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Vivint is a trusted brand in the market that provides energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed Internet solutions. They provide service to over 1 million customers across United States and Canada. Simple, cost effective solutions that suits the budget of the individual is their moto.

The founder and CEO of Vivint is Todd Pedersen. You can contact Vivint head offices by calling 801-377-9111 or writing to their corporate address at 4931 North 300 West Provo, UT 84604. If you need assistence immediatley use their email address at

Common issues with Vivint are about smart locks, home automation, burgulary detection, outdoor camera, doorbell camera, smart control, protect options, and cloud storage facility.

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Called about moving a system to new home. Was not satisfied with answer. Customer service rep says she spoke to supervisor ....
I ask to speak to supervisor, was put on hold. Waited 7 minutes then line was disconnected.
2nd vall today. 2.27.19


We have been a customer for quite awhile. I called your service number a couple of months ago, about a couple of issues. They would not put us on a list for service, they wanted to talk about issues and sending me equipment for repairs. I will not do repairs to existing equipment. If you don’t want to send a service rep you can cancel our account. I’ve had others approach us to change providers. If I don’t hear from you soon, I will again contact you to cancel our service. Rick McWhorter 909 Cleveland Sinclair Wyo. 82334 (307-710-3282)


Hello, I want to share how disappointed I am in your service. I have had the system for several years. It is often NOT working. I work long days, gone at least 12 hours. I do not like having to have servicemen come ‘fix’ the system. I live alone so trying to schedule someone to come is difficult. I should not need to have them come so often. The last time I had it ‘fixed’ it worked one week. That was several months ago. I had called before to discontinue the service, [I agreed to continue with Vivint a little longer] and I was never told that I was on contract for another 3 years. I just got of the phone with a representative and he told me I am ‘stuck’ [my words] with you guys for 3 more years. He tells me he can send someone to ‘fix’ it and he won’t charge me. SINCE when should I be charged for a system that does NOT WORK in my home. I just want out of this. I truly cannot afford 3 more years. After talking to the person on the phone I was sick of my stomach, as I have referred several people, NOT ANY MORE. And I will let those that I referred, and they signed up, of the problems with you guys so that they can soon find a better company. I am feeling totally deceived and lied to. I will continue to air my complaints so that others are not feeling like a do. It does not work in my house.
Disappointed, E Navarrete


Stay away once you get into a contract they will make you pay the balance of if even if your services stop working. I've been trying to get out of contract for two years and they telling me I have to pay them for the equipment The garage open on its own, i have 3 false alarms that vivant didn't see on there end, and the thermostats are no good didn't help cool my home. They keep sending me parts to me in the mail so that i have to install.


My compllaint is one, I was told that I had signed a contract till 2021. This was over two months ago. I asked for a copy of the contract and as of today 10/10/2018 I have still not received it. I have asked that someone tell me how to fix or someone come repair my door that says low battery. We have replaced the batteries several times and it still says low battery. Now it says the camera is off line, I have rebooted the panel now it says to reboot the router I am out of state this is a problem. I want to cancel service and they say I have to pay contract till 2021. Again show me the contract.


I was charged for service that I never received due to called on July 13th, and canceled on same day before installation. I've been giving the run around for my money to be back in my account. I've been told by 6 different representatives that my money was refunded back on my card. They lied.


I have been with Vivint for almost 5yrs and paying 58.00 dollars a month. This last year has been a nightmare! First last winter the thermostat quit and at first they said it would be replaced but then when the repairman came out he said he had fixed it and left. Now you have to understand that last winter was really cold(15 degrees with a lower wind chill factor) It quit that night again and I was told that they could not back for three days and they were sorry, really! They cut back on their repairmen in the winter and could do nothing sooner. I was without heat for three days except for a heater my neighbor let me use, can you believe that! Now a few weeks ago one of my door sensors quit working ,they sent a new one after call after call it still will not work, finally I just told them to forget it because I had sold my home and was moving in a couple of weeks.I will pay for for this month but no more because I will not be living here, then I was told I owed four more months until it was 5yrs. even tho I'm not living here and my house is sold! I was told to take this system with me even throw it will leave a big hole in my wall or buy a new one for the other house and stay with them. I DO NOT want to use them ever again, nor will I pay for 4months so they can just ruin my credit after all the money I have paid them!!!


