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my mother and I just left the advanced auto parts on johnson drive in mission ks 66202. we were assisted by a gentalman named mike w., he was great but a rude advanced auto parts employee named al (so I was told) cut in to the conversation between my mother and mike. someone misplaced our batterie we dropped off yesterday 4/7/11, and mike asked if we were sure we bout there. my mom was in the process of answering the question when al jumped and rudely told my mom to just answer no explanation. my mom said excuse me were speakin to mike, al rudely applied look we dnt know were it is, told her “i dont want to speak or deal with you”. and thr whole time he was sayin it he was shoating at us.

we would greatly appreciate if some punishment was inforced immediantly. we felt greatly affended and very sorry for mike and the advanced auto part corp for having an employee like him. it was truly embarressing.


I went into Advance Auto Parts two days ago. I purchased oil and one of the service assistants put it in the car. He did not put the oil cap back on. I drove two hours home. When I got home, my husband popped the hood because he smelled something. Oil everywhere!!! We have been dealing with them and trying to get them to take responsibility for the damage done to my car. These people don’t stand behind their work and don’t care about their customers!  This is the worst Advance Auto Parts I have ever been to and is bad enough to scare me away from the company forever.

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