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I have a samsung phone and tab and can not get adobe to use on these. I like to use my devices to play catch up tv through channel 7,9 and 10. This is extremely frustrating and i do not understand why you are not supporting samsung. Is there a chance this will change or is there a paid version i can get that will work?


I have used simple Adobe programs in the past and since I purchased my mini laptop I have been searching for the simpliests
program that my children and I can use, all we need is to be able have just a regular simple, easy to use program note pad or word pad that features spell check, to write school reports, ect. My childern’s schools are going paperless, I dont want the teachers to sit and wait for an start-up annimation for the program I have in my mini laptop to end before they can receive their homework. Do you any suggestions on programs best fitted for us?


On April 18 I purchased a copy of Adobe Premier Elements and Photoshop Elements from London Drugs. I went to load the software at home and noticed some of the serial numbers looked like they had been touche up with pen. The photoshop loaded fine, but premier said the serial number was invalid. I looked up the info and put in a call back request for Adobe support, while I was waiting I noticed the “chat” option.

I explained to the person that my brand new copy was saying the serial number was invalid and that I couldn’t install it. I gave her the name of the place I bought it, time receipt number, price etc. She told me that I had to snail mail them proof of purchase and otherwise I could take it up with their piracey department. Very angry I went back to London Drugs, they agreed the serial number looked touched up, and ordered me a new copy. Shortly after I got home I got a call back from Adobe Support.

Explained to him how angry I was over the chat support response that the London drugs was getting me a different copy. His response was “Well if you bought it directly from us you wouldn’t have this problem”. I told him no, instead I could pay the same price, but add shipping, and wait up to 7 days for them to ship it, 3-5 days for it to reach the border, up to a week for it to clear customs, meaning a wait of 3-4 weeks for my program.

So April 19 I go back to London Drugs to pick up my new copy, we open it instore and notice that yet again the serial number has been touched up with pen. Apparently their printer has issues. The sales person at London Drugs documented everything and said if I had a serial number problem with this copy they would refund my money.

Way to go London Drugs, Adobe you suck. Fortunately whoever touched up the serial number got it right this time, but that probably explains why they have so many serial number problems. Fix your damn printers and tell your employees not to “guess” at what a misprinted number might be.


I have never been so disgusted and frustrated with a customer service than Adobe’s. They have no clue when you have a problem and tell you they need to “review” your issues meanwhile leave you hanging for 15 minutes becuase they are probably looking through a book. They tell you their wait time is 4-6 minutes and then you sit on the phone at least 30. Their new adobe photoshop 9 is loaded with new problems that cannot be resolved if you have a newer system. It would also help if the customer “representative” spoke and understood English. So stop the continuous apologies and improve your customer service. By the way, I returned my Adobe software – not worth the aggravation for this product and poor customer service.


Don’t install Adobe reader 10! If you do, pdf documents created from sources other than Adobe cannot be copied and pasted into your Microsoft Word document. The “Insert…Object…Adobe Acrobat Document” also cannot be used to install any other pdf documents other that Adobe’s. It requires the Adobe software on your computer to enable this action, quite a pain. This smacks of collusion and monopolistic practices that has gotten these companies in trouble before.


three initial attempts to install Adobe CS5, all failed with error code 6. Followed the instructions from Adobe, but the link to MS for Windows Installer doesnt work. Followed more instructions, still fails. Spent 3 hours linked to technical support with them in control of my PC and they gave up and said try it yourself or speak to Microsoft. Now I have dumped the software and asked for my money back.


Adobe Reader 10 (or X as they prefer to call it) is a total waste of time and space. It is NOT an improvement on version 9 – in fact it is a totally retrograde step – take my advice – don’t install it. It is counter-intuitive, has almost no help system to try to find out how you now do things that were easy before (like search a document: how would everyone know that you have to right click your mouse now instead of having a search bar on top!).

Adobe will not divulge an email address to complain to under any circumstances – you can phone them but forums show that you can wait hours for a reply (if you are lucky enough to get them to answer) that gets you nowhere. Shoddy, shoddy, shoddy. Perhaps this is a company that has got too big for its boots.


