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DSW, Inc., formerly Designer Shoe Warehouse, www.dsw.com is an American retailer for the savvy shoe lover. Outlets carry a large selection of shoes and handbags for men and women of all ages. There are 419 locations in 42 states and with over 5,000 employees revenues for 2015 were reported as US 2.5 billion. DSW went public in 2005 and is traded as NYSE:DWS.

To receive customer support you may call 1-866-379-7463 7 days a week. You may find links to common areas of support here. You may also email DSW here. If you would like to send a letter by postal mail to CEO, Michael R. MacDonald, address you letter with 810 DSW Drive, Columbus, OH 43219. The corporate phone number is 614-237-7100.

The origins of DSW go back to Dublin, Ohio in 1969 with Jay L. Schottenstein. The first DSW opened in 1991.  DSW has a commitment to sustainability and likes to challenge their shoe lovers to have a consciousness about others. You may find social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Employee's at the Springfield il store are rude and have been spreading false information on someone to get him in trouble with his company that he works for. This person has been professional and accurate with his business relationship. I sincerely you look into this matter and not be one-sided on facts.


Today I went to the DSW store off of Richmond Rd in Orange Village, Ohio. I have always enjoyed shopping at DSW at other locations. My complaint is for someone to check on that store. It was a complete mess. Shoes boxes on the floor up and down the isles. The stacks of shoes under each sample were all jumbled up. I was at that store when it was newly opened and it was just lovely. Today, I was so annoyed that I just left.

I would like to mention that I have never ever made a public complaint before in my life. I just felt this time I had to say something.

Thank you

I am sorry that I did not take pictures


Re: DSW store located in Newark DE on Fashion Blvd.

On 7/10/2018 I attempted to order a pair of shoes with cashier Monita using a $10 off coupon that I received in the mail. She stated that I would not be able to use it because her system showed that I used it on 6/26. I asked to speak with the manager who's name is Nicki. Nicki was in agreement with the cashier Monita. Not only did I have the paper coupon, but I also had a DSW email that I received on 6/27 about the $10 coupon which I showed to both of them on my phone. Both of them had a VERY NASTY ATTITUDE and would not honor the email or the paper coupon. I then left, sat in my car, and ordered the shoes online USING THE SAME COUPON they would not honor. I went back into the store to show them my order confirmation and that the coupon they would not honor was accepted. Both Monita and Nicky continued to have a nasty attitude & were NOT APOLOGETIC at all. I am a frequent customer at this store & feel as though I DID NOT receive the customer service that I deserve as a loyal customer. Although I LOVE to shop at DSW, after this experience I feel as though DSW no longer deserves my business. Your time addressing this matter is greatly appreciated. LaKeisha Conkey 302-442-3033.


customer service is the worst i have seen in a long time was on hold over an hour three times. i placed an order at the store thru the cashier because your computer system was screwed up she had to call shoeforia to place my order which i paid with two $25.00 each my gift cardswhich have a hold on them and my bank card i can not place an order for another pair of shoes which shows to be in stock which no one offered to me in a dark brown Everlay Heidi slip on wedge the black i wanted is out of stock also i need it in a size 8.5 medium. if you don't want my business i am sure shoe carnival will which is just next door! order # 2462654879, Shirley Byrd 1325 Wilson rd lot 36, Rossville ga 30741 gift card# 6006491637210983942 and 6006491637210983934.........HELP PLEASE


I have been attempting to reach a Customer Service Rep by phone the entire day. This last time I called it was over a 7 hour wait. That is unheard of, and I don't know how else to contact them for help with my recent order. I have very specific questions that are not answered on the website. I just can't imagine that there is anyone even working there to answer calls. LIVE CHAT was the same...nobody available. As a regular customer who has spent a lot of money at DSW and has been satisfied in the past, this whole experience has been so frustrating! I went to the store to pick up my ship to store order, and only part of it was there, and the overnight bag (which was available BEGINNING 5/10/18, and I placed the order at midnight, so they shouldn't be gone yet) was not there with my purchase that I picked up. They said it "might" be mailed to me, but nobody, not even the manager, had a definitive answer. So, I don't know when it will be coming...they said not tracking order is available. Nor do I know when the other part of my order will be arriving at the store. Please advise.. 714-542-6527


