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Toll free phone number: 1-888-700-4026

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation was founded in 2001 and has grown into one of the nation's leading online home mortgage lenders. Since their inception the company has funded nearly a quarter of a million loans, helping homeowners lower their payment through refinancing to assisting first-time home buyers in achieving their goal of home ownership.

Low rates, fast service and high levels of customer satisfaction are the AmeriSave way. But some customers complain that this is not their experience. Over 70% of our borrowers return to AmeriSave for their home mortgage needs in the future, and 30% reported problems with their home loan.

If you need to escalate your complaint to AmeriSave management, Ed Abufaris is the President. Their corporate office address is 3525 Piedmont Rd NE 8 Piedmont Center, Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30305. The company's website offers customer support through chat and voice call as well.

For problems with AmeriSave customer service you can phone 1-888-700-4026. The best hours to call are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time. You can also email support at

You can also calculate the estimation for your Loan through their Mortgage Calculator also knowing the interest amount offered to you. The company offers mortgages up to $417,000, home loans which are offered to the customers include fixed rate home mortgage loans. Common issues with AmeriSave relate to FHA Home Mortgage Loans, VA Home Mortgage Loans and Cashout Home Mortgage Loans.

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  • AmeriSave Loans headquarters address

    • 3525 Piedmont Rd NE 8 Piedmont Center, Suite 600
    • Atlanta
    • GA 30305
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  • Better Business Bureau rating

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    24 hours a day

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Amerisave Mortgage blocked me and wont let me unsubscribe to their emails. You have to be able to get on the homepage to do it, but they say i have to give them a picture i.d. first. What is this?


Amerisave's loan practice should be reviewed they tuned me down for a loan yet I had submitted the same loan info to another lender. I was quickly approved with a much better terms than offered. Finally I had been with Amerisave for many years never missed or late with a payment. Plus my credit score is in the high 700's. Go figure.


I was denied a renewal on my Amerisave home loan for the following reasons. Late payments on past or present credit accounts; this is incorrect I have a 754 credit score. I cannot get this kind of score if I am late on payments. Plus Wells Fargo was automatically paid out of my checking account, I never was never late or missed a payment. "Not enough value in the collateral" I live in a home that has a tax assesses value of 699,000 I only owe 270,000. "Amounts owed are too high relative to your income" Presently I have $125,000 cash plus I receive $1400 per spouse benefits and I get over $6,000 in rent income per month. "Income stated on application cannot verified" This is false i sent my latest bank statement as well as proof of rental and social security income I even added my 401(k) which was another $75,000. We"ll not even covering my wife's income which I also sent proof. Finally I took the same info I provided to Amerisave to my credit union guess what, they approved my loan application. Hey Amerisave, thanks for the great customer service to loyal customer.


I recently closed out my account with Amerisave due to them taking money out of my savings account for overdraft charges that I disputed from my checking account. Once I got paid from my employer, I went ahead and deposited my check into my husband's account to avoid the lines in the stores, then then did a so called random audit, and sent my check elsewhere without notifying my husband or anything.

Amerisave cant even give me answers as to where my check is. this was not the first time I deposited money from my employer into my husband's account which by the way we opened together so i'm authorized on his account. The customer service is so poor and everything about this bank is fraudulent. My husband is now stuck with overdraft fee's that occurred because of an bank error. They originally cleared the check the same night of the deposit which was on a Friday night, then kicked it back the next day, on a Saturday. Now I can't even pay bills or put gas in my car to get back and forth to work because of this situation.


AmeriSave's ebsite is super old and looks like it was built in 1990! Come on guys get with the times. No problems with mortgage or customer service, but the UI of the portal really makes you question have safe your information is. Especially with all of the billing problems you hear about lately. Just my two cents as a loyal mortage customer. Compared to 21st (picture attached) you can see how bad it is.


Called Amerisave Mortgage customer service to let them know we would be traveling out of state! I got the third degree over the phone wanting driver license plate number and also last phone number of old residence over 30 years ago and many other questions! Why do you need all this information?


Leah Richardson, your agent at your Amerisave Mortgage office in Warner Robins Ga., made an application for a refinance of our current mortgage on Feb 26th of this year. We immediately began to get huge volumes of documents in the mail, many of them duplicates and very confusing sometimes conflicting. Every time we wanted a status or update or to ask a question about all the documents we had to call customer service. At no time did she EVER call us to inform us of status, progress or issues.

We were unsuccessful in our refinance which Amerisave Mortgage employees blamed on the underwriters and her own company. They seemed distracted or disinterested, overwhelmed and frequently dismissive and just plain strung out every time we called. On one occasion she advised we were to ignore requests for more information by the underwriters, irritatingly stating she had already sent it to them. We are out our $450. appraisal fee paid to Amerisave and that appraisal came in much lower than expected. Frankly we felt exploited.The entire process was absolutely fragmented from start to finish. We were so disappointed in your abysmal service.


I have tried to help my mother, who has lost her husband, get her Amerisave Mortgage straight. Well, letter after letter and fax after fax guess what? She is still having trouble because your staff says they are here to help her. She's even on mortgage assistance with your company and every document from death certificate to her and all other info has been faxed a total of 3-5 times. For a company who says they are here to help someone avoid foreclosure, you suck! Lets talk about the “foreclosure”. Well guess what? Your employee did not abide by the agreement!

Second month same thing! So we sent a check and it was cashed. 3rd month same, sent another check it was cashed. Oh I almost forgot it says that in order to foreclose, my mom was going to be notified. That was also a lie! Amerisave Mortgage were going to auction it off and sell without her knowledge. Is this how you got your company started? Based on lies sure seems like it. And also in my state this isn’t legal. I’m not a very educated person but the wonderful world of the web has taught me a lot about what this company does and all the dissatisfied customers you have.

Now another letter has come in the mail from Amerisave Mortgage not saying its a foreclosure but we can get help to avoid it. Well I kinda thought we were ok. Thats what the people that work for you are saying to us anyway! I think you will do anything to lie to someone who’s trying. Hey! I’m sorry my step father died and left no life insurance help with after death expense. Sorry it was such an inconvenience to you as well. Where are my manners? Now it also has her as Hud risk so what are you actually doing to help anyone but yourselves! Where is the actual help for your customers that you promise to your customers? Why would your representative make a deal and not abide by it?

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