flat out lie.

The extended Service Contract went from $1600 to $1800; my gap insurance went from $400 to $750 this information wasn’t disclosed to me at all. I found this out after I got home and looked closer at my contracts. After a 6 hour wait there was such a rush to sign my contracts so much of a rush that I not shown how to use the main features on my car. The first time I went to get gas I didn’t know how to open my gas tank. On my 2013 there was a button the inside of my car that pushed that opened the gas tank. My car has an accessory mode I found that out by accident. I still don’t fully know how to turn on the car without turning the engine on completely. Gwinnett Place Honda has failed me as a customer due to the actions of Albert and Maury.

If the things I mentioned above is not enough there’s more. I began receiving calls the following week. I don’t answer number that I don’t know so Albert sent me a text message asking me to come back in a resign my contracts because my name was misspelled. After being there for almost six hours my name is misspelled on the contracts. I arranged to go on January 28th to resign the contracts. While I’m there I mention my dissatisfaction of the interest rate again he brushes it off. The new contracts still had the date of the 16th on it but shouldn’t it have had the 28th? I did take possession of the vehicle on the January 16th but those contracts weren’t processed because my name was misspelled the ones from the 28th were. At this point I’ve already made up in my mind that I was never doing with this dealership again. I do not appreciate being taken advantage of just so a sale can be made.

I hadn’t made the decision to make a formal complaint until the last incident. I came back February 20th to have my windows tinted. While I waited I asked to speak to a finance manager about canceling my gap insurance for my 2013. I had received my letter and it instructed me to do so also I did the same process with my 2013. The finance manager said it would be better if I brought in my payoff letter otherwise the process would take longer. I came back the next day with my letter. The finance manager that came out this time was Albert. He said that my gap insurance was transferred. I asked transferred where and why? He says don’t worry about it you’re all taken care of. For me that was the very last straw. I was not asked and nor did I authorize him or anyone to transfer my gap insurance. Transfer it where for what? I’m purchasing a new vehicle and therefore new gap insurance, $750 worth to be exact. It was not his decision to allocate my money therefore he stole my money.

My 2013 was under 30,000 miles. The first thing that needs to happen is for me to be refunded the money from my gap insurance. This needs to happen immediately. As for the misrepresentation, fraud, and failure to disclose information all done while my capacity was diminished are grounds for making a contract null and void. As I just stated I want to cancel the gap insurance from my 2013 and my refund issued to me immediately. I want my contract renegotiated. I have decided to consult with a lawyer. I am seeking damages. I am currently 8 months pregnant this situation has put a lot of emotional stress and strain on me. In the midst of getting ready for the birth of my first child, working full time, and taking MBA classes I had to find the time to file this complaint.


Had repair work done at McConnel Honda on Montgomery, AL. Was told repair would take about 1.5 hours. It actually took 1.25 hours. I was charged for 2.6 hours of labor because they said they use flat rates determined by the repair activity. This was not disclosed up front. Complained to the service manager and was told that is how they bill. I will not be going to Honda anymore for service or to buy a new vehicle.


I purchased new in 1999 a Honda Passport. I have approximately 120,000 miles on this car and have kept it in good condition (in garage-serviced etc) and expecting another 100,000 miles. Well i was just informed that the frame has rusted through and one strut broke through the frame and car is not safe to drive. My contact with a frame dealer says that the frame is no longer available and can not be replaced. So the car must be junked.

I am asking what will Honda do. My daughter had a Ford Windstar that did the same thing and Ford paid her over $3000.00 and took car back and my brother had a toyota truck with rust problems and that paid him several thousand dollars and the frame was okay and he was able to keep truck and drive it several more years. Would you pleas email me. I am a loyal customer and I also have a Honda and did own a Honda Civic in past.


On Saturday March 26 I received a recall notice on my Honda Fit. I called my local Honda dealer of Riverside and spoke to the service manager Irwin, he informed me he would have to put me on a list for a rental car which I was agreeable to. This morning March 28 my neighbor who owns a CRV gets a rental car without being on the list. I believe there is no list and the more expensive cars get preferential treatment. I called the main office and they said there was nothing they could do. So much for Honda's customer service.