I have never had customer service as bad as this company. I became a customer two years ago. Make an appt in April to have my service transferred June 25 and they canceled 3 MINUTES BEFORE and I still do not have an appt. I am getting nowhere with customer service but they make me pay my bill. I have no system in my house now. I am in shock. A travesty.


On December 8 2017 I request information for services the person that I spoke on the phone given me the in formation that I needed so I move foward to start services so I provied my credit card number and Vivint chaged $ 99.00 dollars . the following day December 9 I cancel the services, the custumer service person told me that with in 7 days I will get my refund back to my credit card. 2 months past and no refund was submitted, I contact my credit card, and they told me that their is no refund from Vivint company. I cantact the custumer services several times and they are telling me that I will get within few days, 6 moths later stil no refund I contact the customer services 15 times and i always need to tell them the story every time it look s like they never write any comments about my issue on the computer. the last time I tell them that I need a physical check because they are failed to send the check. Im requesting a check to be send to my address my phone number is 209-356-8172 Sonia Yaranon this is my last attent to recovered my refund the next time my lawyer will contact and take care this matter.thank you


I specifically have a no soliciting sign on my door for solicitors. Your representatives do not hesitate to bother us. We have never asked for, want, or need your service. Today, in attempt to circumvent the posting on my door the person offered to "buy" my security contract! I had to tell him several times to get off my property. Wonder why no one in our area has vivint?! To top all, I'm disabled and it's difficult to get to the door! Hoping you stop this tactic with your salesmen.


To Whom Every This Concerns,

I am a loyal customer. I just had 3 major surgeries and had to move in with my daughter and because I was in a contact with your company I transferred my alarm system to my daughter's home which was almost 2 years ago. After my last surgery was completed and I could live alone again. Mind you I was still paying my montly payments. I moved into my apartment. I could not remember my password so I went without service from Dec. 1, 2017 through March 10, 2018 but during this time I called your office at least 4 times ask begged for help with is matters.

Mind you your company was sttill debiting my bank account that you refused to to provide services for because I could not remember my password.

1. I asked if you could sent a technician to install and verifiy who I was at that time using my Texas Driving Licenses or my TSA picture ID. You said no!

2. Call back at least four time attempting to get my services re-connected in my home. I am a first responder and advised you manager of this fact and yet I received no assist. I was just informed I was in a contract with you and had to pay regardless. This is the type of service I received from you managers!

3. I contacted my banker on the date you were due to debit my account and had the charge sent back to your company without payment. This was over 90 days later I still did not have services because your company refused to provide me services that I was paying you for!!!!!!!!

4. I call back again and asked your company if they knew me now? and they put me on hold and checked with the billing department and then and only then after they found out your payment request was return by me!

5. At this point your company recognied me without a password and scheduled an installtion date to connect my services. WOW YOU NEED TO ADD A ZERO 0 TO YOU SCALE BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU AT THIS POINT. BUT HOLD ON IT GETS WROSTTTT

6. I had 5 montions dectors, 3 entry doors, 1 garage door, 6 windows, 2 wall panels, and 2 cameras.

7. When I moved I was advised by your company to only take the 2 wall panels and cameras.

I requested to have all of the original equipment installed again plus 2 additional exterior cameras because I am no located on a end unit.

8. When your technician arrived for the apartment he only had windo sensors. He advised he would have to return on a later date with the other equipement because he had not received any other infoamtion.

9 He return almost 48 hours later with the incorrect amount of montion detector and No cameras.

10. The 4 montion detectors he installed only 1 of them work. The other 3 do not work and plus he was one short.

11. The FINALE The back door sensor fell off the door and I called him and he stated he would come back out and fix it. We scheduled for last Saturday and I texted him on Friday to and asked if he could provide me with a time window for his arrival. HE STATED UNFORTUNATELY NO!!! He did not show up for our schedule appointment I set here all day with my housekeeper and no call no show!!!!