Went to the DSW Store on Queens Blvd. (NYC) on May 10, 2018 to take advantage of the free Weekender if I purchased more than $39. I was informed that all the Weekenders were gone by 1 p.m. that day and here it was only 3 p.m. I was also informed that I was not a "Gold or Platinum shoe buyer" and the supply had been given out earlier in the month to them. So today I phoned the Customer Service # and was told that there was 190 minute wait and I could give a phone number where I could be contacted which I did.. As of yet (it is now 3:55 pm) I have not been contacted. I however noticed that the Weekender Bag is still advertised on the DSW web site with the May 10 date and nowhere does it state that one has to be a "Gold or Platinum member"

I have been with DSW for several years and feel slightly sad that I was treated this way. When I was in the store, there were several other customers who had their coupons with them only to be told the same as I. Just thought I should let you know what transpired

Gloria Matlock - #40017005934
718/721-8292 (Home) or 646/812-1860 (Cell)


I placed an order yesterday and realized I needed to make a change to it immediately after placing it. I tried to call customer service and the wait time said 260 MINUTES!!! I also emailed right away but received no reply. I tried again today. Same deal - 260 minutes! That's crazy!!! Not good customer service!!


They sent me the wrong shoes twice! The shoes sold out in the meantime and their solution, oh we will credit you the money you spent! Thanks you promised me you would get the order right the second time, you lied!!!!!


I placed an order on 3/9 and unfortunately entered the wrong expiration date for my credit card and had to reenter the correction. DSW pending charges appeared twice on my credit card account. One charge was finalized when my order shipped, however one charge still shows as pending. I have waited on line for customer service three time and gave up after over 35 minutes of waiting. I have also waited for a half hour for on-line chat only to be told there is only one charge. I sent a reply email on my copnfermation...no reply. I have currently been on hold to customer service for an hour and still holding. What is with your customer service, or rather lack of? Does not bode well for future business with DSW. My address for the order is 2396587288 and was shipped to 1810 East O Street, Russellville, AR 72801. My phone number is 630-777-8447.


If i can give 0 I will,dealing whit DSW has been a pain in the ass,no only online,but by the phone,every time a call above a refund I get a different answer also, delivery time is not what DSW say, I buy a pair a shoe on line by 2/07/2018 and before the delivery going to be from 4 to 7 days today is day 6 and when to check tracking order and say delivery date will be 2/22/2018 I send a mail asking for a refund a never come back to shop in DSW.


Was instructed by customer service to go to not so local store to return an item for refund.My pay pal account was closed in good .Not only would they only offer store credit.Small store spent 1.5 hours on phone.They would only give change of 2.00 on card.Corporate does not take phone calls..I am in Thomas Fire area...done


My name is Christine O'Brien. I recently sent 2 pairs of shoes to my sister, Marva Mendez at 3027 Barnes Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10467. The 1st pair I got, order no. 371735, Black shoes. The 2nd order no. 342749 Journee collection red 8 1/2 was sent after the black and according to my tracking fedex info was delivered on March 28 and one G Gavin signed for it. Marva has not seen the shoes or know of a G Gavin. I already paid via my credit card for this shoes . How do I go about getting my shoes. Thanks for your kind advice. My order no is 1946994938 and my tracking no is 724826881048.


I placed an order last night, about 9 hours ago. I learned this morning that the item had already been ordered by another in our family, so I immediately called DSW to cancel the item. I was told by your customer service representative that she could not cancel the order. I told her that I simply could not use the product, and I would be forced to have my bank refuse payment on the item and/or refuse the item when it arrives. I thought it would be most beneficial for all by calling immediately so that it would save DSW the cost of shipping.

She again refused to help me. I then asked to speak to a manager. She put me on hold, but never connected me with the manager, however, and came back and told me that she could put the request in but couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't ship anyway. I asked her to send me an e-mail confirming that information. She hung up on me, and then the DSW system would no longer answer my calls. This was an extremely rude experience, and unfortunately for DSW, this was my first and LAST shopping trip with DSW. I will NOT patronize a company that treats their customers so poorly.