The Dealership name Berkeley Honda, at CA, They also sell use car, the Berkeley Honda sold me a repaired Mini cooper, after 6 months, the car started has problem. I have spent almost $3000 to fix the car within 2 years. I call in to ask for help, but the irresponsible people there try to ignore me. I can't never trust the dealership for any Honda again.


I purchased a Cargo Net for my 2015 Honda Civic LX in January of 2016. At the time I purchased the Net I told that I would be able to install the Net myself. So thinking that it should be fairly easy to install myself, I opened the packaged through the packaging away in preparation to install. I opened the instructions which appeared to be very confusing to me. I checked with the Service Department at All Star Honda, Milwaukee,WI I was informed that they could install it for $ 72.00, which needless to say is more than the cost of the Net.

Because wholes have to drilled Parts Department at All Star and explained what the problem was. I was told I could return it. I wasn't asking for them to return cash to me I just wanted the amount put back on my Honda Credit Card. Here are the reasons I was given for them not being able to do this:1. The Net wasn't in the original packaging 2. I didn't have the sales receipt or the code number. My question is couldn't they have take a few minutes looked up the transaction or the cost of the Net, are there not records of the sale?


I bought a Dreamjuga Honda bike from garai honda, krishnanagar, nadia, West Bengal on 29/7/14. But after completing 5th service I got 40-45/km mileage. I gave complaints many times to the corporate office and service centre. But they can't solve my problem. Really Honda? If you cannot solve my problem please change my bike. Otherwise I think I will go a different way next time I purchase a bike, and it will be not be a Honda.


I bought a New Honda CRV at the end of March 2015 and had been happy with it until last week I bought it after a number of friends had only said good words about Honda. As a household of 4 cars we had always had Fords or Vauxhalls and in fact the same week i bought my CRV my daughter bought a new Ford. And my own previous 7 cars had all been.Fords and Vauxhalls.

Last week my son was washing three of our cars including mine when he called me to look at my car. As a car of just 11 months old with 9,000 miles on it i was horrified to see the rubber seal around the front window was falling apart in an area of about a foot long.Upon closer inspection it was clear this was not the only area. It was also on the rubber seals on both front doors and the full length of the seals on both sides of the car running the full length of the car.

I took the car straight away to the dealer. Trident in Ottershaw. The aftercare manager Chris could not give a satisfactory explanation to me. His main suggestion was either Rodent or Bird damage and not a manufacturing problem thus not covered by the warranty. I feel this reasoning is totally floored as the only place my car is ever parked for long periods is on my driveway with 3 other non Honda cars.

I have lived at this house with my family for 27 years and no car has ever had any such damage. I find it beyond belief that we have some kind of Rodent that has taken a dislike to a Honda car but done no damage to any other car. Not only this but some of the areas with damage ie the door seals one would have to say even the most gymnastic of rodents couldn't get to and yet areas a rodent could easily get to are untouched.

It should be clear to any one that this is not an over night problem caused by some animal but something that has been going on for many months and i would thing even before i bought it.
I cannot explain the damage but find the reason given by Honda as beyond belief. The only advise i have had from Honda is to get an independent expert to look at it. How i would find such a person i have no idea. I am away in Australia for a month from next week so would be grateful for an early reply.

I am a very disappointed Honda owner and feel this is far from the aftercare service i would expect of a company with such a good reputation.


The rating above depends on what year. Previously I would always have rated Honda a 5 star now since 2012 I would rate it a 1 star. The reason for the difference is in cold weather starting, the previous bike was a Foreman 450 now I tried a Rincon 680 and I would gladly go back to the 450. It was dependable and I never walked in 14000 kms. Now you cannot ride without walking unless the bike is in a heated garage when started and do NOT turn it off outside in -20 degrees Celcius for more than 2 hours or you walk, when ready you than push or pull it inside change the spark plug and your back on the road.

Will probably never buy another Honda unless we get some service that will solve the issue. Seems to be a lot of suggestions out their about how to start but so far none of them work consistently. Honda please go back to the drawing board, dependability used to be your Name.


I am a Honda customer for about 25 years. During these years I had Honda Civic, Honda Accord and Honda CRV. In January 2016 I had a car accident and my Honda CRV towed to Honda Efe service in Ankara Turkey. Service told me that they had to order some parts because my Honda CRV 2004 model to fix it. And it will take 30 days. One week passed since then. Today 13 Feb. 2016 they told me that the earliest time they can fix my car and give it to me by March 15 2016. I cannot accept this inconvenience. I am a busy person and have many meetings in each week in different cities. I am going to work every day too.
Please know that making a good car is not enough.