Dear Hissy Kitty, I am just a lone individual (not part of a company) but I’m SICK AND TIRED of Adobe and their poxy attitude and their total disregard/non-respect for Customers! We don’t pay Adobe for any extras but we’re appalled as you need adobe to play YouTube videos and vids from other websites! Ever since they had a brain fart and decided to “improve” things and update to flash-player 10.1 and 10.2 YOU CAN NO LONGER PLAY VIDEOS ANYMORE!! Charming! – what a crushing disappointment, and this was NOT why we purchased our pc in the first place for!

We brought our computer on the understanding that we would be able to participate fully in all of it’s actions, NOT to be penalized like this! My Husband’s disgusted with Adobe’s “Customer(non)Service”, and it’s weak & weedy responses blaming YouTube for this and sending us a whole load of their links in order “that we must resolve this”! Could we b*ll*cks!! I try to download the latest EVERY TIME for the past 3 wks. to “get the latest Adobe Flash-Player”, and I even think it has downloaded but NOTHING happens and I still can’t watch videos! This is nuts, how can this be “improvement” – it’s regression not progress.

Their Cust. Svs. are crap, don’t care etc. they wanna sack the bally lot of ‘em if this is how they want to carry on treating us! ! It’s outrageous, I mean I’ve got the updated decent version of Java put in place – ie; 6. 23 so what’s keeping the Adobe from working? I’m going to demand answers from these wasters asap! The kid gloves come off now, I’ve had enough being taken the p… out of! WHY on earth did they choose to change a good system that WORKED for this dross that’s marginalizing too many users??? They used to send you updates now they won’t be arsed, it’s disgusting! And I want the ability to view restored back to it’s rightful position with ALL of us, not just some please!

They should never had tried to fix a working system that we never used to have these sorts of problems with before! (Remember the old addage – if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it); well this applies here like a good’un! PLEASE GIVE US BACK OUR ABILITY TO VIEW – even if it does mean restoring the old faithful Adobe 9. Furthermore, they should automatically send us the adobe updates too, in order to keep it functioning properly! Yours disgusted – Debbie (Not a happy bunny).


It is a close race between Adobe and Microsoft for the worst service provided. Adobe often take over an hour to answer the phone, so on those ground they are up the top of the list for response time. There are simply too many issues to cover. Adobe have lost the plot with regard to understanding their own software, One is wasting one’s time to ask. One case I asked about alternative output formats, telling them the procedure I had used to produce mine. Two weeks later I get a response telling me how to produce the output I had already done – e.g. giving me the same information I had provided two weeks before. Today I asked about AVI’s.

Anyone that uses Apple software would know that AVI’s are not dealt with well in Premiere Pro (Apple). Anyway, I had registered both platforms CS5 versions in July 2010, It is now 2011. I could not get an answer to my question because Adobe had lost the records of my Serial Numbers. Wasted two hours on the phone and no progress. Eventually I found the email in which they had provided the not two but four Serial numbers and mislabeled the Apple serials numbers as Windows. Microsoft – boy could I tell you a story there. But perhaps another time.

I will suggest anyone using a Windows machine download “Open Office” and give it a go. It is freeware and from what I know about it maintained by those that know what they are doing, even if they are average programmers they can’t be worse that Microsoft who basically (with few exceptions) haven’t got a clue. Multimedia (Diploma) student


If the geniuses that run Adobe ever want to know why there are so many pirated copies of their software circulating they should try going through an honest registration process of their own product. We purchased Adobe Creative Suite 5 installed on a new Mac. We didn’t realize that Apple doesn’t register the software so when we went to register it is was beyond the original 30-day installation. Shouldn’t be an issue but it wouldn’t accept the product key. Hours of phone “service” and numerous e-mails later “Did you purchase this from Adobe?”…we went back to the Apple store with the actual computer, discs, and packaging. The Apple guys struggled with Adobe for over two hours.

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