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I purchased a battery from the Advanced Auto store at 651 South 21st St Colorado Springs, Colorado. Today (9/30/2016) the battery was totally dead. Even AAA had a hard time trying to jump start the car. The receipt shows the bar code number as Z2KN31CMFS1J44. The receipt also shows Battery Gold ATOCF 2040476, 36 Month free and 84 month pro rated. I called the Sanford, Florida store and was told that they could not locate the item number, They then found my purchase using my telephone number I had at the time of purchase.

I was told the warranty had no value and the best they could do was for me to purchase a new battery and offered an $8 discount. The battery was used for 46 months and it had an 84 month warranty. I have been ripped off. After the telephone call to your store I purchased a battery from AAA while they were here to start my car. I believe I should be compensated for the remaining value of the warranty. The store in Sanford, Fl said Advanced Auto stopped selling the battery I purchased in Colorado Springs. Was that because it was defective.


Reebok employees are racist. Was given a hard time for AAA discount. The manager was Matt and cashier was Tim at wrentham outlet.


In June 2015 I bought a Used 2010 Toyota Corolla costing $9000 from the Manly Honda location in Santa Rosa California backed by AAA. The salesman's name was Scott. He was very enthusiastic and helpful. I felt OK about being there. Finally after a few hours he told me there was a used Toyota on the lot. It served my needs regarding my work, commuting and its capacity, though limited, to deliver my monthly newspaper, The Russian River Times.

When Scott escorted me into a small office to sign the contract/papers, the young man in that small room told me it might take a long time due to a downed printer. I said I would return to the lounge and have coffee and wait. Two hours later, I was called back into the office and the young man (it was his first day at the job) still had not had the printer fixed. He told me then it was his first day at the Honda site. Again, I went to have more coffee and wait. Before I left that young man asked me to sign some paperwork.

Pages turned and I signed. It was the long foolscap-size paper. At no time was I asked if I wanted extra services. I did tell him: "No frills, no extras; I already have Allstate auto insurance for my truck and also long distance platinum towing from Triple A (AAA)." Again, I was told to return to the little office very late in the day. Scott came in at that time and handed me an envelope with the folded contract in it. I thanked him for his help during the very long day at Honda. At no time did anyone go through that folded contract with me. I Picked up my keys at the desk and walked out to my new car, which I adore.

My deposit that day was $3000 paid on my Visa Debit card. Over the past 12 months I have made more payments: Another $3000. 3 $500 payments and one $250 payment. How can I possibly owe almost $5,000. I discovered there was a cost added to my contract without my knowledge approximately $3000. On at least three trips to Honda, the first two weeks after the purchase of the Toyota, I was stonewalled and the salespeople kept waving, rudely, the original contract. I told them repeatedly "That is not correct." They did nothing at that time even after I called AAA customer service.

Wells Fargo auto financial department person told me "We have not received any paperwork from the Honda salespeople verifying the cancellation" of this extra auto policy? I do have a dated paper that it was "canceled." The handsome Sales Manager at Honda was polite on the first visit requesting the cancellation and removal of the unasked for extra auto whatever, But after two more visits and my request that he contact Wells Fargo Bank account #859139347 and make sure the "required paperwork" is taken care of he turned nasty.

He repeatedly said, "That extra insurance has been canceled–it was paid." To whom and when? He lied to me; stonewalled me, and tried to humiliate me by saying," Your interest rate is high; you must owe a lot of people money.I do not. But I was a victim of credit crd fraud, but he does not know that. I am so upset about this. I bought a great little car from Honda and my daughter was given a brand new Honda by her stepmother and the cars are wonderful, but the suspicious addition of an unrequested "extra insurance whatever" is not.


My battery was dying as my husband, children and I were on the expressway so we decided to head straight to AutoZone at Mascher and Duncannon Streets in Philadelphia, Pa to buy a new one. The cashier told us $70 for the battery and $20 for them to install it. My husband attempted to take the battery out but couldn't so we opted for them to remove it. By then it was 8:25 pm (they close at 9), and the clerk proceeded to tell us that they couldn't do it because they were about to close and asked us to come back in the morning despite having an inoperable battery, however, there was more than enough time to help us before closing. We decided to call AAA since they couldn't help and as we were waiting, the same employees that said they were unable to help, conveniently sat in the parking lot smoking while waiting for a ride.


Bottom line, I was charged $175 for destruction of property. I was sent pictures that clearly shows that the room was staged. I emailed them my video of the room showing the items in tact. The general manager was supposed to investigate and get back with me. This was April 18, 2016, it's now June. After leaving countless number of messages on the GM/s voicemail, and texting her (she had given me her cell number). She refuses to contact me back. When I call, the desk clerks says she is in the office, but she refuses to answer her phone when I am transferred to her.