After service is very important for the customers. Service has no right to mistreat the Honda customers. I will share this with my university students, colleagues and companies in Ankara Turkey. I am the former Rector of Cankaya University in Ankara Turkey, and the head of the board of Constructions machinery cluster (ISIM) in Ankara.


My Honda car is having problems with the Bluetooth. It's about an hour drive from my home town. I took my new (used) car to be fixed. I've gone twice with the same mechanic. He is a very practical and nice man. I really don't know him but the problem was this morning upon an appointment for some dialysis w/ the phone and hook up, situation. After trying to get my information downloaded onto my computer last night for an hour, I finally gave up since, Brandon said I could just sit w/ the service man when he did the check using my phone. Little did I know I would be shocked at a personnel problem when I was observing.

I was in the passenger seat when I hear a woman holler something outside to someone else. Then she came in the service area to glare at me then give the man who was working on a hug that was very inappropriate. Apparently it was her birthday and she wanted to show off to everyone. I was disappointed that the man gave the hug and no one seemed to be offended. This wasn't a usual friend hug. I suppose there wasn't anyone else around. I thought there would be cameras but obviously not. This is why I'm glad I chose not to leave my phone alone. These people have no control or care of others. I didn't get an apology from the man and the woman seemed to be proud of the rudeness, unkindness, or consideration for her job, or his. This is why I was told, I suppose that the Honda dealers in El Paso are not only a better choice to buy a car but more professional.

I'm sorry to have to bring this to your attention but if a child was in the car I would have gone right to the manager. I was a teacher. These things aren't considered in the building. Self control was a matter of discipline.


I own a 2002 Accord. My transmission started slipping and the car had to be towed to a repair shop. Checking other owners experience I found that many customers had the same problem and Honda had compensated for at least part of the repair since there was a defect in the transmission. I am trying to prevent going to court about the transmission and hope to hear positive news from Honda.


In August we bought a new pilot from Santa Margarita Honda.About two weeks later we started having intermittent transmission problems between first and second gear. There is a huge jolt in the car. If we pull over and restart the car this seems to cure the problem. We took the car in a couple times but the dealer says there's nothing they can do until a light comes on. Last week a light came on but they said they checked the transmission fluid and there were no shavings so they refilled the fluid and thats all the book called for.

We paid for a brand new 2016 Honda Pilot and my wife is scared to death to drive it. Basically there telling us to drive it tell it breaks. Which could put my wife in a dangerous situation if it happens on the freeway or She gets stranded out of town some place. were afraid to use it to go on vacation. Can anybody at Honda help or is this just the way things are done at Honda? We've had two other Hondas and loved them.


I arranged a viewing at Vertu Honda Retford to view a CRV with a salesman called Alex at 13:45 on the 21/11/15.We had already agreed a price for my car and we had made a agreement regarding the car tax. This was the only time i could go due to work commitment as the dealers is closed on Sundays. I had 3 clients myself that day and had to cancel them at a loss of £75 to myself. I finished work at 1:00pm and picked my wife up, we live in Sheffield and the journey took us 45 minutes which we arrived at 2:00pm.

When we got there we were told the car had just been sold.Alex told me that he had left me a voice mail at 1:00pm which he had but i didn't know until we got to the show room. I think this service is totally out of line and shows no customer respect. This is my first visit to a Honda showroom and my last i would not recommend Honda to anyone if this is the service you provide.


I financed a 2008 red Honda EX 1.8 I-Vtec 5-speed manual Transmission from dealer town 7/12/2015 I have been back seven times to have the the dealer fix the car but he has not fix the car I filed a report with B.B.B they send me a response and he has said that he would fix the car if I wanted to that's all I ever wanted so I said yes but still no response from the Honda dealer. I'm paying $200 a month for the car note and $309 for insurance I also have to drive 108 miles from home to work five times a week filling up my gas tank 3 times a week.