So I called your company again!!!!! I am too tried to even talk about the experience I have gone through with your company this week.... IT WOULD BE LIKE WRITING A DISSERTATION PAPER!!!! I have a new neighbor who moved in next door to me this pass weekend and she ask me about your company.... I told her you were a very good company... Even after all of this stuff you have put me through..... I have had a Double Mastectomy 3 surgeries regarrding my Double Mastectomy and I still will not speak ill of you!

Novella Lynn Robinson

PS: Your manager told me on this pass Tuesday if I wanted the equipment I had before I needed to pay for it!!!! and when I stated I would not pay for it that your company sould install and not charge me anything because of what I have gone through....YOUR MANAGER RESPONSED ------ YOU ARE IN A CONTRACT! I HUNG UP THE PHONE IN HIS FACE BECAUSE I WAS GOING TO FORGET I WAS A WOMAN OF GOD!!!!!!


Today, 01/10/2018 on the phone with four people at different Vivint department's. After calling Vivint on more than five times from November-december 2017 to get an item I purchase from them (Smart Drive aka Space Monkey) for $269.00 Plus tax to repair this item. Nothing happens Vivint just keeps blowing me off telling me that someone will contact me in five business days. It's been more than a month now. Smart Drive still not working still no callback from Vivint. Thanks Vivint great customer service


The installer never finished. Had to kick him out at 7, after 8 hours, because we closed at 5. He never came back. Left a mess everywhere. No system. Destroyed old system, which we will be charged for by previous security company. Sat on hold for over 2 hours thru various phone calls to customer service to get someone to come back out and finish the installation. Was promised an installer today at 10, another no-show. Since we are brand new customers, this isn't looking very good.


besides the fact that the security system works intermittently at best, a smoke detector continued failing with other devices. a tech did come out and replace the bad device some months ago. i just received a call from a gentleman representing Vivint demanding payment for a smoke detector. no bills, no notices. he informed me that Vivint policy is to call customers 24hrs after a bill is generated to demand payment. ill not be paying for the smoke detector. was just told that they cant find any tracking info for the bad smoke detector. don't remember much about it apparently it was mailed to me in august. i vaguely remember replacing it but not much else. if i was supposed to mail it back i did. if you persist with these collection tactics i will be forced to respond. please figure this out for me

thank you Robert Stephen - 931-494-3991

119 Gail st
oak grove ky 42262


We have had our Vivint alarm system for several years now and have had issues almost non-stop. Despite numerous technicians having been sent to our house, we are still experiencing problems. For the amount of money I am paying every month, this is completely unacceptable. Most recently, both our doorbell and interior camera are no longer functioning and we have not been able to control our heating or air conditioning from our cell phones...yet we continue to pay the full price of $69.99 for services we are not getting. My wife recently reported our most recent problems with the system (inoperable cameras) and was informed there is now a charge for visits. If our problems are not resolved on this visit, we will be canceling our service with Vivint. We have already turned several friends / neighbors away from your company. We would like a reasonable resolution to fix this problem. Please feel free to contact me by phone (302-598-8173). I am happy to further discuss our issues / concerns and am hopeful that your company will offer a resolution that would retain us as customers.

John Breen


For 3 yr and 3 mo now we have had a system that doesn't work properly. The escalated tech support tested and confirmed the problem is with their own equipment yet nothing has been fixed. We have spent hours and hours on the phone and here in our home with them. On top of that we have paid the max subscription with no credit for service not working. We have reached out to higher ups with no resolution. They take our money but don't provide the service promised. Even the techs state that someone more experienced needs to be here instead of them. I don't know what has happened to Vivint but they used to care about customer service. That's obvious it isn't the case anymore! Very disappointing.


I found some additional contact numbers for Vivint if they will help anyone.

Fax number: 801.377.4116
Canadian service: 403.476.9572
Canada headquarters: 1602 3rd Ave. S, Lethbridge, AB T1J0L2


I am fairly happy with my vivint account. After about three years of owning my own home I finally decided to install an alarm system.

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