Location: 2 Via De Luna Dr, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561. This Hampton Inn in Pensacola Beach, Florida was a disappointment to my friend Vanessa Grant and I. We check in Friday, April 22,2016. Upon arriving at the Hampton Inn Hotel we ask did we receive the discount rate AAA or AARP we were told we went through a third party. That was not true. We got our beach front room that was not clean. The carpet was dirty and I found a pair of ladies panties in the bathroom and lotion under the bed. The balcony window and doorway not maintain. Housekeeping and the Supervisor of housekeeping came to the room and clean the room. Thanks to the Supervisor and Stephanie(housekeeping) for trying to make the stay comfortable.

Another problem the refrigerator defrost on its own and the floor was wet. That was the reason the room was smelling damp. Beds hard as the floor! Paying over 780.00 for a weekend stay was a big disappointment. Room 344 check it out. View Beautiful if the window were clean. We will not recommend this Hotel!


We purchased this Kia Soul on 12/12/13 from Feldman Kia of Novi, Michigan. the odometer reading was 018967. We were given a limited warranty of 36,000 miles. well at 28,776 miles the battery died, AAA was called, Battery had dead cells, the new one cost $135.00 installed.I noticed that the car had a very bumpy ride. If I hit a bump in the road the car would be difficult to control so at 32,770 miles I took the car into Glassman Auto Group service center. They are a Kia dealer. I was told by Sarah that I needed a multi point inspection. I agreed. After leaving I noticed that there were no numbers recorded for tire pressure and no indication that they were checked., however sometime later while driving the freeway I noticed the same problem as before so I stopped at a gas station to check the air in the tires.

To my surprise, there was 50 lbs. air pressure in both rear tires, 41 lbs. of air in the left front tire and 44 lbs in the right front tire. I equalized the pressure in all four tires to 33 lbs. That took care of the problem of the rough drive. I notified Sarah at Glassman Service center and also spoke with a customer service rep. All I got was a perfunctory "sorry about that", after several calls and long waits on the phone. On my multi inspection report, all four boxes are checked for needs attention, "low tread". Now AAA is going to get my complaint next!


I have called the AAA customer service number 3 times with no answer. My decorative wheel cover has gone missing since after the roadside company had changed his tire. I am requesting a reimbursement immediately!


I got AAA so I would have their roadside assistence. Was pretty upset to find out there was a limit to this and also a co-pay when I needed certain emergency services. Going to be hard to go with this company again. Let me know if I should call AAA customer service and file a formal complaint, not sure they would care about me either way.


I am Travel Agent, Maryln Moore with AAA Michigan, 2650 Carpenter Rd. Ann Arbor MI. 48108. Ann Arbor, Washetaw Branch 734-973-2800. I booked a room for one of our clients on 7/15/15: Nancy Dujmovich, (confirmation: 36017817) 7/15/15 - 7/16/15 at the Quality Inn Pitt. 700 Mansfield Ave. Pitts. PA 15205.

The client called to cancel the booking made on 7/15/15 and was told the booking had been cancelled. I in turn call the hotel on 7/15/15 as well and spoke to the front desk clerk who also stated to me the room had been cancelled. I ask the front desk clerk if the customer would be charged any fees? I was told, NO, she would not be charged. She did not give me a cancellation number. I called the customer Nancy Dujmovich to re-assure her that she would not have to pay any fees...based on the hotel's clerk.

Mrs. Dujmovich Credit Card has been charged $119.69 by the Quality Hotel. Mrs. Dujmovich has made several calls back to the Hotel, who continued to tell her that there are no charges from the Hotel, and the charges on her credit card statement are from AAA Michigan. Well in fact, the Hotel has charged her cancellation fees, $119.69. I myself have tried to call and speak to the Manager on duty Kim on 7/15/15, 7/16/15, 7/17/15,7/20/15, 7/21/15 to see if we could resolve this in any way. I have never received a return call from her.

I called again this morning 7/22/15 and I was transferred by the front desk clerk three different times to housekeeping where I was told the Manager Kim was at that time. I was hung up on three consecutive times by someone who identified themselves as Tootsie. Then, I was told she is on her way to her office and could I hold? She never came to the phone or answered her phone.

Mrs. Dujmovich cancelled the reservation due to her husband's illness, they are Seniors Citizens and her husband has many health issues. She was planning to re-book at a later date at the Quality Inn Pitt. I am requesting a refund to her, in the hopes that she WILL re-book at your Hotel at a later date. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can contact me as soon as possible to resolve this issue.


We have been using AAA for many years in our automotive shop. Also installed their gas and diesel engines. I am satisfied with their service and it has been running since a long time. The best part is their customer service which is very efficient and know how to deal with their clients or customers. If I face any issues, the customer care is always there to help me out.


Sudden emergency or a car break down on the road!!! Well AAA is where you can contact and get service on time. Good plan available with AAA to make one feel that someone is always there to help an the nick of time. The premium plan that I opted for has facility to rent a car, fuel delivery service which I think no other company offers. Being a member of AAA I get the benefit of tire repair, mechanic first aid etc. whenever needed.AAA service agency is very helpful incase one is too busy booking their own reservations or vacations. Some include cruises and Disney destinations. Excellent and quality service by AAA. Rated 5star for service and I would highly recommend this to all I know.

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