I bought a EXL accord with disability insurance on 7/13. I paid car off on 8/15 and was informed of refund eligibility. Submitted paperwork to finance manager on9/15. Waited a month and contacted insurance directly to learn no cancel claim had been filed. I faxed paperwork directly to insurance company and was told on 10/15/15 exactly what my refund would be,and that check was sent to cardinal on 10/22/15. As of 11/13/15 I have not received my money.If this is how your company does business. I will never buy from Cardinal Honda again.


Since 1996, we had used 13 different Honda models. Presently, our company has 7 Honda. We have one 2012 Honda Insight that developed engine problem in April (mileage 188 000 km). We sent to Honda dealer in Penang, Kah Motor. It took them 3 months to send us quotation. The engine needs overall. We asked them the root cause, but they could not. Then we complained to Honda Malaysia. Equally hopeless, after several telephone calls from Ms Fai, then all gone quiet and calls unanswered! We want to know the cause for the engine breakdown that requires engine overhaul (only 3 year old car) and after overhaul, can they give warranty! We asked Ms Fai if there were any other companies in Malaysia having more Hondas than our company and she said no. Is this the way treat the largest customer in Malaysia! We can assure Honda that our next batch of cars (6 in 2016) will NOT be Hond.


My family & I have repeatedly been notified by McDavid Honda in Frisco, TX (during warranty work being performed on our Hondas) of needed repairs when those repairs were not needed. For example, last trip to that dealership, they stated my rear brake pads were almost worn out & needed replacement. I had just had them replaced the prior weekend. This is one of many such claims by that dealership on all of our Honda vehicles.

Recently had a Honda battery that needed replacement under warranty due to being less than 1 year old. The date of the battery was clearly stated. Since I purchased the battery at another Honda dealership & did not have my receipt, McDavid Honda in Frisco would not honor the warranty. I reminded them that Walmart, Sears, & other retailers maintain battery purchases on record so that customers have the convenience of warranty replacement at any location. Their response was "too bad."

Message from McDavid Honda in Frisco is don't buy Honda vehicles! Next time my family & I (& recommendation to friends) is buy a brand other than Honda.


Purchased in 4/2015 a new Honda CRV 2014 model with navigation system. Asked salesman if navigation system would self update were told yes it would which proved to be not true. The navigation system appears to be 2 to 3 years behind . We have complained to Honda several times and have been told that the system has the latest update. There is no way this could be true since my iPhone and the cars system do not display the same images at any given time. Now it will cost us $$ to update the latest update that Honda has told us we have. The navigation system was one of the main reasons we purchased this vehicle I guess we should have bought it 3years ago. Very disappointed with Honda as this is the 3 CRV we have purchased and they don't seem care one bit about this problem.


We bought a 2015 Honda CRV in June of 2015. First off our cell phone will not hook up to blue tooth. It is not compatible. It is a new android bought in Dec of 2014. No one seems to be able to hook up. Next off we did not receive our moroney paper. We seem to be grtting the run around from Honda and the dealer ship. I am not sure we have the car we paid for. I will never buy a car from that dealership again. Probably wont buy another Honda after the run around they are giving us. Maybe they have something against seniors living in Florida.


I just bought my Honda Accord 2.0 dated 04/14. After drive for few thousand km I already found alightment problems, so I go back to the center to check it out. They try to do an alignment and balancing for me. After some time the issue come back again. So I go to nearest Goodyear dealer shop and they do the same thing for me.

After few week come again then I go back to the Honda service center. They do the same thing for me also. Until this April 15, I refer to my friend then they recommend me go to other Honda dealer. When I send my car to other Honda dealer, they apply for full body checking. I do mentioned to them my issue.

When the technician checking my car absorber found that the car alignment lug nut does not tighten up properly so my car tires wore out seriously. So I go back to my previous service center queries them about the incident. Unfortunately, looks like they won't accept my explanation and said Honda warranty does not cover for wear and tear product.


I would like to bring to your knowledge that Honda Aspire fuel efficiency is just 11 KM/Liter or less than this. I have Honda Aspire 1300 cc and bought it in 2012 brand new and from then I am taking my request to different dealership and informing them regarding the low fuel efficiency but they give different excuses i.e. This Car gives best mileage on Hi-Octane. The software needs to be updated and Hi-Octane Level needs to be reduced. This Car gives 10-11 Km/Liter.