I ordered a pair of booties online to be picked up in store. I went later that day and tried them on. They were a little small so I returned them & purchased a size 7. This was on August 18 and the charge has been in & out of my account since then. I called my bank and they said to contact dsw. However in the meantime my account was overdrawn due to this charge being posted then pending. When I finally was able to speak to a person ( that's a whole other story!!) they said it "should be rectified " in 3 to 5 days.

After 2 months as a pending charge then a resolved charge they made no effort to take care of me the customer! To top it all off I didn't get the points I was supposed to get. All in all the customer service is awful & I'll be shopping for my shoes elsewhere! Thanks for a whole lot of trouble . They didn't even offer to make good on the overdraft charges. Dsw has lost a very good customer. Thanks for nothing.


I am in tears right now. To believe in this day and age we still have not come far at all. I visited DSW located at 300 commons way, Bridgewater, NJ this evening with my best friend stacey castillio trying to find her some shoes for an outing. As she look for shoes she did not see anything she liked. So we went next door to TJMax and purchased some items. On our way out of TJMAX we could not find the car keys. So we went back into both stores to advise the associates on staff that we were just in your stores and we lost our car keys. Well to our surprise TJMAX was helpful and tried to assist in the matter. When we went back to DSW to ask the manager if she seen any car keys because we were just in her store, She smiled and said no.

My best friend gave the store manager at DSW her cell phone number and her ALLState business card just in case the keys showed up. As we were leaving the store the Bridgewater police were out there. The manger at DSW called the cops and said we stole shoe boxes with shoes in them out the store. They were holding my friend stacey car keys in there hand. When they approach us we were so confused. Because we thought the cops were there to say that someone called them saying they found our car keys. We had no idea that the manager at DSW management would lie and mistreat potential customers this way. We were held by the Bridgewater police for over an hour.

They check the tape and saw that we did not take anything. Then the officer check my pocket book and also ask for our license. By that time i was at a lost for words. I never had a record never broke the law the most i ever had was a parking ticket. So when the officer ask what level of education we had? Why didn't we buy any shoes? Where do we live? Why are we at this DSW Location? I said to the officer i did not know we needed a reason? Why are we being treated like criminals we haven' t done anything wrong. We even showed our receipts for the items we purchased at TJMAX which was right next door. That still did not matter to them.

I felt like i was on display for everyone to see. I was hurt, embarrassed, confused and humiliated to say the least. I could not believe a store I loved would accused us of stealing without proof. We were detain and questions as if we had no rights at all. I am heartbroken because i was mistreated in every way possible. I called DSW corporate headquarters to put in a complaint, i also took out an incident report with the bridgewater police department. But my heart still hurts. All i can think right now is Martin Luther King saying we shall overcome. Please tell me when i would like to know.


Why is it every time I go to the dsw shoes store in lithonia ga they never have wide shoes. I have complained about this before and was told they would look into it and fix the problem but it still exist. I feel this is discrimination against women who where a wide shoe. I was told that the store in Atlantic station had the shoe I was looking for in my size or I could order it. I needed the shoe for the next day. Why should I burn my gas and go downtown when this store is 5 minutes from my house. Where they do that at?

No matter when I go there they never have a wide in my size. but they always have a Med or narrow which is not right. This is like if your fat you can't shop at a certain store. I am getting tired of complaining about this and I guess I need to report it to someone else besides dsw who don't give a damn about costumers that wear wide shoes and only cater to people with a small foot. There are always size 8 or smaller or 9 to 11 all in a med or narrow. They are no half sizes. I really feel that my money is not good for dsw and I have gotten the message loud and clear. So on to the media and BBB I will go over this issue. WE have come to far for discrimination to still be happening.


My experience at DSW in Ramsey, NJ is as follows, I always find that the store is extremely understaffed while the staff are usually very helpful and friendly there is not too many of them available. The store can be very messy at times. The company did very well profit wise this year, so what is your excuse? If there is a customer service phone number I would love to leave a message for the CEO of DSW and tell him my complaint personally.


The footwear speaks a lot about our personality. At DSW one can get to choose the best in class brands and be rest assured about the quality of footwear they sell. They have designs you won't find in any other outlet. You can find shoes based on the occasion and your budget. Something that fits in the price of everyone's pocket. And not just that when I made a purchase for myself and my kids, they offered me a discount on the overall billing. I am overall a happy customer and would definitely shop next time at DSW.

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