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ADT Security Services was founded in 1874. It provides electronic security services for residential and small scaling industries. For more than 140 years now, ADT has been one of the most trusted brands across USA as well as Canada. With the fastest response, ADT ensures to be there available 24/7 being customer centric. ADT has the main corporate office located at Florida.

The ADT corporate office is located at 1501 Yamato Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431. You can contact ADT Security Systems using their customer service phone number 561-988­-3600 or fax number at 302-655­-5049. Executives include CEO, Timothy J Whall and COO, Jim DeVires. The ADT Chief to Staff is Dan Bresingham.

ADT is diversified in the market and caters its Residential Services by givng unique features like Remote Arm/Disarm, Video Survelliance, Burglary monitoring, Fire and Smoke Alarm and Monitoring, Garage Door Control and Automatic Light settings. When it comes to the Business Sector, ADT has solutions in various sectors like Retail Security, Food & Beverages Solutions, Clinical Solutions, and Mechanical Solutions. The combination of themostat and appliances along with 24/7 survelliance help in protecting all confidential inventory.

ADT has even services in the Health care vertical. They have solutions in place like Fall detection, Help Buttons, Fast Response and GPS locator that can triger a call during emergency situations.

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Customer # 402205181

When we had our original system installed in 2013, the installer put blue tape over the circuit breakers that control the smoke detectors in order to bypass them. We had no idea the installer did this. Since we trusted that the smoke detectors were working, we disabled the detectors that came with the house. We had another installer come in 2017 to re-activate the security system, and he didn't fix the smoke detectors as well. So needless to say, we were infuriated when we found out and that we have not had any protection from fires for the past 5 years. The installers could care less, and we have been vulnerable the whole time.

I demand that my contract be null and void with no penalties immediately. If not, I will hire an attorney. ADT is very lucky I didn't hire an attorney first.

Lori Bennett
4124 S Sweetgum Ave
Broken Arrow, OK 74011
Tel: 918-934-8345


Alarm will not go off. I am 70 years old. Do not currently have service but cannot stay in my home because of the noise. Will have to pay electrician $100 on Monday to disconnect system and $100 per night to stay in a hotel until then. This because of your lousy design of the your system.


I am complaining about having to cancel my ADT security contract and being ignored about it. I have sent emails to customer service and it has been ignored for about 4 months. I have to call and ask about it myself. I am just being told same thing all over and not being listened to when i say that i actually have a right to cancel my contract as per terms and conditions. I need someone to look over my emails and cancel my contract as I have been trying to do it since may 2016.


I needed clarity on how I was billed for August 2016, I held the line for more than an hour, being sent from one line to another, everyone kept transferring me to another department without any assistance. My debit order was much bigger than I expected hence I needed the details of the bill, I couldn't get assistance from ADT. Am so disgusted by their horrible service, I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Out of the country traveling right now so cannot call their support line. Keep getting cut off.


I have been a customer of ADT for the last eight years in Texas. During that time I moved twice, both into homes that had no alarm systems at all. On both occasions I paid for ADT to install alarm system, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarm, window break sensors and movement sensors. The first house, I was only there for a year but was told I could move my service to my new address without any penalty as I had been there over a year. There was no alarm system at new property so I had all full alarm system as above installed by ADT again. After 1 year, 8 months, I unfortunately had to leave USA to go back to my homeland of UK, as my visa status ran out and I couldn't extend it at that stage without returning to UK for a period.

I rang ADT yesterday to inform them that I had sold my house and wanted to end my service. I was informed that they needed 30 days notice, which in itself is ridiculous, but was then informed that the "contract" I had was for 3 years and as I was ending it early had to pay them $400. This is totally ridiculous and very bad business practice as I have been a loyal customer for 8 years. I wasn't aware that their contract was for 3 years, and wasn't told about any penalty, as my last contract was only for a year, as I knew I would be moving. Coupled with the fact that I am having to move and sell up to go back to UK, through no fault of my own. I was intending to use ADT to install alarms in my current two properties in the UK, but now would not use them again.

They are money grabbing cowboys. I would like advice as to how to fight this ridiculous charge?


October 2015, I had the ADT Security System installed in my home. I was told I would received a $100.00 Visa credit card in six weeks as a rebate. It is now July 2016 and no rebate. Have been in touch with Ashley Morris many times as well as others in the main office. Always I was assured I would receive the card, that they have a backlog, BUT, I would receive it. The last promise was many months ago. I have since sent more emails to Ashley Morris at ADT Alarm systems. No response. I stated I would report to BBB (Better Business Bureau) unless I received some information in reference to this situation. As of this date, I have been ignored. Every evening at the end of our local news program, ADT's commercial interview runs with someone about the $100.00 gift card. This is false advertising. I would like very much to have them live up to their word.


Right now I have no home phone for my ADT security. This is day #2. I stated the problem I was having numerous times to various people including last night a supervisor. I was very clear in explaining but no one LISTENS and therefore the technicians who come are NOT qualified to fix what is wrong. Day#1 technician who came said he didn't know what to do. He spoke to a dispatcher and arranged for a higher tech to come the next day. When #2 arrived I specifically stated the problem to him and asked before he touches anything does he know what to do. THREE hours later all the phone boxes in my house plus the alarm system are taken apart with wires sticking out.

Tech #3 said he never saw anything like it and didn't do anything because he doesn't know. Tomorrow, Sunday Tech #4 is coming. How much of our lives should we waste on Comcast service? The original problem was to connect the phone line to the ADT security monitoring system which we have had for forty years . A month ago we put in a new modem and had the same run around that we are having now. We had that problem solved when two qualified people finally showed up but apparently forgot to attach the alarm wire. Fix this before I go to a lawyer!.

P.S. We are elderly and need our home phone.


Clearly ADT is the home security leader, there is no question about it. But I wonder sometimes if their customer service is up to par? They have grown really quickly to be a nationwide corporation. If anyone has any complaints about ADT, it would great to hear them.


I lost my icon because I updated my ADT password as suggested. I would like some support and a response to my complaint but nothing so far. I have been on you website for 2 days trying to navigate it. Called head office, customer hotline, emailed support, and listened to the message as you prefer to do everything online. And I still can't get a ticket that you are suggesting for a call back. Very frustrated and I have been an ADT customer for 5 years and this makes me want to tell everyone I know about this horrible experience.


ADT Security systems have given me the right security services that my family needs. They have ample Home Surveillance options that we can opt for based on our needs. I stayed a little away from the city and it was extremely important for me to keep a check on the security of my family. I chose ADT as they were extremely professional in their services and didn't compromise at all on what they promise. Incase of breach ADT also pays up to $500 which no other company has to offer. I highly recommend ADT to anyone who is looking for security services either for their home or office needs.

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