And says Honda Aspire 1300 cc mileage which I am getting is excellent. Here my question comes that "Honda always proclaims that they are trying to bring fuel efficient cars" but this logic fails in Honda Aspire series, I have a Honda Civic 2015 as well and its fuel efficiency is also the same 10-11km/Liter.

Need Help from Honda and awaiting for a reply.


I am writing about the sun visor on my Honda Civic 2011 sedan. I have been having problems with both the driver and passenger visors. This seems to happen when the weather get hot or cold. The sun visor sticks and does not want to move. The passenger side got replaced and the driver's side gives me problems on and off.

Finally, the visor broke and is just hanging there. It does not go up or down. It bothers me when I drive as it is in my way. I had a similar problem with my 2008 civic too, visors got replaced 3 times. Why hasn't this problem been fixed? I called dealer and they want about $130.00 for 1 visor and don't know if that includes labor. Seems to me that the visors on the Honda civics are cheap because they keep breaking. I read there was a lawsuit for the defective visors. What happened?


I have a Honda Fit, 2009 with 17,000 miles the car has never been in an accident. The car went thru the original tires and I had the car aligned at local dealer in 2012 along with the tires replaced at that time. I was told that my oil change yesterday need new front tires! Am changing my fit for a hrv in May, but if I was keeping it I would have a huge issue with the tires needing replaced YET AGAINat such low mileage. Am a lifelong Honda owner as is my family ( getting 3 new hrv's in May ) this is my first complaint.


I just recently purchased my first Honda. I bought a 2011 CRV it is four years old and has 20,000 miles. I took it for its first oil change, pulled into the garage, but could not start it to pull it back out. I ended up having it towed to the dealership where they told me that the starter had gone out. Of course this is not covered by the warranty and cost me close to $800 for the repair after only owning the vehicle for not even two months. I chose this vehicle after researching my options. It Had very good ratings and the ranked top in its class for just about everything. However if I have to pay to replace parts already with only having 20,000 miles I definitely have my concerns for the future.


I really do not want to give even one star to this business. I have a 1999 Honda Prelude. I have been back to the dealership twice on a recall for the ignition in this car. The car does not even start at this time. I never know if it will start. I called the dealer who did the ignition replacement for both recalls. I was appalled & very angry @ the way I was talked to. First I was told I would have to pay for the diagnostics to be done on the car. This was at $119.00. What the hell? I know what is wrong with my car & feel this is just plain ripping me off.

They stated they could not look at my car unless they did a diagnostics first. Its in the computer system there at the dealership that my car has been there twice for ignition to be replaced per recall letters. I have no money and certainly cannot afford the thousands of dollars that this dealership quoted me it was going to cost to fix this ignition on top of their diagnostics fees. I do not know who to contact about this or what to do about getting this replaced.


We have a 2006 Odyssey. The paint is chipping off all over the vehicle. people ask me what's with the paint. I tell them that's the way Honda paints their cars. It looks terrible. Don't you guarantee the paint to at least stick on the car?


On march 27th my family and I were coming home from rock creek b.c. at 2:00 p.m. I was doing 90-100 kpm approaching a 50kmp zone, when the rear end of my car slid. my husband asked what happened and I didn't know. going down the driveway at our house the car came to a grinding halt. getting out of the car there is my rear right tire on an angle. in a panic because I need my car every day I phoned my mechanic that I use in rock creek and he came over and told me that the rear lower case had sheared in half. in all his years he had never seen anything like this. I went to my Honda dealership and told me that I have to pay for a tow to have it taken in. I asked why since my mechanic had looked at it and I'm sure he knows what he's doing.he has worked on the car since I purchased it.

I was told to phone customer service toll free and I did call them and spoke to eric on march 30th. my question is why do men always make women feel like they are stupid when dealing anything with a car. If I was a man the conversation would of been totally different. I have 3 Honda civic's a 2002, 2010 that is now broken and casing me great pains and a 2015. My problem car is the 2010. As far as I'm concerned that part of the car should of never have sheared off, and you as a company are very fortunate that I did not have a serious accident because trust me I would be hiring a lawyer and suing your company. Customer service toll free from Honda not exactly the greatest service. so let me hear your side of the story.


I brought Accord 2.4 last year July, i am very happy with this car performance and enjoy very much. I am also happy on the sales service during my 1st attempt to Honda Vivahill in Penang Bayan Lepas. The sales person explaining in very detail and given very good service to me. Last few weeks ago, I came in my mind to buy another model City to my lovely wife. I went back to this dealer and looking back the same sales person. As usual, she also given a good service which I really appreciated that. Before making a reservation, she was offering me Honda given RM2K discount if i make a booking before April. Car price will determined after April on the 6% GST, if going up I need to pay more but if going down then I will enjoy too the lower price compare with the price before April and the Honda offering RM2K will stick remain unchange whenever are.

2 days ago, she ring me and make a change on the RM2k which is after GST, because of car price goes down and Honda no more offering RM2k and I need to follow the new rules which is only RM500. Mine question to this Honda dealer. Where is your commitment and where is your sincerity to your customer? Question to Honda Head Quarter, do you allow your dealer to play this such funny commitment to your customer which can make change anytime on the offer? Hope and appreciate your answer to me to cool down my hot temper with Honda for this current moment.


I had my oil changed and had to wait far beyond the given time from Performance Honda. My car was outside but the bill toke over 10 minutes to get into the cashier, and that is we went to the cashier and questioned her. There no reason that we couldn't of been told about our car. I needed to get home to take a shot and would never of had my car done if I could not of been home in tie. Also this is not the first time I have had a problem. One time I asked to have my car washed and it was nor done. Today I asked about my gas door and was told it would cost $49.99 to have them look at .This price is unreal!! I can home it spray lubricant on it and it woks better now then when I first bought the car. I love my car, however the service stinks. my the way the price for the 30,000mile tune up is also unreal. I had it done somewhere else ( a reliable car service station) for half of what Performance wanted to charge me. I left them know and never even received a phone call back.


I was pay down payment for Honda HRV on September 2014 during Indonesia International motor show. During that time there was no price yet as it had not yet been produced and they said firstly show in Indonesia and only able to order during IIMS. I totally understand since its have not launch yet. I was interested with the car and pay the down payment and the sales person said the price will be announce during the launching event in December. And the sales person promises that since i book on the first day of the event I will get priority to get 1st issued production but time line to get the car until March 2015. OK and done all payment for E type and choose color (blue).

Price launch for type E is 288million rupiah. also stated on Honda Indonesia official web site. January they held event and pass 100 HRV then i check with the sales person why all that person can got priority getting the car on January, since I order on the first day of the event in IIMS dont get? The sales person said its sales gimmick since Honda already open order before IIMS.... ok... may be correct although before that i had check with Honday dealer before IIMS and they cannot take any order untill IIMS.

Contacting the sales person and check when the car will be ready... He replied on 2nd - 3rd week of March.... okay and check the price with him... he said it become 291,5million for red if i want other colour then red i have to pay additional 3 million what the F*&k...... I have pay down payment since September before launching and waiting 5 months and i have to pay extra 6,5 million ? it really piss me off.... Hai Mr. Tomoki Uchida please be aware of this... and maintain respectful business to maintain your brand.... its such small money compare your brand value. The Indonesia Honda Dealer is cheating on price.


I love my 2000 Honda Civic! It runs well and is a reliable source of transportation for me. Not sure what you would ever want to complain about Honda for in America. They make great cars and are affordable. Whenever I am in a tight spot financially I know that I can go pay 5-10,000 dollars for a used Honda Civic or Accord and it will run for 200,000 miles or more.


In city running condition, just in 11000 km, its second time my clutch plates and flywheel is damaged. From day one I feel the vibration in clutch, there is big manufacturing default in car. I am unable to drive this car any more, pls check the car. My car no. Is DL 3CZ 3282.


I have a 2002 Honda Civic EX that the A/C has stopped working. I brought my car into the service dept and they said they needed to run a diagnostics test on it for $50.00 and that would tell them the problem. I had the test run and since I was mailed some coupons for $10.00 off a purchase of $50.00 and $7.00 off an oil change I had the oil change done also. I asked if I could use both coupons when I brought the car in and was told yes.When I left they wouldnt take my coupon for the oil change after I had asked when I came in. They told me the problem was the heating switch with the A/C.

That is an easy part to replace by just taking the panel off and pulling the old one out and plugging the new one in so I purchased the part through Honda and did it myself since they were sure that was the problem. Well that was not the problem and the part was $42.00. I called them to tell them thats not the part( since I had paid for the test so I would know for sure the problem and what to buy) that was bad and was told to come in and they would refund my money for the part since the service dept diagnosed it wrong. I drive over there and get a different guy and he tells me no refund.

So now I have paid $50.00(minus the coupon so $40.00 for the test, told wrong and now stuck with a part that is useless for $42.00. So $82.00 gone and still no A/C. I feel totally lied to and ripped off after 3 trips over there, my time out my busy schedule to sit for 3 hours for the test (which by the way I was told an hour so I didnt have a ride lined up so I didnt waste the whole afternoon there)and I am no better off than before.

What I’m asking for is a refund of $89.00 ($40.00 for the test, $42.00 for the part that is useless to me and $7.00 for the coupon they would not honor after I got the oil change) for my time and aggrivation. I have never had a problem with this car (except normal wear & tear)and have always been happy with my Honda.


I bought a CRV in 2007-Brand New from Roper Honda/Joplin,Mo. Ever since I have owned this car the LOW TIRE light would come on. I would check the tire pressure and the tires would all be fine. The 1st time it happened (2007) the caar due for an oil change so I had them check the LOW TIRE light too. The tech took care of it and was no longer showing up. The tech told me that not to worry it shouldn’t show up agian unless you truly had a low tire.

But it did happen, again and again and again. for as long as I have owned the vehicle. On numerous occasions when I had the car in for reg. oil changes and complete check ups. I mentionsed the problem with the LOW TIRE light being on again to no prevail. they’ed turn it off as usual.


Now that my CRV is out of warranty. The LOW TIRE indicator is no longer coming on the TPMS indicator has taken its place. Whch being an older single female alarms me just like the LOW TIRE light did. So I took the car in on Dec. 1,2012 to have it checked on plus get the oil changed. I asked the tech to check the TPMS light. When the car was done the tech told me that the TPMS light would cost me several hundred dollars to repair.

I informed the tech that I have had trouble with this since I bought it. And the techs would just somehow have the LOW TIRE light turned off and told me it was fixed everytime and now this is going to cost me? The tech was very nice and said he would contact Honda Headquarters and request assistance on this situation and would let me know when he hears back. THAT WAS 4 MONTHS AGO.

Please, check into this problem. I feel that the the problem should of been taken care of the first time the car was in the shop. Especially since it obviously WASN’T fixed the first time. And at no cost to me.


I have purchased CB Twister self start bike from ” Modern Motor” near airodrome road, kota(Rajasthan) the authorized dealer of Honda bikes in our city.sir from the very first day the self start was not working properly even most of the times it does not work. We have asked Honda customer service about this problem from the service incharge he gave us a funny & nonsense advise that ” ride the bike minimum 25 km so that battery charged, then self start will work”. After 2-3 months from Mr. Nama the battery inspector in service center we came to know that they have assembled wrong battery a kick start battery in place of self start battery. Please replace my battery with self start battery as it is in warranty period.



I purchased my bike from PRAKASH HONDA,D-2,SEC-10 NOIDA G.B NAGAR (U.P) Prakash Honda service Noida U.P is very very bad, they just third class service provider. there is nothing about the services. when you go there for your bike service then they will not fix the issue or if fix then that will not be permanently because the service manager and team are very irresponsible… i have purchased Honda CB Twister Reg no-UP14-BJ-7973 Date:-4-May-2011. from this showroom.

Since i have took out my byk from show room i was facing problems in SHEET LOCKER & and other problems are solved by them but main problem of Sheet Locker was not solved by then I was approched to showroom more than 12 times but every time they took
my byk and then says the parts are not avaiblabe when ll the parts come i’ll inform you on your mobile number but actually problem was not solved by them … . then I contacted service agency Noida Sec. -10 (Prakash Honda) and told them about this problem , the warranty checker of the agency took the photographs of the defected part of byke and sent STR Request to the company.

it’s been 15 days now 4month has been left & we have not got any response from company… and i have gone to service station 12 times but they told me that company not providing. spair parts so please solve the problem immediately.. Prakash Honda people just given the wrong committment and misguiding to the Customer i want action the agency pls help me…..


I took my 2011 Accord with 5200 miles, purchased in January 2011, to Honda Cars of Katy because there was a “popping” sound coming from the driver’s side front wheel and because the light on the driver’s door had gone out. They investigated the light issue and claimed that the door panel had been removed prior to my appointment with them and that the car had been modified/ parts removed, so they could not honor any warranty work. It seems as if there was not a ground signal going to the fuse panel, so the light was not working. The estimated out of pocket cost would have been over $300.

After explaining to them that I have never removed the door panel (why would I) , they still refused to do the work. I told them to re-assemble the door and I would be in to pick up the car. Once I arrived at the service department to pick up the car, I was escorted to my car and not given any paper work. I had to ask for the diagnosis in writing and the paper work stated, that “customer refused any further work, no repair completed”. I had to get the service director involved to sign on the service ticket that they refused to complete the warranty work.

I now have an appointment 200 miles away at the dealership where I purchased the car in San Antonio, Gunn Honda, who has always taken care of their customers. They even offered to pay for my fuel to get down there since another Honda service department was causing issues. They are dishonest and sneaky. Oh, and for the popping noise, they said they couldn’t find an issue, although the second I got in the car to drive away the sound was persistent.



I bought an accord from this dealership called Honda cars of Katy. The day I bought it I let the sales guy know that there were a dent on the windshield and I wanted a signed paper stating that they will replace it. We got the paper and we’ve been promised that we will receive a cal the following week. After 2 weeks and several unsuccesful tries from my side to get an appointment, my windshield broke.

I went to the dealership to get it replace And I’ve been told that i would have to pay half the price. I refused and after threatening them to get a lawyer involeved the finally did it for free as it was decided the day I bought my car. This Honda cars of Katy place is not serious at all. Once the cars are sold they don’t care about you. From the sales guy to the sales managers and the financial dept, they just want your money.


I  had purchased the bike, a honda twister on 4th august 2010. from starting im getting a mileage of 40-45 km/ltr, from the beginning the fuel indicator is not working properly. and after the speed of 50 km/hr the honda bike is giving out. At jhatka, no one wants 2 listen any complaint on service centre, they just say ok sir, the problem will be rectify on the next service. from the very starting im listening this line and get tired of them avoiding my complaints about this bike. i need bike for employment offerings, counting on good fuel mileage each day and good transport around the city on a honda.



I purchased a new Honda Civic in the summer of 2010 with a Honda Extended Warranty. In April my transmission has broken and I had only 30,000 miles on it. I contacted a Honda service center and they told me they can’t help me because the car is not on the warranty any more. When I bought this car I also bought an extended warranty that would cover repairs. I told about this to Honda but because I bought this warranty from a dealership and not from them they could not provide the coverage. To my disappointment my “extended warranty” company just went bankrupt, and they can’t provide any coverage for me either. Now, Honda would not back up this warranty company and I have to pay for the transmission from my own pocket. Also, I thought Honda products are more reliable…


Would like to start saying how great Honda cars are, reliable, comfort and style. Between my spouse and i we own the Ridge-line, Accord Civic, and Fit and just purchased a civic. We arrived at the Honda dealership and the deal was made in about 45 minutes after my arrival. Well after I removed the floor mats and found Dog feces, I told the salesperson and made him aware of my findings. A week later after i received my car back I realized that my remote control for my garage door was missing. I asked to speak to the sales manager whom was extremely rude and unprofessional, he did not even acknowledge me after waiting a half of hour with all of my four kids. In summary, I bought a car that was pooped in and ever since then my relationship with (Honda) dealer is nothing but poop.


I took my 2008 Honda Accord in for an oil change under their service plan. When I picked my car up, they told me that there was something wrong with my rear brakes and they quoted me a cost of $150 for the repair. When I went to pick up the car, the invoice said $238. Also, the rest of my key chain which included my house key was missing. They “looked” for it and told me they couldn’t find it. Needless to say after two terrible experiences with them in one day, I will not be going back. Bottom line: don’t come here. They lie, they cheat, and they steal!


I gave my Honda odyssey to the dealership for painting and body work. They told me to give back within 5 days and when i called them they said my van door was having problems. It was not there and I gave money only for the body work that they said was done by Honda. They took almost 2 weeks to give it back on. I dropped my van off with only 6,000 miles and when they gave it back, it had almost 10, 000 miles on it. I called customer service to tell the problem and they hung up on me. Honda + Odyssey + Dealership = Fail.

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